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Aerosoft Releases Airport Bonaire for MSFS

Aerosoft has released Airport Bonaire for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport is a faithful recreation of the Flamingo International Airport (TNCB). The Caribbean airport sees regular service from airlines such as TUI, KLM, United Airlines and American Airlines to a variety of locations. The airport itself features a single 9,500ft runway and can handle a variety of aircraft sizes including the 747.

Airport Bonaire by Aerosoft includes a variety of features including high-definition texturing, custom orthos for the airport area and dynamic night lighting. Aerosoft has spent a good deal of time investing in 3D modelling and has recreated many of the outer buildings, as well as an impressive looking interior modelling of the airport’s main terminal building. Custom windsock models have also been used, along with animated passengers and other ambient animations such as flags.

A cool feature for the airport is that if you choose any date before 2018, the old-style control tower will appear instead of the current one.

You can buy Aerosoft’s Airport Bonaire for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from the Aerosoft store for €10.04 (plus VAT).

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Carenado Announces PA-28R for MSFS

Carenado Pa 28r Arrow Iii Msfs (7)

Aircraft developer Carenado has announced they will soon be releasing a PA-28R for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Described as “one of the most popular” general aviation aircraft, the PA-28R is known for its versatility and ability to easily manoeuvre in the skies. The aircraft is suitable for various missions including training, education or even transportation purposes. The aircraft comes with a single-engine, four seats and has a cruise speed of around 138 knots.

Carenado has included a small feature list highlighting what will come with the aircraft upon release. The aircraft will come with 2 default GNS430s, a custom autopilot system and also engine and wind sound effects. Furthermore, the aircraft will come with realistic flight dynamics, which has been tested by real-world pilots. The tablet which has been featured in other Carenado aircraft is also included, which will enable you to set various options and start-up states.

The aircraft by Carenado will be released on the Microsoft Marketplace very soon. No price for the PA-28R by Carenado has been set yet.

This news follows on from the various previews for the Just Flight PA-28R, which is due to release very soon, also.

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Orbx Releases Landmarks Brisbane City Pack for MSFS

Landmarks Brisbane City Pack (3)

Following on from their recent Landmarks Singapore product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Orbx has released Landmarks Brisbane City Pack for the new sim. The new package includes nearly 130 custom-made buildings and points of interest

Brisbane is known for its chilled and laid-back atmosphere despite the towering high-rise buildings and various skyscrapers. Many of those tall buildings are included with the package, including Brisbane Tower and various stadiums such as The Gabba and Suncorp Stadium. As the city sits near the coast, you can also enjoy the various marinas, moored boats and also the New Farm Riverwalk which sits in the Brisbane River.

Landmarks Brisbane has been designed specifically for the new simulator and takes advantage of the new technology found in the simulator. 122 custom made objects and buildings are designed to highlight various famous buildings scattered around the area in addition to the previously mentioned points of interest. Each model has PBR materials and built to ensure a good balance between quality and performance. Finally, Orbx confirms that Landmarks Brisbane is designed to blend in seamlessly with the upcoming Brisbane Airport (YBBN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can buy Landmarks Brisbane City Pack from OrbxDirect for $14.99 AUD (approximately US$11.98 | €9,81 | £8.46).

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Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS Video Tutorial Series

A brand new video series is being put together by YouTuber Flyer0245 which focuses on the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new video is an extensive first look at the aircraft during the first few safety checks from a cold and dark aircraft state.

Flyer0245 takes us on a deep dive into some of the systems and how they can all interact with one another. He takes us through the electronic pages, hydraulics, warnings and much more.

Whilst we don’t usually share videos like this from content creators, this is the first time we’ve seen such a detailed look at the jet aircraft for the new simulator. This video will be part of a long-term project where Flyer0245 will take users through operating the CRJ.

Aerosoft has been previewing the Aerosoft CRJ for many months now and this video adds to the extensive range of previews we’ve already seen. We know that the Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release for €42.00 (plus any local VAT). Those who then want to buy both the 900/1000 models will be able to then buy the additional package for an extra €16.75 (plus any local VAT). If you can’t wait to learn more about the aircraft, the first volume of the manual is already available to download and read through in preparation for the release.

The Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release through the Aerosoft store and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace once the aircraft is ready. If the CRJ isn’t of interest to you, why not take a look at the Aerosoft Airbus series being developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thanks to Niels for the tip.

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FlyTampa Updates Las Vegas for MSFS

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A brand-new update for FlyTampa’s Las Vegas for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released. Version 1.3 adds new resorts to the Las Vegas strip along with further performance improvements.

The new update for the scenery product is relatively short, seeing mostly performance and texture improvements. Furthermore, Resorts World Las Vegas has been added to the strip.

The update is now available through the FlyTampa Universal installer, but there’s currently an issue with the update through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. FlyTampa has said that the update is with them and said in their initial post it would be available, but was soon followed up by a comment from them saying that they’re “in the dark” with regards to the status of the update.

You can buy FlyTampa’s Las Vegas for Microsoft Flight Simulator via their store for $19.99 USD. No upgrade or license transfer appears to be available. You can read more about the release information in our original post.

FlyTampa Las Vegas v1.3 Update Changelog

  • Resorts World Las Vegas added on the strip
  • Further performance improvements over v1.2
  • Texture improvements and replacement of some 3D artefacts
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Macco Simulations Releases Manchester Airport v1.0.0 for MSFS

Chrome 2021 02 21 17 56 36

Following on from the early-access release, Macco Simulations has released version 1.0.0 of their Manchester Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Situated in the North of England, Manchester Airport (EGCC) is one of the busiest in the country serving domestic and international carriers to locations around the world. Airlines such as easyJet, Virgin and TUI frequent the airport taking passengers to destinations across Europe and the US.

The product itself comes packed with PBR textures, custom made modelling and accurate night lighting throughout. There are plenty of custom-made buildings scattered around the airport along with ground service equipment and accurate ground markings. The airport has also been tested with the latest UK World Update and is fully compatible.

Over the course of time, version 1 of the product has now seen a complete fire training area added, new stands and the East pier of terminal three come complete with new glass and a basic interior. Furthermore, the new custom taxi lines to applicable areas have been added, along with new concrete ground textures. Finally, the famous Airport Pub has also been completed for those fancying a round of airplane spotting as jets fly into the airport.

Whilst the new version means the product is complete, the developer has stated there will be more work to come as Manchester Airport continues to develop in the real-world.

As mentioned before, the new price for the airport is now £9.99 following the initial £7.99 early-access pricing. Those customers who purchased the product during that phase can now access version 1.0.0 of Manchester Airport for no additional cost. You can buy the product now through the Macco Simulations’ website and soon the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

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Onfinal Studio Brønnøysund Airport Released

257285 Onfinal Studio ENBN 01

Onfinal Studio has released Brønnøysund Airport (ENBN), the small, Norwegian airport serving the city of Brønnøysund. The airport is served by Widerøe, as well as several offshore helicopter services to oil rigs in the Norwegian Sea.

Onfinal Studio’s rendition of this airport includes a detailed representation of the airport, with custom objects and modelling. It is available for €12 on SimMarket.


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RegDesigns Releases Region of Waterloo Airport for MSFS

Regdesigns Cykf Waterloo (3)

RegDesigns has released Region of Waterloo Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator (CYKF). Region of Waterloo International Airport is 1 hour west of Toronto and the 14th biggest airport in Canada. WestJet, Sunwing and Flair Airlines all visit the airport flying routes to Victoria, Edmonton and Halifax. In addition, the airport is home to various training centres and groups offering a great degree of general aviation flying in the area.

The newly released airport is a faithful recreation of the airport including accurate modelling from original source imagery. This means the developers have been able to create an authentic-looking airport complete with highly detailed textures, with customised ground textures to add an environmental effect to the ground. Furthermore, the team has included a range of objects and modelling for areas such as airport restaurants and picnic areas, along with hangar interiors, 3D sewer grills and other static apron objects. The airport has been designed with the most current layout in mind and also includes the correct PAPI angles, approach lights and night lighting.

RegDesigns’ second airport, Region of Waterloo Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator (CYKF) can be purchased from simMarket for €11.99.

Region of Waterloo International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator joins Lihue Airport (PHLI), which was released in January 2021.

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Flightbeam Updates Denver for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flightbeam Denver Update Msfs 3

Flightbeam Studios has issued a brand new update for their Denver Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The all-new version, version 1.40, brings some “significant changes” to the airport product. The airport was originally released to coincide with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator back in August 2020, but as the SDK has advanced significantly since then, Flightbeam has gone back over the product to improve it.

In a blog post on the (new) Flightbeam website, the team said that the drastic terrain in the area saw some of the launch’s original teething issues. Since then, the SDK has been changed substantially to allow a much smoother experience around the ramps, taxi areas and runways. There are some other improvements also including new custom ortho imagery and better blending with models.

The update is readily available through the Flightbeam Store via the Contrail App. If you purchased the product through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, you can update the content via the Content Manager from within the simulator.

If you don’t own Flightbeam’s Denver Airport (KDEN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can buy it from the Flightbeam Studios store for $14.99. There is a 30% discount available to customers who own the product on Prepar3D.

Denver is not the only airport from Flightbeam available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can see more on their Washington Dulles Intl for MSFS here. We just need to start seeing more progress on Auckland Airport for Prepar3D.

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LatinVFR Releases AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America for MSFS

After our exclusive announcement earlier this week, LatinVFR has released its new AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new utility pack adds new custom liveries for ground service equipment, push back trucks and airport traffic across airports throughout North America and Canada.

The utility add-on includes logos and skins for most of North America’s ground handling and catering companies and injects realistic-looking vehicles into airports in the region. This includes push back trucks, airport traffic and service equipment such as the ground power unit. Further to the replacement of ground service equipment looks, customised sounds for animations have also been added to the vehicles. We know that ASIG, Swissport and Menzies are included as part of the ground handling pack, with LSG, Gate Gourmet and Flying foods leading the way for the top catering companies included. The full list of included airlines in the pack is down below.

Whereas other products such as GSX or Pushback Express add new vehicles, AREX instead uses the default vehicles to make the airport environment more realistic. It is confirmed that the plan is for AREX to work in conjunction with GSX by FSDreamTeam for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you buy the product with the Contrail add-on, you will be able to select airline liveries for aircraft ground handling vehicles.

You can buy AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from LatinVFR’s store ($9.99 USD) or the Contrail Store right now (€8,28) It will appear in the Microsoft Flight Simulator store in the near future.

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