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Sierrasim Simulations Releases Olaya Herrera Airport for MSFS


Scenery developer Sierrasim simulation releases Olaya Herrera Airport (SKMD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Olaya Herrera Airport is located within the busy city of Medellin, Colombia, only 12 miles away from the main international airport. It was formerly known as Medellin International Airport until the development of the nearby international airport took precedence over the name. Furthermore, the airport is considered the second busiest in Colombia in terms of the number of flights. General aviation, charter, and commercial airline operations keep the 8,202 ft runway busy. The main commercial operators at the airport are Satena and EasyFly and they operate to various domestic destinations.

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AUScene Releases Aldinga Airfield for Free on MSFS

Auscene Aldinga Airfield (5)

AUScene is back with a new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but this time, you can get it right now completely free of charge. Aldinga Airfield (YADG) is located in Vale Wine region in South Australia and serves as the perfect gateway to locations such as Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Penisula.

Whilst the airport may be free, it comes with “payware quality” features, which is great for those looking for a place to explore in the region without spending a penny. For example, the airport comes with high-resolution textures throughout, realistic and detailed buildings for the airport, along with custom vegetation and animated assets throughout. The airport terminal has also been given an interior model as well, and during rainy weather, watch as the rain bounces off of the windows.

AUScene’s Aldinga Airfield will take up 1.2gb of space on your hard drive and can be downloaded right now from the AUScene store for free right now.

You can check out other airports from AUScene which include Ayers Rock and Southport.

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MilViz Releases FG-1D Corsair for MSFS

Milviz Fg 1d Corsair Msfs (7)

Aircraft developer MilViz has released its first aircraft on Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The FG-1D Corsair is described as “one of the most visually distinctive fighters developed during the Second World War.” MilViz has developed the aircraft exclusively for the new simulator and takes advantage of the visual technology found in the sim to make the fighter-bomber as realistic as possible.

Included with the aircraft is a range of features perfect for aerial tours around your favourite city destinations.

MilViz has created an authentic rendition of the war-bird with intricate amounts of detail throughout. From the 3D modelling to the texturing, each visual element of the plane has been recreated for maximum realism.

In terms of depth, MilViz says that they have modelled various systems realistically. For example, there is a detailed fuel system, detailed electrical system and even an undercarriage dive braking system. Simmers will be able to simulate start-up and shut-down procedures accurately.

Other notable features with the aircraft are the 21 liveries included, the interactive checklist (native to Microsoft Flight Simulator) and also the extensive manual teaching you everything you’ll need to know about the Corsair.

You can buy the FG-1D Corsair on MilViz’s website for $39.99 USD right now.

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Pyreegue Dev Co Releases Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport for MSFS

Ukll Lviv Danylo Halytskyi Airport Msfs (1)

Pyreegue Dev Co has released Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (UKLL) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in the heart of Europe, the airport grew considerably for the Euro 2012 Championship which saw thousands of people pour through the doors. Since then, the airport has continued to welcome visitors from across Europe.

The product features custom animated jetways (with a dynamic hood), custom ground texture work (with accurate markings) and also custom night lighting throughout. Furthermore, the airport product will come with parallax window mapping and a fully developed interior for those that like to explore extra details for these airports. Pyreegue Dev Co also says that the airport will be compatible with default ATC and come with the latest ILS/VOR data.

You can buy the airport now from OrbxDirect for $21.99 AUD (US$16.73 | €14,23 | £12.10).

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport joins other airports such as Tivat Airport and Odesa International Airport from Pyreegue Dev Co.

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FeelThere Announces Raleigh Durham International Airport for MSFS


FeelThere, developer of the Embraer family of jet for P3D, has announced their first scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Raleigh Durham International Airport (KRDU). 

Raleigh Durham International Airport is located in North Carolina within the so-called ‘Research Triangle’ named after the three research universities of North Carolina State, Duke University and the University of North Carolina. The airport consists of two passenger terminals that see domestic flights from around the US including New York City, Orlando and Los Angeles as well as international flights to Canada and Paris France. 

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Orbx Announces Samedan Airport for MSFS

Lszs Samedan Airport For Microsoft Flight Simulator (5)

Orbx has confirmed they are bringing their rendition of Samedan Airport (LSZS) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by Andrea Hegi, the airport offers exciting and challenging approaches to the Swiss Alps airport. The airport features plenty of challenging conditions, especially during the winter months. Its location in the Engadin valley means you can expect unsettled winds, low visibility and other conditions designed to test your piloting skills.

The airport will feature details you would come to expect from an Orbx airport. This includes realistic HD texturing with the latest PBR technologies and various custom 3D buildings. Beyond the airport, there is a recreation of the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz, along with many custom hotels and churches to provide the best VFR experience for simmers.

The first previews from Orbx represent where the product currently is in development and we expect to see many more previews in the coming weeks before the release. We’ll let you know once we learn more about the airport.

You can see even more previews over on the official Orbx forums.

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Aerosoft Releases Airfield Wasserkuppe for MSFS

Aerosoft Airfield Wasserkuppe (1)

If you’re looking to discover the Hessian district of Fulda in Germany, then Aerosoft has your back. They have released Airfield Wasserkuppe for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aerodrome itself features a challenging approach and the sloped runway in the mountainous terrain makes for an exciting experience for simmers.

The airport comes with custom buildings and high-resolution orthophotography for the airport and surrounding area. In addition, there are various seasonal animations for various objects. For example, depending on the weather and season, you will see different static aircraft at the airport.

You can buy Aerosoft Airfield Wasserkuppe from their store now for €8.36 (plus VAT).

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Honeycomb Aeronautical Throttle Pack for A319 – A380 Releasing April 19th

Chrome 2021 03 31 17 54 44

In an email sent to customers who own Honeycomb Aeronautical’s Bravo unit, it has been confirmed that the Throttle Pack for Airbus A319 – A380 will release on April 19th 2021.

The email also confirmed that the throttles are open to pre-orders for customers prior to its April 19th 2021 release. What isn’t made clear is whether the release date is the day people can expect to receive them or when they’ll begin to ship.

The new Throttle Pack, which is designed to be used with the Bravo Throttle Quadrant (which is sold seperately), includes 4 Airbus throttle modules and a new spoiler and flap mechanism.

When FSElite checked the official Honeycomb Aeronautical site, the product has already sold out. However, the email, seen by FSElite, confirms that the price of the Throttle Pack for Airbus A319 – A380 will be $69.99 (minus duties and import taxes). The product page hasn’t been updated with the release date and remains as Q2 2021.

Honeycomb Aeronautical recently revealed that production issues and shipping delays were impacting people getting both the Alpha and Bravo units, so it’s interesting to see how the new Throttle Pack will impact shipment to customers.

In other news, Honeycomb Aeronautical recently shared the idea of selling dust covers to protect your flight simulation hardware. You can read more about that here.

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Navigraph Purchases SimBrief

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In an announcement on Facebook, Navigraph has confirmed they have completed a purchase of popular flight planning tool SimBrief. In the statement released by both parties, the community has been reassured that this acquisition is a “natural progression of the already close collaboration between Navigraph and SimBrief” and that users should know that flight planning functionality will continue to be free. SimBrief will continue to operate under the same name but with the tag line “by Navigraph”.

As is currently the case, users will be able to unlock AIRAC cycles through SimBrief, but this new acquisition will build upon the integration already established.

“SimBrief founder Derek has done an outstanding job creating a flight planning service which the flight simulation community loves,” says Magnus Axholt, CEO and co-founder of Navigraph. “We plan to integrate SimBrief and Navigraph even further and enable additional functionality to SimBrief using the data and resources Navigraph has available.”

The press release also confirms that Derek, founder and creator of SimBrief will remain playing a key role in the development of new features for the next generation of Navigraph Charts. “With the powerful combination of his real world aviation background and software development experience, Derek is a very welcome member of our skilled and multi-disciplinary Navigraph Development Team,” Magnus goes onto say.

The new partnership means that developers will be able to tap into the SimBrief and Navigaph APIs even easier than before through the upcoming Navigraph Developer portal.

“Navigraph has been a strong SimBrief supporter from the very beginning,” Derek adds. “I have always enjoyed working with them to improve the integration between the two services. This very much feels like a natural progression, and I am excited to be a part of the team going forward.”

“I have been both humbled and incredibly grateful for the support the community has shown me since I launched SimBrief nearly eight years ago, and I’m looking forward to this next chapter in SimBrief’s development,” says Derek in closing.

We have confirmed with Magnus from Navigraph and Derek from Simbrief who told us this is not an April Fools, despite the timing which may suggest it would’ve been.

Thanks John M. and Gold787FlightSim for the tip.

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Aerosoft Releases Airport Friedrichshafen for MSFS

Aerosoft continues its trend of releasing Microsoft Flight Simulator airports with their newest release. Airport Friedrichshafen (EDNY) for Microsoft Flight Simulator brings the German airport to life. Located just north of the city of the same name, the airport sees various traffic from airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair and others.

Features for the airport product include the detailed ground textures and accurate ground layout. In addition to the airport being fully realised in the simulator, the team has added the Dornier museum and aircraft models, along with nearby hangars with the Zeppelin carrier company included.

You can buy Aerosoft Airport Friedrichshafen for Microsoft Flight Simulator now for €12.57 (plus local VAT).

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