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Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.3

Infinite Flight 19 3 Update (4)

Mobile flight simulator app, Infinite Flight has received an incremental update that adds significant new features to the platform. Version 19.3 of Infinite Flight brings HD satellite 15m imagery to the whole Globe. Furthermore, the new update continues to their efforts to making more cockpits with animated instruments.

In the blog post from the team, Infinite Flight discusses how back in 2017, the first steps in bringing 15m imagery to the platform were brought to life. Fast forward to now and the whole Globe is as detailed as any other part. With the new data came with some challenges, but the developers took the opportunity to revamp the scenery servers to make them better for efficiency and performance, whilst also improving the scalability for future scenery updates. This means you can now explore the world in Infinite Flight with incredible detail.

Following on from the new HD imagery, it was also confirmed that version 19.3 will also bring about a new live cockpit for the A320. Taking the technology introduced in the XCub and its glass displays, the A320 now benefits from much of that to enable players to fly from the cockpit of the beloved aircraft. This is just the first iteration of glass instruments for the aircraft with simplified versions of the PFD, MFD, ECAM, FMS, COM Radios, Chrono/Click and Autopilot systems such as altitude, altimeter and airspeed. All of these steps are all part of the continued development of the long-awaited A350 for Infinite Flight.

The other big change with the update is the new aircraft state system that the instruments are built upon.  This will enable 3rd party developers more control over the simulator and enable them to create even better companion apps in the future.

Infinite Flight version 19.3 is available right now and will be downloaded to your Android or iOS device.

If you’re interested to learn more about Infinite Flight you should read our first impressions article or head over to their website. 

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Infinite Flight Update 19.2 Released

Back in May, we shared the trailer for the upcoming XCub update in Infinite Flight. The XCub inclusion was just a portion of the 19.2 update, which brings a range of new updates, fixes and change to the mobile flight simulator.

The XCub comes as part of the app purchase (replacing the Super Decathlon) so that all users of Infinite Flight will get to enjoy the taildragger aircraft. Those who own the app will get to enjoy a selection of new liveries of the aircraft and also steam gauges from within the cockpit. The steam version includes the CGR30P for engine instruments and the Garmin 796 for the GPS. Those who have the Pro subscription will be able to enjoy more liveries as well as, for the first time in Infinite Flight, a functional glass cockpit.

The glass cockpit will show data from your aircraft on the displays from within the cockpit. Included in the update will be the Garmin G5 and the G3X Touch screen. It’s worth noting that Infinite Flight acknowledges that these new displays have some limited features and functionality, but they are looking to continue adding and improvements as technology and devices become more powerful.

In addition to the XCub and also the glass cockpit displays, Infinite Flight 19.2 also brings progressive taxi for ATC to the app. Controllers will be able to give you progressive instructions when on the ground to avoid conflicts with other aircraft. Some examples include “turn left next taxiway” or “follow the aircraft ahead” and more.

Furthermore, Infinite Flight 19.2 also includes the ability for users to further edit their flight plan on the map interface. You can now use touch gestures and controls to move waypoints and manipulate things easier than before for a more accurate flight plan.

The final other main inclusion within the update is a range of new liveries to celebrate the EAA 50th Anniversary. The livery will be available for the newly added XCub as well as the B747-200, which is also celebrating its 50th birthday this year. To celebrate the fact that Infinite Flight are also AirVenture 2019 exhibitors, the team will be hosting specific Oshkosh events in the coming weeks.

You can find out more about Infinite Flight on the website, or you can read our extensive hands-on with the mobile flight simulator in one of our past articles.

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Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.1

Infinite Flight 19.1 (7)

Mobile Flight Simulation Infinite Flight has been updated to version 19.1, which adds a range of new features, functionality and improvements based on community feedback. The most significant new feature is the new redesigned Replay System built directly into the simulator itself.

The new reply system now gives users the ability to capture, reply, export and share their past flight and controlling sessions right from the new user interface on the home screen. You can sync these replays to various cloud services, share them via AirDrop or share with a friend via various other services. You can capture exciting angles for those ‘wow’ moments within the simulator. For those concerned about size, the information is saved as network data as opposed to video saving you plenty of space for many captures.


In addition to the new replay system, there’s a brand new Super-Resolution screenshot mode. Simply get into position and then hit the screenshot button to capture a series of screenshots, which Infinite Flight then stitches together for a huge and impressive looking image.

Another exciting change to Infinite Flight is the huge number of changes to the A330-300/200F models. The new changes include wing flex, ground effects, autoland and various new liveries to explore the world in. There are also some additional fixes to things such as flaps and the autopilot system.

The full update for the A330/200F can be found below.

If you choose to use the A330, you may be pleased to also hear that ramp start availability & gate size restrictions have been implemented to ensure that you don’t spawn on another user anymore.

There has also been a range of fixes and changes to Infinite Flight, which can be found below.

If you’re keen to learn more about Infinite Flight, you can read our Original Content piece on our experience with it. If it sounds good to you, you can download Infinite Flight from either the Google Play or AppStore. If you want the full experience, you will need to pay for a subscription, which starts from $9.99.

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Infinite Flight Version 18.6 Now Available

Popular mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has today been updated to version 18.6. This version marks the 6th free update to the simulator since the start of the year and the new features are some of the most requested from users. The biggest changes users will enjoy is the complete rework of the A-10 and the introduction of working gauges within the flight deck of the aircraft.

As mentioned, the A-10 has been completely re-done to reflect the improved quality of aircraft development over the years. The A-10 was one of the original in the simulator when it first launched so the team are pleased to have had time to bring it to the new standard the team employ for aircraft. New features include working gauges and instruments in the cockpit. This includes six fully functional packs, fuel flow indicators, engine fan RPM indicators, compasses and the glide slope indicator. Along with these changes, the team have completely reworked the flight dynamics, which have been tested by a real-world A-10 pilot for maximum realism. Further new features for the aircraft include additional liveries, brand new animated pilot and more. Finally, if you’re flying with other people, you can take advantage of the new fueling system meaning you can refuel whilst aloft, let by another pilot.

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