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FlytheMaddogX Open Beta 1.2b260 Released

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We reported last Friday that Leonardo Software was planning to release their open beta last weekend, and while it was a day late, the beta did indeed release. I updated my original post with this information, but since the post was quickly buried by our other content, I thought it’d be a good idea to make sure everyone knows about the release.

There have been a few changes to the changelog from 1.2b254, mainly the fine tuning of the ground effect, more FMS fixes, and a revised engine spool-up time. The full changelog is below for those interested.

The beta is available from the FlytheMaddog forums and can be downloaded only from validated accounts. Happy flying, and bear in mind that this is an open beta, so it’s almost guaranteed that there’ll be a few bugs to iron out before it releases to the masses in a stable update.

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Carenado Saab S340 Released

After months of teasing and hyping, Carenado has released their Saab S340 package. A long awaited product, the Saab S340 comes as a solid addition to the already comprehensive product line at Carenado. This aircraft serves as the perfect addition to anyone who enjoys a challenge whilst flying short distances. For a price of $44.95 from the Carenado store, this aircraft
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vPilot AI and BVAI Are Merging

vPilot AI and BVAI are arguably the best model matching packages we have available for us to use for model matching on vPilot. Well, it's just got twice as good because the two have announced that they will be merging their products into one package which will take the name of Fly Ai. This large package will bring together the
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Imaginesim Releases Austin Bergstrom International For P3Dv4

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Developer Imaginesim has released their new version of Austin Bergstrom International Airport (KAUS) for P3Dv4. Highlighting ‘vastly improved’ performance, the result of a complete model optimization and recompile. A post on the developers Facebook page says the airport features a big improvement in performance because the procedures are optimized for P3Dv4. According to the developer, this results in a 25
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UPDATED: [Open Beta Released] FlytheMaddogX Open Beta 1.2b254 Publishing This Weekend

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Update 25 April 2018 @ 0249z: Leonardo has posted on their Facebook page that the open beta has begun, and can be downloaded by verified forum members from here. The beta has also been updated to version 1.2b260, as opposed to 1.2b254, and adds a few changes such as a fine tuned ground handling effect and more fixes to the FMS. If you’re interested, the updated changelog can be found below, just above the log for 1.25254.

The Leonardo FlytheMaddogX was met with high acclaim, and even scored a 9.5 in our review. With that being said, some issues did remain and most were addressed in version 1.10 which was released earlier this month. After the release of v1.1.0, Leonardo conducted a poll on their Facebook page asking their customers if they’d like to see larger service pack-like updates going forward or more incremental updates, with updates coming as features and bugs are addressed. The response was 75% in favor of incremental updates, with only 25% being in favor of service pack release styles. >Going off the feedback received in their poll, Leonardo has announced that open beta 1.2b254 will be published this weekend.

The beta will bring a host of changes, fixes, and improvements such as weather radar tweaks/fixes, fine tuning of the FDE, fixed issues and missing messages in the FMS, as well as many fixes to the panel and a few to the load manager. New features include a second fix page, a separated transition altitude/transition level, as well as a load/save setup in the addon manager. Those who are interested in reading the full changelog can find it below.

In order install the open beta, you will need to be registered on their forums with the same address you used for activating the aircraft, and already have v1.1,0 installed. Just to reiterate, the beta is not yet available at the time of writing, 21 April 2018 @ 1500z, but should be made available this weekend to download. When it’s out, we’ll update this post.

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TOGA Projects Updates EnvUpdater

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TOGA Projects has released a new version of their EnvUpdater software that adds functionality and makes it easier for the user to keep all of their Env products up-to-date. Writing in a post on their Facebook page, the developer says the latest update gives the EnvUpdater tool the ability to update EnvDir, Envtex, and Envshade without any additional input from
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Immersive Audio previews 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD Official Promo
Immersive Audio has posted an incredible preview of their upcoming 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD to their YouTube channel. The soundpack, which is expected to release in the coming days, contains high-quality, uncompressed sound improvements to all stages of flight for PMDG's 737NG product, but is also compatible with other freeware add-ons. While the preview video is compressed due to the
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