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Thrustmaster TCA Product Series: Where to Buy and Impressions Round-Up

Thrustmaster Tca Airbus Edition Announced

After the exciting reveal and announcement from Thrustmaster yesterday, many are curious about where they can buy their very own Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick and Quadrant. As both are licensed from Airbus, both will really help to change how you interact with your simulator. Whilst FSElite is putting together our final touches on our review, we wanted to offer you a quick way to see what others in the community thought. Finally, we know many still hold questions on where you can pre-order your own!

Impressions Round-Up


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Thrustmaster Announces TCA Flight Sim Product Range Airbus Edition

Thrustmaster has today announced they are bringing a range of civilian flight simulation products to market this summer, all of which are officially licensed by Airbus. With 30 years of experience in the market, this is the first time Thrustmaster has stepped into the ring to provide flight simmers with specific civilian hardware. These all integrate perfectly with all current
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Shows Off Mouse Pad Concept

Honeycomb=aeronautical Mouse Pad Concept (1)
Honeycomb Aeronautical, known for their Alpha Flight Controls, has shared some new proof of concept artwork for a new mouse pad attachment. After listening to feedback from the community about the amount space the Alpha Flight Controls and the upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant will use, Honeycomb Aeronautical has gone to the drawing board to find a solution. As of right
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Honeycomb Announces their Rudder Pedals

92795446 1070183343355397 1187251599110569984 O
With yesterdays announcement of FlightSimExpo 2020 being cancelled, Honeycomb took to Facebook to show off what they would have shown at the show. A single image was uploaded to their Facebook, showing an image of their upcoming Rudder Pedals. The image shows the iconic honeycomb pattern and red lights will be on the front of the pedals. While no name
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Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant Previews and Development Update

Honeycomb Bravo Controls Throttle (6)

Shared on Facebook earlier today, the Honeycomb Aeronautical team has shared a new set of photo previews of their upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Along with the previews, the team also gave a brief update in regards to the current production status and when simmers can expect it to release.

The team said that they have received the first Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT) sample direct from the production factory. According to the post, this means that the injection tool is complete. Going forward, the next steps for the team are to complete the Design Validation and Testing (DVT) and also pilot production. Honeycomb said that both of these should come in quick succession.

Whilst the new previews and current status are good news, there sadly also comes a production delay. Understandably, with the current global situation, production has been delayed by at least 2 – 3 months. This delay is the result of production capacity has had a major impact with slots more limited than before. Whilst this delay is unfortunate, the team assured the community that once a new schedule is confirmed, Honeycomb will inform us.

In the meantime, you can read our review on the Honeycomb Aeronautical yoke here. 

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Fulcrum Simulations Relocates Manufacturing to the UK

Screenshot 2020 03 24 Products – Fulcrum Sim
Fulcrum Simulations, designers of the upcoming Fulcrum Yoke, has indicated on their website they had relocated the production of their electronic boards back to the UK. While no precision has been made on the original location, Fulcrum hopes that this moves will enable them to have more control over their production lines. The shipment dates are currently unknown, however Fulcrum
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Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls: The FSElite Review

ALPHA Flight Controls
Affordable hardware within Flight Simulation has been at the forefront of many simmers' minds for a long while. We have been stuck with the same hardware for many years. Despite the reliability, it’s been a long time coming for a new player. At long last, Honeycomb Aeronautical stepped up to the job with their new Alpha Yoke system. Not only
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Will Start Alpha Flight Controls Pre-Order Tomorrow

Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Flight Controls Yoke Switch Panel
Honeycomb Aeronautical has announced over their Facebook that pre-orders for their Alpha Flight Controls Yoke and Switch Panel will start tomorrow, August 7th at 4:00 PM PST. They've released a preview video of the product on their YouTube channel (the one that's previewed in this article). Alpha Flight Controls will be shipping mid-September 2019. European Pre-Orders will be available from
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