Patrick Moore

The Flight Sim Deck: Taxi Tips, Understanding Signs & Obtaining Charts [FYC]

So you want to flight sim? You’ve got the simulator, you’ve got an airplane but how do you get to a runway? If you read further and or watch the video, I’ll show you where to get airport charts, how to read taxiway signs, and then we’ll taxi to an active runway.

The first thing you’ll need to do to make any sense of this is to obtain an airport chart. Airnav is a great free source for U.S. airport charts. From the home page click airport and then type in the airport code of your choosing. You’ll be taken to the airport page and from there scroll down and the chart will be on your right. These charts are high quality PDF files that you can zoom and turn to your liking.

The next source you can use for charts is Navigraph. From their home page click products, then click features located on the right navigation menu. Navigraph offers moving charts that will track your aircraft as you taxi around the airport. These can be great for anyone that’s a beginner or pro.

With the chart in hand, you’ll notice that the taxiways are marked with letters. In order to communicate with ATC you are going to need to learn the phonetic alphabet. Not only when identifying your aircraft, but also in order to understand and repeat the taxi instructions to the controller.

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Stay Level Avionix Model 10 Cockpit Panel: The FSElite Review

FSElite YouTube Thumbnail Tempdlate
Introduction Stay Level Avionix is a relatively new company that was founded in 2018. They offer an excellent solution to desktop cockpit panels by providing strong and easy to use panels that do not require any mounting. These panels come in a range of hardware styles and colors. They are compatible with Saitek/Logitech, Simionic and Real Sim Gear hardware, with
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