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Will Westlake

Runway 26 Simulations Miami for X-Plane Previews


Runway 26 Simulations officially announced Miami International Airport (KMIA) a little over a month ago now, and now they have posted a handful of new previews of the development.

In these previews, Rwy26 Simulations is showing off their work on their upcoming Miami Airport (KMIA) for X-plane 11. Looking at these screenshots, it appears that they may not be too far off. Night lighting is also well displayed, showing the dead of night as well as evening and or early morning. There are some previews that also show the day time around various parts of the airport along with some nice PBR reflections on the ramp surface.

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Cloudberry Sim Announces Oakland International Airport

A first time scenery developer is coming out with a well needed scenery. The lone and first time developer posted on the FSDeveloper forum stating that he is nearing completion of his first ever scenery. Embeee (his forum name) or Cloudberry Sim, which is what he seems to call his project, says that the buildings, ground polys and ADE layout are
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Onfinal Studio Announces Reus Airport

Onfinal Studio has announced the development of Reus Airport (LERS) for Prepar3D v4. Developers at Onfinal Studio are hard at work designing the Spanish airport, Reus, which is located Catalonia approximately 90km west of Barcelona. Whilst the majority of airline service to Reus is seasonal, you will still be able to fly any and all GA aircraft into the airport.
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JustFlight VC10 Professional Previews

JustFlight recently shared some previews of their upcoming Vickers VC10 Professional for P3Dv4. The VC10 for FSX & P3D was first released in 2017 and now to be released for the P3Dv4 platform. This product comes with 5 accurately modeled civilian and military aircraft, such as the VC10 C1k transport/tanker. Included also is the Super VC10 that has higher performance
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Concuflight Group Flight Manager Released

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Developers of Concuflight went public with their project a little under a month ago and at the time, the project was in beta, but after a short beta testing period, it has now been released. Concuflight is a group flight manager. You are able to put together a flight plan using SimBrief to create a flight that can be flown
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FlyTampa Releases Montreal V2 For Prepar3D V4


FlyTampa has updated their Montreal (CYUL) scenery to v2 which brings along many new features and Prepar3D v4 compatibility.

After Prepar3D version 4 went live back in 2017 many developers, including FlyTampa, have been working hard at getting their add-ons up to snuff with the new platform. FlyTampa has been slowly updating their scenery add-ons so they can utilize the features P3Dv4 offers such as the dynamic lighting and now with v4.4, PBR (Physically Based Rendering).

FlyTampa’s latest update to Montreal (CYUL) brings well over 100 new improvements. Included in these improvements in the new terminal expansion as well as new and updated taxiway markings and apron markings. FlyTampa has also added new PBR wet effects on the ground as well as PBR effects on the terminal windows. SODE Jetways have also been added, however, if you wish, you can still remain with the default Ctrl+J jetways. Also new to this scenery is the new terminal expansion on the main terminal building. This extends the end of the terminal on the west side to add several new gates.

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FSE Development Update on FSEnhancer

FSE Developers have given an update regarding their FSEnhancer for X-Plane. In a recent Facebook post, FSE Developers have stated that FSEnhancer v0.6 will indeed be a payware addon for X-Plane. In the post, the developer said, "I honestly think FSE v0.6 is very likely to become a payware product." FSE has promised that it will be "extremely cheap". So if you
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FSimStudios Cancun Released

After several months of teasing, and at along last, FSimStudios have released Cancun (MMUN) FSimStudios have been working on their rendition of Mexico's second busiest airport for a few months now, and with several posts showing the progression of the development and showing of what was to come. Cancun needs no introduction. When someone mentions Cancun, you immediately think of
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Windsock Simulations Offers More Bergamo Previews

Windsock Simulations has teased us with a handful of screenshots from their upcoming Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport (LIME) for X-Plane 11. Windsock Simulations' developers have stated that they are very close to finishing up Bergamo Airport (LIME). There are just a few small touches before it is complete and ready. PBR (Physics Based Rendering) is among one of the
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SSG Post CRJ-700 Previews

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Two CRJ-700NG previews have surfaced in the Supercritical Simulation Group Facebook group showing off the front end of the CRJ-700NG. From the couple of previews that the Supercritical Simulation Group developers have shared, you can see the level of detail and bump mapping that is included within this aircraft. You can easily see the circuit breakers that are behind the
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