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FlyInside Version Released


After several quiet months, the team at FlyInside have released version of their virtual reality flight simulator.


Within this update, you are no longer limited to the United States. As stated by the developer, you are now able to fly “nearly anywhere in the world.” With photorealistic with accurately placed buildings, trees, and water bodies. With 1ft/pixel resolution in most areas, you can expect the best VR experience to date with their flight simulator.

FlyInside is streaming the imagery used by Microsoft’s Bing Maps so there is no need for a strong internet connection or a large download. Beyond the scenery, several little usability enhancements and stability improvements have also been included. The simulator will use fewer resources and will run smoother regardless of the massive change in looks and appearance. The video you are watching is from the update showcasing everything that is new in the update.


A hand full of aircraft have also received some attention with the update. Helicopter flight models for the B407 and MD500 have been improved as well as the T38A which received a tutorial on how to operate the aircraft effectively.


For those who have yet to pick up FlyInside, there is a try before you buy demo available on their website. Stay up to date with future developments and update on the FlyInside news page.

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FlyInside Flight Simulator Version 0.6 Trailer and Release Date

The FlyInside Flight Simulator has been available in early access for many months (October 2018). Since then, the team has issued a few updates improving the overall quality and polish to the product. As development has continued, more features are being added to the simulator. The next big version update, version 0.60 will include some much-requested features.

The most significant change to FlyInside Flight Simulator will be the introduction of Worldwide scenery coverage. The coverage looks to be streamed via Microsoft’s Bing Maps Whilst there’s no actual word from the developer this is the case, this is speculation based off of the above trailer and title of said video. Also from the video, we can see that many 3D objects and autogen will be populated over the imagery.

In terms of when this will be made available for the public to use, on June 19th, the team said it will be ready in roughly 10 days. This was an ETA suggested, which would mean users can hopefully expect to download the update on June 29th (give or take).

For those unfamiliar with FlyInside Flight Simulator, it is a brand new flight simulator running on a completely new engine. It has been built with modern technology and utilises hardware better than other current simulators. Whilst it may run in a new graphical engine, it does have some compatibility with products designed for FSX/P3D, which is shown with the TFDi 717 running well in the sim itself. There are also a range of Milviz products included within the simulator, also.

As of right now, FlyInside Flight Simulator is available for $35.00 both via their own website and Steam and comes with a range of aircraft and continuous updates during its early-access release phase.


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FlyInside FS Updated to v0.5.4.0

Flyinside Sim Aircraft (5)

Over on their Facebook page, FlyInside has announced that their FlyInside Flight Simulator has been updated to v0.5.4.0.

Version brings along quite a few fixes and enhancements coupled with some big new features. This update includes the beginning of FlyInside’s ‘Flight School’ which will incorporate a series of tutorials and challenges. As it stands, two missions/scenarios are currently included. More scenarios are to come in future updates as FlyInside now has an efficient mean for producing them.

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FlyInside FS Receives Major VR Update

Announced over on their news section, the team at FlyInside has released a v0.5 update for their FlyInside Flight Simulator which overhauls the end user’s virtual reality experience. To accompany the update, a short trailer has been published to showcase what features the update introduces.

Version 0.5 introduces a comprehensive overhaul of VR controller interaction and makes it easier to more explicitly manipulate nearly every switch, button or dial within the cockpit. This overhaul also brings along the improved ability to use the yoke/stick with VR controllers making aircraft more intuitive and controllable. You can view the complete changelog towards the end of this article.

If you don’t own FlyInside FS, you can grab a hold of it on Steam as an Early Access product for a price of €30.99 (Incl. VAT). You can learn more about FlyInside FS and it’s requirements here.

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FlyInside FS Released on Steam + December Update

Announced over on their news section, the team at FlyInside has released their still-in-development virtual-reality focused flight simulator on Steam as an Early Access product. To accompany the Steam release, a major December update has also been pushed out.

The December Update for FlyInside FS introduces all new and improved scenery, an improved flight model and an assortment of improvements. Scenery improvements bring along denser objects, improved building models and high-res ground imagery. In addition to all of this, a video has been released to showcase this update in all of its glory.

The next set of priorities for FlyInside is to implement European scenery and to bring the world to life by introducing road/air traffic.

If you don’t own FlyInside FS, you can grab a hold of it on Steam as an Early Access product for a price of €30.99 (Incl. VAT). You can learn more about FlyInside FS and it’s requirements here.

Existing customers can obtain the update inside the sim using ‘Sim -> Check for Updates’. If you’d like to move your copy over to Steam free of charge, you can contact [email protected] to request a Steam key.

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FlyInside Flight Simulator Updated To v0.3.7.0


Announced over on their Facebook page, the team at FlyInside have released an update for their still-in-development virtual-reality focused flight simulator.

The changelog for version includes several bug fixes, realism adjustments and axis and key binding additions. You can view the full changelog at the end of this article or on the FlyInside website.

To find out more about FlyInside Flight Simulator, check out our post covering the release.

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FlyInside Flight Simulator Early Access/Open Beta Released

Announced back at FlightSimCon 2017, the team at FlyInside has since been busy creating a brand new simulator which focuses heavily on virtual reality. The simulator has been designed to run at 90 frames per second, whilst still giving you all the features you need and love within a flight simulator.

FlyInside Flight Simulator has been built with modern technology in mind, however, it’s also very backwards compatible with FSX/P3D products. The current Early Access / Open Beta release ships with ten aircraft. These include a mass range of MilViz aircraft and even TFDi Design’s 717. The idea is to showcase how easy it is to port these aircraft into the simulator itself. The team have asked that any developer looking to port their aircraft into the FlyInside Flight Simulator should reach out to them.

Here’s the full aircraft list:

  • MilViz B-55
  • MilViz 310R
  • MilViz T-50
  • MilViz DHC-3
  • MilViz 737
  • TFDi Design 717
  • MilViz T-38A
  • MilViz B-407
  • MilViz MD-530
  • MilViz CH-47D

Despite having a looking and feel to current ESP simulators, the engine is brand-new. It’s been built for modern computers to take advantage of the latest hardware. The workload is split between multiple cores and takes advantage of the latest tech within GPUs, to ensure a high frame rate.

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