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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update II: USA Now Available

20201122 US Update 07 1024×576

As expected, the Microsoft Flight Simulator world update has now been made available for free to all owners of the new flight simulator. World Update II focuses on the USA, with enhancements to the elevation maps, aerial imagery, new airports and various brand new points of interest added. In addition to the world update, version of Microsoft Flight Simulator also brings improvements to performance and other UI improvements.

World Update II: USA

The United States of America has seen a huge update within the simulator with the latest update. As shown off on the Flight Simulator blog, vast parts of the region have seen improvements to both the elevation data and the aerial imagery. The maps shared indicate the current elevation data used in the simulator. The darker the shade, the better the level of detail. Washington, California and New York all appear to have the highest levels of detail for the elevation, with other most others areas still seeing 16m elevation data. In the second map shared, aerial imagery has also been updated in areas across California, Washington, Florida, Texas and many others.

In addition to elevation and aerial imagery, four brand new hand-crafted airports have been added free of charge to all versions of the simulator. These airports are Atlanta International (KATL), Friday Harbor (KFHR), Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW) and also New York Stewart International Airport (KSWF). Furthermore, there have been an additional 50 new points of interest added. Such additions include Chimney Rock, the White House, Fort Knox, Hoover Dam, Kennedy Space Center and also Rainbow Bridge. The full list is down below.

Other Improvements

As mentioned, the update also includes an array of improvements to the simulator itself. The number of changes is somewhat significant with even more performance and stability improvements and also fixes to fuel consumption in the Boeing 747-8 and the Airbus 320neo. The general aviation aircraft also saw a few improvements with the Cessna 152 having 5% more elevator authority and the EXTRA 330LT seeing the engine reactivity increased. For those who have the Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle on its way, the simulator will now recognise the unit with a new preset for GA twins.

The whole list of changes, again, can be found down below.

To get the latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, launch the sim from your PC and simply allow the simulator to update. Once again, World Update II: USA is a free update for all those who own the simulator through any platform.

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LHSimulations Further Previews Budapest for MSFS


Scenery developer and MSFS partner LHSimulations further previews Budapest Intl Airport (LHBP), for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is located in central Hungary. The airport is considered to be the largest in Hungary with flight service to many European destinations primarily operated by Wizz Air. The airport also receives support from numerous cargo operations and serves as a major hub for LOT Polish Airlines.

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Final Reminder: FlightSim Community Survey 2020 – Take Part Now


Final Reminder: You have a few hours left to complete the survey. Click here to take it!

The biggest flight simulation survey is now ready for you to complete. For the past few years, Navigraph has put together a detailed and comprehensive survey to help developers, publishers, media outlets and content creators better understand the current situation within the world of flight simulation. The FlightSim Community Survey 2020 can be accessed by clicking this link.

Between November 13th and November 23rd 2020, flight simmers around the world will be able to take part in the largest flight simulation survey. Whilst the survey may be long in terms of time, the aim is to help a variety of companies ensure that future products and services are made with the results in mind. As such, it’s really important you take the time to answer the questions so that developers, publishers, content creators and media outlets can create flight simulation content suited to your needs. Your response will influence the future of the community.

As with other years, there is a focus on major simulators such as Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D and Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11. However, this year will focus on mobile simulators, combat simulators, and of course, Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Following the survey, Navigraph will release the results publically so that everyone can see what’s going on in the industry and where people’s hearts and minds are at. Right now Navigraph anticipates releasing the results on December 10th 2020, but we’ll be sure to report and provide an analysis of the results when they are available.

For us here at FSElite, we’re really keen to learn how you consume content, what we can do in the future and how we can continue providing the community with transparent news, reviews and original content to inform you of the latest in flight simulation.

Click here to participate in the FlightSim Community Survey 2020.

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IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ Updated to Version 1.1.0

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Released last month, developer IndiaFoxtEcho has updated its Long-Ez aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Version 1.1.0, available now through Orbx Central, sees various improvements across the flight modelling, texture resolution and a rework of the sounds for the aircraft.

The changelog, supplied on the Orbx forums, talks of a new flight model with new canard settings, whilst seeing minor tweaks to engine performance and how the aircraft manoeuvres in the air. Furthermore, the cockpit has seen an improvement with increased usage of polygons and upped texture resolution. The final other change of significance is the fact the sound package has been rewritten completely in WWise.

As we mentioned before, the aircraft has a noticeable shape with canard ahead of the cockpit, a high surface wing with vertical fins at the end of the wing and a rear pushing engine. The Indiafoxtecho rendition features detailed modelling along with 8K textures and comes with custom sounds and 4 liveries.

If you don’t own the IndiaFoxtEcho Long-Ez for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can buy it from OrbxDirect for $24.99 AUD (approximately US$18.31 | €15,42 | £13.70).

In related news, you can see what the future for IndiaFoxtEcho looks like in their roadmap post.

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Azurpoly Releases Toulon-Hyères Airport for MSFS

New French developer Azurpoly has just released its second-ever scenery for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, recreating the charming airport of Toulon-Hyères, located in the French Riviera.

Being the Var department’s capital and forming a part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, the city of Toulon is probably best known for both its sizeable Mediterranean port and significant French naval base. The city is considered the 14th largest French city by population count. As such, it comes as no surprise that it boasts an international airport, servicing both the city of Toulon and the municipality of Hyères. The airport opened its doors back in 1966 and is still actively being used by the French Navy, which has multiple air squadrons stationed at the south-western side of the field. The airport mainly offers seasonal services to many cities around Europe, with one of its only scheduled destinations being Paris-Orly, serviced daily by Air France.

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Wing42 Releases Blériot XI for MSFS

Bleriot Xi For Msfs

German developer Wing42, known for its Lockheed Vega aircraft addon released for FSX and P3D version 4 back in 2018, has just released their rendition of the Blériot XI for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Built by famed French aviator and engineer Louis Blériot back in 1909, the Blériot XI was the 11th rendition of Blériot’s first and only aircraft design.  The aircraft undertook its first flight on January 23rd, 1909 at Issy-les-Moulineaux, a small district in Paris, France. In addition to the model being considered as the first successful monoplane aircraft to have been built, the Blériot “Onze” performed the then record-setting and famed 36-minute flight across the English Channel. Although considered simplistic by today’s standards of aviation, the Blériot XI possesses certain quirks that require a very hands-on approach, with one of these quirks being that its cruise speed is only 7 knots above its stall speed.

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Carenado Releases PA44 Seminole for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Carenado Pa44 Aircraft Msfs (3)

Aircraft developer Carenado has released the Piper PA-44 Seminole for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft product is based on the twin-engine aircraft and is known for its stability, speed and cruise range.

The aircraft is powered by two 180 horse-powered props and has a typical cruise speed of 160 knots. Due to the large fuel tanks and efficient design, the aircraft is capable of travelling up to 915nm and can carry up to 4 people in the aircraft. If you’re looking for a casual aircraft to take you on trips around the world or for an entry point to dual-engine aircraft, this is it for you.

Carenado has continued to use a mix of both custom and default avionics, along with their usual quality texture and modelling work. Also included is a set of stereo sound effects recorded directly from the aircraft itself as well as realistic flight dynamics. The aircraft has been tested by pilots of the aircraft for maximum accuracy within the simulator. You will also be able to interact with the pilots, doors and also have various panel states within the aircraft.

You can buy the Carenado PA44 Seminole for Microsoft Flight Simulator exclusively from the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace for £24.99 (or your local currency).

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Orbx Releases Malmo Airport for MSFS


Announced last week, Orbx has released Malmo Airport (ESMS) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Crafted together by Marcus Nyberg, the Swedish airport is brimming with detail and character that will make flying in the area that much more exciting.

Malmo is the fourth busiest airport in Sweden with passengers from around the world visiting the airport. Airlines such as TUI, SAS and Sunclass Airlines visit the airport with their narrow-body jets. The airport product from Marcus includes high-quality texture work, PBR materials and a range of detailed 3D models. The native technology in Microsoft Flight Simulator also lends itself well to colour-corrected aerial imagery and great performance.

In addition, the airport product has been designed with the highest standards in mind with ultra-detailed 4K texturing, sloped runways and ground textures that change depending on the weather. All-in-all, the airport has been designed with performance in mind whilst also being fully compatible with AI in the simulator.

You can buy and download Orbx’s latest airport right now from OrbxDirect. It will cost you $24.99 AUD (approximately US$18.25 | €15,39 | £13.74).

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Dreamflight Studios Liberia Airport Released for MSFS

246372 Mrlb7

Very shortly after posting a preview on their Facebook page, Dreamflight Studios has released their Liberia International Airport (MRLB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery bears an accurate airport layout reflecting the small terminal expansion which took place a couple years ago. The Dreamflight Studios Liberia Airport features the “usual suspects” that have now become standard with PBR materials, sloped terrain, dynamic lighting and many custom airport clutter objects. 

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Área77 Simulations Announces Vilar de Luz-Maia Airport for MSFS


Scenery developer Área77 Simulations, announces Vilar de Luz-Maia Airport (LPVL), for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Maia airport is located in northern Portugal close to the big city of Porto. The airport is located on a hilltop and surrounded by trees on both sides of the runway. In addition, the airport serves the general aviation community. Parachute activity is a regular at the airport which allows great views of the rolling hills reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

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