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Hardware News

Thrustmaster Introduces New Hardware at E3

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Thrustmaster debuted two new controller sets, a rudder set and a headset, at their E3 conference. The link to the article will be here if you would like to read their official announcement.

TPR Rudder System: Described in the featured article as being “Essentially ripped from the fuselage of an aircraft…”,  the new TPR Rudder system will weigh 15 pounds and is pure steel and aluminum and was designed to use ‘Thrustmaster’s proprietary PENDUL_R™ technology’. Essentially it makes this rudder set more advanced and competitive than other rudders for gaming. It’s designed to be able to register the most minute and subtle adjustments, making it extremely versatile from space exploration, to war combat, to general and commercial avitaion. This new rudder set sure look like the real deal.

T-Flight U.S. Air Force Edition Headset: The new headset was actually inspired by user request and inupt and deliveres crystal clear audio, minimal distortion, and ” long-term cushioned comfort.” The headset features a lot of advanced specs like:

  • 50mm analytic drivers with stable frequency response curve.
  • Mid-range and treble and remarkably optimizes distortion control to less than 1% between brackets.
  • 1-inch thick over-ear memory foam ear cushions.
  • High-performance, unidirectional microphone.

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Introducing Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls
Honeycomb Aeronautical is a brand new hardware developer who is focusing on creating quality yokes and throttles for a reasonable price. The premise behind their designs is to ensure maximum comfort, usability and durability for a range of different aircraft types and configurations. In the video above, you can see it in person as Nicki demonstrates the product. It's due
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NVIDIA Drivers 381.89 – Community Agrees it Appears to Fix VAS Leak

We've kept a close eye on recent NVIDIA drivers lately, especially after some fixes and posts from Lockheed Martin regarding leaks from some more recent drivers. Thankfully, the community are reporting that the latest drivers 381.89 are working extremely well for most users after testing. Mike Moskovich on Facebook also described it as a "376.33 driver replacement".  Another user of the social
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P3D Nvidia VAS Leak Fixed?


Nvidia released a driver update for their GeForce graphics cards, version 378.49 which was reported to leak VAS. They later released another update, version 378.66 which fixed the leak but still had P3D running high VAS usage. The only solution was to roll back to version 376.33 and hope Nvidia fixed the issue.

After being a little annoyed, I actually took it upon myself to simply report this issue to Nvidia using their forums. Prepar3d doesn’t get much, if any, attention in the GeForce forums so it isn’t any surprise the problem existed in two driver builds. After posting the issue with links to the Prepar3d forums I was asked to try the hotfix 378.72 driver to see if the problem was fixed.

I’m happy to say the hotfix driver solved everything and appears to be stable with P3D! In addition, I am actually seeing better VAS results than I was on the 378.66 build. So, if you’d like to update your drivers, go ahead and grab the 378.72 build and see how it goes for you.

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Cockpit PHD Having Boeing 737 Pro Set Sale

Cockpit PHD are currently having a great sale where you can buy their Boeing 737 Pro Set for Dual Saitek Throttle Quadrant for just $99.99. This is a great deal, especially if you're looking at improving your immersion when flying the PMDG 737 at home. Seems like a great deal for what you're getting, especially if you're after more budget
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