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Bahrometrix released freeware EDGT Bottenhorn

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Bahrometrix have put out a freeware Bottenhorn (EDGT) is a small single grass strip aerodrome north of Frankfurt, Germany. This little grass trip's main focus on gliders, ultra light, motor gliders, towing aircraft, gyrocopters, helicopters, para-gliders and balloon flights. The scenery also includes a sloped runway. Scenery key features - ORBX color-matched orthophoto 15cm / px with all seasonal variations
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Just Flight Traffic Global Early Access Released

Traffic Global Early Access Just Flight
Just Flight announced on their Facebook page, saying that Traffic Global for FSX, FSX: SE, P3Dv3 and v4. Just Flight first contributed to the AI traffic products 20 years ago. And now Traffic Global is almost ready to populate the virtual skies world wide. The database that powers the AI flights, are sourced from real world flight tracking websites. Some
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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Bristol Bulldog Mk2A

The fine developers at Aeroplane Heaven have announced that they will be redoing an old product they produced 15 years ago. Back by popular demand, the Bristol Bulldog Mk2A. Aeroplane Heaven had this to say on the Facebook page: "The Bulldog Spirit. Around 15 years ago, we produced a simulation of the Bristol Bulldog Mk2A. It became one of our
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Aerosoft Posts More Previews

Aerosoft posted on their forum some new preview shots of their highly anticipated Airbus Professional series. These screenshots preview the Airbus A318 once again in the British Airways livery and include both exterior and interior screenshots. A release date has still not yet been set by the Aerosoft team, but we can all assume that release is very close. As
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Leonardo SH Fly The MaddogX Version 1.0.3 and Paint Kit Released

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After the highly successful release of the rebooted MaddogX, developers have been hard at work fixing bugs, painting planes and getting them out as fast as possible. FlytheMaddogX V1.0.3 Change log: Load Manager problems with certain windows localisation. Stuck brakes in certain version of FSX. Added possibility to disable RealLight, and have ‘FSX style’ panel lightning (no dimming). Further to
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Flight Sim Commander 10 Released

The fine developers at Aerosoft have released version 10 of Flight Sim Commander. This is a GPS, flight planner and moving map tool for FSX and FS2004. You must own a copy of WideFS which is not included to this. This is defiantly a must have for all who fly on VATSIM or IVAO. It will show all active traffic
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