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FSimStudios Edmonton Releasing This Weekend


After many posts regarding Edmonton (CYEG), FSimStudios has announced that they will be releasing their latest scenery, Edmonton International Airport this weekend. This scenery is chocked full of exciting features for Canada’s 5th busiest airport.

To kick things off, FSimStudios have stated that it will be “pre-released” on their website. You will be able to pick it up at SimMarket after a few weeks. FSimStudios have been making quite the name for themselves by bringing airports that either need an updated scenery, or just need a scenery in general. Adding Edmonton (CYEG) to the list, this will drastically change those who operate Canadian flights. With a detailed terminal building with the new control tower, the level of detail is incredible. High-resolution textures with PBR Dynamic WetFX which change depending on the weather conditions at the airport. Also included are PBR SnowFX to go along with the 3D snow, snowdrifts, and steam effects. SODE Jetways and Windsocks, as well as dynamic lighting, will be included out of the box. This is the tip of the iceberg of what to expect.

But wait, there is more! FSimStudios have also announced that they are currently working on Calgary V2 CYYC. This will include a fully updated and remake of the airport, Downtown Calgary and will feature high-resolution textures of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary V2 CYYC is expected sometime next year, but no major timeline has been stated as of yet. With the addition of Edmonton and the new Calgary, flights between these two airports will be spectacular!


That’s not all either. FSimStudios announced a few weeks ago that they are developing “another Canadian favourite airport. They are hinting that it is 2 more great destinations to fly from Edmonton. There are many major Canadian airports that still have not been covered, or have been covered, but are not optimized for the 64bit platform or are outdated. Please feel free to post guesses in the comments.

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Orbx TrueEarth Northern California X-Plane 11 Previews

Orbx has posted a handful of previews of TrueEarth Northern California. These previews are showing off the Oakland area specifically, but we can expect other parts of NorCal in the future. The stunning detail makes it feel like you are looking at a real photo of downtown Oakland. This is of course with every Orbx product, but with these new
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Whiskey Jet Simulations A220 Virtual Cockpit Tour

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As this beautiful bird gets closer and closer, we are starting to see everything come together. With Whiskey Jet Simulations' latest post, it shows a three-minute video showing off the virtual cockpit of the Airbus A220 (Bombardier C Series). The short video depicts the entire VC and shows up several features that will be included with the final product. Not
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[Update: Now Available] Dreamflight Studios Release Update for Daniel Oduber Quirós Airport MRLB

Update #2: The Update is now available via simMarket for €5.00 (excluding VAT). If you don't own the original version, you can buy version 2 of MRLB Liberia International Airport for €14.99. Full details on the changes are below in the original article. Dreamflight Studios, developers of Quito (SEQM), has announced a new update for their very own Daniel Oduber Quirós International
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Soarfly Concepts Biggin Hill Previews


Soarfly Concepts announced about a month ago that their Biggin Hill (EGKB) had entered beta. No other previews had been released until now showing off the small regional airport. Not much information has been released yet regarding this scenery addon, but if you are familiar with Soarfly Concepts’ products, they have stated that “will have all the bells and whistles our regular Flagship scenery has but with the multi-material were all use to now and a few extra treats.” which by the sounds of it, sounds quite nice.

For those who do not know, Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB) is located 12 NM (22 km; 14 mi) south-southeast of Central London. The small airport used to be known as RAF Biggin Hill which a small part of the airfield still retains this designation. The airport first opened for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) pilots during the First World War. Biggin Hill is also well known for its role during World War II when it was one of the main fighter bases protecting the South-Eastern part of England.

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Photosim Labs Bimini Previews

Photosim Labs has been teasing the community with their Bimini island scenery for quite some time now. With their latest forum post, they posted several previews that they claim are showing what it will look like out of the box. This scenery has been in development for a while and it looks like it is close to release, though this
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ImagineSim Announce Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

After a Facebook post from ImagineSim stating they were postponing the development of Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), they came back with an announcement that Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport is now in the works for P3Dv4 and will become available for X-Plane11 and even Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which is the first scenery addon to be announced for the upcoming
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Infinite Flight Airbus A350 Previews

Infinite Flight has posted several previews regarding their Airbus A350WXB aircraft for the mobile simulator. For those who are unaware Infinite Flight is a mobile flight simulator and has grown in popularity in the last few years. Development of an Airbus A350 has been in the works for some time and now, with this latest forum post, we get a
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FlightFactor Posts Statement on A320 Ultimate

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FlightFactor developers have taken to the X-Plane forums with a new statement regarding their A320U aircraft. The FlightFactor A320 Ultimate is nearing the release of version 1 and developers and testers are hard at work finding and fixing bugs in the beta version 0.11.5 that was recently released. The A320 Ultimate was initially released as a "non-beta final" Just over
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