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Will Westlake

Captain Sim Announce Boeing 767 II


After weeks of teasing, Captain Sim has finally confirmed that they are working on a brand new Boeing 767.

Captain Sim teased, we begged, and now it’s official that we are getting a 767 for P3D. It appears it will be completely rebuilt much like their 757. The flight deck will be fully loaded with advanced systems such as the FMC, both LNAV and VNAV, and many more systems. With high-resolution textures, this aircraft will fit nicely in the modern sim setting. Captain Sim has also created their very own rain effects called GlaCS. Their Boeing 757 utilized TFDi’s rain effects so with this new product, we might see a change on the 757 as well.

The exterior model, as well as the virtual cabin, has also seen some love. In these previews, the Boeing 767-300ER with the Pratt&Wittney 4060 engines is highly detailed with 4K Ultra-HD texture resolution textures. With a 6+2 door configuration and a 4+4 door configuration coming soon, this new 767 from Captain Sim will be a nice change and is something the sim community needed. Numerous variants of options such as winglets will also be included at a later date. The virtual cabin has been fitted with 3D windows, with animated stewardess’ and pilots giving the virtual passenger an immersive experience. Developers confirmed that there will be hundreds of realistic animations including a brand new wing flex system to bring the already living aircraft, more alive.

Captain Sim has stated that the flight model has been completely overhauled with a new and improved one. TSS (Turbine Sound Systems) will be used for the engine sounds for every variant. Just like the 757, certain configurations will be included such as Cold&Dark and Ready for Takeoff. Which will probably be accessed through the FMC.

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FSimStudios Announce Next Airports

FSimStudios drop the mic with their announcement of Canada's 2nd busiest airport, Vancouver International (CYVR) and London, Ontario International Airport (CYXU). Let's start off on the west coast of Canada with Vancouver International Airport (CYVR). Without a doubt, this will be a game-changer. The reason being is the current payware Vancouver was released 8 years ago and is now heavily
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FlytheMaddogX Update Released

Developers of the FlytheMaddogX Md-82 have released a new update and it has some incredible new features. We shall start off with the aircraft systems. Not much to report here, but some coding optimizations and various minor fixes were made along with the PMS not accepting block fuel greater than 19 tonnes on the MD-83. Some fine-tuning on the PBR
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Vidan Design Aarhus Previews

Vidan Design took to social media and posted some good looking previews of their upcoming Aarhus Lufthaven airport (EKAH) Aarhus Lufthaven was announced several months ago and has made tremendous progress. The previews directed here show small details around the airport such as signs and a small section of the ramp area. The attention to detail looks great. With some
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FSDT KORD v2 FPS Between V4.5 and V5

Fsdreamteam Chicago Kord V2 (3)
Many developers have been showing off their products in Lockheed Martin's new P3Dv5. FSDreamTeam has released two videos comparing the FPS between P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5 using their Chicago O'Hare v2 (KORD) The first video shown here displays Prepar3D version 4.5 and the classic World Travel A321 parked at the gate at FSDreamTeam's O'Hare and you can clearly see the FPS
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MK-Studios P3Dv5 Scenery Previews


After the exciting announcement from Lockheed Martin and their version 5 of Prepar3D, developers have been eager to show off their products in the new platform. It feels like it was yesterday when P3D version 4 dropped allowing 64-bit and ridding the infamous Out Of Memory error that plagued the 32-bit programs.

MK-Studios has posted some previews of their upcoming Palma De Mallorca (LEPA). Very little info has been released regarding MKS’ Palma, but judging by the screenshots, you can expect a truly surreal experience. It would be fair to assume that we can expect very similar if not the same sort of features we have seen on previous MKS products such as dynamic lighting and SODE jetways (Once SODE is compatible with P3Dv5). LM stated that they have updated their global terrain, but that won’t stop developers from going above and beyond.

Going off that, Keflavik (BIKF) is certainly no exception. MK-Studios has also posted the Iceland airport in P3Dv5 showing stunning evening lighting on and around the airport. Keflavik will most likely receive the same treatment as Palma De Mallorca (LEPA).

We have no release date or a price set for Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA) but you can expect a V4.5 and v5 package all for one price. MK-Studios has also announced that owners of v4 Keflavik will get a free copy for p3Dv5. Be sure to stay tuned to the MK-Studios Facebook page for the latest on their development process with these two airports. We’re not far off now.

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VRS F/A-18F Rhino Available for Pre-Order

Virtual Reality Simulations, or VRS, have announced that their F/A-18F Rhino can now be pre-ordered. The VRS F/A-18E Superbug was their first rendition of the iconic fighter jet. It is a study-level military-grade aircraft for FSX and P3D. But now with their brand new Rhino, things are about to get a lot better. The new VRS F/A-18F Rhino has been
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FSimStudios Kelowna Update

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After the successful release of a much needed Edmonton (CYEG) airport, FSimStudios are very close to releasing another much-needed airport in western Canada. After 50 plus hours of work, compiling over 330 square kilometers (205 square miles) of mountainous terrain, three seasons of 0.42m/pix images and surrounding city, FSimStudios has announced that 2 weeks from today, Kelowna International Airport (CYLW)
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Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack v2 Update

Immersive Audio is been well known for their 737NG and Q400 immersive audio packages for FSX and P3D. With the release of the PMDG 737NGXu, The developers at Immersive Audio have stated that they are completely redoing their 737NG CFM package. The entire product will have fully redone and enhanced sounds and will be the PMDG NGXu. Immersive Audio believes
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JustSim Basel Airport Update Released

227046 15 01 2020 03 38 30
JustSim has released a small update that adds a few new features and a hand full of bug fixes Basel Airport now gets the luxury of SODE jetways as well as a custom configuration file for GSX to go with it. Instead of the default GSX files, JustSim has built their own so that it will work perfectly fine with
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