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Taxi2Gate Paris CDG update

Taxi2Gate have been working hard on an update for Paris CDG with a whole lot of fixes. They have fixed numerous flickering issues, signage issues around taxi- and runways, missing jetways, missing colors, missing buildings and more. They have also added a season configurator to make switching between seasons easier than having to copy files from one folder to another. You can get the update for LFPG right now from SimMarket.


FSimStudios Calgary Released

An airport that has not been touched much before in flight simulation has now finally got some scenery. This airport as stated in the title, is Calgary which is a scenery that has come from FSimStudios. I personally have never heard of this developer but they seem to have created a very nice scenery by the looks of it. Maybe we might finally see some decent traffic flying out of Calgary? We will have to see. The scenery comes at the reasonable price of EUR 24.60 and can be purchased from SimMarket.

The feature list contains all the normal features you would expect from a high level scenery as well as some extras such as static planes and seasonal textures. I will certainly be picking this scenery up and look forward to flying out of it in the near future. You can find the entire feature list below.


  • High detailed, updated representation of Calgary International Airport
  • High Resolution Photoscenery of the airport and surrounding areas.
  • Terminal and hangars modelled and texturized with great attention to detail
  • High Resolution textures
  • Static Planes
  • Winter textures
  • Inverse-Kinematics (IK) Animated Jetways
  • Highly optimized for great performance
  • Tested compatibility with ORBX’s Airdrie Airpark
  • Configurator file for low-end machines.
  • Apron vehicles
  • Volumetric grass
  • Night Lighting
  • Realistic Ground Poly of the airport
  • Charts of the airport

Just Flight Release PA-28R Arrow III

Just Flight yesterday released their most recent product. This time it is the PA-28R Arrow III. A very well known aircraft to anyone that knows anything about light aircraft. I have personally done a few flying lessons on this aircraft in the real world and it is a magnificent aircraft to fly. Judging by the look of this new product, we might be looking at a very well created aircraft.

Just Flight are known well for creating good looking but low compelxity aircraft. However this time they seem to have made an exception to their common trend of aircraft. Although a bold statement, it looks like Just Flight could be knocking on the door of A2A if they continue to make aircraft such as this to a high complexity level. A real world version of this aircraft was used by the Just Flight team in order to create this product and it looks like they have left almost nothing out that you would find in the real aircraft.

The product is pretty reasonably priced and is set at what seems to be a competitve price to A2A. It will set you back a cost of £27.99 and can purchased here. The feature list is vast and a bit too big for me to actually implement into this article so if you wish to check it out for yourself then simply follow the link that I placed in the last sentence.

I am very impressed with what Just Flight have created here and will certainly be picking it up for myself when I have the time. Let’s hope we can see more aircraft like this from Just Flight.

FSdreamteam First Previews of Louisville


Thanks to reader Danny, he informed us it’s not a new announcement, but something the team have had in the works for a while. As a result, it turns out these are some of the first previews.

On a post to Facebook, Fsdreamteam have announced their next project. They are developing another US airport and this time they have chosen Louisville. Much like Memphis this airport is a large cargo hub. Instead of FedEx this time it is UPS. UPS operate a large fleet of MD11s out of the Kentucky based airport which will provide some fun for all those PMDG Mad Dog fans out there. The airport itself does not serve many international routes but recieves a healthy amount of domestic flights from around the US. As of this article being written the only information we have to hand is one solitary image and the confirmation from Fsdreamteam that it is Memphis. Any more news regarding this upcoming scenery will of course be reported over here on FSElite.

Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI) previews

Its been quite some time since we last heard something from Orbx about their scenery for Innsbruck. So you can only imagine how happily surprised we were went just a moment ago we finally got to see something from it again. And it looks amazing. Orbx have put an immense amount of effort into Innsbruck and it is showing. I have never before seen an airport packed with so many details! From the hang gliders club to the apron and the terminal building: everything looks super busy making the airport feel really alive. The surrounding area of the airport that can be spotted in some shots also looks beautiful. We don’t have a release date yet, but here’s to hoping it won’t take much longer! Can’t wait to start making that dreaded turn into LOWI again!

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Black Box Simulation Pre Flight Manager Update Coming Soon

An update to Black Box Simulation’s pre flight manager is just around the corner. They have showed off a preview of the update on their Facebook page which gives us a couple of details of what we can expect in this next update. This most significant update within this is the addition of an automatic update feature. This I am sure will act as a useful feature having to no longer manually update. Black Box claim that “this should allow all us to address issues and serve users much more efficiently”. This update should be with us within hopefully the next couple of days. Seems to be useful for anyone that uses that Pre Flight Manager a fair amount.

Milviz Status Update on Upcoming Aircraft

Just recently on Facebook, Milviz gave us a little update on how their current products are doing and what stage they are at. There seems to be a large amount of cool aircraft that they are currently developing. Being more a fan of tube liners I often shy away from aircraft such as the ones that Milviz are currently producing but having had a look through the list I must say that I am tempted towards some of these aircraft.

So, let me actually inform you of which aircraft are at what stage along the production line:

  1. KA FMS – This product is apparently back in code and moving ahead.
  2. C-130J – The has begun on the aircraft and the model is nearly complete. (I am especially looking forward to this product)
  3. F-15C – Reux (VC) has begun and is now in coding.
  4. SR-71A – This aircraft is now roughly 20% done. It will be nice to have an accurate respresntaion of the world’s fastest aircraft in our sims relatively soon.
  5. C-130R – Redux is apparently ‘well on it’s way’.
  6. T-38C – This is now in beta.
  7. F-16C – Currently in the modelling process with planning for coding currently in progress.

Milviz are looking to be progressing well with all of their upcoming products. It is no easy feet to be creating so many projects at the same time and I tip my hat to Milviz for being able to do so in such an effective manner. Any major news regarding these products will of course be posted by FSElite.

QualityWings Q1 2017 Update – 787 Status

QualityWings today posted an update for their 787, which has been in beta testing since December 2016. Since beta testing started, over 150 different bugs and fixes have been identified and are currently receiving treatment. It’s their biggest project yet since development officially took full focus 3.5 years ago. As a result of the lengthy development, QualityWings have decided that this will be the last post regarding status updates for the 787. The next update we heard from them will be regarding an actual release.

Throughout the beta, the team have identified many areas for improvement and have listed exactly what they’ve worked on so far:

  • The Flight Management System is getting the most attention these days since there is so much going on in there.
  • The Electronic Flight Bag and its interface with the FMS has also received a lot of work.
  • The Fonts recently received a complete redo and we are still picking up the pieces and making sure the new font fits everywhere. It was not something that we wanted to do this late in development, but we just weren’t happy with the original font produced. We still have to make some sacrifices on accuracy on the displays in order to ensure fonts are legible.
  • The sound environment in the flightdeck has received extensive work
  • A huge upgrade to the Passenger Announcement System (QWPAS) to include F/As speaking in the selected Airlines First language
  • Implementation of an all new feature called Crew Announcement System (QWCAS)
  • Performance Tweaks.
  • Virtual Cockpit Refinements

Not only that, but the team also provided an excellent start up video showing off the 787.

They also published a quick FAQ as well. You can read the full post on Facebook, but here are some highlights and paraphrasing done by myself:

What type of product this 787 will be? Is this a Study Level Simulator? Will it be like the QualityWings 757 in terms of complexity? Will it be like the QualityWings 146 in terms of complexity?

Not really defined, but expect a detailed rendition of the 787 with lots of features. Not only that, but it will be easy to use thanks to help dialogues in the flight deck. QualityWings suggest that 80% of the systems will be accurately modeled.

Is this aircraft ready for Multiplayer?

Nope, maybe some day.

What is the price range?

Priced “competitively”. No details on whether this will be one price for one sim and another for another sim.

What 787 models will the Package include?

No commitment on this, so no real answer.

Will it be available for FSX and P3D on release?

FSX first, P3D later. Grrrr!?

Are you looking for Beta Testers?

Not right now, no.


Of course, QualityWings have other projects, but basically, they’re all on hold until the 787 is out of the door.

Great to hear from the team, but sad to hear we won’t know anything else until a release candidate. Hopefully it won’t be toooooo long now!