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FSDreamTeam Louisville-Standiford (KSDF) Previews Continue

Over on Facebook, FSDreamTeam have given a sneak peak at what to expect when they release Louisville-Standiford (KSDF). The preview shots highlight the terminal structures, the car parks as well as some of the ground texture and clutter. The detail is look pretty sharp with plenty of neat little features scattered around.

Other than the few previews, not much was announced or revealed. When we find out more, we’ll let you know.

There’s some more previews here, here and here.

Flightbeam Releases KSFOHD Version 2 – Free Update

After the shock announcement from Flightbeam stating they would be releasing a version 2 of their incredible KSFOHD, they have today released it. The free update brings added functionality, features and further optimizations to the US scenery. If you don’t own it already, you can buy it now from Flightbeam’s webstore for $29.99. 

The biggest change to the KSFOHD package is the fact that it uses the brand new Flightbeam Manager, with Couatl and Addon Manager being dropped. This means easier installation as well as the chance to be able to adjust settings to suit your PC spec. Speaking of performance, the new update sees a 10-40% increase as well as the issue of stutters on approach being resolved.

Furthermore, just like Flightbeam’s KMSP (review coming soon, by the way!), SODE jetways have been implemented so you will be able to operate dual jetways. Additional new features include water puddles, enhanced ground textures, gate revisions and new floodlights. Of course, it also brings dynamic lighting for P3D V4. Keep Reading

Aerosoft Release Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 Professional for P3DV4

Aerosoft have today released their Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 Professional for P3DV4.

Following on from yesterday’s announcement, the scenery has been designed specifically for Prepar3D V4 and comes with a range of new features. Such features include snowfall for winter, automatic season changes, optimized 3D runway lights and apron lights that use the new dynamic lighting technology. Of course, this version of Frankfurt V2.0 has been exported using the P3DV4 SDK for maximum optimization.

Whether these features which aren’t specific to P3DV4 make it to other sims is yet to be seen.

The new upgrade will cost you €5.95 if you’re upgrading from the normal version. If this is a brand new product, then it will cost you €29.37 (+VAT). You can buy Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 Professional from the Aerosoft shop.

Mega Airport Professional is a new lineup from Aerosoft that is specifically aimed at Prepar3d V4 compatibility. You can read more about this in our recent article on it.

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Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Service Pack for P3D V4 Preview

Orbx has shown the community preview screenshots of their upcoming Service Pack for P3D V4 of their OrbX Stockholm Alranda airport, the main airport in Sweden and its capital Stockholm.

This service pack update comes with internal modelling at terminal 2 to 5 which gives a bit of depth in the windows. Moving jetways are not yet implemented in this update but will come in a later update. Users that have tested the SP have also noticed a good increase in performance.

For more look at Orbx’s forum and Facebook page.

REX 4 Texture Direct Enhanced Edition Imminet Release

REX will tomorrow release their updated and enhanced version of REX 4 Texture Direct for FSX, FSX Steam and P3D V1 to V4. This is a FREE update for current users of Texture Direct. It comes with a new integrated global environment texture and effect software as their previous product did. Furthermore it will be compatible with DirectX 9 to 11 and of course it doesn’t matter if you own a powerful or weaker PC, it will work just as good on both. It comes in a package of 17 GB so it does take a bit of space on your storage. 2GB of it is brand new textures, which is what makes it the enhanced edition.

A fully detailed feature list can be found at their website, but here are some of the key features below.

  • All new textures, more than 16.000 files. This is the reason why it is 17 GB.
  • Intellectually Synced Texture Engine that works with REX 4 Weather Direct and REX 4 Weather Architect software.
  • Lightning fast installation of new textures, at most it takes around 5 seconds to load it in.
  • Capable of network.
  • Individually textures can be installed or if you like as a whole theme at once.
  • New unique types of cloud base structures
  • New cloud types such as Cirrus, Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus.
  • Worldwide tropical water classification fix which gets rid of the repetitive texture effect.
  • All airport receives a payware upgrade in both FSX and p3D such as light to runways.
  • Dirty and soiled runway markings are also coming
  • Support for larger aircrafts markings like for instance the 777.
  • Smoother transition at dusk and dawn on the algorithms.
  • A enhanced and highly detailed ground rain effect

This product can be purchased from The REX Store, SimMarket, Flightsim Pilot Shop and The Flightsim Store once it is released. Price is 19.95 USD at REX Store or 21.19 EUR incl 25% tax at SimMarket.

At SimMarket if you previously purchased REX Essential Plus w/Overdrive FSX P3D or REX Essential PLUS (BOX) or REX Essential German Version (BOX) you are entitled to a discount upgrade price that varies where you are in the world. If you own Texture Direct already, this is a free update.

More can be found at REX Facebook.

Flight Replicas Carvair Version of the DC-4 Previews

Something a little bit different for you today. Over at Flight Replica’s Facebook page, they’ve previewed some new shots of their upcoming Carvair version of the DC-4. Whilst development has been on-going, they wanted to share some new images of the external model with the first lick of paint on the outer shell.

Further to the Carvair version of the DC-4, they’ve also worked on the C-54 and the DC-4 passenger version. The modelling work seems to of a high quality with lots of detail in the propellers and the cargo areas.

Work has began on the virtual cockpit for the Carvair, which the team say will take a little while as there’s substantial differences from the standard C-54 and DC-4 cockpit.

Make sure you like them over on Facebook to keep an eye on development. No word on release date, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Alabeo M20R Ovation Coming Really Soon!

Alabeo has released preview screenshots of their Alabeo M20R for both FSX and P3D on their website. It will be released really soon and for more make sure to follow Alabeo’s Facebook page.

A previous post about this aircraft can be found here with some more preview screenshots as well.



TOGA Projects Release ENVTEX SP1 for FS9, FSX and P3D

After an extended period of being in open beta, TOGA Projects has officially released service pack 1 for their popular ENVTEX program.

Some of the biggest changes since the release version are thanks to feedback left in our review. The new update sees a brand new user interface, ability to change sun and moon sizes, new effects, and of course official Prepar3D V4 support.

This is a full new installer so includes all previous hotfixes and updates. They recommend you uninstall the version that you may have right now and install it completely fresh.

If you are still using FS9, then you’ll have to launch the software via the specific FS9 launcher as TOGA Projects have said they’ll no longer be developing for that platform.

The new update is free for all current users and installers are already available on SimMarket. Keep Reading

TFDi Designs Announces RealLight for P3Dv4

The team behind the ever improving 717 has today announced a new technology: RealLight.

RealLight is a new lighting technique to improve the night lighting of the virtual cockpit. The team first looked back at some of the feedback given regarding their 717 night lighting, and explained that it was designed and based on old blending methods. With this in mind, moving forward, the team will be focusing this on new technology for Prepar3D V4. This is thanks to the new dynamic lighting engine and also the fact there are no longer software-based memory constraints.

The results speak for themselves and you can see a comparison shot below.

P3Dv4 with RealLight

The team decided that instead of limiting this technique to just their 717, it will also be compatible with future products – and there are also talks on how they can license it out to third parties.

You can also watch the video that TFDi Designs produced.

You can get it now if you are a part of the 717 Community Opt-In Beta.