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Taxi2Gate release Paris Charles De Gaulle (LFPG)

It’s been 8 years since Aerosoft treated us with their rendition of Paris Charles de Gaulle for FSX. Now that addon is hopelessly old and performance is not something to be very happy about. Therefor you can understand how excited we all got when we heard that one of our favourite addon creators, Taxi2Gate, known for making amazingly detailed and incredibly well performing sceneries such as Munich and Hong Kong, announced they were working on this next big project.

After a missed deadline and another few, small delays, Taxi2Gate have finally released LFPG! Coming to us with custom textures and objects, terminal interior, volumetric grass, SODE jetways and much, much more we can now finally really enjoy taking our planes into Paris again! You can pick up Paris CDG for €26,99 from SimMarket. You can also expect our review on this airport pretty soon, but in the meantime we hope the screenshots below will do!

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Flightsim Labs A320X for P3D updated

Just shy of an hour ago, FlightSimLabs updated their A320X which recently released for P3D!

The update focuses on the VAS usage of the plane, for which it has been criticized quite a lot since release.

In the update changelog posted by Lefteris on the FSLabs forum it is said that “testers are very happy with, reporting back VAS savings that vary from 250mb up to 400mb”

Not only this, the update also brings with it a new version of FSL Spotlights.

For the full post and links to where you download the updates visit the FSLabs forums


Orbx announce FTX Auroras

If theres one thing I really miss in all my weather addons that create super realistic effects, clouds and more, its seeing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Luckily we’re getting some addon developers to create this amazing phenomenon for us. TOGA Projects recently released Envtex which adds this effect to our sims, and now Orbx announced that they are working on it as well! FTX Auroras aims at giving us an even more beautiful experience around the North- and South Pole and the first screenshots look impressive! The project is currently in beta so everything is still subject to change.

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FSLabs A320X update

FSLabs have released another update for their incredibly popular Airbus A320X for FSX. This updates adds a whole array of updates. There are fixes for memory usage but also for the MCDU, FMGS, ELAC and much, much more. Furthermore, they assure us once more that they are working on Service Pack 1 which will add much missing functionality.

Its great to see FSLabs doing such a great job in maintaining their product and updating it to perfection. Now lets just hope that Prepar3d version isn’t too far away anymore! You can check out the original post with a full change log (its a long one) over here.

Orbx Announce San Diego

Orbx have just showed off their newest in development scenery. This time they are creating another Californian scenery for us. They have decided to create San Diego as their next project. They have said that they will be modelling both the airport as well as the surrounding area of San Diego. This includes hand placed trees and buildings. Judging from the screenshots alone it looks like it will be no exception to the excellent quality that we always receive from Orbx. They have also placed some excellent looking static aircraft around the airport that will help to create a more immersive experience. The scenery also looks to include accurate ground markings as well as excellent night lighting that we commonly see with Orbx. They have even gone as far as modelling the intricate details such as placing sailing boats within the port. We look forward to seeing more updates on this scenery and will of course keep you updated over here at FSElite.

Envtex SP1 announcement

In a post on Facebook, TOGA Projects have let us know that they have updated their popular Envtex addon to version 1.0.5. This update improves several features, and is great news of course. But the real news is the announcement of service pack 1. According to them, SP1 will bring a complete revamp of the user interface and ‘bring modern visuals’, as suggested in our review of Envtex. SP1 will also add new customisation options and more.

More details on the 1.0.5 update can be found over here. Make sure to follow us to keep up to date with Envtex SP1!

PMDG Talks 747 Queen of the Skies II Release Planning

We haven’t heard much from the PMDG development team since October regarding the release of their highly anticipated 747. Today that changed with Robert Randazzo opening up a little in regards to the release plan for the 747 Queen of the Skies II.

First and foremost, this isn’t a release announcement. RSR made it clear that it won’t be within the next week, but that it would be before Christmas Eve ’17! A bit of a joke for sure, but it looks clear that within the next few weeks, Vatsim will be full of 747s (and hopefully A320s!). An exact date and time of release will be confirmed beforehand. However, from past experience, they seem to just ‘drop’ it without any warning to surprise us. So despite any of this, it could be a trick to deviate our F5 keys away from their site whilst they quietly upload!

Win a Copy of PMDG’s 747 Queen of the Skies v2

Regardless, it was confirmed again that nearly all 747-400 variants are included, including the 747-400D. All models have correctly modeled engine data and performance as well as their appropriate special features. There’s been plenty of Youtube videos and pictures showing it off, so make sure you go hunting!

Something else mentioned was the fact that they’ve been busy testing “micro-updating” that will allow the team to issue small updates for the product line rather than long wait periods in between releases and updates. This could or could not be live for release day, but they’ll continue testing until they are happy. Of course, we’re likely to see this rolled backed to the 777 at some point in the future soon.

As soon as we hear more, we’ll keep you posted with what’s going on!

We’re not sure if this is for both FSX and P3D (or just for one), but we’ll soon find out.

Aerosoft/KDM Pisa Released

Just after the release of Jetstream Designs’ Milan Linate was released another Italian airport has been released in the form of Pisa. Pisa airport serves the entire city of Pisa and is the largest airport within the Tuscany region. KDM have gone up and above with this scenery not only accurately modelling the airport as well as the city of Pisa but they have even gone as far to provide modelling and texturing for the whole of Tuscany. I look forward to picking up this scenery and having a flight down to this famous Italian city. Expect lots of news coming in the following days with some huge products on the brink of release. The full feature list is below this article.


Pisa International Airport incl. military section
The city of Pisa
Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Stadium & more.
30cm/pixel photoreal ground imagery
2K textures / 1K optional
Baked ambient occlusion
Internally modeled terminal and tower
Static GA- and military aircraft

Jetstream Designs’ Milan Linate Released

Just earlier today Jetstream Designs published their highly anticipated Milan Linate scenery. Linate airport is one of Milan’s three main airports and serves traffic from British Airways, Air France and other big carries. Although not nearly the same size as Malpensa it still serves a decent amount of traffic considering its size. From having previous experience with Jetstream Designs before this scenery seems to be no exception in their excellent quality of development. Judging by the screnshots alone this is a scenery that I will certainly be adding to my inventory. You can find the full feature list below.


Scenery configurator for seasons, levels of detail, etc.
Native P3D ground polygons with reflections, rain, etc.
Animated jetways
Volumetric grass
Detailed airport objects and vehicles
Animated airport vehicles
3D runway and taxiway lights with halos
Ramp lights with halos
4 seasons (snowy conditions included)
Realistic ground layout with HD textures
Extended custom autogen
Night environment
Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures
GSX© compatible
Static GA aircraft
And much more!