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FSExpo 19

Laminar Gives An Update On X-Plane


Laminar Research, the developer of the X-Plane franchise, gave an update on the state of their platform and what is to come.

In a packed session Saturday at FSExpo, the development team covered a variety of topics including the mobile platform, the current build of X-Plane 11, and upcoming changes to airplanes and scenery within the sim.

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FSExpo 2019: Orbx Releases Australia v2

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Renowned scenery developer Orbx has unleashed their long-awaited v2 update for their Australia region scenery during their presentation at FSExpo 2019.

First previewed in May, the mammoth overhaul of the region sees 8 million km² painstakingly recreated using the latest region-based technologies in both FSX and Prepar3D, covering everywhere from Cape York to Hobart, and Sydney to Perth, plus all of the coastlines, bodies of water, roads, railways and powerlines in between. Even the towns and urban areas scattered throughout are covered off, along with outlying island territories, such as Christmas Island and Lord Howe Island. Additionally, the terrain has been bought into 2019 with an all-new high-resolution mesh using data supplied by the Australian Government.
Most importantly though, almost 700 airports have been upgraded or created entirely from scratch. The team has not left a stone unturned as they worked to truly represent the Great Southern Land in our sims.

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FSExpo 2019: POSCON Beta Roadmap Updated


The folks behind the all-new simulation network, POSCON, have updated their beta testing roadmap as part of their showcase at this year’s FSExpo in Orlando, FL.

For some time now, as the network has been developed and improved, the developers have had a very small testing team of just 58 people on hand to assist them in fault-finding their new network. Today’s announcement sees this group extended from those 58 to include up to 1000 in the first stage of the beta expansion.

The new invite-only testing stage will see applicants issued with invite codes to allow them to participate in the beta. Once on board, these users will be able to log on to the network as pilots during scheduled testing times. ATC coverage will be provided by POSCON staff, as well as handpicked testers. The coverage will be scheduled for certain areas of the world too, allowing the team to develop and integrate features that are unique to different parts of the world.
This will be considered Phase 1, and is expected to kick off before the end of Q3 2019.

Phase 2 of the invite-only testing will open up to an additional 1000 applicants. The prerequisite of an invite code will remain, as will the testing schedule. This phase is expected to kick off at some point early in the new year.

Once we tick over into 2020 and Phase 2 is complete, POSCON will kick off Phase 3 of the testing with the Open Beta.
This stage will see the network opened up to anyone and everyone who wants to give the new network a try. While ATC will still be hand-picked by POSCON staff, anyone will be able to log on as a pilot.
ATC coverage will be limited to developed areas of the network, but the testing schedule will be gone, meaning pilots and ATC can log on at any time.

Finally, by the end of 2020, the network is expected to see a full release. It’s at this time that anyone will be able to connect as ATC, and all testing restrictions will be lifted.

How can I join Phase 1?

While Phase 1 isn’t expected to start for a few months yet, POSCON will be giving out 50 invites to attendees of FSExpo.
If you’re registered on the POSCON website, simply drop by their booth during the event to try and snag an invite.

If you’re not lucky enough to be at the Expo this year, don’t stress – the POSCON team will be distributing invites in the lead up to the opening of Phase 1. Keep your eyes on their social media channels for when this may happen.

Once the testing is underway, existing testers will have the opportunity to invite their friends as the beta expands.

Having seen what the development team had to show off at FSExpo, competition for invites is surely going to be high.

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FSElite @ FSExpo – [At Home] How We Are Bringing the Action to You

FSEXPO Fselite Hub Banner

Tickets are now officially off sale for this year’s North American Community Driven conference, but that doesn’t mean people at home will miss out. This year, FSElite has partnered with FlightSimExpo to bring you the official source of content for the entire event.

You can head to the page at FSElite/fsexpo19.

The full hub page will go live on June 6th 2019 @ 09:00 EDT (13:00z), but be sure to bookmark it to remind yourself where to head to

Seminar Live Streams

During the whole weekend, each seminar and speaker will be live streamed. The professional live streams, sponsored by Gleim Aviation, has a dedicated team of videographers to ensure a high-quality stream of each seminar throughout the event. This means you can be involved in the action wherever you may be. Throughout the weekend, there are going to be several seminars from developers, many presentations from a varied range of people (including myself) and more. It is split between 3 main seminar rooms.

Seminar Room (Main Conference Hall) will see the initial welcome speech from the FlightSimExpo team, followed by a few seminars and developer panels. Then, at approximately 12:30pm on Saturday the room will be split into two creating additional seminar rooms. Seminar Room 1 (Left Seat) and Seminar Room 2 (Right Seat). These two rooms will then be present throughout the rest of the conference.

FSExpo Official Hub

Live Developer Interviews

In addition, to live streaming of the seminars, FSElite will be hosting a range of live developer interviews. No more waiting days to see our interviews as they will be taking place in our brand new FSElite Studio. We listened to feedback from last year and have made every effort to ensure that we have the equipment (and bandwidth) to handle live streaming. From investing into new cameras, microphones and large backdrops, we are hoping to give a very professional interview section.

Our interview schedule begins on Friday 7th June 2019.

Community Chat

With multiple stream sources and various places to discuss the happenings, we’ve tried to make a consolidated space for people to chat about the announcements and event itself. On our FSExpo Hub, we have embedded a designated Discord channel for you to chat whilst watching the streams (regardless of which stream). It’s very similar to Twitch to offer a sense of familiarity to many.

Please remember to keep conversations in-line with our Community Guidelines and remember that this is an event to celebrate aviation.

Be sure to have signed up to our Discord to have a seamless experience.

All News in One Place

We are confident that the weekend will bring a huge number of brand new information for old and new products alike. As always, our team of dedicated writers will be on hand during the whole event to get the news out there as quickly as possible.

Instagram Wall and Partner Streamers

We know that not everyone can be there, so hopefully our embedded Instagram Wall will give you some idea of the madness behind the scenes. We have it to pick up #fsexpo and #fseliteatexpo. If you’re attending, be sure to tag your best photos with them!


If you have any feedback regarding the FSExpo hub, please do reach out. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to bring the community something fantastic to work with. We want to try and make sure people at home feel as part of the event as those actually there.

FSExpo Official Hub


We are delighted to confirm that we have partnered with Thrustmaster to be able to bring you such comprehensive coverage online.

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LAST CHANCE – Buy your FlightSimExpo 2019 Tickets

Flightsimexpo2019 Sponsors

This really is the last chance for you to pick up your FlightSimExpo 2019 tickets. Taking place at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® on June 7-9, FlightSimExpo 2019 will be the biggest North American Flight Simulation show yet. With now, over 1,000 people having already booked tickets to attend this year’s event, and over 60 exhibitors, it will truly be an incredible weekend for all.

Today is the last day to book tickets online. After which, you may still be able to attend with registering at the event on the day. However, you are advised to book ahead of time. Buying tickets today will save you $20.

FlightSimExpo online registration is $80, and includes two-day tradeshow floor access, panels and seminars, a conference bag, drinks and appetizers, and a 6-month membership with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). For pilots, the event also offers an FAA WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program seminar hosted by the Orlando FAAST Program Manager.

We will be giving the full details on our FlightSimExpo 2019 plans including live interviews, content streaming and your community hub. You can see the teaser site here at FSElite/fsexpo19.

Need more reasons to come? Try 10!

Buy Tickets for $80 Now @ FlightSimExpo
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Who Is the Mysterious New “Parallel 42” Presenting at FlightSimExpo?

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Since the official FlightSimExpo speaker list was revealed, I have been curious as to who “Parallel 42” is. Googling the name brought no results, nor did typing in random URLs associated to that name. With my curiosity piqued as to who this mysterious developer is, and what possible product they could announce, I started to dig a little deeper. I am now confident I have figured out who they are and what type of product will be coming from them.

One of the perks of being a media partner at FlightSimExpo is the ability to have access to a confidential list of exhibitors and their contact details. It is something many agree to and is in aid of opening lines of communication with these people ahead of times (to book interviews). With that data in hand, I checked out who was behind the team at Parallel 42. A familiar name popped up, but it wasn’t an exact match to who I was expecting.

Then came along the YouTube teaser released only a few hours ago. The teaser was a very short clip of a box, with a momentary flash of an iPad screen. The voiceover at the beginning is what then gave it away to me: “Hey, it’s Ivana Fly…” – I instantly recognised that as a familiar identity and then it all came together.

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