Flight Sim 2018

First FSLabs A321-X Information and A319-X/A320-X Update Details

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Those who attended Flight Sim 2018 at Cosford this weekend were surprised with a running version of the A321-X from FlightSimLabs. The aircraft was on display for people to view the external modelling. Curious, we spoke to the developers to see what was going on with the aircraft.

The A321-X is coming along nicely with beta testers getting their hands on it very soon. Over the course of development, the team were keen to let us know that the A321-X isn’t a simple model update, but includes all the performance models and little details to create a realistic A321 simulation along with all it’s unique characteristics.

Further to the changes to the visual models, the flight dynamics and the inclusion of the ice and rain effects from the A319 series, the A321-X will also feature the DCDU and ATC COMM logic to simulate CPDLC via the Hoppie ACARS.

What was interesting was the fact that the virtual cockpit of the A321 wasn’t shown off. When I asked, I was told “there’s still a ‘couple’ more surprises in store”.

A319-X/A320-X Updates

Whilst the A321-X was on display, the A319-X and A320-X was there for users to fly. When asked, we were told that the FSX/P3Dv3 version updates were still coming and include the latest system features.

For Prepar3D V4 users, there’s some brand new stuff coming very soon. Firstly, the ice and rain effects will soon be available for the A320-X. First appearing on the A319-X, the effects are both visual and have a impact on the flight dynamics. Speaking of flight dynamics, it was confirmed that there will be a new high-definition flight performance model, which bypasses the conventional P3Dv4 system, which allows for more precise simulations of limitations, performances and edges of the envelope handling characteristics. So things like coffin corner, independent leading and trailing edge rendition on lift and drag as well as proper airframe drag and lift contributions depending on the component. It’s quite technical, but you can see the full change log below which details it further.

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Laminar Research Presentation At Flight Sim 2018



The presentation started with an introduction to the presenter himself: Philipp Ringler, who has been working with Laminar Research since 2013 and is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Emphasis was made on the fact that the presentation is focused around the roadmap of X-Plane 11, as this sim’s lifespan is far from over, with more and more free updates still to come.

A quick overview of the exclusive features in X-Plane 11 was given, with the Philipp mentioning the dynamic PBR (Physically Based Rendering) which allows the textures to react to the changing environment, as well as the all-new UI to replace the earlier UI which put many users off the sim. Additionally, he mentioned the fact that, as an instructor, his students would be introduced to the custom avionics provided with X-Plane to teach them how to fly.

F-mod and VR were then introduced, with a strong view on the sim making use of market-leading technology to enhance the flying experience. Then, we were introduced to our favourite developers in the X-Plane world: LR recently welcomed Orbx and FlyTampa to the sim and then gave some spotlight to the long-term supporters of the platform like Aerosoft, Just Flight, Carenado and even FlyJSim – a development group known for pushing X-Plane to the limits.

Finally, to end the introduction, we were given a view of the statistics behind the amazing scenery development by the community. One of X-Plane’s most amazing features is that you can fly from one airport to another anywhere in the world and almost guarantee amazing, up-to-date 3D scenery on either end. This is all thanks to the gateway community making the most of X-Plane’s default ‘Lego-Brick [sic]’ assets when creating scenery. Currently, X-Plane 11 ships with over 8,500 free custom 3D airport sceneries, with another 800+ coming in the 11.30 update.

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Orbx Details Information About TrueEarth Great Britain for X-Plane 11

Orbx announced that work had commenced on developing TrueEarth for Great Britain – first coming to X-Plane 11. As the first large-scale X-Plane 11 development for the Orbx team, they waited until Cosford to really go into detail about the product. The project has been headed up by specialist Tony Wroblewski.

The first piece of important information is that TrueEarth Great Britain has been split into 3 distinct areas: South, Central and North. Whereas before FTX landclass regions split across the countries in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), the team were unable to replicate this due to how X-Plane uses 1-degree tiles within the sim. As you can see from the picture, the way Orbx has split them has meant all countries are included if it’s within the geographical split. It’s useful to note that when the Prepar3D and Aerofly FS 2 versions are released, the way the product has been broken down will be the same.


The first of the TrueEarth Great Britain products to be released will be Great Britain South. Central and North will follow in the coming months.

The screenshots below you see are from beta 2, with beta 3 coming to testers soon which adds even more buildings and objects.

TrueEarth GB South includes 42,000 square miles of coverage for the South of England and Wales. Because of the new technology developed Orbx has developed, they are able to make region-specific autogen. So expect accurate looking buildings and other realistic eye-candy throughout your simulator. For example, trees and buildings are at the right location and height within the simulator. Of course, it’s not just the autogen that should please simmers, but also the huge amounts of points of interest for simmers to explore. These have been hand placed and designed for maximum realism.

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Summary: Mettar Simulations Presentation At Flight Sim 2018

A380 Article 1

Mettar Simulations has provided updates on a range of their projects during their presentation at Flight Sim 2018 this morning. During the presentation, Matt Davies spoke about projectFLY, POSCON and more.


The widely-used flight-tracking companion for every style of simmer is about to be updated with a number of new and improved features. The items that Matt touched on included:

  • Infinite Flight support
  • Support for the macOS platform
  • Updated projectFLY dispatcher
  • projectFLY chat
  • Mobile Push Notifications

While no ETA was given for any of this (only “soon”), the most interesting point was the push notifications, which Matt explained would enable a user to have these sent to their mobile device for events such as VATSIM/IVAO events (including “contact me” messages), and flight plan events such as the aircraft approaching Top of Descent. There was no demo or preview of this, but we hope to see some more on the topic soon.


After some delay due to technical problems Matt continued on to talk about POSCON, starting with a voice demo of the POSCON voice codec capabilities. The initial demo showed the difference between a few scenarios of radio transmission on the network, with one sounding clearer than the other, which was covered in static due to the distance from the transmission point. There was also an instance where the background noise was of a “Boeing cockpit” – indicating that the network will produce different effects on your voice transmissions depending on the aircraft that you’re flying.

The second demo was one that displayed the capabilities of the signal degradation, with the scenario of one aircraft in the air and one on the ground, both 250 miles apart. It also showed the “blocking” effect on frequency with the blocking tones and modulation that occur in such a scenario. Furthermore, there was the effect of multiple blockers at once, with different tones for each blocker being placed over the top of one another.

The third and final demo was a role-play style demo where we heard multiple aircraft calling into New York CTR with some coming through crystal clear, others blocking them, and additional aircraft getting progressively worse in radio quality due to distance. It sounded like something straight from a recording. Matt explained this is due to server-side algorithms that calculate distances and obstacles between aircraft and controllers on-the-fly.

The A380

Finally, Matt went on to talk about the elephant in the room – the A380 sized elephant.

Explaining that telling people about it was one of the worst mistakes of his life (due to being asked about it constantly since doing so), Matt discussed the history of the 1.5 year development up to this point. Most of this time has been spent on research & development for the plane, with the team wanting to make sure the product was well-researched and accurate.
The aircraft has been a side-project for his team, with POSCON and projectFLY the main focus, however, the aircraft is now at a point of a complete exterior model, of which was modelled by the same modeller responsible for the QualityWings 787 model.

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First Look: FSFX Packages / OldProp 717 Immersion Package Beta

With the recent announcement of the 717 Immersion pack, we had a chance to check out the beta.

Produced By: The Flight Sim Deck
Prepar3D V4.3
Orbx Global
Orbx Vector
PTA (Matt Davies Preset)
Active Sky 16
Rex 4 Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds
FSFX Packages Chase Plane
i7 4790k Quadcore oc 4.3ghz
Geforce GTX 1080 TI
Geforce GTX TitanX
16gb RAM 2400mhz
2TB Hard Drive
Windows 10 x64
Saitek Rudder pedals, throttle, and yoke

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FS2018: FSFX Packages / OldProp Presentation Round Up


Today during Flight Sim 2018 in Cosford, FSFX Packages (now officially OldProp) dropped loads of new details regarding their current product range, new products and a glimpse at the future. This post is a summary of what happened during the presentation.

FSFX Packages Now Officially OldProp



Some may not know this, but OldProp Solutions was always the parent company of FSFX Packages. As of today, FSFX Packages will be re-branded into OldProp. Everything from social media and the website will be changed. Nothing will change in regards to user accounts and products owned.

747 Immersion Now Available

Teased more than a year ago, OldProp has released their hotly anticipated 747 Immersion Package. We have the full scoop on our release post here.

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FSFX Packages / OldProp Release 747 Immersion Package

After a year of development and plenty of new technology, OldProp (as FSFX Packages are now known) has released their 747 Immersion Package.

Ripping apart the previous immersion packages, the team have created a brand new easy to use interface called Immersion Manager to apply effects, preview them and switch them on/off on the fly to suit your computer’s performance. It will now become the new standard for future Immersion Packages from the team, with more updates still to come in the future.

The 747 Immersion Package is compatible with the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II, as well as the newly released 747-8. It includes a whole range of effects that are suited to the atmosphere and in-sim conditions. For example, water droplets will drop off realistically from the edges of your aircraft, dust will fall off your wheels upon landing and spray effects will display depending on weather and speed of aircraft. Further effects include light reflections off of fog and cloud, condensation falling off the wings and much more. All of the effects can be tested or adjusted via the Immersion Manager.

You can buy the product now for $29.00USD via the OldProp website.

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FSFX Packages / OldProp Release 717 Immersion Package


During this morning’s conference at Flight Sim 2018, OldProp (formally known as FSFX Packages) has announced the release of the 717 Immersion Pack.

Taking advantage of the brand new Immersion Manager, the 717 Immersion Package comes with a range of new effects for the TFDi Design 717. Water droplets from the wings, tail and fuselage, volumetric lighting and a range of water and condensation effects can all be seen on the aircraft in detail. Furthermore, the new effects can be adjusted on-the-fly to your liking and previewed beforehand. Otherwise, the right effects will appear in the right atmospheric or weather condition.

You can buy the product now for $29.00USD via the OldProp website.

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