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Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition 33% Off!

Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition is 33% off until May 15th over at Just Flight. This is an amazing sale considering how rarely the Majestic’s price is altered. If you don’t already have the Q400 in your hangar, this is perhaps your best opportunity to grab it. If you were already planning on getting the Majestic Q400, it’s worth noting that with this sale, the Pro edition is now only £7 more than the Pilot edition and with all the benefits you get with the Professional edition, this is a definite deal maker.

Head over to Just Flight’s website to purchase the Q400!



Drzewiecki Design New York Airports V2 Update!

Drzewiecki Design have just released an update for their upcoming New York Airports V2. In a FaceBook post earlier today, the developer group has confirmed that KCDW, KLDJ and KTEB are entirely finished, whereas KLGA, KEWR and KJFK are respectively 80%, 60% and 30% done. Of course, the bigger and more complex airports are harder to finish, but this already seems very promising from the talented developers that brought us Washington D.C.

They claim that everything should be optimized so well that it cannot be compared to V1 and that the lightning is being done from scratch. New York Airports V2 will be released as two separate products and previous owners of V1 will obviously get a fair discount on their purchase.

Click here to read the FaceBook post from Drzewiecki Design.

Orbx San Diego International Airport (KSAN): The FSElite Review

Orbx - Matteo Veneziani
$39.95 AUD
Provided by
We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

Orbx San Diego Intl. was released a few weeks ago and FSElite had the chance to get a hold of it. Here is our review for this iconic airport brought to you by non-other than Orbx.

Known for their rigorous and meticulous work, Orbx have once again produced a wonderful rendition of an airport and its vast surroundings. It should be mentioned that Orbx was not doing something brand new with KSAN as LatinVFR already had a scenery for the airport. This competition, of course, is healthy for the flight simmer as he can rest assured that Orbx was going to go above and beyond to propose something more interesting than their counterpart. As this is not a comparison review, I will not delve too much into what I think one scenery does better than the other, but I think it’s fair to say that Orbx has the upper hand (without, nonetheless, excluding LatinVFR too quickly).

In traditional Orbx fashion, the KSAN scenery is obviously not just the airport. When you buy the scenery, you get the whole San Diego Metropolitan area covered with photorealistic scenery. When combined with OpenLC NA and/or FTX Southern California, KSAN offers an impressive immersive experience that really makes you feel there. I was impressed by the amount of details downtown San Diego had to offer as well as how busy the harbour feels with the hundreds of sailing boats floating around. KSAN does what Orbx have always done best: it offers ground-breaking visuals that cover a massive area so you really get the most out of your scenery purchase.

To conclude this overview, I feel as though it is important to mention that this is Matteo Veneziani’s first scenery as part of the Orbx group. The task he undertook by taking on the project of KSAN was no mere one and I think he did an amazing job, especially (but not strictly because) since it was his very first one. If it’s for something, we can only expect wonderful things from Matteo in a future that is very bright for the new developer.

Just like it is Mister Veneziani’s first scenery, this is my first review. I will, without a doubt, get better in the future and organize my ideas better, but I’ve decided to separate this article in three distinct categories: 1) visual quality & immersion 2) performances 3) personal conclusion. Through these three arguably vague, but distinct categories, I will hope to offer the reader a better understanding of what Orbx KSAN is all about, what it does finely, and what could be improved in future updates. Keep Reading

Flight Simmer Stay Away from Windows 10 Insider Program (FSX & P3D)

FSElite is looking out for you! The title says it all: do not take part in Windows 10 Insider Program if you do not want to mess up your simulator.


This is the dreaded message you will see if you decide to update your Windows with the Insider Program. Let me explain why this happens and why this totally kills your simulator. Microsoft and Windows are currently making changes to their OneCore utility. If you don’t know what OneCore is, I at least know enough to tell you that it is absolutely an integral part of all high-class add-ons out there: PMDG, GSX and so on. Developers use it along Prepar3d to enable pop-up windows to interact with your simulator. With the changes Microsoft are making to OneCore, it is no longer compatible with said add-ons. Therefore, on start-up, you will get the same error and every time you will want to open GSX, pop-up your PMDG FMC and execute many different actions, you will get the ERROR CREATING CHILD WINDOW error, and will be left hanging with useless expensive add-ons.

Problems have been reported  with builds 16176 & 16179. Build 16170 seems to be working fine. Make sure to not go over this build for the moment if you are currently an Insider.

I do hope you read this before deciding to enroll in the Insider Program. While some of the features are quite neat and interesting, it is not worth destroying your simulator with it. The even more scary part is that if you enroll in the program, it is very hard to stop the updates from coming in and you might even need to re-install Windows, something I had to personally do. Best case scenario is that you will need to roll back to the previous version of Insider (which in your case would mean a version still not compatible with your simulator add-ons), but if you wait too long, this version will be expired and you will be left hanging until the next stable release of Windows 10.

Again, spare yourself the nightmare of having to re-install everything and do not take part in the Insider and Creator program. If you are already in it, make sure to disable all further updates until the next stable Windows release. This is the best advice I can give you.

This is my bit for today, I hope this will avoid some of you guys the pain I had to go through, but as they say: you live to learn.

The Windows Insider Program is something you decide to join deliberately. The computer will not automatically update your Windows 10 with the Insider updates. If you are not enrolled in the program, you have nothing to worry about.

Carenado Reveal New Project Piper PA-42 Cheyenne III

Carenado have only just released the PA-31T Cheyenne II that they announce their newest project: the PA-42 Cheyenne III. Either the success of the PA-31T was so great that they thought well to capitalize on it and produce the PA-42, either the PA-31T provides a strong basis that they can build upon to quickly render the PA-42. Either way, the response to the announcement seems to have been very positive. Stay tuned for more information the the Cheyenne III.


Just Flight Piper Arrow III Service Pack 2.1 Out!

More news coming from the team over at Just Flight: Service Pack 2.1 is now available for the Piper Arrow III! This was much anticipated as it is supposed to fix the annoying RPM sound bug that made the whole experience less immersive as well as provide many improvements to the airplane as a whole.

Here is a list of the fixes:

  • Numerous improvements to FDE
  • RPM sound issue fixed
  • Improved compatibility with hardware (e.g. Saitek controls)
  • Oil pressure now drops when prop lever is used (a result of increased demand on oil system)
  • Increased RPM drop when carrying out magneto checks

If these fixes work, we can pretty much say that this is a near perfect GA product from Just Flight. We will be testing the Service Pack in the next few days and report on its success.

Download the SP2.1 here.

Exclusive Shots of Just Flight’s Piper Arrow IV Turbo!

If you haven’t heard about Just Flight’s amazing Piper Arrow III… well, you’re missing quite a lot. Following on the success of their latest general aviation aircraft (which I own and absolutely love despite very few minor bugs SP 2.1 is now out and fixes pretty much everything!), Just Flight has provided FSElite with exclusive shots of their latest WIP: the Arrow IV turbo.

The Arrow IV’s distinctive T-tail, its 200hp turbo-charged engine and redesigned cowlings really give this bird a fresh new look. Just Flight let us know that work is progressing rapidly as it pertains to the flight dynamics and cockpit and that they have many real world Arrow IV pilots working on the project alongside them. The cockpit should look newer (as it is a newer plane) and will feature two different colour schemes as well as new upholstery.

As you can see from the pictures, the thing looks very promising and I will be the first to report on it when it comes out. It’s great to see Just Flight really taking the leap into development and we can’t wait to see what the future has to offer!

Make sure to checkout FSElite’s videos about the PA-28R!

The Heron’s Nest 2.0 is Out!

You might be familiar with iBlueYonder’s wonderful Nantucket (KACK) scenery and if you’re not I definitely recommend you check it out. Bill Womack, the guy behind iBlueYonder (and former ORBX developer), is also very generous to give everyone on iBlueYonder’s mailing list a free scenery of the Heron’s Nest. Now, version 2 of said scenery is out and it sounds very promising.

Here are some of the new features:

  • New island has been created as a 3D model (solves some compatibility issues)
  • Viva module replaced by SODE (great news!)
  • New sources of water, power and more!

We can only expect great things to come from the team over at iBlueYonder! We will keep you up to date with their latest development.


50% Just Flight Easter Sale!

Easter is around the corner and many developers and publishers are giving you early presents! The team over at Just Flight recently announced a half price sale on selected products.

These include:

  • HS 748 Propliner
  • TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad
  • Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer
  • Tornado GR1
  • Fokker F27 Friendship
  • DC-8 Jetliner Series 10 to 40
  • DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI
  • Electra Model 10A

If you are interested in any of these products, click here to consult the sales`s page! I might end up getting the TB-10 myself, it is very unique and, at half-price, even more interesting!

Simworks Studios F-4B/N Phantom II Released!

Attention all fighter lovers, you are in for a treat with this one! Simworks Studios have just released their much anticipated F-4 Phantom II and it looks very promising! If you decide to take the plunge, the model comes with two variants – B and N – and includes VRS TacPack so you can take your simulation to the next level. Even though it is an iconic 1960s aircraft, many Air Forces plan on keeping it in service until 2020, proving its undeniable reliability and utmost relevance in your hangar.

Here are some of the key features of the F-4B/N Phantom II:

  • Two different versions of the F-4B cockpit
  • Availability of the F-4’s complete arsenal (TacPack)
  • Comes with a detailed aircraft carrier, the USS Sea Coral, so you can really test your skills
  • All in all immersive flight modelling that will make you feel involved from A to Z

If you would like more information about the F-4, click here to visit the product’s page. The Simworks F-4B/N Phantom II will set you back $56.99, so we can only expect the highest level of quality at this price point. Look forward to the FSElite review in the upcoming weeks!