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Flight Simulator X News

Immersive Audio 737NG CFM 1.2 Update Now Available

The team at Immersive Audio has just released a brand new update for their 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack. The Immersion Soundpack is a alternative solution for the engine sounds of the PMDG 737NGX.

The free update includes a new sound-set for those that wanted a more ‘bassier’ feel to the engine sounds. It also has removed loop clicks, fixed the reverse thrust rumble and enhanced other elements including ground roll and wind sounds.

The 1.2 update can be picked up from SimMarket. If you don’t already own it, then you can buy it now from SimMarket for 9.80 Euros.

Full Change Log

  • Alternative bassy engine sounds added
  • Removed loop clicks from few sounds
  • Thrust reverser rumble fixed
  • New/more realistic engine buzz sounds added
  • Slightly enhanced groundroll and wind sounds
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Buyer Beware – FS-Addons.com Selling Freeware for Profit

Over the past week, we have received multiple reports from trusted members of the community that a new flight simulator add-on site has appeared on the web. FS-Addons.com is currently selling FSX add-ons via CD distribution. The reports indicates that the person behind the scam is selling freeware products for profit. The website lists several packages for people to buy
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PFPX Version 2 Now Available

After some teases and previews, FlightSimSoft has today released version 2 of their flight planning software, PFPX. The new version contains a range of improvements over their original version, which was released many years ago. The first improvement is now PFPX enables users to see profile charts. You can clearly see the wind strengths along the route, as well as
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HiSimulation Release Chapeco Airport

HiSimulation Aeroporto De Chapecó 2018
Developer HiSimulation has released their latest scenery product for FSX, P3D V3 and P3D V4: Chapecó Airport - Serafin Enoss Bertaso. The Brazilian airport serves a handful of airlines in the region to provide a range of domestic services. The product features photoreal terrain from around the airport as well as an accurate representation of the airport from recent images.
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FSLabs Release 32-bit Update For A320-X

Snow A320.jpg.4ec82501bd61067c1923caac8257344c
FSLabs have released a large update for their Airbus A320-X for the 32-bit platforms. Lefteris has stated that despite the usual compatibility updates and code additions, this update includes several fixes and improvements. FSLabs have made multiple fixes and improvements to the FMGC. They have increased the 'Pause at TOD' to 20NM so you will have some time to set
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SimBitWorld – A Pilot’s Life – Updated to Version 1.1.0

2018 11 28 23 26 10

The developers behind SimBitWorld has released the first major update to their A PILOT’S LIFE application. This update includes the highly requested feature of having the ability to select a real aircraft from the airline’s fleet for the flight. Therefore we have added a database to include this into our system. The entire list of companies now have their real fleet at the user’s disposal. Further updates include the pilot licensing and certification page and filters on aircraft selection pages.

In the future, the team are looking at adding some kind of shop, where users can exchange their virtual currency on items from within that store. What the store will hold and ‘sell’ has yet to be announced. X-Plane 11 users should also be excited as a future update (hopefully by the end of the year) will include that simulator.

You can find out a bit more from our original post.

You can buy the product via SimMarket for €16.75 (Excl. VAT), and you’ll have access to a range of manuals, support areas and of course, the career simulation itself.

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DMD Developers’ Krasnodar Intl. (URKK) Released

URKK (2)
In a post on simMarket's Facebook page, it has been announced that DMD Developers has released their debut add-on scenery for ESP platforms, Krasnodar Intl. Airport (URKK). Krasnodar Intl. aka Pashkovsky Airport is located in southern Russia serving the city of Krasnodar and is the 9th busiest Russian airport. Many airlines fly to and from the airport such as Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Turkish
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Just Flight Avro Vulcan Released

Avro Vulcan B Mk2 15 Ss L 180205163600
After many, many teasers going back to the start of the year, announced on their Facebook page, Just Flight has released their much anticipated Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 and Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 – K.2 & MRR Expansion Pack. The Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 is a tailless, four-engine, delta-wing strategic bomber which saw service in the UK during
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FSLabs Brief Roadmap Update

Snow A320.jpg.4ec82501bd61067c1923caac8257344c
With the release of Prepar3D V4.4, many were left wondering the status of many of their purchased add-ons. One of which is the A320-X family from FSLabs. Whilst we have our extensive post detailing a range of add-ons, we felt this one deserved its own post due to the numerous roadmap items discussed in the forum post. A319-X / A320-X
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Just Flight Duchess Model 76 Released

Duchess Model 76 45 Ss L 181123152805
Announced on their Facebook page after weeks of teasing, Just Flight has released their much anticipated Duchess Model 76. The four-seater, twin-engine Duchess 76 includes many comprehensive features which greatly appeal to the virtual general aviation pilot. These include eleven paint schemes, a fully functional IFR-capable avionics fit with WX-8 Stormscope and Century IV autopilot, a towbar panel which allows you to tow
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