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LatinVFR Announces Miami Update


LatinVFR Released their version of Miami International Airport (KMIA) for P3Dv4 quite a while back and now they are hard at work bringing us a new an improved version of the Miami Airport (KMIA)

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MK-Studios 2019 Road Map Plans

Mk Studios Tenerife South 01
MK-Studios released their Tenerife South Volume 1 V2 just a few days ago and how they have posted information regarding their plans for the rest of 2019. To kick things off, Tenerife Vol 2 was announced a while back and is now expected to be released in summer of 2019. No specific month and or date has been set nor
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Orbx Releases 1.05 Update for Olbia LIEO

Orbx Olbia Costa P3d (9)
Orbx has released 1.05 of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (LIEO)   Within the update, there is a had full of improvements, fixes, and additions to the scenery. An approach light system has been added to the runways as well as REIL lights (Runway End Identifier Lights) to the end of each runway. Sticking with the runway theme, Orbx has fixed
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Carenado Announces 390 PREMIER IA For X-Plane

Carenado is continuing to bring their products to Laminar's X-Plane now with their Beechcraft 390 Premier IA corporate jet. After a successful release of their ATR42-500 Series, developers at Carenado are back at it bringing yet another stellar jet to the world of X-Plane. The Beechcraft Premier IA jet is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small business
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SimWing’s Gran Canary Islands Professional Previews

SimWings took to the Aerosoft Forums and posted some more previews of their upcoming Gran Canary Islands Professional for P3Dv4 specifically the Gran Canaria airport (GCLP). Gran Canaria (GCLP) is one of many of the airports in the Gran Canary Islands. The previews displayed, are that of the Gran Canaria airport on the island Gran Canaria. This airport serves as
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VATSIM/IVAO Message Forwarding System ‘FCOM’ Released

Fcom Black Background

FCOM is a VATSIM/IVAO message forwarding system that allows the user to receive messages via Discord. If you need to step away from the computer, this tool allows you to keep track of any messages without being physically at the controls.

Designed by Norris Ng, he is a computer science student at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada has been working on what he calls “FCOM” for quite some time now.

In regards to the VATSIM Code of Conduct about being away from your keyboard, you will still be responsible for abiding by the VATSIM CoC when using FCOM.

In a message between myself and Norris, he stated that it is “highly recommended” that FCOM should be used if you plan to be away from your virtual controls for less than 30 minutes.


There are a few bugs still to sort out, but it is ready for the public. In the video above, you can see how to get FCOM working, and how it works with Discord.

Feel free to check out the FCOM website for a full rundown of how this program works. From there you can download FCOM for free and use it while you fly. Norris has stated that this is a 100% free for everyone to use.

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SamScene3D Tokyo City Wow V2 Released

SamScene3D has released their new Tokyo City V2 for FSX and P3D. Tokyo City V2 covers the entire capital of Japan. Including all seasons with custom textures, with photoreal ground textures and various Japanese styled buildings spread out around the area. Night textures blend quite well with the night lighting and road lights courtesy of Orbx. Yokohama city has also
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Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South 1.1 Update

Orbx developers have rolled out version 1.1 of TrueEarth Great Britain South adding a handful of new features and fixing various user reported bugs. A new feature is a control panel which allows the user to manage over 135,000 objects to improve the density in the surrounding area or improve performance. In addition to the control panel which can be
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Runway 26 Simulations Miami for X-Plane Previews

Runway 26 Simulations officially announced Miami International Airport (KMIA) a little over a month ago now, and now they have posted a handful of new previews of the development. In these previews, Rwy26 Simulations is showing off their work on their upcoming Miami Airport (KMIA) for X-plane 11. Looking at these screenshots, it appears that they may not be too
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Cloudberry Sim Announces Oakland International Airport

A first time scenery developer is coming out with a well needed scenery. The lone and first time developer posted on the FSDeveloper forum stating that he is nearing completion of his first ever scenery. Embeee (his forum name) or Cloudberry Sim, which is what he seems to call his project, says that the buildings, ground polys and ADE layout are
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