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FSDreamTeam Releases GSX version 2.7

GSX 2.7 New Pushback
You heard it here first folks, FSDreamTeam's GSX Version 2.7 has been released. To kick things off, FSDT released two videos demonstrating the new seasonal clothing for the marshallers. In the video, it goes through multiple weather and season changes showing off this brand new feature. From high visibility parkas for extreme cold operations to shorts and a t-shirt in
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IVAO Software Development Update

IVAO Software, which is another online network much like VATSIM, is overhauling their entire experience for both pilots and controllers with four main pillars. The ATC Client, the Pilot Client, the Network and the servers. Ever since the IVAO network was constructed, their FSD, IVAP, and IVAC were not owned by IVAO. That meant developers were unable to make major
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JARDesign Releases Version 3.4 For The A320

JARDesign has released an update fixing and added a handful of items.   With the release of X-Plane 11.35, many developers are in the works at getting their addons to be compatible with the new update. JARDesign is the latest developer to do so updating their A320 to version 3.4 adding a brand new FMGS (Flight Management Guidance System). Sticking
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Colsimmers Releases El Edén International Airport SKAR


At long last, El Edén International Airport (SKAR) from Colsimmers is now available for purchase.

The fine developers at Colsimmers have been hard at work creating their rendition of El Edén International Airport (SKAR). This airport is located approximately 190 kilometres, (117 miles) west of Bogotá in Colombia in the city of Armenia. The airport is not very big, nor overly busy. Maybe seeing a max of 10 flights a day or less. There isn’t much information about that airport, but what we do know is that in 1999, there was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that severely damaged the main terminal building. Since then, the airport has seen several upgrades such as a runway extension, and international gates with an immigration area.

Colsimmers didn’t give a feature list, but they did state that it is for P3Dv4 only so it is safe to assume that dynamic lighting is already part of the product. Going by the screenshots, it appears that they have used high-resolution textures throughout the entire airport as well as custom ground textures to better match the real-world counterpart. Again looking at the pictures posted by Colsimmers on the product page, it does look like there is some custom mesh around the airport as well which flows well with the rest of the scenery around it.

Colsimmers El Edén International Airport (SKAR) is available for purchase for P3Dv4 for only €15.00 (Excl. VAT) over at simMarket.

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JustFlight BAe 146 Previews

The JustFlight BAe 146 Professional from Just Flight was announced several months ago, but there are a handful of screenshots to see the progress. Just Flight has stated that "release is a long way off yet". There is still quite a bit left in the development, but you can assure that this will be an astounding aircraft much like many
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FlightFactor Multi Update

A320 448
Flight Factor has released updates and previews for their A320, 767 and 757.   First off, the FlightFactor Boeing 757 is receiving the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) into the arsenal in the unlikelihood of complete power loss in flight. The Ram Air Turbine will automatically deploy during flight in the case of dual engine failure, or complete loss of power.
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Wing42 Lockheed Vega 0.9 Preview

There is a lot coming with the 0.9 updates for the Wing42 Lockheed Vega. Wing42 have been working around the clock to bring the latest version of their classic Lockheed Vega. From simple bug fixes to physical wear and tear of the aircraft. New to the Lockheed Vega, is the wear, tear, and maintenance feature. With other 100 malfunctions with
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FlyInside Version Released

After several quiet months, the team at FlyInside have released version of their virtual reality flight simulator.   Within this update, you are no longer limited to the United States. As stated by the developer, you are now able to fly "nearly anywhere in the world." With photorealistic with accurately placed buildings, trees, and water bodies. With 1ft/pixel resolution
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