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Orbx Communicates First Volanta App Development Update


Seasoned scenery developers Orbx have released a first development update for the brand new Volanta App on their forums. A few weeks ago, Orbx told the world about this new personal flight tracker app, that will join the ProjectFly and SimToolkitPro ecosystem, integrating flights across all simulators, with as less red tape as possible for the users. The basic version will always be free, but premium features will be added later on.

In their post, they thank everyone for their valuable input, which has made it possible to add the most requested features and start invite-only beta testing soon, and for which they mention they still accept your application. The tests will start with a small number of testers, which will be expanded in batches.

Orbx is excited about the new features they’ve added, being support for DCS World and AeroFly FS2, a request that was sounding louder and louder from the community, and the ability to have better control over the aircraft in your Volanta fleet. Also, extra attention was paid to the process of importing data from other flight trackers.

Pending the release of the Orbx Volanta App, visit the Orbx forums to keep abreast of their progress, and other projects they’re working on.

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Total Controls Multi-Function Button Box Announced

Total Controls Multi Function Button Box
A brand-new Multi-Functional Button Box from a company called Total Control is currently in a Kickstarter and hopes to help simmers looking to improve their flight simulation hardware experience. The Multi-Function Button Box will give users access to a range of buttons, handles and knobs to help them overcome the need to rely on a keyboard and mouse - particularly
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DCS: Syria Close to Release

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Eagle Dynamics have announced their DCS: Syria map was now in the final stages of development. The map will cover the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea and 5 countries : Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, with a full size of about 610x440 km. 32 aerodromes will be included, and this unstable area of the world will enable campaign and
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Most DCS World Add-Ons Free For a Month

Eagle Dynamics has announced that DCS World will be completely free for people to download and use for the next month. Between April 18th and May 19th 2020, users can enjoy unlimited access to all DCS aircraft, maps and asset packs completely free of charge. Digital Combat Flight Simulator enables users to partake in aerial dog fights, a large number of missions
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TrueGrit Virtual Announces Eurofighter for DCS

In their weekly newsletter, Eagle Dynamics, the editor of DCS, has announced that a brand new company called TrueGrit Virtual Technologies is developing a Eurofighter Typhoon for DCS. This new company is led by Mr Gero Finke, a former instructor pilot of the German Air Force who has 15 years flying experience on the aircraft. His team is backed by
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DCS F-14 Tomcat By Heatblur FREE For The Weekend

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As a small present for Christmas, developer Heatblur Simulations is providing a FREE trial for the weekend on their F-14 Tomcat. The F-14 Tomcat was a naval air superiority fighter and long range interceptor. It was the only aircraft to carry the AIM-54 Phoenix, an air to air missile with over 100 Nm range. The F-14 Tomcat was the prominent aircraft featured in the 1986 Top Gun movie, where it gained worldwide fame. Retired in 2006 from the US Navy, a handful F-14 Tomcat can still be found in Iran.

Players can try the Heatblur F-14 for free on their Steam account. The offer will end on 30th December at 0700Z. It will require the installation of the appraised DCS simulator, which is free.

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DCS: F-16C Viper Trailer

DCS F 16C Viper Official Trailer
Eagle Dynamics has released the trailer for their upcoming DCS add-on, the F-16C Fighting Falcon, nicknamed 'Viper'. The F-16C is a multi-purpose aircraft, suitable for both air-t0-air combat as well as air-to-ground combat, making it an ideal aircraft for a whole range of military units all over the world. The trailer shows off the absolutely amazing modelling and texturing of
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Heatblur Simulations F-14 Tomcat Early Access Released

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Heatblur Simulations has released their highly anticipated F-14 Tomcat for DCS World. This release brings a highly accurate rendition of this very popular fighter jet into the flight simulation world. The feature list of this product is extensive and full of various exciting features. This product comes with both the F-14A and B modelled with the B model currently released and
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Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs Provides 2019 Update

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Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs has put out an update on their Facebook page detailing the status of their in-development Hawker Hunter. They shared that they are currently in the process of rebuilding the entire systems code from the ground up, due to having access to better and more accurate flight manuals. Additionally, they are now working on an EFM for
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