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Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant Pre-Order Available on September 1st

Honeycomb Aeronautical today shared a video of founder, Nicki Repenning, showing off the upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The video focuses on the throttle and Alpha Flight Controls being used to land one of the various 747 landing challenges in the simulator.

The video shows off the Bravo Throttle Quadrant in action, along with working gear lever, reverses and even flaps and speedbrakes. Over the past year, Microsoft and Honeycomb Aeronautical have worked together to ensure that all the products work flawlessly with one another.

Whilst the video is a great look at the new hardware to come, Honeycomb also confirmed that pre-orders for the new Bravo Throttle Quadrant will begin on September 1st 2020. Shipping will then happen directly from the factory, meaning you will get it 3-4 weeks earlier than buying it elsewhere. The team is still aiming for an October 2020 release, after it was pushed back due to challenges relating to COVID-19 having an adverse impact on production.

Details on how to pre-order will follow soon.

Finally, you could also win one of three Honeycomb baseball hats from New Era by sharing the 747 Landing Video. Full details can be found on their Facebook page.

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Nvidia Includes MSFS in Driver Update

Nvidia Releases New Geforce Drivers For Windows 10 485028 2
Graphics card manufacturer, Nvidia, has included support for Microsoft Flight Simulator in their latest GeForce Game Ready driver update.  The latest update for users of the Nvidia range of GPU's will benefit from the latest update to the GeForce driver by having a tailored, optimised experience, with the GPU managed better in order to give a more smooth and responsive
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Fulcrum One Yoke Pre-Orders Open

Fulcrum One Yoke Overview
A new yoke which has been in development for multiple years has now just been made available to pre-order. The Fulcrum One Yoke is designed to be a modern yoke using Hall Effect sensors to give eliminate spiking and wear that can happen overtime. The yoke will also feature a unique connection method so that yoke handles can easily be
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Thrustmaster Announces TCA Flight Sim Product Range Airbus Edition

Thrustmaster has today announced they are bringing a range of civilian flight simulation products to market this summer, all of which are officially licensed by Airbus. With 30 years of experience in the market, this is the first time Thrustmaster has stepped into the ring to provide flight simmers with specific civilian hardware. These all integrate perfectly with all current
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Thrustmaster Teasing Flight Sim Related Hardware Reveal This Week

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Over on the Thrustmaster Facebook page, a new image and post was shared seemingly indicating that a brand new piece of hardware will be revealed later this week from Thrustmaster. The hardware manufacturers, known for their extensive range of products, are preparing people to be “ready to fly.”

The Facebook post indicates that all will be revealed on Thursday 18th June at 11am CEST. For those that work in Zulu, this is 09:00 am.

Now the image shared doesn’t highlight any actual hardware (except for their previously released T.Flight US Air Force Edition headset), so it’s hard to tell exactly what Thrustmaster may be teasing.

All we know is that you should keep your eyes peeled to FSElite on Thursday 18th June at 09:00 am Zulu for the grand reveal.

Care to take a guess? Put a comment down below and let us see what you think.

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Honeycomb Aeronautical Shows Off Mouse Pad Concept

Honeycomb=aeronautical Mouse Pad Concept (1)
Honeycomb Aeronautical, known for their Alpha Flight Controls, has shared some new proof of concept artwork for a new mouse pad attachment. After listening to feedback from the community about the amount space the Alpha Flight Controls and the upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant will use, Honeycomb Aeronautical has gone to the drawing board to find a solution. As of right
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Honeycomb Announces their Rudder Pedals

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With yesterdays announcement of FlightSimExpo 2020 being cancelled, Honeycomb took to Facebook to show off what they would have shown at the show. A single image was uploaded to their Facebook, showing an image of their upcoming Rudder Pedals. The image shows the iconic honeycomb pattern and red lights will be on the front of the pedals. While no name
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Fulcrum Simulations Relocates Manufacturing to the UK

Screenshot 2020 03 24 Products – Fulcrum Sim
Fulcrum Simulations, designers of the upcoming Fulcrum Yoke, has indicated on their website they had relocated the production of their electronic boards back to the UK. While no precision has been made on the original location, Fulcrum hopes that this moves will enable them to have more control over their production lines. The shipment dates are currently unknown, however Fulcrum
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