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DC Designs Concorde Released for FSX/P3D

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After months of teasing, DC Designs has released Concorde for FSX and Prepar3D. The supersonic passenger jet is an aviation icon and has been released to giver simmers a chance to fly the fast jet in flight simulator. The aircraft is mostly known for its record-breaking speeds across the Atlantic Ocean carrying passengers in style from London to New York. With a typical cruise speed of Mach 2.0, the aircraft could typically complete the transatlantic route in just over 3 hours and passengers would enjoy views of up to 56,000ft. A truly revolutionary aircraft that sadly now remains in the hangar.

The aircraft from DC Designs includes an extensive 3D model with full animations throughout. The famous multi-stage ‘nose droop’ has been included and users will get to enjoy a fully PBR textured aircraft (in Prepar3D v4 and v5) whilst admiring the aircraft from the outside. As for the cockpit, DC Designs has included 3D dials, configurable cockpit crew and a fully modelled passenger cabin.

The  Captain, First Officer and Engineer’s station are all operational with accurate flight modelling, a working TCAS and also custom-coded engineer’s station. The aircraft has been described as feature-rich, but not “study level”. That said, there is still plenty of systems that will need constant attention to be able to reach those supercruise capabilities.

You can buy DC Designs’ Concorde for FSX/P3D right now from the Just Flight store for £27.99.

It’s worth noting that a Microsoft Flight Simulator version is in the works and is due for release in December. 

Thanks to Maurice E for the tip

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Technobrain Releases Kobe Airport for P3D

Technobrain Kobe Airport P3d (3)
Situated on an artificial island just south of the city of Kobe in Japan, Kobe Airport (RJBE) sees over 3 million passengers pass through the airport on a yearly basis. The airport primarily has domestic operations for cities across Japan but also sees a handful of charter services, also. Developer Technobrain has released the airport for Prepar3D and FSX. The
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FS2Crew Releases Pushback Express for MSFS, FSX and P3D

Pushback Express For Microsoft Flight Simulator P3D And FSX
FS2Crew has released Pushback Express for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX and Prepar3D. The utility tool will enable more realistic pushback functionality within the new simulator and works at any airport featured in the sim. Described as the "first -and last- pushback system you'll ever need", FS2Crew hopes this product will offer users the easiest and most realistic way to push back
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Further DC Designs Concorde Previews for P3D

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DC Designs has taken to Facebook to showcase further previews for its upcoming release of Concorde on Prepar3D and FSX. The Facebook post left by the development team reported that development of the aircraft is now complete and is awaiting on Just Flight releasing the product at some point. The previews are a mix of Prepar3D v4.5 and FSX. It
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ATSimulations Releases Piaggio P.149 for FSX and P3D

P149d 1
ATSimulations has released its Piaggio P.149 for both FSX and Prepar3D. The aircraft was originally built in Germany in the early 1950s and primarily operated by the German Air Force. Since then, it has continued to serve in numerous Air Force departments for various countries all around the world including Uganda, Isreal and Switzerland. The aircraft itself can carry between
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AviaWorx Releases aviaFlightMonitor for P3D


Announced a week ago, AviaWorx has today released their latest utility: aviaFlightMonitor. The new flight monitor app will give you access to feedback on your approach after you have landed to help you understand how you did. The tool is designed to monitor many flight parameters to give you the feedback you need to become a better pilot.

The tool is built around how real-world airliners use data to help train their pilots and provide them with the visual feedback they need to improve their skills. Each landing and approach is scored based on a range of criteria followed by a detailed analysis chart highlighting your performance.

The tool works with all copies of FSX and Prepar3D v1 – v5.

You can get the AviaWorx aviaFlightMonitor from simMarket for €9.99.

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FlightControlReplay Version 4.5 Details

200880 FCRMainv4Text2
Utility developer FlightControlReplay has announced that version 4.5 of the replay tool will soon be released. The new update brings a range of functionality to the product including a new video capture mode from replays, rendering video speed and also compatibility with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Version 4,5 is in beta testing right now, but the team are keen
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SamScene3D Shanghai City Times Released

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SamScene3D has released their Shanghai City Times for FSX and P3D. SamScene3D is known for their series of city landscape products for the ESP engine simulator. This time, the developer concentrated its efforts on Shanghai City. The scenery consists of over 10.000 dedicated autogen buildings, the most famous city landmarks and sits on a HD photo texture of the city
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Perfectsoft Studio Releases Marrakech Menara Airport

238302 Model Preview1
PerfectSoft Studio published the release of Marrakech Menara airport (GMMX) on their Facebook page.  The airport is available for P3D v3, v4 and v5, and also FSX. It contains high-resolution textures and complex terrain mesh, over 100,000 hand-placed vegetation objects, and animated jetways. Also, the airport has been optimized for great performance and compatible with add-ons like FTX Global and GSX.
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Vidan Design Releases Aarhus X

238248 04
A few months after this april preview, Vidan Design has released their Aarhus Lufhaven Airport (EKAH) for FSX and P3D. The scenery is a highly detailed rendition of the Danish Airport. It was designed with on-site photos, using UHD textures on detailed 3D modeling. The scenery sits on a 40cm/pixel ground image that was adjusted to blend with Orbx Global
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