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Airfield Canada Announces Deer Lake and Fort McMurray for XPL, P3D and MSFS

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Airfield Canada, a cross-platform scenery developer, has announced their latest two products, Deer Lake Regional Airport (CYDF) and Fort McMurray International Airport (CYMM) for X-Plane, Prepar3d and Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Deer Lake Regional Airport (CYDF) is located on the island of Newfoundland, in the very east of Canada. Deer Lake handles flights from Halifax, Toronto and Montreal with Air Canada Express as well as Gander, Goose Bay and St. Johns with PAL Airlines. The airport can handle aircraft as large as the Airbus A321 and the Boeing 737 using the 8,000ft runway.

Fort McMurray International Airport (CYMM) in the province of Alberta, just to the west of central Canada, is the largest airport in northern Alberta. The airport has daily national flights to Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto through airlines such as Air Canada and Westjet. Until 2015, Sunwing used to fly to seasonal destinations in Mexico, giving the airport international status. The airport sees between half a million and 1.5 million passengers each year. 

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DC Designs Teases Concorde in MSFS


We have known that DC Designs has been busy created a variety of fast aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but perhaps the biggest of those fast planes is the iconic Concorde. The team at DC Designs has today shared a teaser of it running in Microsoft Flight Simulator as a “properly adapted gLTF model.”

In particular, the team said that the PBR now looks “much better” than it has before, and the preview image isn’t yet optimised. DC Designs did say that there’s still plenty of work to be done but now seemed like a good time to share a brief snippet for where the aircraft is heading. Whilst this screenshot was taken at sub-sonic speeds, the team has been learning ways to make sure that the aircraft can fly as smooth and as fast as it did in real life. Bringing Concorde to Microsoft Flight Simulator will be a major re-build of the aircraft released on Prepar3D and thus work will start once the Tomcats are released.

Alongside the Concorde teaser, DC Designs shared a quick status report on the F-15 update. Whilst they have finished the update, one “tiny, but hugely frustrating bug” keeps causing the nose wheel animation to be incorrect. The team is looking at various solutions to fix the problem, and as such, the update will be released next week. Alongside that, the F-14 Tomcats will go back into development at pace and soon both be uploaded to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for people to buy directly in the simulator.


You can learn a bit more about the DC Designs F-15 Eagle Variants for Microsoft Flight Simulator in our first look video. Otherwise, you can view a few more previews and details on the update on the DC Designs’ Facebook page.

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Aerosoft Airport Zagreb Released for MSFS

Aerosoft has released Airport Zagreb for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The product brings a faithful recreation of Franjo Tuđman Airport (LDZA) to the simulator with all airport buildings, military areas and also various landmarks from the nearby area. The airport includes custom HD texturing, sloped runways and also custom animations throughout for an authentic experience.

Franjo Tuđman Airport is Croatia’s largest and busiest airport, serving over 3.4 million passengers before the pandemic. It thrives on tourism and business travellers from across Europe with many airlines from across the continent visiting on a regular basis. Airlines such as Croatia Airlines and Ryanair fly to numerous destination across Europe. In addition, the airport also sees airlines fly to Dubai, Tel Aviv and also Seoul-Incheon.

The scenery includes a number of features such as complete PBR throughout, custom catering trucks and boarding stairs, realistic night time dynamic lighting and also correct ground markings and gate positions.

You can buy Aerosoft’s Airport Zagreb Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator from simMarket for €15.08. If you previously owned the airport on Prepar3D, you can upgrade for €12.06.

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Flight Sim Development Group Releases St Lucia for MSFS

Fsdg St Lucia Tlpc Msfs (3)

Developer Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has released St. Lucia for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery package brings a realistic rendition of George F. L. Charles Airport (TLPC) on the Caribbean island, along with additional landmarks around the airport.

The airport is commonly known as Vigie Airpor and is one of two airports on the island. This particular airport is smaller in size and sees airlines such as Caribbean Airlines, LIAT and Air Sunshine visit on a regular bases providing routes to various nearby islands. The runway at the airport is 6,227ft, typically meaning only smaller aircraft types can visit. There is also a helipad at the airport.

The team has included the latest technology such as PBR, dynamic lighting and HD ground textures for a realistic recreation of the airport. Furthermore, there has been a variety of landmarks added around the area and also static ships in the nearby port for more authenticity. A manual has also been included to support simmers get started with the airport product.

Those wishing to pick up St Lucia TLPC for Microsoft Flight Simulator can do so from simMarket for €10.00 (excluding tax).

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Parallel 42’s The Skypark Introduces Costs

Skypark Costs

When we last spoke to Edson at Parallel 42 about the future of The Skypark, we tried to get him to spill the beans on how costs would be implemented with the newly implemented game modes. After all, flying any type of cargo has an associated cost and The Skypark is all about how you interact as a pilot within the virtual world. Now, at long last, The Skypark will introduce costs and payments for your trips across the world.

Going forward, users within The Skypark will be able to take on contracts with regular payments, but will now see fees and costs associated with them. Oceanic Air (an company within the ecosystem of The Skypark) has been set up to provide trasnport for pilots to get to new contract locations. When browsing for new contracts, you will see an overview of your estimated fees associated with moving around the world. Costs, fees and discounts will vary depending on variables such as distance and pilot reliability, adding a level of strategy to your experience with the app.

In addition to the new Oceanic Air section of The Skypark, a few other elements have been updated to help you understand the fees. Within CONTRAX, relocation range rings have been added to give you an idea on how much it’ll cost you to move between airports. Furthermore, the tabs have been update to show you your fees. This will ensure you always have the information you need right at your finger tips.

For the team at P42, this is a signiciant milestone. It opens up many possibilities for the future (such as passenger operations) and the team can now spend time ensuring there is a delicate balance between adding new gameplay whilst also providing a challenging environment. What P42 has made clear is that The Skypark will keep things as realistic as possible and never pay pilots a million dollars or more for simple 1-hour flights.

You can read more about the new Oceanic Air on the Parallel 42 blog. You can also read our interview with Edson from Parallel 42 here. If you haven’t done so already, you can buy The Skypark from Orbx Direct. It currently is on sale for $33.18 AUD (approximately US$25.60 | €21,34 | £18.43) for the next few days, before going back to the original price of $42 AUD (note that all prices do not include any local taxes).

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Black Box Simulation is Bringing Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander to MSFS Soon

Black Box Simulations Bn 2 Islander Msfs (3)

Black Box Simulation has confirmed they will be bringing their Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander to Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. The BN-2 Islander is a twin-engine aircraft that was first introduced in the 1960s and used regularly for island hopping and exploring more remote areas of the world. The British aircraft is incredibly versatile and has been in production for over 50 years.

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander has been built from the ground up for the new simulator with all new modelling and system depth. How detailed that will be is yet to be known as the post from BBS was fairly vague. That said, they did confirm that they are just testing the final few things and that the testers are currently working to ensure it’s ready for release. Whilst the forum post lacked details, Black Box Simulations’ Graham did share a handful of teasers highlighting features such as PBR usage, animated doors and detailed external modelling.

As mentioned, the BN-2 Islander can traverse a range of terrain and operate a number of flights. With that in mind, BBS did not give a clear indication on whether this product will include different varients or equipment options.

It is confirmed they are days away from a release, so once we learn more, we’ll let you know. Black Box Simulation confirmed that the BN-2 Islander will first release on their store and then from the Marketplace in the future.

Sadly those waiting on a new update for their Airbus series will have to continue waiting as nothing new was mentioned about it. That said, the team have been regularly updating their Cessna L-19 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Update 5th May 2021 – Minor corrections to the article to reflect the aircraft type.

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Orbx Releases Caernarfon Airport for MSFS

Orbx Announces Caernarfon Airport For MSFS (4)

Developed by Orbx developer Tony Wroblewski, Caernarfon Airport (EGCK) offers simmers the ability to discover the Welsh airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Created using on-site photography, this is an accurate rendition of the small airport.

The airport sits not far from the historic town of Caernarfon and offers a quick flight to the stunning Snowdonia National Park and other rural locations within Wales. Caernarfon Airport also serves as the base for the Welsh Search and Rescue and Air Ambulance teams, meaning you can simulate some exciting and possibly dangerous flights across the district. In addition, the airport is just a short flight to urban areas such as Liverpool and Manchester in England if you after a hop to the city.

Each part of the airport has been hand-crafted for the most immersive experience and dynamic people and animals help create an authentic atmosphere at the small airport. Detailed 3D fencing, signage and equipment also closely matches the real-world airports. Of course, PBR has been used in the texturing of the airport buildings and Tony has worked to ensure the airport seamlessly blends in with the nearby terrain. POIs surrounding the airport such as Morfa Holiday Park and Fort Belan has also been added.

You can buy EGCK Caernarfon Airport by Orbx for $16.35 AUD (approximately US$12.60 | €10,48 | £9.07) on OrbxDirect. Prices at Orbx now exclude any applicable taxes and we’ll be listing those prices without any taxes added.

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Stairport Sceneries Announces Lido di Venezia Airport for MSFS


Continuing on with even more releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Stairport Sceneries has confirmed they will be heading to Italy next with a rendition of Lido di Venezia airport (LIPV). Located near the city of Venice, the airport is popular for locals looking to see a variety of smaller GA aircraft or to board a variety of water taxi services operating from the airport.

The team gave an overview of what features simmers can expect when the airport releases. As with other airports from Stairport Sceneries as of late, the product will include custom night lighting, custom static aircraft and also animations for 3D people. Also included with the scenery is full modelling of the airport with PBR texturing and other clutter to bring the airport to life. Whilst the level of detail will be immersive, performance has also been optimised to ensure it’s a smooth experience. Finally, Stairport Sceneries has also ensured that the airport blends in seamlessly with the photogrammetry of Venice.

You can read the full forum post here to stay updated. The turn around time from announcement to release with these guys is rather quick, so don’t be surprised if Lido di Venezia Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator releases sooner than later.

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Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth Released for MSFS

Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth

Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Situated in the southwest of Cornwall, England, Perranporth Airfield (EGTP) is a popular place for general aviation pilots looking to discover the views of the area. The airport is run by the Perranporth Flying Club and offer a range of experience flights and training courses for those seeking to get their private pilot license. Being situated right at the edge of a cliff and certainly makes for a bit of an exciting approach over the coast and crashing waves.

Stairport Sceneries has recreated the small airfield with a high level of detail. This includes 4K textures throughout, and custom modelling and static aircraft reflecting those seen at the airport. The team has also included numerous animations like runway direction indicator and hangar doors to make the airport even more realistic. Finally, it is fully compatible with World Update III: UK & Ireland.

You can buy Aerosoft Airfield Perranporth for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from Aerosoft for €8.36 (excluding VAT).

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FlyInside Bell 47 Released for MSFS

Created With GIMP

Whilst we usually let our friends at keep you up to date with the latest in the world of helicopters, the release of the FlyInside Bell 47 is fairly significant for the simulation community. It’s the first payware helicopter made available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and comes with a custom flight model.

The team at FlyInside have often defied the limitations of simulators in the past and they have taken on the challenge of bringing a helicopter with a realistic flight model in the new sim. Whilst the flight model was initially developed for the FlyInside Flight Simulator, the team used that technology to enable realistic ground effect, flap-back and accurate collective/cyclic response to the simulator. All of this means that the Bell 47 will fly as it should within the sim. In addition to the custom flight model, the team has also included support for failures, and dangerous flight regimes including vortex ring state and even engine failures.

Whilst flying a helicopter may at first appear intimidating, the team has included various customisable realism settings to allow for anyone to jump in and fly.

Alongside the level of detail in the flight model, FlyInside has included a detailed 3D model with smooth and accurate animations throughout.

The FlyInside Bell 47 is now available to buy for Microsoft Flight Simulator from their store for $34.95.

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