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UK2000 Scenery Ends Development for Future X-Plane Airports

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Update 16JAN21: UK2000 Scenery has since updated their original Facebook post to remove FSX as a development platform. We have updated the article to reflect this.

An announcement made on Facebook has confirmed that UK2000 Scenery has ended development on future X-Plane airport products. The new information will be effective immediately due to ongoing issues developing for the platform. Current X-Plane 11 airport scenery products will continue to be made available to buy through UK2000 Scenery’s website, but there is no indication if any of them would be further updated with bug fixes or changes when they occur in real life (e.g. Luton Airport runway number changes).

On Facebook, the spokesperson for the company said that “there is simply not enough time in the day to develop for 4 simulators” and as such felt that time was better spent on Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Prepar3D. It was also stated that UK2000 Scenery feels that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be the “next major simulator” and whilst it isn’t there quite yet, it will be in the “near future.” The post also reminded people that UK2000 Scenery products are created by a single developer who has other commitments to focus on outside of the flight simulation space.

UK2000 Scenery is apologetic about the news, but once again reassured customers that X-Plane 11 products will continue to be made available to those wishing to buy a copy through their website.

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Aeropolane Heaven Previews Mk1A Spitfire for MSFS

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Developer Aeroplane Heaven has shared more previews of its latest project, the Mk1A Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Supermarine Spitfire is a British made fighter aircraft that was used by the Allies in World War 2. Between 1938 and 1948 over 20,000 of the aircraft were produced and put into service for the Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Free French Air Force, and the United States Army Air Force.

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Onfinal Studio Releases Esbjerg Airport for MSFS


Scenery developer Onfinal Studio releases Esbjerg Airport (EKEB), for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Esbjerg Airport is located in western Denmark along the coast of the North Sea. Helicopters utilize the airport for transporting people and equipment to the North Sea oil platforms. Other passenger carriers that visit the airport are mainly a small regional carrier in Denmark DAT, as well as a daily flight from Aberdeen operated by Logan Air.

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TDM Scenery Design Announces Valencia and Caracas Venzuela for MSFS

Tdm Scenery Design Valencia (3)

TDM Scenery Design has confirmed they are heading to Spain again with their next Microsoft Flight Simulator Release. Confirmed on Facebook, the team said that their next major Spanish airport will be Valencia Airport (LEVC) for the new simulator. At the same time, the team will also be working on Caracas Venezuela Airport (SVCS).

Valencia Airport (LEVC) sits on the east of Spain and both Ryanair and Vueling have established airline bases there providing travellers routes across Europe. The single runway can accommodate a range of aircraft and sizes easily. The airport itself holds a special place for the developers as it’s the home city of one of the company’s main developers. More details will be revealed during the development cycle of the airport.

As mentioned, Caracas Venezuela Airport (SVCS) is also in development at the same time. The airport, which is also known as Oscar Machado Zuloaga International Airport is a general aviation airport in Venezuela and is surrounded by low mountainous terrain. This makes it an airport that both private and corporate pilots will find a challenge. Again, no further details were mentioned at this point.

We’ll be sure to follow any further developments on either airport from the developer. Be sure to check out their last release, A Coruña Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Navigraph FlightSim Community 2020 Survey Results Now Available

The results from the Navigraph FlightSim Community 2020 Survey has been released. The survey took place late last year and saw over 23,500 people respond to the survey answering a range of questions to help developers, publishers, media outlets and content creators better understand the community to continue creating great flight simulator related content. The results of that survey has been presented by Magnus from Navigraph and the data is available to read through the 121-page report.

In total, 119 questions were asked making it the most comprehensive survey of its kind. With the release of major updates and simulation platforms, 2020 was an interesting year for flight simulation. The survey also contained questions influenced by the world-wide pandemic and how COVID-19 was impacting people’s simulator habits and spending.

Navigraph has complied all of the data for the community to also understand the results of the survey. Let’s take a look at some of the data provided.

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Orbx Announces Torp Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx Torp Airport Norway Msfs (1)

One of the major Norwegian airports is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator courtesy of Orbx’s Finn Hansen. Finn, who is known for his talented work on various airports in the region, is joined by Jakub Łukaszewski to help create the popular airport. Torp Airport (ENTO) is often visited by low-cost carriers such as Wizz Air and Ryanair, but also by charter carriers linking to cities such as Oslo, Amsterdam and many others. In addition, the airport features the European Helicopter Center which is used to help train and educate future pilots for the type.

The airport is being developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator using native 4K textures, PBR material and includes detailed modelling of the interior of the terminal building. The development duo has also created bespoke ground service equipment, custom cars and general aviation static aircraft to bring a feeling of life to the airport. As Torp airport is surrounded by unique terrain, the team have embraced this and included custom mountainside modelling and ensures it blends in with the nearby area of default scenery.

Whilst the airport has been specifically made for Microsoft Flight Simulator initially, it will also be soon coming to Prepar3D.

Release details were not shared at this time, but we’ll keep a close eye on it and inform you of any updates. You can see additional screenshots on the Orbx forums.

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FSDreamTeam Releases Louisville International Airport V2 for MSFS

Fsdreamteam Louisville Airport V2 (5)

FSDreamTeam has released a brand new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Louisville Airport (KSDF) is located in Jefferson County, Kentucky and features 3 primary runways and can accommodate a variety of small and large aircraft types. Whilst the airport serves a variety of domestic carries to a range of US destinations, UPS has a huge cargo presence at the airport delivering packages globally. Other cargo carriers that frequent Louiseville Airport includes FedEx Express, Ameriflight and Skylink Express.

The newly released airport product from FSDreamTeam has been created for Microsoft Flight Simulator and brings with it “great attention to visual quality and performance.” The developers also state that the product includes detailed areas of the UPS cargo area, the Kentucky Air National Guard and also the Ford Assembly Plant. Finally, Louisville International Airport V2 features custom animated jetways.

Owners of Lousiville International Airport for FSX/P3D can upgrade to the v2 for $6.99, whilst those who don’t can buy the airport for $9.99 USD (excluding taxes). You can buy the airport either from FSDreamTeam’s website or through simMarket.

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AUscene Releases Parafield Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

AUscene has released Parafield Airport (YPPF) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport by the development team depicts the third busiest airport in Australia for aircraft movements in high detail. The airport sits just north of Adelaide Airport, but offers a great opportunity for bush pilots and IFR pilots alike to take off and explore South Australia.

Developers AUscene has included PBR texture work, detailed aprons, custom photoreal signage and also custom taxiway lines and markings throughout. In addition, if there is precipitation falling from the sky, then the rain will dynamically hit the control tower glass for a realistic effect.

AUscene’s Parafield Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is ready to buy now from simMarket for €12.95.

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DC Designs Confirms F-15 Eagles for MSFS Release Date and Price

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Following on from its extensive roadmap post late last year, DC Designs has confirmed the release date and price for their awaited F-15 Eagles package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is confirmed that DC Designs will release the F-15 package through Just Flight by January 21st 2021. As with the FSX and Prepar3D version, the product will be priced at £26.99 ($37 USD) and will include all four aircraft types in a single package.

The other piece of good news is those that already own the FSX/P3D version will be entitled to upgrade their purchase to get the F-15 Eagle for £9.99 ($13.50). Following on from the Just Flight store release, DC Designs says that it will also release on the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace for users to download.

DC Designs has also said they will commit to bringing regular and frequent updates to the aircraft as feedback comes in and the SDK is improved to add capabilities such as the radar and the FLIR.

In addition to the release date and price information, DC Designs did share the news that they will be removing the Hawk T2 from their pipeline. This is due to the fact that another developer “with a great reputation” will be creating the aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’ll be sure to bring you more news and details over the coming weeks ahead of the release later this month.

The featured image depicts the F-22, which is due for a release on Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2021.

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Orbx Announces Tweed New Haven for Microsoft Flight Simulator


Tweed New Haven (KHVN) will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator courtesy of Orbx. In their first product announcement of the year, developer Jordan Gough will be bringing the north-eastern US airport to the new simulator. Tweed New Haven is one of two airports in the Connecticut area which sees regular passenger traffic (the other being Bradley International Airport) and the airport offers a variety of flying opportunities. America Eagle and Southern Airways Express operate regular flights to the airport to parts of the US.

Jordan Gough from the Orbx indies team has recreated the airport using modern technology and comes bundled with plenty of photogrammetry imagery, detailed buildings and completely custom ground poly. Furthermore, Jordan has worked to ensure that the airport feels brimming with life with custom and functional ground series, static aircraft and full PBR support across the airport.

No release date was confirmed, but Orbx said to keep an eye on their forums for additional previews over the coming week. As always, FSElite will keep you updated when we know of a release.


  • A true to life depiction of Tweed-New Haven Airport crafted from on-site photos
  • The largest Orbx airport in the north-eastern USA to date
  • Ultra HD airport buildings with meticulous attention to detail
  • Fully functional ground services
  • Native Microsoft ground poly in Full PBR
  • Perfectly located inside an enormous photogrammetry region with spectacular detail
  • Custom static aircraft & GSE created exclusively for KHVN
  • Optimized for best performance
  • Perfectly located for short flights to NYC, Boston and the entire north-east coast
  • Made compatible for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Jordan Gough
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