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Orbx Releases Volanta Premium and Volanta v1.1.0

Volanta Flight Tracker

Orbx has released Volanta Premium. As previously announced, Volanta Premium is a subscription for Volanta and will add several features and perks to the popular flight radar and logging app. Volanta Premium will feature things such a flight parties, where you and up to 10 other friends can quickly create and join group flights. The service will also feature cloud save & load, and aircraft persistence: a feature that will save the plane state, fuel and position and allow you to continue where you left off. Furthermore, Premium users will get some Discord benefits, such as an exclusive role and access to some Premium-only channels.

Below, you can find a feature list of all of Volanta’s premium features. Volanta Premium costs $6.35 AUD per month, or $63.50 AUD per year (plus tax)


But that’s not all that’s new with Volanta. Volanta v1.1 brings with it a list of new updates. The app now features 3D Flight Paths, which allow you to view your flight in a completely new visualised manner. You can look at the 3D flight path as you are flying, or review it after your flight. Volanta now also features Aeronautical Sectional Charts, a feature that will likely sound very nice to VFR pilots. Another new feature is an in-app Simbrief overlay. You can now simply open your OFP in Volanta, and the app will give you some helpful ways to see all the relevant parts for you.

In order to celebrate the release, Orbx has several campaigns going on. Volanta Premium early adopters will get a 25% discount on a large range of Orbx products, provided these products are older than 90 days. This discount will continue until the end of the year.

Furthermore, anyone flying on Volanta this weekend between August 27th and August 30th are automatically participating to win a number of prizes, including a Lifetime of Volanta Premium membership (1x), a 6 month Volanta Premium membership (5x) or any Orbx product of choice (5x). These winners will be announced via Volanta’s social channels.

Update: Minor correction to the price and tax information.

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Honeycomb Aeronautical Produce Price Increase, Warning to Scalpers

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Honeycomb Aeronautical has taken to Facebook to announce some changes to their product pricing and the reasoning behind these new changes. Since the pandemic, a global chip shortage has made a massive impact on all types of products, including flight sim hardware. The shortage of materials and shipping vessels has led to price increases across the board for Honeycomb Aeronautical.
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NL2000 Version 5.05 Released

SS Rot1
The team working on the NL2000 mod has released a new version with a few updated airports. Version 5.05 includes a completely rebuild Teuge (EHTE) airport, to update the scenery to its 2021 status. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has its S-taxiway connected to runway 24. Furthermore, some smal additions have been done to airstrip Ameland (solar park), airport Beek and the
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SimToolKitPro Updated to Version 0.7.X

SimToolKitPro has been updated with the "single largest performance update" to date. The new update has a big focus on performance improvements, along with a new user dashboard and a reworked live map page. The new update from SimToolKit has a brand new map that has been enhanced for speed and efficiency. Furthermore, there are new import options for those looking
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REX Services Impacted by Outage

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Whilst we usually wouldn't report on news of downtime for maintenance, the latest from REX is fairly significant and will impact many simmers across the community. In an email sent out to customers, the team said that pretty much all products by REX will be affected from Thursday 27th April (00:00z) until Sunday, May 2nd (00:00z). The temporary outage is
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Navigraph Purchases SimBrief

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In an announcement on Facebook, Navigraph has confirmed they have completed a purchase of popular flight planning tool SimBrief. In the statement released by both parties, the community has been reassured that this acquisition is a “natural progression of the already close collaboration between Navigraph and SimBrief” and that users should know that flight planning functionality will continue to be free. SimBrief will continue to operate under the same name but with the tag line “by Navigraph”.

As is currently the case, users will be able to unlock AIRAC cycles through SimBrief, but this new acquisition will build upon the integration already established.

“SimBrief founder Derek has done an outstanding job creating a flight planning service which the flight simulation community loves,” says Magnus Axholt, CEO and co-founder of Navigraph. “We plan to integrate SimBrief and Navigraph even further and enable additional functionality to SimBrief using the data and resources Navigraph has available.”

The press release also confirms that Derek, founder and creator of SimBrief will remain playing a key role in the development of new features for the next generation of Navigraph Charts. “With the powerful combination of his real world aviation background and software development experience, Derek is a very welcome member of our skilled and multi-disciplinary Navigraph Development Team,” Magnus goes onto say.

The new partnership means that developers will be able to tap into the SimBrief and Navigaph APIs even easier than before through the upcoming Navigraph Developer portal.

“Navigraph has been a strong SimBrief supporter from the very beginning,” Derek adds. “I have always enjoyed working with them to improve the integration between the two services. This very much feels like a natural progression, and I am excited to be a part of the team going forward.”

“I have been both humbled and incredibly grateful for the support the community has shown me since I launched SimBrief nearly eight years ago, and I’m looking forward to this next chapter in SimBrief’s development,” says Derek in closing.

We have confirmed with Magnus from Navigraph and Derek from Simbrief who told us this is not an April Fools, despite the timing which may suggest it would’ve been.

Thanks John M. and Gold787FlightSim for the tip.

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VATSIM Announces CTP – Westbound 2021 Participating Airports

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With virtual voting booths having closed only recently, VATSIM, taking to their official Facebook page, has released the results and shared the list of Cross The Pond Westbound 2021 participating airfields. With the event scheduled to occur on the 24th of April, 2021, interested participants can rejoice with the number of airfields participating in this year's westbound edition of the event. With
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VATSIM Announces Velocity

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VATSIM has today announced the approach of a critical update to the network. Titled Velocity, the all-new technology will see vast improvements to the online network for flight simulation to include functionality that the community have been requesting for a long period of time. The trailer for VATSIM Velocity is below. From the short trailer, we know that the new
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Navigraph Adds New Familiarization and Qualification Charts to Over 270 Airports

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Navigraph has added a brand new feature to their Ultimate subscription service for all current and new customers. As of the recent AIRAC cycle (2101), customers can now access Jeppesen’s Airport Familiarization and Qualification Charts directly through Navagraha Charts. As of today, over 270 airports have these charts available to virtual pilots for use in any flight simulator. The new
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