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SimNord Releases Aalborg Airport for MSFS

Simnord Aalborg Airport Msfs (5)

Formally known as Vidan Design, developer SimNord has released Aalborg Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport product is a detailed and realistic rendition of Denmark’s third-largest airport. Situated just 6km from the city itself, the airport has a great approach over the city. The airport serves both civilian and military purposes, meaning a large number of aircraft types regularly visit the airport. Typically, airlines will travel to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona from the Danish airport.

Unfortunately, there’s no feature list or details for the airport on their Facebook page or on the official product page.

That said if you want to explore Aalborg Airport (EKYT), then you can buy it from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for £14.24 (local currency may be different)

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Aerosoft Announces Simple Traffic for MSFS

Chrome 2021 07 27 11 06 01

One area of Microsoft Flight Simulator that has yet to see real improvement is the integrated AI traffic. Whilst the live air traffic often matches up with data from real-world sources, it often results in fictional airlines and aircraft types. However, Aerosoft Simple Traffic aims to resolve this issue and also help to optimise the performance of the simulator.

In the forum post announcing the product, an example was given that instead of seeing fake airlines at airports, you will now see liveries with simple models represented correctly. For example, at Schiphol, you will see plenty of KLM aircraft and other realistic airlines. As also mentioned, Aerosoft Simple Traffic will also use the “lowest polygon versions of the default [Microsoft Flight Simulator] AI models” to optimise the performance of the simulator. This then results in a smoother experience at larger airports.

Aerosoft is being clear this is not the “final AI traffic tool we would like to see in Microsoft Flight Simulator,” but due to technical reasons, it’s not easy to create such a product. As such, there are some limitations with Aerosoft Simple Traffic including a limited number of compatible airports where the product will be able to be used. You can also view a complete list of all airlines included here, but it’s worth noting that more are expected in the future.

In terms of pricing, Aerosoft confirmed that the utility tool will be available for €12.50 (plus VAT when applicable). It will be out soon, but as always, check back to FSElite for a full release post when it’s made available.

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Pilot Experience Sim Releases Bordeaux for MSFS

Pilot Experience Simbordeaux Lfbd (4)

French developer Pilot Experience Sim has released Bordeaux Airport (LFBD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport product has seen huge growth in the real world over the years with airlines such as Air France, easyJet, and Ryanair putting a lot of focus into the French airport. Destinations from the airport include Agadir, Alicante, London, Lisbon and other European locations. The airport is just 12km west of the city itself meaning you will get great views on the approach, especially with the default photogrammetry scenery included with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pilot Experience Sim has included a range of features for the airport including full custom HD texturing, a correct sloped runway with realistic terrain profile and also interior modelling for the terminal building. In addition, there are a range of static aircraft models throughout, dynamic night lighting and also various custom objects littered around the airport. Despite the detail, PESIM says that the airport has been optimised for good performance. The developer also confirmed to FSElite that the airport will be available on both PC and Xbox versions of the simulator.

If you’re looking to fly to Bordeaux this summer in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can pick up your copy now from simMarket for €18.00. If you already own the P3D version, you can upgrade for €15.00.

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Orbx Products Optimised for Xbox Official Trailer

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on July 27th 2021 (tomorrow). Whilst we have seen some trailers and previews from Microsoft about the base platform, we have yet to see too much from third-party developers and how they will support the platform. However, that has now changed with the release of a new trailer from Orbx and their initial Xbox offering.

Produced by AviationLads, the new trailer reveals that the following products will be “optimised for Xbox Series X|S:”

  • Landmarks London City
  • EGLC London City Airport
  • EA-7 Edgley Optica
  • Landmarks Singapore City

It’s not clear if these products will be available on launch through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace or if there will be a delay. Either way, the trailer confirms they will all be “coming soon.”

Furthermore, it’s unclear if there will be any upgrade fees or cross-compatibility with the PC versions of these products. Regardless, with the release of the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator right around the corner, we shouldn’t have too long to find out. What will be exciting is the fact that we’ll be enjoying a solid 4K experience on Xbox Series X whilst flying over London, which is already a struggle for even the most powerful PCs.

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JustSim Releases Heraklion Airport for MSFS

271474 2021 07 12 15 38 35

Making history buffs heartbeats accelerate, scenery developer JustSim has released its rendition of Heraklion International Airport (LGIR) for MSFS users to explore.

Located on the history-rich island of Crete, which is among others home to the historic city of Knossos, also sometimes referred to as Europe’s oldest city, Heraklion International Airport (LGIR) is considered to be Greece’s second busiest airport. The airport is the island’s main gateway and is named in honor of the homegrown Greek writer and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis. Although considered an important present-day transport hub, the airport is close to hitting capacity limits, leading to the construction of a new airport located 39km to the south-east of the city Kasteli and due to open in 2025.

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PhotoSimLabs Releases Regions: St. Croix for MSFS

Photosim Labs St Croix (1)

Scenery developer PhotoSimLabs has released its first Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery. St Croix for Microsoft Flight Simulator includes a complete rendition of the airport, surrounding areas and customisation to the whole island.

As with other released products from PhotoSimLabs, St. Croix features high-quality details and modelling throughout. Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX) itself has been transformed into a realistic-looking place within the simulator and comes with detailed modelling, UHD texturing and accurate layouts based on real-world data. Custom made terminals, hangars and many static objects are featured in and around the airport.

Beyond the airport, PhotoSimLabs has also recreated many towns and areas around the island itself, including a full rendition of the town of Christiansted. In the town, you will be able to try landing at the famous seaplane base at the local harbour. Furthermore, Frederiksted has been recreated in a high level of detail with numerous shops on the main street recreated and also Fort Fort Frederik giving you plenty of reasons to fly around the island and go on a discovery tour. Finally, across the island, you will see jails, shopping malls and other landmarks to help navigate St. Croix.

You can buy PhotoSimLabs’ Regions: St. Croix for Microsoft Flight Simulator now for $20.99.

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Terrainy Studios Releases Hausen Am Albis Airport for MSFS

Following their latest release of Ikaria Airport (LGIK), scenery developer Terrainy Studios has released their Hausen Am Albis Airport (LSZN) scenery for MSFS enthusiasts to discover and explore. 

Hausen Am Albis is a small general aviation airport located about 14 kilometers to the south of the Swiss city of Zurich. Already in the early 1930s did enthusiastic sailplane adventurers discover the advantageous thermic conditions surrounding the Albis, leading to many enthusiasts trying their luck at soaring across its ridges. After long-lasting negotiations, in 1962, construction on an official airfield began, with the so-called “Swissair Miniature Airport” being inaugurated a year later on the 10th of August, 1963. 

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Orbx Releases Landmarks Mumbai City Pack for MSFS


Orbx has released their Landmarks Mumbai City Pack for MSFS, adding more than 100 newly-rendered buildings to the city of Mumbai, India.

Mumbai is the largest city in India in terms of population with almost 12.5 million residents within the city itself, making it one of the most populous cities on earth. Renowned for its unique architectural styles, Orbx Landmarks Mumbai City brings the most prolific of these buildings into the MSFS world, with 16 of the most famous landmarks done in very high detail while the rest are created in framerate friendly medium detail. In addition to these buildings, heliports across the city have been replicated to provide a challenge to those who wish to use them.

Formerly known as Bombay dating back to the days of British Imperialism, the city was renamed Mumbai in 1995, some 48 years after India’s 1947 independence from Great Britain.  Since then, Mumbai has evolved to feature beautifully modern buildings sprinkled in with the traditional Indian architecture from the city past. Mumbai is primarily served by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM/VABB) to the North of the city and the smaller Juhu Aerodrome (VAJJ) to the South serving General Aviation traffic. Some of the city’s most well-known landmarks which have been recreated in great detail with this product are the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Omkar 1973, Imperial Towers, and the Bandra–Worli Sea Link bridge. Helipads on ships and buildings alike may be found across Mumbai in this scenery for users to test their skills in landing helicopters on them.

This product may be downloaded from the MSFS Marketplace, Orbx Central, or the Orbx Direct Website for $9.99AUD.

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Pyreegue Dev Co. Releases Edinburgh Airport for MSFS

Pyreegue Edinburgh Airport Msfs (9)

Expanding their geographic reach, scenery developer Pyreegue Dev Co. has released their rendition of Edinburgh International Airport (EGPH) for MSFS.

Being the gateway to Scotland’s capital and beyond, Edinburgh International Airport (EGPH) is located 6miles to the west of Edinburgh’s city center. Having handled over 19 million passengers in 2019, the airport is considered the 6th busiest in the United Kingdom.

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29Palms Releases Mykonos Airport for MSFS

29palms Mykonos Airport Lgmk Msfs (2)

Whilst 29Palms has been busy working on Contrail, the development team has also found time to create Mykonos Airport (LGMK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Released moments ago via the Contrail store, Mykonos Airport is an exciting destination for any flight simmer thanks to its short runway and interesting approach.

The airport is visited regularly by numerous European airlines bringing tourists from around the world to the island of Mykonos. Known for its luxury apartments and villas, the island is very scenic, especially when on the final approach. Despite the popularity, there are only 7 parking spaces which may mean you are going to be held whilst the airport clears to make space. The relatively short runway also means that often airlines traveling towards the UK have to make a tech-stop to refuel due to weight limitations.

As with other 29Plams products in the past, there are a number of features that make Mykonos really stand out. For example, the highly detailed apron is littered with objects found at the airport, whilst the markings are lifelike. Furthermore, there is a sloped runway based on real-world data and custom windsocks.

In addition to the smaller features, there has been an extensive amount of work on the terminal building itself.  The modeling has been completed to a high standard and comes with 4K PBR texturing. Finally, 29Palms has included custom boats and ships at the island’s ports and added three heliports for those wishing the explore in a chopper.

You can buy 29Plams’ Mykonos Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from the Contrail Store for €12,56 (excluding taxes). 

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