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Ronnie Wainscott

How to Improve Your Landings with a Flight Simulator: The FSElite Tutorial

In this FSElite tutorial, we discuss the basic techniques you can use to help improve your landings with a flight simulator. In this video, I showcase different aircraft landings ranging from Cessna 172 to a Boeing 747.

Disclaimer: This tips and tricks video is designed to help you in a flight simulation environment and does not substitute any kind of real-world training.

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FlightSimLabs A321-X: The FSElite First Look

FlightSimLabs A321 X The FSElite First Look
I have used other aircraft comparable to the FlightSimLabs A321-X, but no other developer has even come close as what FlightSimLabs does with this Airbus aircraft. I have used other aircraft within the same price range, a number of them I might add, and none of them immerses me in the cockpit with the same quality sounds, visuals and system
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Orbx Cityscape Honolulu: The FSElite Review

Orbx Cityscape Honolulu The FSElite Review
In this video we take a look at the island of Oahu and city of Honolulu. Grab your leis and join me in Hawaii for this Honolulu Cityscape review from Orbx. This video should give you an idea of what to expect from this Cityscape from Orbx, and whether or not it's the right add-on for you. Dont forget to
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Lionheart Creations Zenith 701 STOL: The FSElite First Look

In this video, I take a look at the new Lionheart Creations Zenith CH-701 STOL in what I can consider one of the better bush planes available for our sim. Though the sounds may be lacking for now, it makes up for it in FPS friendliness and model accuracy using CAD files from Zenith. It is available now for P3D and there will soon be an FSX version. You can purchase this Lionheart Creations Zenith CH-701  here from Simmarket.

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Prepar3D Add-on List:

  • REX Texture Direct w/ SoftClouds
  • REX SkyForce3D
  • ActiveSky for Prepar3D v4
  • Orbx Global Base
  • Orbx Global Vector
  • Orbx OpenLC NA
  • Orbx HD Trees
  • Orbx Southern Alaska (with regional airports)
  • Orbx Buildings HD
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How-To: Using the New Orbx Central App (V4.0)

How To Using The New Orbx Central App Version 4.0
We take you through all the new features of the brand new Orbx Central app, along with quick step-by-step on how to install your first product using the new built-in payment system. The above video will go through your initial set-up of the new application along with how you can migrate your products over to the new library system. You
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Carenado A42-500: The FSElite Video Review

Carenado A42 500 The FSElite Review
Ronnie here with another FSElite video review. This time, I'm looking at the Carenado A42-500 on Prepar3D. The aircraft is perfect for short-hops carrying lots of paying passengers. You can watch my video review above, where I take a look at the modelling, the systems and other elements that make up one of the latest aircraft from Carenado. Subscribe to
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