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Onfinal Studio Releases Båtsfjord Airport for MSFS

252159 Onfinal Studio ENBS 6

Coming hot on the heels of their recent Esbjerg Airport release for MSFS, scenery developer Onfinal Studio has, not long ago, also released their rendition of Båtsfjord Airport (ENBS) for MSFS.

Båtsfjord Airport (ENBS) is a regional Norwegian small-scale airport mainly serving Båtsfjord and the surrounding Troms og Finnmark region. Before opening the current facility on September 9th, 1999, another airport serving Båtsfjord did already exist.

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Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. Releases Freiburg Airfield for MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.01.15
Real-world flying club and flight training company Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. has recently released a fully detailed and accurate virtual representation of their real-world home base Freiburg Airfield (EDTF) for MSFS. Freiburg Airfield (EDTF) initially opened its doors in 1907 on what formerly served as the grounds for military parades and is located within Freiburg's Brühl district. The airfield is considered
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MB Simulations Releases Thun Airfield for MSFS

LSZW Beta 10.jpg.e291b10ef3c84949e3f7895f0442809f
Newcomer MB Simulations has released its first freeware scenery project for MSFS, this time focussing its efforts on realistically recreating the scenic Swiss mountain airfield of Thun (LSZW). Thun Airfield is a small-scale grass runway general aviation airfield located close to the beautiful town of Thun in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland and is scenically nestled in the middle of
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Maxx-XP Announces SkyMaxx Pro v5 for XPL

AAL SMP5 9.jpg.6ea4598529b33bc72b7d388f237c0c36
Following some quiet time, the development team behind the highly-renowned X-Plane cloud engine addon SkyMaxx Pro has taken to the X-Pilot forums, announcing the development of the product's fifth iteration and showcasing the progress that has been made in that regard. Calum, author of the recent SkyMaxx Pro forum post, begins by letting readers know that version 5 of the product will
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IVAO Releases New Datalink Module for Aurora Client

Pushing on with their ambitious online infrastructure upgrade, IVAO public relations director Fares Belkihria has recently taken to the company's web page, indicating the launch of V1.2.5B of the companies AURORA ATC client, introducing with this update a new data link module that brings both TELEX and CPDLC functionality to the company's AURORA ATC client. Fares begins his post by letting
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ToLiss Updates Airbus A321 Series for XPL to V1.2.1

Store Image 321 5

Highly renowned XPL aircraft developer ToLiss has quietly updated their Airbus A321 Series product for Xplane, bringing the highly regarded addon now up to Version 1.2.1.

While mainly concerned with the addressing and fixing of bugs, the update is also set to provide users with a couple of new features introduced to the developers’ A321 product line. Among said new features are the addition of both an AP TCAS and AP soft go-around mode for the recently released A321 Neo expansion pack, the addition of A321 Neo specific cockpit changes, and the addition of minimum and 100 above callouts for BARO/MDA minima. 

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TORQUESIM Updates Both Cirrus SR20 and SR22 for XPL

SR22TN 2020 08 12 23.13.47 1024×570
Xplane general aviation aircraft developer TORQUESIM has recently taken to their development blog, informing community members about releasing a new update for both their Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft products. The new update, bringing the SR22 up to V1.1 and the SR20 up to V1.0.1, brings several notable fixes and improvements to both airframes. Fixes and improvements pushed out with this
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ARIMA Releases Dortmund Airport for MSFS

Arima EDLW Dortmund Intl Airport MSFS2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator
Following their earlier release of Sharjah International Airport (OMSJ) for MSFS, scenery developer ARIMA has now provided users with their virtual rendition of Dortmund Airport (EDLW) via the simMarket online store. Dortmund Airport (EDLW) is a minor german international airport, mainly serving the city of Dortmund and the surrounding Rhine-Ruhr area, the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. The city of Dortmund is
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SceneryTR Design Releases Istanbul Airport for P3D

249794 LTFM030
Renowned Turkish payware and freeware scenery developer SceneryTR Design has just released Istanbul Airport (LTFM) for P3Dv4 and v5 via the simMarket online store, finally providing P3D users with an accurate rendition of this recently inaugurated Eurasian aviation mega-hub. Officially commencing operations on April 6th, 2019, Istanbul Airport (LTFM) took over passenger services from the continuously aging Ataturk Airport (LTBA) and
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Gaya Simulations Publishes Additional Kristiansand Previews

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Announced initially during Gaya Simulations '20-'21 Roadmap reveal back in mid-November, the scenery development studio has recently provided keen followers with new preview images of its upcoming Kristiansand Airport scenery for MSFS via a post on its official Facebook page. Kristiansand Kjevik Airport (ENCN) is an international airport situated on the southern tip of the Norwegian peninsula and mainly serves the
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