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TROPICALSIM St. Thomas 2018 Released

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Captain Sim Release the 757-2RR for FSX/P3Dv3

R572 Vm 1
Captain Sim released the 757-2RR for P3Dv4 very recently, and those users who own the FSX/P3Dv3 base-pack will be pleased to hear that they now download the expansion. As previously stated in the P3Dv4 version, the 757-2RR expansion pack comes with 6 model types, including a variety of door options. Here's the full list. 757-200 with RB211-535C engines, 4-doors 757-200
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Orbx Global Airport Pack Freeware – August 2018

Orbx Global Airport Fs3
Even with Orbx' impressive library of content, they continue to provide the community with new freeware to accompany their FTX Global packs. Earlier this week, the team released new airports by developers John Barner, Larry Isenore, Neil Hill and Tom Campbell were made available as part of their Global Airports package. Another important note is that moving forward, the split
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Majestic Software Comment on Flight Sim Store

MJCQ400 P3Dv4
The troubles for Flight Sim Store continue for multiple users and developers. The latest developer to issue a statement regarding what their customers can do is from Majestic Software. The developers behind the Q400 have given some instructions to customers who have previously purchased their aircraft from Flight Sim Store , as well as information on how to acquire updates
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Former Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls Now Available via Orbx

Orbx Kida Idaho Falls (7)

Since the announcement that Turbulent Designs would be partnering up with Orbx, the team have worked quickly on bringing their past products to FTX Central and the Orbx store. Today, the latest product from the Turbulent team is now available via Orbx. Idaho Falls (KIDA) was released for FSX/P3D a while back, but now users can find a new and improved version via Orbx.

This version of Idaho Falls Regional Airport comes complete with huge amounts of 60cm/pixel coverage, as well as plenty of points of interest for you to explore and enjoy. Because the team are now working with Orbx, users can enjoy a mix of the use of Real Flora tech from Turbulent Designs along with the Orbx Flow technology to really enhance their experience.

As previously announced, you can transfer your Turbulent Design’s license information over to Orbx so those users can enjoy it free of charge. However, if you have yet to buy it, then you can purchase it for$32.95AUD. As of today (13th August), users can enjoy an additional 10% off the asking price as part of the Freezing Hot Summer sale. You can always read our review on the product if you’re unsure. Spoiler alert: we loved it.

There’s also an X-Plane version of this scenery, which we imagine will be ported over at some point to Orbx. In the mean time, you can buy it via Turbulent Design’s website.

It’s worth noting that if you want to use the product, you have to purchase Central Rockies Orbx region. It’s also discounted (50%) during the current sale.

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Just Flight Announces G500/G600 Integration for Unidentified Aircraft

Just Flight Logo
Just Flight has recently announced on their Facebook page their future plan to integrate Flight One Software’s G500/G600 in an unidentified upcoming aircraft. The G500 and G600 were the first glass cockpits to replace the old steam gauges. These systems include the Synthetic Vison Technology. Synthetic Vision gives pilots “visual topographic landscape” which allows a “3D depiction of ground and water,
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PilotEdge Sends Out Massive Update To All Platforms

Pilot Edge Logo Web
PilotEdge sent an email to the FSElite team that announced some updates coming to their software. These updates allow PilotEdge to increase the amount of Sky High Charter scenarios and bring X-Plane a massive overhaul. PilotEdge expressed that because of the overhaul, they started to think about how they could input more changes for a more realistic and performance friendly
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Orbx Release New Patch For CityScene Barcelona

CityScene Barcelona 5 1024×576
Earlier today, Orbx announced on their forums, that their CityScene Barcelona was just given a patch, bringing it to version 1.10. The patch fixes bugs, adds buildings, and enhances the scenery for FPS improvements, and increased object detail. This patch is available on FTX Central for immediate update. If you don't own it already, you can get it now from
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Orbx Announces KSAN San Diego V2

Ksan San Diego V2 Orbx (13)
Since wrapping up work on Gold Coast, Orbx developer Matteo Veneziani today announced via the Orbx forums that very soon, users will be able to download a free update for his San Diego (KSAN) airport that was released a while back. KSAN San Diego v2.0 is almost 100% brand new and lots of the feedback has been listened to to create a more
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