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Samscene3D Releases I AMsterdam City X

Samscene3D has released their next capital city scenery which this time is I AMsterdam City X for both FSX and P3D. And best of all, it’s part of the 20% off August sale. The discount code is AUGSALE so go and grab a copy before the sale ends; it’s only $14 USD on their website.

Amsterdam, as we know, is the capital of the Kingdom of Holland or the Netherlands depending from where in the world you’re from. Scenery covers the capital city with different styles of autogen buildings.

Feature list of I AMsterdam City X:

  • Photoreal texture of Amsterdam
  • More than 20.000 autogen buildings with the design and style of Amsterdam
  • Lots of custom hotels, buildings, business center, banks, churches, squares and landmarks etc
  • Textures for when it’s night
  • Autogen vegetation throughout the city
  • Main station buildings of the capital city
  • 3D world landmarks by I Amsterdam
  • Compatible with other sceneries for Amsterdam
  • Overall good frame rate

This scenery is compatible with the following scenery add-ons:

OrbX FTX Global, Vector, Europe LC and FlyTampa Amsterdam

The developer makes no mention of NL2000, but give it a try and it may work.

FSDG Shows Off More Mauritius Previews

Flight Sim Development Group, or FSDG, has announced that they are working on their next airport which is Mauritius. There is not much information, but the release is scheduled for late August.

For more head over to FSDG’s Facebook.

According to the screenshots below, it looks very promising, and we can’t wait to get a copy to fly into this beautiful airport. Great textures that are of high quality – as always from FSDG – and highly detailed modeling.

Update: [Now Available] Immersive Audio – Diamond DA40 Promo Video

Update: It’s now available from SimMarket for EUR 11.28.

Immersive Audio has today released a official promo video showing the audio for the Diamond DA40 by Alabeo. All sounds are carefully recorded and processed to give you the perfect immersion when you fly this aircraft, or even just switch a button – because all will have their own unique sound.

It will be available on SimMarket very soon so keep your eyes open for that. Until then, turn up the volume, and listen to these sounds in this video below.

Aerosoft Announces the Antonov AN-2

Aerosoft has today announced their next aircraft to be made by a developer called OctopusG in great detail. If you like different systems then this aircraft is for you, because it has it – and if you are in a hurry, then pick another aircraft, because this is a low and slow aircraft. What’s great about this aircraft is that it can land quite literally anywhere, as its stall speed is around 25 knots.

The Antonov An-2 comes as an advanced simulation where you really have to keep an eye on the instruments and remember to maintain it well or you will have troubles.  By the way, the language in the cockpit is in Russian.

It will be available for both FSX: SP2, FSX Steam and P3D V3 to V4.

You can find out more about this announcement by Aerosoft on this website.



Just Flight C-46 Commando Released

The Just Flight team has released their C-46 Commando for FSX/P3D. This iconic aircraft includes 19 liveries, one being the famous Buffalo Airways. Just Flight also included three variants: military, cargo & civilian passenger.

More can be found at Just Flight’s Facebook page as well as Just Flight’s own website where you can buy it for $37.99.

Other features included:

  • 3D instruments
  • Highly detailed engines with unique start-stutter effects
  • HD textures and realistic flight dynamics
  • Volumetric props and R2800 radial sound set

Just Flight C152 Renders

Just Flight has announced that they are currently working on a C152 which will be compatible with both versions of FSX and all versions of P3D.

This C152 is being developed with the normal Just Flight method, which is with hands on research with a real-life C-152 G-BGAE based at Conington Airfield. It’s a two seater aircraft powered by a single piston engine that puts out 110 hp from four cylinders. It’s actually the perfect aircraft for touring or just flight training.

C152 comes with liveries from the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and Germany. Every instrument is coonstructed fully in 3D with smooth animations and the cockpit will have some wear and tear for the ultimate realism immersion. It will be based on real world performance and handling data from real world C152 pilots.

More can be found at Just Flight C152 in development page.

On the renders you can see that most of the exterior model is done and also the cockpit is both modeled and also textured. It looks promising, as of now no release date is set but we will keep you updated here.

Eaglesoft Showcase Previews of their Citation X

Over on Facebook, Eaglesoft Flight Simulation has previewed their upcoming Citation X.

The business jet will finish off the “generation three” line of Cessna aircraft the team hope to develop.

The modelling work you can see below is already looking to be high quality and we can’t wait to see more shots as development continues.

Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at the XLS+ previews we posted up a little while back?

When we have more details, we’ll let you know.

OrbX FTX NA/SA Freeware Airport Pack

Ed Correia over at OrbX forum has made a list of the latest free airports released for both North and South America.

If you don’t have it already, download your NA/SA Freeware airports by going to this website.

The only product that is required for this to work is FTX Global.

Airports by Larry Isenor:

CEL6, Two Hills, AB – (disable AEC)

CJB8, Kyle, SK (disable AEC)

CYEM, Manitoulin East, ON

CYPY, Ft. Chipewyan, AB

CYZE, Gore Bay, Manitoulin, ON

SDCD, Catanduva, Catanduva, Brazil


PADQ, Kodiak, Kodiak, AK

SABE, Jorge Newbery Aeroparque, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Airports by Neil Hill:

1N2, Spadaro, East Moriches, NY

KAGC, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, PA

KAGS, Augusta Regl At Bush, Augusta, GA

KBKT, Perkinson/Baaf, Blackstone, VA

KCAE, Columbia Metro, Columbia, SC

KCID, The Eastern Iowa Airport, Ceder Rapids, IO

KCKB,  Harrison/Marion Regl, Clarksburg, WV

KHUF, Terre Haute Intl-Hulman, Terre Haute, IN

KINL, International Falls, International Falls, MN

KLGU, Logan-Cache, Logan, UT

KLMO (2V2), Vance Brand, Longmont, CO

KLNC, Lancaster, Landcaster, TX

KMEZ, Mena Intermountain Mun, Mena, AR

KOKK, Kokomo Muni, Kokomo, IN

KPOU, Dutchess County Airport, Poughkeepsie, NY

KYIP, Willow Run Airport, Detroit, MI

O00 (49N), Lufker Airport, East Moriches, NY

PADK, Adak Island, AK

PADL, Dillingham, Dillingham, AK

It’s great to see that many airports in Alaska is coming alive as well as in South America. I personally fly a lot in Alaska, and it’s great to see that it’s getting the Orbx treatment. And of course, free airports in South America are great if you plan to do a South America tour!

Carenado PA-42 Cheyenne III Coming Soon

Carenado has released preview screenshots on their Facebook of their upcoming PA-42 Cheyenne III for both FSX and P3D. There is not much information on it but it will surely be equipped with support for GTN 750, 4K textures and the usual 6 PDFs like the rest of the Carenado fleet.

More will come on this aircraft once we have the information but until then take a look at these preview screenshots. For more head over to Carenado’s Facebook page. We made a previous post about this aircraft when it was first announced which can be found here.

Personally the Cheyenne is one of my favorite GA twin prop aircraft.  In the preview shots you can see the PA-42 Cheyenne III in three different liveries, and even a Lufthansa Flight Training livery.

Just Flight Conington Airfield Preview

Just Flight announced on their Facebook that their scenery Conington Airfield now has a In Development page. Conington Airfield is home to Flying Club Conington for the PA-28 Warrior II, PA-28 Arrow II and a few others. Conington, or Peterborough Business Airport as it’s also known, has an ICAO code of EGSF and is an airport in the UK in Cambridgeshire about six miles south of Peterborough and twenty miles north-west of Cambridge.

The airfield is equipped with a 987-metre long licensed asphalt runway in direction 10 and 28 plus a 100 m overshoot. In addition to that it also comes with a 800-metre unlicensed concrete runway.

Conington Airfield comes with the following features:

  • Developed following major research at the airfield
  • 3D grass
  • Custom trees
  • Custom airport markings/signs
  • Scenery Manager
  • Accurate runway and taxiway placement
  • High-resolution photoreal ground textures, adjusted for what season it is
  • Custon ground polygon and AFCAD
  • Custom scenery around airfield boundary
  • Realistic shadowing on objects and buildings
  • OrbX FTX compatability
  • Night lighting effects
  • Friendly on both FPS and VAS
  • Comes with charts and PDF manual

The preview shots below shows a very good looking airfield which is highly detailed all round. From park benches just outside the airport buildings, to very nice and realistic looking terrain, and ground textures that blend in just perfectly.