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JustFlight VC10 Professional Previews


JustFlight recently shared some previews of their upcoming Vickers VC10 Professional for P3Dv4.

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Voie Bleu Releases EBCI Brussels Charleroi for P3Dv4

210777 P3D EBCI 86
Voie Bleu has recently released a remake of their original Brussels South, ICAO code EBCI (which you can find here). EBCI, or its full name of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, is located in Gosselies, a district of the city of Charleroi in southern Belgium.  It is also located in relatively close proximity to the city of Brussels, being 46 kilometers
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Alabeo Releases C170B v1.1 Update

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Alabeo has released v1.1 of their C170B for FSX and P3D. This update fixes a handful of minor issues with the plane, and provides a small number of general enhancements to the experience. Alabeo strongly recommends that users re-download the entire product for this update, and perform a clean install by uninstalling the old version of the aircraft, and installing
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Flysimware Falcon F50 v1.7 Beta Released

F50 030
Flysimware has released a public beta for their upcoming v1.7 update of the Falcon F50 to the Flysimware store today for user testing. This is not the final release of version 1.7, however Flysimware released the update as a beta to ensure that the update was stable and issue-free prior to release. Version 1.7 is set to release on all
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Tailstrike Designs Reveals TailStrike Flora

Tailstrike Designs LIME P3dv4 Fselite Exclusive 5
In a brief Facebook post today, Tailstrike Designs has announced a new technology/product (as yet unclear) that will be utilized in upcoming sceneries: Tailstrike Flora. Details are very scant at this point but Tailstrike mentions that there will be more previews to come in the upcoming weeks.  We'll be sure to bring them to you here on FSElite.  You can
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JustSim Updates Antalya (LTAI) to Version 1.2 (P3D)

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In an announcement on their Facebook page, JustSim has released major updates along with new screenshots of their Antalya airport scenery (LTAI) for Prepar3D v4.

Updating to version 1.2 will bring the airport in line with current parking and taxiway positioning. The new taxiways W and L has been added along with night lighting and ground polygons using PBR work-flow techniques.

For all customers currently using Prepar3d v4.4, you will be pleased to know that PBR will also be in effect for the terminal buildings and control tower.

Ground vehicle animations are also updated to reflect more realistic movement around the airport and compliment the new configuration file for GSX.

The full changelog can be found below.

If you don’t already own JustSim’s Antalya (LTAI) you can grab a copy at simMarket for €19.40 (Excl. VAT).

It should be noted that you will have to pay a 5 euro upgrade fee to version 1.2 if you owned the previous version.

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Short Final Design Announce SFD Global for X-Plane 11

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Announced on ThresholdX earlier today, X-Plane 11 scenery developer Short Final Design announced his intentions on developing a global texture and autogen replacement program. Aptly named SFD Global, the payware product is designed to compete with the likes of Orbx Global for X-Plane 11. The product has been designed to completely overhaul the simulator. The primary change will be that the
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JustSim Update Malta (P3D) to Version 1.1

Justsim Malta Airport 6
JustSim released Malta for Prepar3D  a few weeks back, but the team has listened to feedback from the community to update it with new features and a few bug fixes. The new features include GSX settings data, new photo terrain night textures and a repaint of some of the original photo scenery included in the package. You can get the update
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion Available

Captain Sim 757 300 (2)
Captain Sim has released their 757 Captain III 757-300 Expansion pack for Prepar3D V4. Only a few weeks after multiple updates and the release of the freighter version, the team has released the final expansion pack for their 757 package. The 757-300 expansion pack includes custom engine performance, FMC set up and flight modelling to match that of the real Boeing
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Little Navmap 2.2.4 Update Released

Little Navmap 3
Back in December, we reported on a neat little utility called Little Navmap. The freeware tool is a comprehensive map display tool that gives you a range of features including automatic flight plan calculation options, elevation profiling, aircraft performance planning and integration with VATSIM and IVAO. You can do a range of things including exporting routes, finding detailed information about your
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