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Dovetail Games Announces trueSKY Integration With Flight Sim World

Dovetail Games promised a big announcement this week and today they unveiled that Flight Sim World will be using trueSKY as their in-sim weather engine. Following up from the last update, trueSKY looks to bring glorious looking weather into the sim. Over on the trueSKY website, it’s described as “the most advance and reliable sky system available”.

The technology itself allows the use of weather systems and data to updated in real-time, create volumetric clouds and atmospheric data, all of which is done on the GPU to free up space for the CPU to do its work.

Whilst I can’t confirm myself, it would appear that Update 8 is already available. If anyone can confirm this, please let me know.

Dovetail Games released a short 30 second trailer on Facebook ahead of tonight’s live stream.

We’ve gone ahead and created some comparison shots for you, which we took from the trailer.

Whilst you’re here, why not read my article on what I understand Flight Sim World is and will be.

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Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World Community Update 7 Released

Dovetail Games has released Community Update 7 named “cold & dark” (version 1.2.18937).

The Cold and Dark update feature a checklist that highlights the levers, buttons and switches you need to press in order to start each aircraft in Flight Sim World. Experts can enable the advanced mode and remove any assistance, get themselves prepped up and taxi to the runway.

Next week there will be another exciting announcement for you so make sure you check out FSElite for latest updates on that. For more information head over to Dovetail forum.

Cold and Dark Feature

  • Start-up checklists across all launch aircraft to assist in Cold/Dark functionality
  • Toggle advanced mode to go through the checklist yourself. Uncheck advanced mode to be walked through the cold and dark start process with camera zoom and highlighted switches & gauges (ideal for new simmers)
  • You can now choose your spawn location in Free Flight (parking spaces, runways, etc)

KNOWN BUG: With the introduction of Cold and Dark, we have discovered an issue which affects the PA-46 and the DA40 checklists: If you have auto mixture disabled, you will not be able to start the engine in Assisted Mode.

To work around this issue, please make sure auto mixture is enabled in order to complete the Cold and Dark checklist in Assisted Mode. You can find the auto mixture switch in the Settings Menu under Realism. We’ll provide a fix in a future update, thanks for understanding!

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Flight Sim World – Community Update 4 Now Live

Sorry for the delay on this one, but we wanted to give you the heads up that Dovetail Games have released the next community update for Flight Sim World.

Cryss from the team said that this updates focuses on aircraft and fixing significant bugs and further upgrades to the Workshop which allows you to share flight plans with other simmers out there.

The full update can be found below. Also, don’t forget, we did some research into the numbers of Flight Sim World, which you can read here.

We suspect the updates will roll out thick and fast as we continue to see the team develop the early access sim.

Don’t forget, you can also watch our interview with Dovetail Games above.

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Flight Sim World Numbers cover 1

Flight Sim World | The Numbers are in

Flight Sim World released in early access on May 18th 2017. As I did with Xplane 11 before it, I will take a peek into publicly available data to see how well the game is doing a month after its release. Now it’s only fair to remind everyone we are talking about a game in early access. So these numbers are subject to change even more dramatically than normal full released game. Some may even say it’s not fair to do this yet since the game is still in Early Access. Well my response to that is the same stance I have on reviewing Early Access games. Whats out now is all your guaranteed to get. Times change and shit happens so the future is never guaranteed. Plus I firmly believe once you start charging money for something, you are officially selling a product. You will be judged as such! And I don’t show mercy with this so let’s take a look.
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2017 Steam Summer Sale

2017 Steam Summer Sale begins!

The day of reckoning for gamer’s everywhere has finally come. The 2017 Steam Summer Sale has started. Expect big sales on meany titles on the Steam store. Titles big and small, including Flight Sim World, FSX Steam Edition, and X Plane 11. At time of writing FSX Steam Edition is 50% off ($12.49, Normally $24.99). X Plane 11 is 26% off ($44.39, Normally $59.99). And Flight Sim World is 10% off ($22.99, Normally $24.99).  All of the bundles for FSX are on sale as well. You can also purchase the Train & Flight Sim World Twin Pack for $50.12 (Normally $64.98, that’s 23% off). Finally, Aerofly FS2 is also 15% cheaper than usual.

While to numerous to list a lot of the DLC available for FSX is on sale to. A few highlights include the F16 Fighting Falcon from Aerosoft, REX 4 Texture Direct from REX, Accu-Feel and the Piper J3 Cub both from A2A, and the R66 Turbine from Carenado. Meany meany more are available.

The Summer Sale runs from June 22 to July 5. Now is the time to get your favorite games for low prices; And of course your favorite Flight Sim and addons for low prices to!

Flight Sim World Community Update 2 Now Available

Since the release of Flight Sim World a few weeks ago, the community have been very vocal about their feedback for the product. Dovetail Games have been working really hard and have been listening to the comments to be able to put together the latest community update.

The update pushes a lot of fixes for the included aircraft. These fixes include contact point adjustments, optimizations to cockpit instrument selection and more. Furthermore, the 205mb update also includes various crash and localisation fixes and users of the Sidewinder 2 will be pleased to know that it now works.

The update for people experiencing performance issues in full screen and multi-monitor set-ups will have to wait a little longer as they complete further testing. Rest assured, Dovetail Games say it’s coming.

You can find the full update list below. Don’t forget, as it’s a Steam product, it will download and install upon starting up nice and simply. Keep Reading

FS-FlightControl Now Supports Flight Sim World

For those of you that use FS-FlightControl, you’ll be pleased to know that the software is now fully compatible with Dovetail Game’s Flight Sim World. It is one of the first commercial add-ons available for the Early Access game, which you now buy on Steam.

If you don’t know what the app is, it’s described as a “touch-optimised instructor station” for all the current ESP-based Sims. X-Plane version will be coming soon. The idea is to assist with flight simmers to allow them to see aircraft approaching the airport, define weather conditions, trigger failures and more. It will also enable you to see a moving map, have flight-plan overlays and even track your flight and landing performance.

There’s a whole host of features and you can try it out now for 14 days for free. if you like it, you can purchase it for 49.95euros.

Dovetail Games Releases Flight Sim World Early Access

With the surprise announcement from Dovetail Games just last week of their new sim, Flight Sim World, we’re pleased to be able to tell you that it is now readily available from the Steam store for just $24.99 / $19.99.

The early access version of the game will be used to help Dovetail to continue to develop the sim for the future. It’s 64-bit and has a big focus on ensuring performance is right.

You can grab it from Steam right now.

Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World Live Stream recap

Dovetail Games had a Live stream showcasing their upcoming title Flight Sim World. This was the first Live stream of meany as they apparently plan to utilize them to discuss things with the community as they Develop FSW. This live stream featured Steve Hood and Cryss Leonhart. The FSW Executive Producer, Flight community Manager for Dovetail games respectively. There were meany things talked about including their road map for development of Flight Sim World. They also showcased a new trailer, and some game play footage. Release date and price was confirmed, and 5 lucky people got a free copy of FSW. All in all it was a good showing. You can watch an archive of the live stream on Dovetails Twitch channel here. Lets recap what happened in the stream.

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