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Aerosoft Brief A330 Professional Update Statement, “Very Interested in Microsoft Flight Simulator”

A330 LH PBR 003.thumb.png.e4dcf2ad6f19bdeb799f559b33ca3d19

Mathijs Kok has shared a small statement on the current development status of their long-awaited A330 Professional. In the forums, Mathijs spoke about some of the things going well with development as well as one of the biggest show stoppers right now. He also commented a little on their stance on Microsoft’s upcoming sim, Flight Simulator 2020.

“Things are going well,” Mathijs opened his forum post with. According to him, the team are mostly working on enhancing the systems for the EFB, which will handle the manuals, flows, checlists and also Navigprah and NavDatapro charts. He said that this work has been “time consuming, but [is] all doable.” They have seen few minor issues with the co-pilot working with GSX level 2, but they believe these issues can be solved soon.

Whilst that does paint some good news, it was then met with a bit of information on what is currently being regarded as a “show stopper.” As announced before, the Aerosoft A330 will make sure of TFDi Design’s RealLight to enhance the night lighting in the cockpit. However, it doesn’t yet work with Prepar3D V4.5 when PBR is used in the optimal way. As mentioned before, the team want to make sure that PBR is implemented throughout the aircraft and not just a simple layer over the existing model. It is said that this will make for better performance for the end-user. Aerosoft are hoping that both TFDi Design and Lockheed Martin are able to resolve this issue soon. However, he did say that in a few weeks, we will see some images showing off the difference with the new PBR applied.

Finally, Mathijs spoke about different simulators the aircraft could come to. Right now there are no plans for an X-Plane version. However, he did say that “when the software allows it [we] are very interested in a version for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.” This isn’t the first time he has alluded to being open about bringing the A330 to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. When we spoke to Mathijs, he said that “as you know we work on every flight sim platform, FS2004, FSX, XP11, AFS2 and soon World Of Aircraft, so it would make no sense if we would avoid a massive new platform.” Right now, the only confirmed platform for the A330 Professional is Prepar3D V4.

Based on Microsoft’s current developer roadmap for FS2020, we may see further information regarding third party support next week.

Head to the Aerosoft forum preview to check out the whole thread. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further information.

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UK2000 Scenery Announces Inverness Xtreme 2019

Uk2000 Scenery Inverness Xtreme 2019 (3)
The UK2000 Scenery team announced that they would be working on new ways to produce scenery for the simulator, with 2019 being the year that they bring the first airport using the new technology and development flows. Announced earlier today, the team shared the news that Inverness Xtreme 2019 would be the first airport released. The team has spent time
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FS2Crew Releases FSLabs Airbus Edition Update V1.1

FS2Crew FSLabs Airbus Official Trailer
After a series of open beta tests, the FS2Crew team has released their FSLabs Airbus Edition update, which brings it to version 1.1. The new update is fairly significant with new voice commands, new user configurations and much more. Some of the previously mentioned new features include a re-recording of the German voice set from community member BlackBox, along with
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Taburet Releases Telluride for X-Plane 11

no thumb
Scenery developer Taburet has released their rendition of Telluride (KTEX) airport and surrounding area for X-Plane 11. Included in this package is a new photographic texturing group coverage, sloped runway airport and full autogen. The scenery is available on simMarket for 13.99 Euros. Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX) services the nearby area of Telluride, Colorado. The airport is currently serviced by
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Orbx TrueEarth US Oregon Now Available

Orbx True Earth Oregon X Plane 11 (7)
Only shown off in its entirety a few days ago, but Orbx has already released TrueEarth US Oregon for X-Plane 11. The large region is the second in the TrueEarth series after Washington. As per our previous post, the state of Oregon features a wide variety of terrain to see and explore. From build-up towns and cities and huge forests to
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Insider Program Kickoff, Plus More Previews


Well known developer Microsoft has opened their insider program to the public. They’ve also previewed their development roadmap and more screenshots for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 title. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team have stated that the next update will come on August 22nd, which will include the complete Development Roadmap Release. In their previous update earlier this month, they claimed that the Build Program will begin on the 29th of August, so keep on the lookout for that update.

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SimDesignsCo Releases La Nubia Airport (SKMZ) for FSX

Simdesign Skmz La Nubia Airport (1)
Scenery developers SimDesignsCo has released La Nubia Airport (SKMZ) for FSX. The airport in Colombia features an 4,800ft runway, which means it has limited capacity for aircraft which can visit the airport. The airport product features detailed terminal modelling, including surrounding hangers with static aircraft. There is also a range of real photoscenery around the airport, which has been designed
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Verticalsim Studios Adds Arkansas to VStates Freeware Collection

Verticalsim Studios Vstates Arkansas (2)
Scenery developer Vertcialsim Studios has continued to add to their collection of freeware products called VStates. The state of Arkansas is now available to download and add to your collection. These products add 4K orthoimagery to your X-Plane installation in a quick and easy manner. These hand-coloured graded tiles integrate seamlessly with Ortho4XP. Just like other releases, the download can be
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Chris Bell Announces Black Marble Extended Lights Pack

Black Marble Extended Lights Pack Preview ✈
Developer Chris Bell has announced a new product to his line of night lighting series is now available to pre-order. Extended Lights Pack is an extension to the existing product line and will deliver night lighting over any photoreal ground texture set applied in the simulator. Furthermore, the product also promised to eliminate the popping effect in the simulator with night lighting appearing naturally
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FSDreamteam Detail KORD v2 Upgrade Pricing

FSDreamteam Detail KORD V2 Upgrade Pricing FSElite
FSDreamteam took to their forums to detail the planned upgrade pricing for users who previously purchased the original O'Hare 11 years ago. Users who have previously owned the 2008 edition of O'Hare will be able to get a discounted version of FSDreamteam's upcoming KORD v2. The discount amount wasn't specified in the forum post, but users will be able to
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