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QualityWings Q2 Update

Over on Facebook, QualityWings Simulations have updated us on the progress of their 787 aircraft. Some exciting news has emerged! They state that the 787 has now been in beta testing for six months, being tested by an expert team who have found over 600 issues that have been ironed out. The initial release of the product will include the 787-8 and -9 with the GEnx and Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine variants. With both engine models include their own custom flight dynamics. At its current state, the 787-8 is looking to release first. With a free update coming for the -9 there after.

The aircraft will be compatible with FSX, FSX SE and P3D V4. With the FSX release version releasing first which is what we expected. The aircraft is being priced very reasonably at $69.95 being sold separately for P3D and FSX. The product will be sold through Flight1.

FSCon 2017 News: Flight1 Previewing Level-D 757-200

The team at Flight1 are showing off something very cool! A few years ago we recieved a preview from Level-D simulations teasing a 757.  Having heard nothing since then, many presumed that this project had died off. Well quite the opposite. Out of nowhere the product is in beta and being shown off at Flight Sim Con. We will have more news coming in regarding this product soon, for now sit tight.

We look forward to seeing more of this aircraft.

Update at 1648z 

  • The aircraft is 80% complete.
  • The modelling is almost done.
  • It is close, they are taking their time to make it perfect.

Toga Projects ENVTEX SP1 Beta Released

This happened a few days ago, but with FlightSimCon 2017, things have been a little backdated. Anyway, the guys from Toga Projects have released their latest service pack for ENVTEX – the texture replacement set we loved. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the developer to share progress on the project for some time now, so it’s great to see some of the feedback we gave make its way into the new service pack.

The new update brings a wealth of new features including support for Prepar3D V4, ability to change the sun and moon size, an increase in Aurora Borealis and Australis coverage and a brand new user interface. You’ll be able to see how much impact something has on performance, use the new save system and integrates PTA and PTAbsoloute.

The feature list is quite extensive to take a look. We’ll be revisiting our review at some point in line with the new features, but we assure you that it’s a great purchase.

You can download the new update via your SimMarket account or you can buy it from the same store for 21 euros. Keep Reading

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Turbulent Designs Releases MBS International Airport

Turbulent Designs have released their long-anticipated MBS International Airport for both FSX and P3D. The small international airport found in Michigan is great for both commercial aviation and general aviation thanks to the numerous runways, surrounding scenery, proximity to nearby cities and  corporate jet apron.

The scenery boosts some impressive features including 60cm terrain detail, HD textures throughout, internal modelling and Turbulent Design’s “Real Flora”.

MBS International Airport is now available to download for £19.99 from the Turbulent Designs webstore.

Make sure you watch the trailer above as it shows just how detailed this airport is.

Aerosoft Release Trondheim-Vaernes V2

Aerosoft have released their latest scenery, the Norweigen airport of Trondheim-Vaernes. An airport located on the northern coast of the Scandanavian country. Boasting stunning scenery and fun approaches. Aerosoft have spared little detail in the creation of this scenery.

Some of the finest details seen in any scenery have been implemented into Trondheim. With one of Aerosoft’s newest features to boast, animated people flow. With people walking within the jetways, sadly the animation is only modelled one way. But still a very cool feature to see implemented. The scenery also boasts highly accurated modelling of the terminal and other airport buildings along with photorealistic textures. The scenery is also fully compatible with SODE. It has out of the box compatibility with FSX, FSX SE, P3D V3 and P3D V4.

You can purchase this scenery from the Aerosoft store for the price of EUR 18.10.

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More Previews of FlightBeam KMSP HD

FlightBeam have shown off a fifth round of screenshots from their upcomimg Minneapolis scenery. These shots are showing off some more of the great work that has been put into FlightBeam’s next scenery in their HD line. These shots show off a variety of scenarios including night time and winter. To see all the shots, you can see them over on FlightBeam’s forums.

Any further updates on this scenery will of course be covered here at FSElite.

MK Studios Progress Update and Announcements

MK Studios have updated us on their current progress with their current in-development and just released product Madeira. This includes the sceneries of Madeira X Evolution, Napoli, Mega Airport Rome, Mega Airport Lisbon, Fuerteventura and MK Global Data. With Fuerteventura and MK Global Data being new and exciting announcements.


They are currently getting it prepared for P3D V4 compatibility by updating the runway lights and animated approach lights. They say the update will take a couple of days still whilst they finalise compatbility but will include new features including full support for dynamic lighting. It’s nice to see developers taking advantage of the new features that have been added in P3D V4.


The Napoli scenery is being tested alongside the Madeira scenery currently and is having a few last issues ironed out including fixing the runway lights and editing some autogen. Once these fixes have been completed the scenery will be ready for release. Coming to FSX, FSX SE, P3D V3 and V4.

Mega Airport Rome 

Rome, the scenery that has been out for quite some time now is getting another update this summer. This update will include a range of new features.

Mega Airport Lisbon 

More data is currently being collect for the scenery with release expected sometime in 2017 or 2018.


MK Studios have announced that part of their team are now working on the island of Fuerteventura. A popular European tourist destination located off the West Coast of Northern Africa. Good progress is being made on the scenery with some great shots being shown off on their Facebook page. The scenery will include photoreal island scenery as well as full P3D V4 compatibility and hand placed monuments which are found across the island. Hopefully this scenery isn’t too far away

MK Global Data 

A brand new product coming from MK studios, a new product that places rivers, lakes, roads and more at higher accuracy across the globe. From what I understand from the post, it seems that this will be compatible with Orbx Global. A possible replacement for FTX Vector? They claim is has been highly optimised to prevent OOMs due to intensive VAS usage. This product will be compatible with FSX and P3D V2, V3 and V4.

Here is the full list:

– Rivers,
– Waterways,
– Correct city and village areas,
– Main and local roads,
– Railways,
– Forests,
– Coastlines,
– Shorelines,
– Glaciers,

Any further updates reported by MK studios will of course be found here at FSElite.

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Official Trailer for Aerosoft Roma Ciampino X Video

The latest trailer for Aerosoft’s Roma Ciampino X has been released. The new video shows off some of the new features including SODE jetways, 3D cars and the surrounding industrial area. Also included is 3D approach lighting, custom meshes and seasonal variation.

No further information is currently available, but we will let you know of any further updates as soon as we can. In the mean time you can check out the official Aerosoft forums.

David Rosenfeld Announces Tel Aviv

David Rosenfeld, the developer that brought us the recent Milan Malpensa scenery has announced he’s developing Tel Aviv. The scenery will be compatible on release with FSX, P3D V3 and P3D V4. He noted that the new tower and E pier will be included within this scenery.

At the moment all we have is three screenshots showing off the early progress of this scenery. For now, why not check out our review of David’s Milan Malpensa scenery?

You can find the Facebook post here.


Just Flight PA-28-161 Warrior II – Renders

Just Flight showed us some renders of their PA-28-161 Warrior II in an early stage but the project is progressing fast so stay tuned for more info. It’s their next project from their in-house team who brought you the highly acclaimed PA-28R Arrow and the Turbo version. For more check out Just Flight own website as well as Just Flight own Facebook page. As well as FSElite own website for latest releases and announcements.

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