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Vincent Lafortune-Bringolf

FSFX Packages Current State of Affairs

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Two days ago (sorry for the delay), FSFX Packages released a public statement which contained some interesting and enlightening information about their future endeavours. The two main topics were (obviously) Chaseplane and the Immersion packages.


  • Version 1.0 will be coming a bit later than expected due to major changes in the flight simulation community such as the advent of Prepar3D V4. The team has been working hard to fix the bugs here and there and haven’t had the time to delve on the user manual and interactive tutorials.
  • Chaseplane will enter Beta next week as it gets closer to the first full release of version 1.0.
  • FSFX Packages is committed to releasing a perfect product so do not expect a hasty and careless release.

Immersion packages:

  • Immersion packages are not yet compatible with V4 as a new .DLL must be created. There are no estimate on the release for V4.
  • PrecipitFX is compatbile with V4.
  • TFDi 717 Immersion is coming; no ETA.
  • P’DG 747 is in the works, but do not expect it anytime soon as the developer team will have to find a new way to incorporate their effects into the 747.

For the official release, click here.


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FlightBeam Have Released KMSP!

Ladies and gentlemen, The great team over at FlightBeam have done it once again: KMSP is finally released and looks astonishing. We will get our hands on KMSP as soon as possible to give you a full review. For the time being, head over to FlightBeam's website to get more info on KMSP. Here is a rundown (from FB website)
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FSCon 2017 News: FlightBeam Are Working on KPDX!

Kpdx Preview 1
The largest airport in Oregon is coming to Prepar3D (we are aware it's already available, but let's be serious for two)! FSElite have received the exclusive information that FlightBeam, in partnership with iBlueYonder, are working on Portland International Airport (KPDX). The airport is located within Portland's city limits just south of the Columbia River in Multnomah County, so get ready to be amazed
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Drzewiecki Design New York Airports V2 Update!

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Drzewiecki Design have just released an update for their upcoming New York Airports V2. In a Facebook post earlier today, the developer group has confirmed that KCDW, KLDJ and KTEB are entirely finished, whereas KLGA, KEWR and KJFK are respectively 80%, 60% and 30% done. Of course, the bigger and more complex airports are harder to finish, but this already seems very promising from the talented developers that brought us Washington D.C.

They claim that everything should be optimized so well that it cannot be compared to V1 and that the lightning is being done from scratch. New York Airports V2 will be released as two separate products and previous owners of V1 will obviously get a fair discount on their purchase.

Click here to read the FaceBook post from Drzewiecki Design.

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