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FSDreamTeam – Huge Update – P3DV4, GSX 2.0 and More

With all this excitement over the announcement of Prepar3D version 4, we need to remember that developers also have products of their own with announcements. We’ve detailed the smaller updates from other developers in this post, but FSDreamTeam deserved their own post as they have lots of details to share about their upcoming products and code base.

Firstly, they wanted to reiterate that their products will be updated free of charge. So even products like their Las Vegas which started out as a FS9 project, will be updated to 64-bit code absolutely free. With all of their products using Addon Manager, the team had to port the code over to 64-bit architecture to ensure it worked. As part of this, the team also worked on fixing problems and improving things based on feedback.

The team have now committed to a single FSDT folder installation. So regardless of number of sims installed on your PC, FSDT products will install outside of the sim and install straight away. Also part of this is the new way add-ons will be configured with P3D v3 and V4.

If you remember from P3Dv3, scenery config files were private for scenery, textures, simobjects etc. This meant that if you had to uninstall or reinstall the sim, then you wouldn’t lose any of the previously installed scenery. Of course, if you already have everything set up nicely, FSDT aren’t forcing you to change anything as the old installers will still work. Keep Reading

MilViz Preview ATR 72-600 Renders

Milviz has previewed another screenshot of their upcoming ATR 72-600 for P3D and FSX. This time it’s the cockpit that is being shown and every new screenshot they release make us want it more and more.

For more information and the progress of this aircraft head over to FSElite and Milviz website.


Aeroplane Heaven Announcement

The guys over at Aeroplane Heaven has announced their new DHC-3 Otter. But it won’t only come with wheels it will also feature floats and ski versions as well as military and civilian versions.

The Twin Otter released by Aerosoft was such a fun plane to fly, both tarmac and wild runways but they haven’t updated it so now Aeroplane Heaven has decided to create theirs.

More info will come at a later date but for now this is all we have and for more info follow FSElite.

Carenado 390 Premier 1A Coming Soon – More Previews

Over on Facebook, Carenado showcased a few more screenshots of their upcoming Premier 1A.

A short teaser video was recently published, but today on Facebook, the screenshots show off a few new details of the aircraft. According to the same post, it will be “coming soon”. The business jet itself can reach speeds of 530mph and has a range of 1645 miles.

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FSDreamTeam Announce Pittsburgh International Airport and Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

FSDreamTeam, known for their work on GSX (Ground Services X), JFK and LAX have announced their next projects will be Pittsburgh International Airport and Basel Mulhouse Freiburg.

Update 21MAY2017: I’ve updated the article to correct a few spelling and factual errors. Thanks to reader Richard for pointing these out to me.

Located in Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh International Airport is a large USA airport that is frequently visited by airlines such as Delta, United and Southwest. It serve a huge range of destinations both inside the USA and a select few internationally. In total, there are 4 runways to make traffic flows nice and easy for ATC during the final approach.

As for Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport, the Switzerland airport serves as primary base for easyJet Switzerland meaning there are plenty of European destinations top choose from.

No further details were given at this time, but we’re looking forward to seeing the scenery when we do.

Orbx Bilbao (LEBB) – More Previews of the Stunning Spanish City

Since we interviewed Marcus for Developer Month about Bilbao, we have been extremely excited to see the product come along in development. Development has been steady for a while, so it’s no surprise to see the previews below showing as much detail as they are. The Spanish city  is known for it’s interesting terrain and harbours so we’re keen to fly our airlines and GA aircraft in there.

Over on the Orbx forums, Marcus gave some more insight into what we can expect from the product when it’s released. As for when that will be, we’re not sure yet, but he did say that the project is moving onto the next phase with beta testing ti commence, followed by night-lighting, cross platform installers and optimisation.

The scenery itself will include the whole city of Bilbao, with around 300,000 – 400,000 hand placed buildings and trees scattered around. This will include the famous Iberdrola skyscraper complete with functional helipad. For heli-pilots, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll also be able to land on some nearby tanker ships situation in the fully modelled harbours. The airport itself will benefit from high-resolution scenery, internal modelling, movable gates and other small details including people, objects and vehicles.  It’s sounding like an incredibly detailed package. You can see that in the previews below!

I’ve left the 40+ preview shots below, and the feature list afterwards.

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Aerosoft Announce Singapore

Just an hour ago, Mathijs from Aerosoft announced a new scenery on the Aerosoft preview forum

This time we are headed to Singapore Changi International Airport (ICAO: WSSS)!

Changi is the main airport of Singapore and handles a wide verity of international traffic with over 100 airlines airlines operating in or out of Singapore. In 2016 it handled an impressive 58,698,039 passengers. On top of that, it has received numerous awards as Best Airport in the world, including Skytrax Best Airport in 2017.

Not much detail was shared about the scenery, other than it being made by Antti Haka.

From the screenshots posted, it looks absolutely gorgeous

Jetstream Designs Nantes Previews

Jetstream Designs have shown off their upoming Nantes scenery over on their Facebook page. These shots are showing off some of the excellent work being done to the terminal building. Following on from Jetstream Desgins’ excellent Milan Linate. This scenery seems to be no exception to the high standard that we have become accustomed to with Jetstream designs and I look forward to seeing the finished product. They claim their number one priority for this scenery is to nail down the performance which is great to hear. They say although the finished product will be highly detailed, it will also be heavily optimised. Sounds like they have everything in order to create another quality product.

Nantes Atlantique is the largest airport in the West of France. Handling some 4,778,000 passengers throughout the course of 2016. The airport is served by a large variety of airlines flying to a large number of destinations. This includes British Airways from London Heathrow, Air Transat from Montreal and others such as easyJet from a range of European destinations. A great airport for those that enjoy flying to France from within Europe.

We have kindly been given some higher quality versions of the images that can be found on Jetstream Design’s Facebook page. There are 12 in total for you to enjoy. You can find these below the article. We will try and keep you up to date with any progress from this scenery as it progresses along it’s development process. Whilst we’re on the topic of Jetstream Designs, why not check out our review of their Milan Linate scenery?

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WF Scenery Studio Release Shanghai Hongqiao

WF Scenery Studio, the developers that brought us Hangzhou have just released their latest scenery. Shanghai Hongqiao, one of two international airports situated within Shanghai. The other of course being Shanghai Pudong which serves a wide range of traffic from across the globe including Europe and North America. Shanghai Hanqiao is served mainly by domestic and regional flights. Being a hub for China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines, Juneyao Airlines and Spring Airlines. The airport is ranked 7th busiest for the whole of China, providing a huge varitety of routes throughout Asia.

WF Scenery Studio are a realtively new developer with this scenery being their second. However that does not mean it lacks detail. The scenery looks very impressive from what I have seen and I will certainly consider picking it up. Some of the features that this scenery includes are terminal interiors, animated jetways (through SODE) and custom ground poly. The entire feature list can be found below.

You can purchase this scenery for the price of EUR 30.60 from SimMarket.


  • Custom ground poly for the apron and taxiway including realistic detail texture.
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Manually placed plants.
  • Night illumination.
  • Manually planed of animated Trains(CHR).And animated viecles in airport.
  • Animated Jetways.(Sode Jetways)
  • Rebuilted A building of T1 terminal
  • Volumetric Grass
  • Terminal Interior
  • Buildings and airterminal are absolutely accurate and represent the current real world airport status.

Riddlez Bellingham Released

Riddlez has released their very first scenery being Bellingham International (KBLI) and at first glance it looks stunningly beautiful. Bellingham airport is located three miles northwest of Bellingham city in Whatcom County, Washington. Airport is very popular for low cost airlines such as Allegiant Air and Alaska Airlines. The largest passenger destination from this airport is to Las Vegas McCarran International in Nevada. Bellingham is currently the 3rd largest commercial airport in Washington State.

It is located at one end of of Alaska Marine Highway, a hub for those going for a cruise as well as flights to and from San Juan Islands (and Victoria, British Columbia).


  • Very realistic rendition of Bellingham International Airport (KBLI)
  • Custom vegetation models unique to this part of the Pacific Northwest
  • Fully modelled terminal interior. Featuring check-in areas, boarding lounge, security screening rooms and much more.
  • Very detailed ground polygons using high resolution textures.
  • Nearby carparks and roads are fully detailed using detailed ground polygons
  • 0.4m resolution aerial image base
  • Complex 3D models with high resolution textures
  • Realistic specular and reflections built into the ground polygons (Prepar3D V3 and above only)
  • Aerial imagery has seasonal variations depicting summer, autumn, winter, hard winter and spring
  • Both FSX and Prepar3D versions included
  • Model textures have been “baked” to give realistic shadowing
  • Compatible with ORBX scenery coverages

Scenery can be yours for 24.16 USD at Flight Sim Store where more info also can be found.

Riddlez also has a Facebook page that is great to follow for future developments from this promising new developer. Also make sure you follow FSElite for latest info on this developer as well as other news.

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