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DCS: F-16C Viper Trailer

Eagle Dynamics has released the trailer for their upcoming DCS add-on, the F-16C Fighting Falcon, nicknamed ‘Viper’. The F-16C is a multi-purpose aircraft, suitable for both air-t0-air combat as well as air-to-ground combat, making it an ideal aircraft for a whole range of military units all over the world.

The trailer shows off the absolutely amazing modelling and texturing of the plane. From the cockpit, to the exterior model, this plane looks great. The trailer also shows the versatility of the aircraft, with some of the aforementioned roles and weapon load-outs it is capable of. Both air combat and ground combat is shown in the trailer, to give you an idea of the possibilities you have with this plane. Also shown is aerial refueling, so it’s to be assumed this will also be supported.

The DCS: F-16C Viper is available now for pre-order for 20% off from both the DCS e-shop as well as Steam. The release date, according to the Steam page, will be September 25th.

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Heatblur Simulations F-14 Tomcat Early Access Released

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Heatblur Simulations has released their highly anticipated F-14 Tomcat for DCS World. This release brings a highly accurate rendition of this very popular fighter jet into the flight simulation world. The feature list of this product is extensive and full of various exciting features. This product comes with both the F-14A and B modelled with the B model currently released and
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Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs Provides 2019 Update

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Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs has put out an update on their Facebook page detailing the status of their in-development Hawker Hunter. They shared that they are currently in the process of rebuilding the entire systems code from the ground up, due to having access to better and more accurate flight manuals. Additionally, they are now working on an EFM for
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DCS World Community A-4E Mod Released

Made by a small group of community members over a period of nearly three years, the A-4E mod is now released for DCS World. The A-4E is an iconic aircraft that grew very famous over particularly the Falklands War. The announcement of the mod finally being made publicly available was made over on the Eagle Dynamics forums, with developer 'Merker'
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