iniBuilds Introduces New VA Management Service, iniVA


Our partners at iniBuilds has announced a brand-new Virtual Airline Management Service for Virtual Airline owners to take advantage of.

The new service gives Virtual Airlines the ability to have iniBuilds build and manage their fleet to enhance the realism members of those VAs get to experience.

This is a service aimed squarely at Virtual Airline managers who are looking to have an up-to-date fleet, complete with little details such as weathering, custom fonts and correctly sourced colouring from the airlines themselves.

To celebrate the new service from iniBuilds, and to continue building our partnership with the team, we will be working with them to provide great opportunities to those Virtual Airlines part of iniVA to have content featured on FSElite in the future. This is an exciting way for us to engage further with the VA community and also allow our readers to find out about new ways to enjoy their simulator.

Ubaid from iniBuilds commented on the new service by saying “This is great opportunity for VA’s to benefit from these two services from both iniBuilds and FSElite. This new innovative approach, we hope, can provide the support and a  ‘USP’ to a certain extent, differentiating our VA customers from their competitors making them more appealing in the highly concentrated VA market. We thank our partners at FSElite and hope VA’s are able to seek value from our new services”

To find out more about the iniBuilds iniVA service, check out their website for the details and also how to get involved if you’re part of a VA.

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