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Self-Loading Cargo V1.5 Development Video

Self-Loading Cargo is a utility that works with P3D and X-Plane and injects virtual crew and passengers into your simulator, giving each of them their own feelings, needs and desires. The tool, which was released in early-access a few months ago, continues to be updated in response to feedback from the community. The developer has since continued to add features and improve the utility with version 1.5 to be the next release.

Version 1.5 will add a visualisation tool so that you can see how the logic behind the scenes is working and see what desires your passengers and crew are looking for. In the 20 minute video above, Steve goes into the details about what’s going on, how it works and also some of the features version 1.5 of Self-Loading Cargo will bring.

The changelog for the update has started to be updated also, so users can get to grips with what to expect upon release. Version 1.5 is due for release in early November. You can also view the bucket list which is being used to help determine features for upcoming iterations of the product.

If it’s of interest to you, you can buy it now for £12.99. Once early access has finished, the price will increase to £17.99.

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Little Navmap 2.4.4 Update Released

Little Navmap developer Alexander Barthel has released another big update for his Little Navmap utility. This update brings a lot of new features to Little Navmap. Among them are a permanent aircraft performance collection, the wind aloft forecast, a complete rework of the logbook and the ability for users to create final approach vertical guidance such as ILS glideslopes at
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VATSIM Sets Connections Limits For The Weekend

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Following the successful launch of the new Audio for VATSIM at the beginning of the week, VATSIM has released a statement regarding the maximum number of connections on the VATSIM network for the upcoming weekend. Due to the lack of stability of the voice server when the amount of users exceeds a little over 1,000 users, the Board of Governors
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Sky Simulations Updates MD-11 for FSX and P3D

Developer Sky Simulations has updated their P3D/FSX-compatible MD-11 to version 2.2. The significant update adds PBR textures to the aircraft, a reworked FMC that now includes vertical navigation, as well as an aircraft manager, among other additions and fixes. Included with the addition of vertical navigation, the developer has reworked the MCP, including improved knobs for better handling. The aircraft,
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Active Sky on FSX, P3D and X-Plane All Updated

HiFi Sim Tech has updated their series of Active Sky products for FSX, P3D and X-Plane to all-new builds today. The updates are official and the result of feedback during various open-beta phases. All of the feedback from those testing phases have been taken into account to create these stable releases. For people using Active Sky XP (ASPX), the updates include
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Further Details and Previews for Just Flight’s Upcoming A300 Series of Aircraft

Just Flight A300 P3d Hd

Since Just Flight shared details for their upcoming A300 series of aircraft, coming to P3D, many people have been keen to learn new details of the project. As such, Just Flight has shared the product page for their A300B4-200, which includes a range of new details and previews for the aircraft.

The modelling of the aircraft has already been well-underway with it being modelled based on a detailed look at real-world aircraft F-WUAB. The texturing will be the highest possible (4K), and features such as bump and specular mapping will be used to make the aircraft feel truly 3D. Furthermore, PBR will be applied along with TFDi Design’s RealLight and TrueGlass technology. For those wondering, it will have wing-flex.

When inside the cockpit, Just Flight have committed to authentic gauges and navigational equipment, a realistic autopilot system and also a weather radar with integration with Active Sky. To help those new to the aircraft type, an interactive check-list will also be featured to help go from cold and dark to engine start and beyond. Panel states will also be a feature so be sure to shut down your aircraft correctly.

Other notable features from the initial product description include a custom paint-kit, authentic sound sets and a comprehensive manual to get you started and learn tips and tricks of the aircraft.

No release window has been provided, but you can sign up to their email list to be notified when the product will become available.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Update October 17 – Development Roadmap Updated

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The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has updated their blog with the latest news, which primarily focuses on the development roadmap for the next few weeks. Furthermore, the team provided a few other bits of clarity on the first tech-alpha application process. Starting with the tech-alpha news re-cap, the first confirmed that the registration for the first round has now closed.
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Imaginesim Postpones Los Angeles

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Disappointing news from Imaginesim's Facebook page this morning. Imaginesim has decided to postpone their work on Los Angeles International Airport for Prepar3D V4. Shortly after starting the development of LAX, Imaginesim was blown away with the news of Microsoft's newest flight simulator. The promo video for the new sim showcased amazing graphics and detailed cities. Included with the footage was
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Update (16-Oct-19): ProjectFLY Status Update [Back Online]

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Update posted 16-Oct-19 @ 15:30 by Calum Since the original post, projectFLY is now back online. The team left comments on various social networks saying that the team has "cleared enough of the bill to have the services reinstated." Whilst the team said there is still £700 left to clear from the original bill, the servers are now back online. Following
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