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SamScene3D Releases Shanghai City Times for MSFS


Scenery developer SamScene3D is known for releasing high-quality scenes of cities for P3D and FSX. Shanghai City is the developer’s very first release for MSFS.

Situated in China’s central coast, Shanghai city stands tall with unique high rises covering the horizon. Shanghai boasts an approximate population of 24 million. The city is considered to be the most populous urban area in China.

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TropicalSim Releases Antigua V.C. Bird Intl Airport for MSFS


If you fancy taking a trip to the Caribbean this week in Microsoft Flight Simulator, TropicalSim is giving you a chance to stop at Antigua’s V.C Bird International Airport (TAPA). The airport on the island country usually sees regular traffic from various neighbouring islands, the UK and North America thanks to operators such as Virgin Atlantic, Caribbean Airlines and United Airlines.

The airport product features full night lighting, animated jetways and also native use of various types of modelling to bring the airport to life. Furthermore, TropicalSim has ensured that the airport integrates seamlessly with the default scenery.

You can buy a copy of TropicalSim V.C. Bird International Airport (TAPA) from simMarket for €14.50 (excluding tax). If you own the 2017 release of the airport on FSX/P3D, then you can upgrade for €9.90 (excluding tax).


  • Highly detailed rendition of VC Bird International Airport / TAPA located on the island of Antigua
  • Full night illumination
  • Native MSFS Dynamic Lighting
  • Functional animated jetway
  • Seamless integration with default MSFS scenery
  • Usage of MSFS SDK FlightSim Materials
  • Usage of MSFS SDK native gITF models
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Version

FlightSimulator EJSn5qrNQd

After last week’s announcement from Microsoft, Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated to version The new update primarily focuses on the Japan ‘World Update’, but also adds a range of quality of life improvements to the flight simulator.

Starting with the Japan ‘World Update’, the World Update brings updated digital elevation across the entire region along with high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for six Japanese cities. Those cities include Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya and Yokohama. Alongside that, six hand-crafted airports have also been added to the simulator including Hachijojima, Kerama, Kushiro, Nagasaki, Shimojishima, and Suwanosejima. In addition to the cities and airports, there are also over 20 landmarks and points of interest to go and discover in the Land of the Rising Sun. Correction: After the publication of the article, we realised that you have to download the World Update I pack from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace to get the Japanese related content. This is a free purchase from the Marketplace store. 

Whilst many will be excited about World Update I, there are also a huge number of changes with this build based on community feedback. Airports such as Malaga Airport (LEMG) and Clermon-Ferrand Auvergne (LFLC) have been added and there have been improvements to 60 other airports based on feedback. There has also been significant changes for numerous aircraft including the 787-10, the A320NEO and a variety of general aviation aircraft. For those using TrackIR, you are now able to enable/disable it from the camera menu. Other update changes include improvements to the way in which waves are generated, as well as other terraforming issues around the world. A full list of all the changes can be found down below, or you can read the notes on the Flight Simulator forums.

We’re sure that many will appreciate the change that disables the music before or during the initial download on startup, especially with the 9GB update download.

You can download the free update to Microsoft Flight Simulator right now.

Thanks to Hexplosions for the tip.

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BlackBox Simulation Releases Cessna L-19 Bird Dog for MSFS

Blackbox Simualtions Plane Msfs (8)


Aircraft developer BlackBox Simulation has released its L-19 Bird Dog for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The real-world aircraft made by Cessna was made in response to the US Army wanting a new metal aircraft to replace its ageing fleet of pipers. When Cessna learned this, they quickly scrambled to work to produce the versatile L-19 aircraft.

The aircraft product from BlackBox Simulation is based on the Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog and will be released with 3 variants included in the package. The package features the standard aircraft, the amphibious version and also the bush aircraft. Each of them will give you different dynamics and the ability to land on different types of terrain depending on the variant you select. Sadly very few other details on the aircraft are publically available.

You can buy BlackBox Simulation L-19 Bird Dog for Microsoft Flight Simulator for €24.99 from the BlackBox Simulation website. 

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BinerSim Releases Sultan Iskander Muda for MSFS


BinerSim has brought their Sultan Iskander Muda Airport (WITT) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery had already been released for FSX and P3D in December 2019.

The scenery is mostly a port of the P3D scenery, and comes with a detailed modeling of the distinctive terminal and high definition ground textures with detailed representation. The scenery was designed to be FPS friendly.

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FS2Crew Pushback Express & Aerosoft CRJ Development Update

Pushback Express For Microsoft Flight Simulator P3D And FSX

Shortly after the release of Pushback Express, FS2Crew has shared on Facebook a roadmap of their current development status of their utility add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first item covered is the publication of the update 1.1, available right now in your customer account, which incorporates an error related to the Settings Panel for some European users.

A version 1.2 is in the works, being scheduled for release around the 4th to 7th of October. The major feature of this update will be Voice Control. The developer, known for the long standing commitment to their line of products, hinted some other features where in the works and this initial release of Pushback Express was “just the beginning”.

On a final note, FS2Crew added that an update to the Aerosoft CRJ add-on would be pushed in the same time frame as for Pushback Express V1.2. This new update will incorporate a flow made by a real world American CRJ First Officer.

FS2Crew Pushback Express is available on Simmarket for €19.96, currently discounted until 14th of October from its original €24.95 price.

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REX Weather Force 2020 Released


Weather and environmental add-ons developer REX has released their first add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator with REX Weather Force 2020. Announced only a couple weeks ago, Weather Force 2020 is a METAR based dynamic real-time weather engine designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator. REX claims that the further granular control of their engine creates smoother weather transition. In addition to the engine, REX Weather Force comes with 9 changing weather scenarios that differ from the ones that ship with Microsoft Flight Simulator. These are stored directly on the REX servers, meaning they can evolve over time and get new ones.

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FlyByWireSim Updates A32NX to v0.3.0 for MSFS

Flybywiresim A32nx Msfs Update (1)

A collaboration of developers are continuing to update the default A320Neo for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we have reported over time, the development team known as FlyByWireSim has spent time creating a more realistic and accurate rendition of the aircraft type for the simulator. Today, version 0.3.0 has been made available for anyone looking to download.

From our count on the changelog on Github, we see over 70 new features or changes have been added since the last release, along with a vast list of other changes. Some of the more significant changes with the update include the all-new cockpit textures and lighting that has been developed for the A32NX. Display backlights have also been added, along with changes to the external lights. Beyond cockpit lighting and textures, brand new functionality to the ECAM has been added including new memos for the GPWS Flap 3 mode, wing anti-ice and engine anti-ice, along with many more. New developments have also taken place in the MCDU, the overhead panel and numerous buttons now function compared to the default aircraft.

FlyByWireSim has also included a range of quality of life improvements, also. Many of the changes are a direct result of bug reports submitted by the community and shows the team’s commitment to the project and bettering the aircraft for the community. The whole changelog can be read here and filtered to your liking.

The project itself is being completed by a large number of people who are all working to making the A32NX as good as possible and is available for anyone who has Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you’re keen to learn more, you can head on over to the FlyByWireSim Discord channel. Otherwise, head over to the Git repository to download version 0.3.0 and start flying with the modded A320Neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thanks to Inaxair for the tip.

Version 0.3.0 Changelog

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Sierrasim Simulations Releases Jose Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport for MSFS

Developer Sieraasim Simulations has released Jose Joaquín de Olmedo International (SEGU) Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport features an accurate rendition of the airport located in Ecuador. As the second busiest airport in the country, numerous airlines visit including LATAM, American Airlines and others.

As for the airport product, there is PBR texturing, numerous airport objects and also a range of military and cargo buildings to explore. The team has also included realistic night lighting and has been optimised for good performance.

You can buy Sierrasim Simulations Jose Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator from simMarket for €12.00.


  • Emblematic buildings of the Guayaquil City
  • PBR texture buildings
  • Airport Objects
  • Optimized for good performance
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Military and Cargo buildings
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