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SSG Post CRJ-700 Previews

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Two CRJ-700NG previews have surfaced in the Supercritical Simulation Group Facebook group showing off the front end of the CRJ-700NG.

From the couple of previews that the Supercritical Simulation Group developers have shared, you can see the level of detail and bump mapping that is included within this aircraft. You can easily see the circuit breakers that are behind the pilot’s seats through the cockpit windows.  Looking at the nose gear and main landing gear, everything is highly detailed, accurately modeled and where it should be. The reflections on the aircraft compliment that aircraft very nicely as a real world CRJ or any plane for that matter would have a nice shine to it.

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ShortFinal Design Munich Previews

ShortFinal Design have posted a hand full of new previews of their new Munich (EDDM) scenery for X-Plane 11 that show off a bit of the terminal, taxiway,  surrounding buildings and parking lots. Included in these previews is the SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) plugin which allows you to control jetways, which is very similar to SODE for FSX/P3D. With the previews
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FlytheMaddogX Development Update

After a preview of the MD-82, 83 and 88 with PBR, FlytheMaddogX developers have posted a nice update regarding the development of the new MD-83 and 88 Developers of the new MD-83 and MD-88 have already confirmed that these aircraft have entered beta, but are also finalizing the 'advanced icing' feature that will be included in the MD-82, 83 and
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FSLabs Release 32-bit Update For A320-X

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FSLabs have released a large update for their Airbus A320-X for the 32-bit platforms. Lefteris has stated that despite the usual compatibility updates and code additions, this update includes several fixes and improvements. FSLabs have made multiple fixes and improvements to the FMGC. They have increased the 'Pause at TOD' to 20NM so you will have some time to set
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A2A Aircraft Update And Rain Effect

The new generation of flight simulation is truly spectacular! With products that add thrust effects, wing vortices, realistic contrail and of course rain effects. With FSFXPackages first breaking the ice with this incredible technology, to TFDi with their rain effects, and now, A2A Simulations has updated their Cessna 172 Trainer, and Cessna 182 Skyhawk with their very own rain effect
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Windsock Simulations To Bring MK-Studios Lisbon to X-Plane


Windsock Simulations are in the process of bringing MK-Studios’ Lisbon (LPPT) to the X-Plane platform.

The X-Plane community have been asking for Lisbon to be brought to X-Plane since it’s initial release and now they will soon be able to have it for their simulator. Windsock Simulations announced that they are closing in on finishing up their MK-Studios Lisbon to X-Plane conversion. They posted several preview screenshots on their Facebook page showing some very promising photos of Lisbon in X-Plane and previews of the night lighting.

With Lisbon coming to X-Plane, you can expect the same look level of detail as if it were the FSX/P3D version but in a completely different simulator. There is no real feature list for this conversion, but there will be some of the same features as the FSX/P3D product.

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ImagineSim Release Update for Austin and Shanghai

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport have been updated to match their real life counterparts. Austin airport (KAUS) has been given the south terminal which houses the ultra-low cost air carriers such as Allegiant and VIA Air. Shanghai Pudong has been given a small modeling update regarding the Chinese characters atop terminal 1.   Both these updates are available
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Colsimmers Release Santa Marta

Colsimmers, a new developer is making a name for themselves by developing an incredible scenery for free! Santa Marta (SKSM) or Simón Bolívar Airport is now available for Prepar3d versions 3 and 4. The airport is located 18 kilometres (11 miles) from Ciénaga and serves only domestic flights in Colombia. Colsimmers has done a good job of recreating Santa Marta (SKSM)
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FSimStudios Cancun Progress Update

FSimStudios Cancun inches closer to release. The developers at FSimStudios have posted a few more previews of their upcoming Cancun (MMUN) scenery and have stated that these are the "very last details before exporting to the sim: vehicles and roof elements (AC, pipes, etc)." This means the next previews we will see from them will be in sim screenshots and we
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MK-Studios Release Two Products

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MK-Studios have released their Lanzarote (GCRR) for X-Plane 11 and brought Lisbon (LPPT) to FSX and P3D version 3. The fine developers at MK-Studios have been hard at work creating Lanzarote (GCRR) airport for X-Plane 11. Lanzarote, or the official name, Arrecife Airport is the primary airport for the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. It is a major tourist destination
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