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Dovetail Games Releases Flight Sim World Early Access

With the surprise announcement from Dovetail Games just last week of their new sim, Flight Sim World, we’re pleased to be able to tell you that it is now readily available from the Steam store for just $24.99 / $19.99.

The early access version of the game will be used to help Dovetail to continue to develop the sim for the future. It’s 64-bit and has a big focus on ensuring performance is right.

You can grab it from Steam right now.

Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World Live Stream recap

Dovetail Games had a Live stream showcasing their upcoming title Flight Sim World. This was the first Live stream of meany as they apparently plan to utilize them to discuss things with the community as they Develop FSW. This live stream featured Steve Hood and Cryss Leonhart. The FSW Executive Producer, Flight community Manager for Dovetail games respectively. There were meany things talked about including their road map for development of Flight Sim World. They also showcased a new trailer, and some game play footage. Release date and price was confirmed, and 5 lucky people got a free copy of FSW. All in all it was a good showing. You can watch an archive of the live stream on Dovetails Twitch channel here. Lets recap what happened in the stream.

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UPDATE: Flight Sim World: Console Version Possibility, No Firm Decision on Airliners, Third Party Support and Why 64-Bit

UPDATE: Aimee from Dovetail Games sent us a comment regarding the headline about no firm decision on whether airliners would be in the game. She clarified “there will be airliner content for FSW however we haven’t announced whether they will be add-ons only or implemented in core.”

Youtube and community member Froogle today released his weekly news show and went into depth with the huge announcement from Dovetail Games. Of course, we’re referring to the reveal of Flight Sim World. There are plenty of questions surrounding the new sim and Froogle did a bit of digging to find out more for the community.

Throughout the video, Froogle made some observations from the announcement video as well as asking Dovetail some questions regarding the sim. Be sure to check out the video as it’s full of useful information. Most importantly, we’ve extracted some of it which we feel is vital for the community to know about.

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Bought Dovetail’s Flight School? You’ll Get a Free Copy of Flight Sim World

Dovetail revealed their newest simulator Flight Sim World in a video trailer just the other day, showcasing it’s impressive graphics engine and in-sim physics. We have all known about their fully-fledged Sim for a while, but it was nice to put a name to it all.

As we all know, Flight Sim World isn’t the first entry Dovetail has had into flight simulator. With their FSX: Steam Edition hitting PCs for years and their now cancelled Flight School. If course, investors into Flight School were worried what would happen to them.

Thankfully, Dovetail today has confirmed that anyone who previously purchased Flight School will receive a gifted copy of Flight Sim World upon release.

Thanks to how easy Steam is, as soon as Flight Sim World is released into early access, you’ll find it sitting in your inventory ready to download and install.

Price for those waiting to buy it anyway has yet to be revealed.

Dovetail Games announces Flight Sim World

Just a few minutes ago, Dovetail Games announced the name and some of the features of their long awaited new flight simulator.

In a video on YouTube the name “Flight Sim World” following the trend set by the recently released Train Sim World was announced.

According to the video, the new sim will make the jump to DirectX11 and 64 bit, furthermore it will use physical based rendering just as X-Plane 11.

On top of that, Dovetail promises to work on balancing the CPU and GPU load, which has been an issue for ages within the ESP based flight simulators we have today.

Dovetail also announced that they have been working with well known developers to bring their expertise and products into the base product.

More information on Flight Sim World can be found in the YouTube video and on the FSW website

Expect an Early Access version on Steam in the not too distant future.

For more news on Flight Sim World as it becomes available, stay tuned to FSElite.

Dovetail Games Flight School Shutdown

In a post on Facebook, Dovetail Games have announced to be shutting down Flight School. Flight School, according to them, had two ideas in mind: create an entry level sim for people new to the hobby and implement technical functionality to build upon in the future. Though the exact reason for the decision to shutdown the sim isn’t known, they do state that they don’t want to ‘compromise the depth and complexity demanded by more experienced flyers’. The sim, together with all your saved data, will remain in your Steam Library. The game is however not available for download anymore. Flight School launched almost a year ago.

More news of Dovetails upcoming sim and something special for existing Flight School owners will come in the following weeks.

Dovetail Games Flight Simulator Postponed

In a short post on the /r/flightsim Reddit sub, Dovetail Games announced they would be postponing the project as they work on visuals, performance, and experience after the feedback they have received from the flightsim community.

DTG says they do expect to have a detailed development update ready for us in the New Year. I guess now we wait some more.

Interestingly enough, we are running out of days in November and haven’t seen an XP11 release yet. Perhaps November isn’t too kind to the new simulators?