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Aircraft Dispatcher, FSElite Editorial Writer, and one heck of a pilot.

FSP “X” AI A340 Stage 1 Released!

FSP “X” AI has released their Stage 1 A340 model on simmarket today! Included in Stage 1 is the A340-200 and A340-300. Stage 2 will be released later as a free upgrade and will include the A340-500 and A340-600 models. Please note this is an AI TRAFFIC model that can’t be flown.

If you’re unfamiliar with FSP, they make high quality AI models which you can use to build your AI packages for FSX and P3D. In addition to this recent release FSP has also released A330 and Boeing 777 models on simmarket. You can get their A350 and 787 models on avsim for free. Check them out on their facebook page for more information.

Carenado PC12 HD Series updated to Version 2.0!

Carenado released an update to their PC12 HD Series addon yesterday bringing it up to version 2.0. Most notably, they’ve added support for P3Dv3 as well as the ever so popular Flight1 GTN. If you’ve held off on this awesome aircraft because you couldn’t use the GTN, or because you’re on P3Dv3, wait no longer! Existing customer will need to login to their Carenado accounts and re-download the aircraft.

Carenado offered the following list of changes in version 2.0

New Version (2.0)
– GTN integration added
– P3Dv3 and Steam compatible
– On ready for taxi option, all generators are now on.
– IAS mode adjusted.
– Sound improvements.
– Atittude indicator adjustments.
– Autopilot tooltips added.
– ADF tuner updated.
– Transponder updated.
– Minor bugs fixed.

What’s next for the TFDI Design 717?

TFDi Design has posted a blog post detailing some upcoming new features for the next update to the 717. It looks like the next update will not only improve some of the existing bugs, but add some much needed new features as well!

TFDi is hard at work on the MDCU features, adding in the MCDU REF system, which allows for place/bearing/distance pilot created waypoints. In addition they’re adding the MCDU Annunciators. In the release they added 2d pop out screens and are fixing some issues with those as well as optimizing them. VMIN, which is a topic I’ve talked about with this aircraft, is getting an update in the way it is calculated and should be much more accurate. The autothrust system should fly much closer to VMIN without freaking out.

They’re also reworking some of the materials on the aircraft exterior. Repaints will now be able to support 4096 textures in the future and will look much more crisp. It will be awesome when the work is finished and paint kit is released to see what cool creations the community does for this bird.

I’m very happy to see so many positive updates from the TFDi team. The 717 is really shaping up now! All of the details, including some video snippets and screenshots, can be found in the blog post.


P3D Nvidia VAS Leak Fixed?

Nvidia released a driver update for their GeForce graphics cards, version 378.49 which was reported to leak VAS. They later released another update, version 378.66 which fixed the leak but still had P3D running high VAS usage. The only solution was to roll back to version 376.33 and hope Nvidia fixed the issue.

After being a little annoyed, I actually took it upon myself to simply report this issue to Nvidia using their forums. Prepar3d doesn’t get much, if any, attention in the GeForce forums so it isn’t any surprise the problem existed in two driver builds. After posting the issue with links to the Prepar3d forums I was asked to try the hotfix 378.72 driver to see if the problem was fixed.

I’m happy to say the hotfix driver solved everything and appears to be stable with P3D! In addition, I am actually seeing better VAS results than I was on the 378.66 build. So, if you’d like to update your drivers, go ahead and grab the 378.72 build and see how it goes for you.

Blue Sky Star Simulations Photoscenery

It looks like Blue Sky Star is cooking up a new project that deviates from their normal sound set niche. They announced on their facebook page they are working on a new photoreal scenery project that will cover the entire USA.

According to their post, all autogen is included and sits on top of the photoreal images giving a rather nice look. When you order you can get the product installed to an external hard drive that you simply plugin, making it easy to use and preventing you from using up valuable hard drive space.

You can see an example of the autogen sitting on top of the photoreal scenery and I must say it does look promising. The autogen is not just haphazardly thrown in, it appears to be accurately placed. This is an interesting project and we will make sure to follow it and see what it becomes!

TFDi Design 717: The FSElite Review



The TFDi Design 717 has been one of the most highly anticipated addons for FSX and P3D for a couple of years now. It has seemed as if there may be a new kid on the block ready to bring us high fidelity aircraft simulations. The TFDi 717 has had its fair amount of hype, and after releasing on December 22 for $59.99 USD, it seemed as if everybody had this addon as quickly as the overloaded servers would allow.

TFDi said earlier in the year that 2016 would be “the year of the 717”. They did what most developers don’t by giving a release date. It seemed as if this added to the excitement of the 717. Developing anything is often a fluid process that can take two steps forward and one step back. As such, developers don’t like giving release dates because it puts them in a situation where they have to either release a product that isn’t finished, or deal with the angry customers. TFDi stayed true to their word by releasing the 717 in 2016, but does it hold up to the hype though?

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Captain Sim Sale happening soon!

Captain Sim announced on facebook it is having it’s traditional sale on January 11 from 0000z until 2359. All products will be $9.99 and then will return to full price at 23:59.

If you’re looking to try out a Captain Sim product, want to add an expansion to an existing product, or upgrade to a P3D version, now is the time when everything is only $9.99.

I’ll personally be checking out a few add-ons myself!

TFDi 717 Immediate To-Do List

TFDi posted an immediate to-do list for fixes and updates to their newly released 717. The quickness and attention to details in their support of the 717 has been fantastic!

The listed improvements and fixes are as follows…

For the first major update, the following show stoppers are on the list:

  • Blue screens of death/nvwgf2um CTD
  • Low performance for some users
  • Various CTDs regarding SID/STAR selection
  • Shared cockpit connectivity/disconnection

Once those are resolved, we will address the following systems-related issues first:

  • FADEC response time/over-spool
  • Autothrottle response/authority
  • Horrendous autoland/localizer performance

Good work TFDi, we’re all looking forward to it!

TFDi Design 717 Release Set!

TFDi announced last night that their highly anticipated 717 product will be released today, December, 22, 2016 at 6:00PM Eastern (that is 2300z). The price has been set at $59.99 and you get the aircraft for all sims. Yes, you read that right, it isn’t a sick joke and no, you are not dreaming, you will get the TFDi 717 for $59.99 on FSX, FSX:SE, AND P3D. Just like the glory days when addons were reasonably priced, talk about a throw back Thursday. Thanks TFDi!

TFDi also mentioned an intriguing update system that will allow for easy, quick updates to the 717 as required. This will be very interesting to see how they approach this and if it can change the way other developers do updates as well.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this bird! Expect an intense review of the product in a few weeks right here at FSElite! Also, don’t forget you can win a FREE copy of the 717 from FSElite in our Christmas Giveaway!