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TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review



The TFDi Design 717 has been one of the most highly anticipated addons for FSX and P3D for a couple of years now. It has seemed as if there may be a new kid on the block ready to bring us high fidelity aircraft simulations. The TFDi 717 has had its fair amount of hype, and after releasing on December 22 for $59.99 USD, it seemed as if everybody had this addon as quickly as the overloaded servers would allow.

TFDi said earlier in the year that 2016 would be “the year of the 717”. They did what most developers don’t by giving a release date. It seemed as if this added to the excitement of the 717. Developing anything is often a fluid process that can take two steps forward and one step back. As such, developers don’t like giving release dates because it puts them in a situation where they have to either release a product that isn’t finished, or deal with the angry customers. TFDi stayed true to their word by releasing the 717 in 2016, but does it hold up to the hype though?

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Captain Sim Sale happening soon!

Captain Sim announced on facebook it is having it’s traditional sale on January 11 from 0000z until 2359. All products will be $9.99 and then will return to full price at 23:59.

If you’re looking to try out a Captain Sim product, want to add an expansion to an existing product, or upgrade to a P3D version, now is the time when everything is only $9.99.

I’ll personally be checking out a few add-ons myself!

TFDi 717 Immediate To-Do List

TFDi posted an immediate to-do list for fixes and updates to their newly released 717. The quickness and attention to details in their support of the 717 has been fantastic!

The listed improvements and fixes are as follows…

For the first major update, the following show stoppers are on the list:

  • Blue screens of death/nvwgf2um CTD
  • Low performance for some users
  • Various CTDs regarding SID/STAR selection
  • Shared cockpit connectivity/disconnection

Once those are resolved, we will address the following systems-related issues first:

  • FADEC response time/over-spool
  • Autothrottle response/authority
  • Horrendous autoland/localizer performance

Good work TFDi, we’re all looking forward to it!

TFDi Design 717 Release Set!

TFDi announced last night that their highly anticipated 717 product will be released today, December, 22, 2016 at 6:00PM Eastern (that is 2300z). The price has been set at $59.99 and you get the aircraft for all sims. Yes, you read that right, it isn’t a sick joke and no, you are not dreaming, you will get the TFDi 717 for $59.99 on FSX, FSX:SE, AND P3D. Just like the glory days when addons were reasonably priced, talk about a throw back Thursday. Thanks TFDi!

TFDi also mentioned an intriguing update system that will allow for easy, quick updates to the 717 as required. This will be very interesting to see how they approach this and if it can change the way other developers do updates as well.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this bird! Expect an intense review of the product in a few weeks right here at FSElite! Also, don’t forget you can win a FREE copy of the 717 from FSElite in our Christmas Giveaway!

TOGA Projects ENVTEX: The FSElite Review

As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite.

TOGA Projects – ENVTEX was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community.



TOGA Projects ENVTEX is a newly released texture enhancement package for Flight Simulator 9, Flight Simulator X, and Prepar3d. The goal of the product is to provide sky and ground textures, as well as special effects, to enhance your simulation experience. There has been some confusion about what this is, so I want to point out that this is more than just sky textures, but also includes some ground textures, special effects, water textures, and texture corrections to the sims default textures as well. This would be a competitor with products like REX or Cielosim texture enhancements, as well as FSFX PrecipitFX . TOGA Projects released this product on December 8, 2016. So, how does this product hold up against its competitors? Is it worth it? Let’s find out in this FSElite Review!

I’ve installed this product on my machine running Prepar3d v3.4. My system is running an i5-2500k OC to 4.5ghz, 8GB DDR3, a GTX 960 4GB SSC, and it is running off of my trusty old Corsair SSD. This system combined with my P3D settings and other addons is able to achieve 30 FPS in most situations (extremely dense places like San Francisco, New York, and London will give me fits). I want to stress that your experiences will differ depending on your simulator of choice, system specs, as well as sim and ENVTEX settings.

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Orbx Offers Explanation for Removal of PayPal

Orbx has decided to post an explanation detailing why they removed PayPal as a payment method for their products.  As it turns out, there are some issues with their account and they are working with PayPal to resolve them as quickly as possible. In order to protect Orbx and their developers they decided to pull PayPal until the issue can be resolved.

John Venema, Orbx CEO, offered a lengthy in depth explanation of the events that have transpired in a forum post today.  An account is required to read it, however it should shed a little light on the issue. I think it is likely only a matter of time before Orbx starts accept PayPal again, but for now you’ll have to use an alternative method.

Update: We’ve provided the text from the forum post just in case you don’t have an Orbx account (and if you don’t we highly recommend one as they have fantastic support)

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QualityWings 787 Enters Beta

After years of previews, promises and screenshots, QualityWings have FINALLY confirmed that their long awaited 787 is in beta testing.

After we first broke the news of an early December testing start date, which was confirmed to us by our sources, we’re really pleased  hear we’re on the final stretch before release.

The team at QualityWings have described this as a “big milestone”, but state that they still have a lot of hard work left to do. It’s certainly been a long time coming and we know that Flight Sim enthusiasts are pretty excited to take one of the most modern aircraft up into the sky flying both long and short haul routes.

From their Facebook post:

The 787 has entered Beta.
A big milestone for sure, but we’ve got alot of hard work still left.
As long as some of you think that we are taking with this project, the bottom line is WE ARE STILL GOING AT IT and still pushing through. We’ll get there.
Thanks you for your patience and thank you for your interest.

We’re going to continue to grab some information as it’s available and we can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store.



Turbulent Designs Publishing Announcement

Turbulent Designs posted on their website stating that Idaho Falls, and MBS International, will be self-published but also available through a select group of established distributors. The move seems to indicate a push to distance themselves from Orbx in an effort to break out independently.

They also announced that they are also working with Dovetail Games to bring their products to the steam community. Soon you’ll be able to purchase Turbulent Designs beautiful scenery right from within steam! You can find this news and more by visiting the Turbulent Designs forums.

TOGA Projects ENVTEX Announcement and New Forums!

TOGA Projects announced today on their facebook that ENVTEX is nearing release after over a year of development. Customers that purchase ENVTEX will also get future updates and new features free of charge! TOGA Projects has set the release price of ENVTEX at 21€ +VAT ($22 USD), which is an incredible and surprising price for this addon.

They also announced the opening of their forums where you can find product news, support, and a repaint section. The forums are still new but worth checking in at once in a while to see future developments. Visit their new forums here:

With ENVTEX being so close to release, wouldn’t you like a copy? Well you can win a FREE copy of ENVTEX here at FSElite!

REX World Wide Airports HD – KSLC

In an announcement on Sunday, REX showed off custom texturing for KSLC – Salt Lake City International Airport. The textures will be free to World Wide Airports customers. The texture set makes the airport look much closer to its real world counterpart.

It is unclear how they are doing this, whether by custom models or what, however it is very cool and will do wonders for people not wanting to go off and buy new scenery. You can now not only have good looking HD default airports, but accurately textures mega hubs too. Good work REX, if they do more major airports this will be reason enough to get World Wide Airports HD!