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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 27th, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 2 27 2020 (5)

Over on the usual blog website, Microsoft has released another update for the upcoming Flight Simulator. This update includes a reminder for the Discovery Series, a partnership series update, a feedback snapshot, and a plethora of new screenshots.

Starting with the Discovery Series, it simply stated a reminder for what is to come. Episode 7 and 8 have been switched around so that episode 8, multiplayer, will come first on March 12th. Episode 7, IFR, will be coming at the end of March. Last week, Episode 6 was released showing off airports, be sure to check the last update we posted to watch that video.

The partnership series was unfortunately delayed again. This was due to “a series of unforeseen delays impacting travel.” No official word was given for when this will be coming next.

The feedback snapshot for March and April was released as well.

Lastly, a lot of new screenshots were given, mainly focusing on the scenery and landscapes that will be in the simulator. Some city, some rural areas, and mountains were shown off.  Also previewed was some of the weather, which is showing off a lot of rain on the windscreen in one preview, and what looks to be a microburst in the other.

As always, be sure to check back here and Microsoft’s official blog and feeds for more information on the upcoming sim. Next update is scheduled for March 5th.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – February 20th, 2020

Microsoft has released a new update on their blog website, with new updates on the Feature Discovery Series, Development Roadmap, and more.

Feature Discovery Series

Starting with the biggest news, Episode 6 has been released. Episode 6 covers Airports. Some of the highlights from the video are that there are over 37,000 airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator that have been manually edited. 80 of the most popular airports were given special attention to bring more realism. Iconic airports have also been selected and have been dressed to a very high standard in the sim. Additionally, ground services got some attention such as catering, luggage, and more. Air traffic was also talked about as well and these aircraft will also be able to do ground services.

For more specifics and details, check out the full video. Its well worth the watch.

Episode 7 and 8 have also had a few changes. They will still be IFR and Multiplayer, but have been switched around. Episode 8 will be coming first featuring multiplayer, releasing March 12th. Episode 7 will follow at the end March covering IFR.

Partnership Series

The latest partnership series update was pushed back a week for the release of the Discovery Series video.

Development Roadmap

This is the latest road map for March and April.


Lastly, Microsoft shared 9 new previews of the upcoming sim, featuring a look at a lot more landscapes, some close ups of airports, and a look into multiplayer. 14 TBM900 aircraft can been seen in one screenshot in a massive formation. Airports like Saba are previewed, as well as a grass field.

As always, be sure to check back for more updates from Microsoft, the next one is expected on February 27th.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator February 13th Update – Development Roadmap and More

Microsoft Flight Simulator Feb 13 Update (2)

As promised, the new update from Microsoft regarding the new Flight Simulator has dropped today. Whilst it didn’t bring a huge amount of news, it did provide a few updates regarding the release of future Feature Discovery Series videos.

Episode 6 (Airports) will release next week on February 20th, and will provide an in-depth look at the airport the team are building for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from that, Episode 7 will focus all on IFR flying and will release on March 5th 2020.

New Alpha invitations are also being sent out to those that signed up. They will be sent from today onwards until next Tuesday (Feb 18th). If you’re a developer awaiting an SDK, then the team has said that they are slowly rolling that out to people over the coming weeks. So far 30 development partners have access to the SDK and that the feedback from them has been fantastic so far.

On the Insider section, Microsoft also shared the current Development Roadmap, along with a new feedback snapshot from the current alpha testing. One of the more exciting insights we have is that come late March, we will see a focus video looking at multiplayer. Microsoft also are aware of the feedback including when will we see 3rd party information, along with continuing to acknowledge VR and damage modelling.

Finally, the post ended with a range of previews all taken by Alpha testers.

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Unconfirmed: Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Available As a Stand-Alone Title


Since the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator back in June 2019, many have wondered how the flight simulator would be made available to the world. With reliance on AI technology and server-side capability, many have considered that the new simulator will be a subscription-based model.

According to a recent interview with Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, it seems that there the new simulator won’t be subscription-based only. The author in the newspaper sat down with Head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann in an interview discussing the simulator and what users can expect.

The interviewer asked how the publisher will bring Flight Simulator to market, specifically if it would feature a monthly fee. Jorg’s response, not too dissimilar to what we’ve heard before, starting with “we still don’t have all the details […]”. What is interesting, he then added: “what I can tell you now is that there will definitely be a way to buy the simulator like any other simulator before.” As previously released simulators from Microsoft released as stand-alone platforms, this implies that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be made available as a stand-alone product.

Although already confirmed during our interview at X019, Jorg also reiterated the fact that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be part of the Game Pass subscription model, which also gives users access to 100s of games for both Xbox and Windows PC. In essence, there will be two ways to get the new flight simulator.

Interestingly, in a follow-up question, Jorg was asked whether users will have to use Game Pass to get access to all the maps and features. No Google translate is needed for this as the response was a clear cut “no.”

Whilst we have extracted this information using Google Translate, Spanish speaking YouTuber X-Check also confirmed the translation to be mostly accurate.

Whilst this interview appears to have the information sought by the community, this still doesn’t confirm directly from Microsoft in an official capacity. However, it’s reassuring news for those hoping the simulator will be made available as a standalone.

Source: La Nacion Newspaper

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Black Box Simulation Confirms they will Develop for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Whilst Black Box Simulation continues to work on v0.9o of their long-standing Airbus series of aircraft, CEO of the development team Graham Waterfield has confirmed that “will be developing for [Microsoft Flight Simulator].

The short statement doesn’t go much beyond confirming this information, but he did add that developers are restricted from commenting on detail due to the NDA. However, as soon as the SDK is made available to them, BBS will be working on the simulator.

Whilst Graham did stop short of confirming which products they will bring to the simulator, the original question that was referring to the Airbus series of products.

Whilst we still await official confirmation of the developers working on the new simulator, this is another to add to the bow of confirmed developers which includes PMDG, Imaginesim and others.

You can see some recent PBR-centric previews of their Airbus A330 CEO, which is due to release with version 0.90 of the Black Box Simulation series of Airbus aircraft.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator New Screenshots and Brief Update [Feb 7 2020 Update]

Hangar (1)

Whilst many were hoping for an update yesterday from the Microsoft team, they had to delay it due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the team did provide a semi-brief update today, along with a range of new screenshots directly from the recent Alpha build. 

The update was brief but focused on what the team is currently working on. As mentioned, the second Alpha build is now in the hands of most people who were accepted and feedback is now coming in. The team started a targeted testing suite in the Alpha forums, for users to test specific aspects and provide reports. The team has said that they have used each piece of feedback to help improve the experience going forward.

Moving on, Microsoft also said that Episode 6 of their Feature Discovery Series is having the finishing touches put together. The next episode will focus on airports for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Next week, we should see the expected release date for the video. You can catch up with their previous video which focused on sounds.

Also next week, both the Development Roadmap and feedback snapshot will be shared. This is to ensure that the most up to date information is shared.

Finally, the team presented a range of new screenshots from their respected testers.

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Aerosoft Update on the Airbus Lineup and CRJ Series for 2020

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (2)

On the Aerosoft Forums, Mathijs gave an update for what they plan for 2020. While no new big aircraft announcement was made, a lot of information was given on new work for different simulators.

Mathijs mentioned that the Aerosoft team was very enthusiastic with the release of P3D v4, but were left fairly disappointed with how many parts of the graphical engine were left half done. This is shown by no developer doing a full blown P3D v4 model. Aerosoft has expressed their interest to bring the A318/319/320 and 321 models up to date and add PBR, but would take months of rework for not much gain in sales. They also added that requesting update fees is not the style of Aerosoft.

Aerosoft has mentioned that they have been invited over to the Asobo Studio to take a look at the new MS Flight Simulator, and the reaction was just what we have seen from others seeing the sim for the first time, lots of amazement. Mathijs mentioned how Asobo has been very open with them, being a phone call away for questions, and having many discussions with them. They mentioned as well that Aerosoft has a strong belief in the new MS Flight Simulator.

Mathijs also gave a quick update on future projects and aircraft. First is that Aerosoft will “not work on full new builds of the smaller busses for P3D v4”. Mathijs said that also P3D v5 is expected to come this year sometime and is supposedly to fix a lot of the issues that Aerosoft has now with development. The smaller busses will be getting a smaller update that will add the EFB fairly soon, which will be at the same time as an update to include Navigraph support for the EFB. Once this is finished, they will finish working on the CPDLC that is partially in development. At the same time as well, Aerosoft will be working on the Airbusses and CRJs for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They currently don’t know how much of that will be port and how much will be new, as they currently don’t have an SDK for the new sim. Also mentioned is that there will be discounts for current owners of the products, depending on how much new code is made. This is the same for scenery products and tools.

Lastly, Mathijs announced that depending on the manpower available, they will be working on a product that is fully up to the new standards. This will most likely be in the form of the Twin Otter, and they also mentioned that will be an ideal aircraft to explore the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in.

Be sure to check the Aerosoft Forums for new updated from Aerosoft in the future.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator – January 23rd Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1 23 Update (6)

Microsoft has updated their usual blog site today. This was a smaller update, but made sure to give us plenty of new screenshots to look over.

Alpha Update

After a lot of users have asked Microsoft to allow users to update their DX DIAG file, Microsoft has listened and is allowing users from today, till the 27th of January, to update their DX DIAG file in their account. To update you file, follow these instructions:

  • Log into
  • Select your avatar/name in the upper right corner.
  • Select “My Profile”.
  • Here you can edit your machine specs and press enter.
  • That’s it!

Microsoft has also opened up registration for the preview builds once again. No date has been set on when this will end.

Dates for the Alpha (formerly Tech Alpha 2) are unchanged form the last update, with all invitations being sent out by the 27th of January, and all of wave 1 Alpha emails sent by the 31st of January.

Microsoft has also pushed back the next partnership series and feedback snapshots till the next update on February 6th to allow focus to be on the current Alpha.

New Previews

Microsoft has included 6 new screenshots from Tech Alpha Participants. These include looks at snow topped mountains, a new close up look at one of the wildlife models, and more.

Insider Update

Last but not least, a small update has been added to the insider area as well. For those in the Tech Alpha, you will automatically get access the new Alpha, but will need to uninstall the current Tech Alpha first. Once that is done, those participants will not longer have access to that Tech Alpha and only have the new Alpha.

As always, be sure to check out the update before this here. Next update will be February 6th.

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Is Shared Cockpit Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Shared Cockpit Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update 21-Jan-20 @ 10:25z: After publication, a number of developers came forward to us to share that the documentation shown in the video bares a very similar resemblance to that of the current ESP SDK. We were given a link to public documentation for the current Prepar3D SDK which features numerous snippets of information that closely matches that found in the video. According to those that reached out to us, this could indicate that developers may be able to take advantage of a similar SDK they are familiar with from the ESP platforms. It is already confirmed that there will be parts of the ESP code in the new flight simulator.

Original Article 21-Jan-20 @ 10:10z:

A few days ago, Microsoft revealed their latest in their Feature Discovery Series videos. The video focused all on the soundscape and how the world will come alive through the use of audio. The video itself was an in-depth look into how sound is used to immerse simmers into the world and environment.

As simmers were watching the video and indulging on some stunning eye-candy,  a few eagle-eyed viewers spotted some documentation that may point toward shared cockpit integration. Shared cockpit, for those unaware, is typically seen as a way for multiple people to take control of a single aircraft in a shared environment. This gives a truly authentic experience for people flying multi-crew aircraft.

In the video, a few seconds of footage highlighted that developers and simmers can change the sound environment through the detailed SDK. It appears that some of the SDK documentation was shared highlighting a shared cockpit component.

At the top of the documentation, it’s clearly read as follows:

“In the multiplayer shared cockpit mode the only supported index is 1, which means that the data is assumed to be identical to all engines. In single player mode indexes are from 1 -4.”

Following on from that, various simulator variables then have options then list “Shared Cockpit” as an option. This includes variables such as GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION and also GENERAL ENG FUEL PUMP. There are others which feature this.

Screenshots from the video relating to Shared Cockpit.

This by no means confirms exactly what the shared cockpit functionality will be, but considering that the most recent feedback snapshot data from the team specifically mentions shared cockpit, it is exciting to see Microsoft taking this feedback into account. Speaking of feedback, having seasons confirmed was also a high priority for the community and that wish appears to be granted.

You can see the exact moment this document is shared in the video here (01:20).

You can catch up with the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator news by checking out hands-on during the X019 event late last year or watch our interview with the team.

Thanks to Nicholas and Midds for the tip.

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