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Update: FSLabs A320-X and A319-X Receives An Update (V2.0.1.266)


Update: Turns out that FSLabs also updated the A319-X. We’ve posted the change log down below also.

The FSLabs A320-X and 319-X has just received an update for P3D v4.2 and v4.3. The changelog for this new update can be found here.

This update includes an abundance of fixes, as well as performance and scenery improvements. Some of these fixes come in the ways of fixing the FSL Configurator issues upon a fresh Windows install. Multiple external model and VC cosmetic issues.

The team have found that the issue of the “banding” or “horizontal line” in the VC is a problem within P3D itself. The LM team have in fact found a workaround fix until a permanent fix is available. The workaround fix can be found here. One of the issues fixed in this update with the doors requires you to have the latest version of GSX installed.

The latest version of the A320-X  or A319-X can be found on FSLabs’ re-downloads page.

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Just Flight Announces G500/G600 Integration for Unidentified Aircraft

Just Flight Logo
Just Flight has recently announced on their Facebook page their future plan to integrate Flight One Software’s G500/G600 in an unidentified upcoming aircraft. The G500 and G600 were the first glass cockpits to replace the old steam gauges. These systems include the Synthetic Vison Technology. Synthetic Vision gives pilots “visual topographic landscape” which allows a “3D depiction of ground and water,
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PilotEdge Sends Out Massive Update To All Platforms

Pilot Edge Logo Web
PilotEdge sent an email to the FSElite team that announced some updates coming to their software. These updates allow PilotEdge to increase the amount of Sky High Charter scenarios and bring X-Plane a massive overhaul. PilotEdge expressed that because of the overhaul, they started to think about how they could input more changes for a more realistic and performance friendly
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Orbx Release New Patch For CityScene Barcelona

CityScene Barcelona 5 1024×576
Earlier today, Orbx announced on their forums, that their CityScene Barcelona was just given a patch, bringing it to version 1.10. The patch fixes bugs, adds buildings, and enhances the scenery for FPS improvements, and increased object detail. This patch is available on FTX Central for immediate update. If you don't own it already, you can get it now from
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Prealsoft Release HD Cities Lisbon

202360 11
Prealsoft has released their HD Cities Lisbon for P3Dv4. Prealsoft Lisbon will cover roughly 100 km2 with autogen via custom buildings and foliage. Custom objects are also included, such as bridges, ships, port cranes, sports arenas, and more. Despite all these custom objects, PrealSoft has put a lot of effort into optimising this scenery to allow for the best performance.
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MK-Studios Release New Lisbon Previews

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MK-Studios has given us more photos of their upcoming scenery, Lisbon, over on their Facebook page. These shots show off some of the texturing and gpoly work that has been done by MK-Studios.

Based on the shots given, the scenery looks to have very high-quality textures. They have also gone with the approach of the wear and tear look as well based on the tire marks, cracks, and rubber smears on the runways and taxiways. Two of the shots in the post were of the highly detailed Ponte 25 de Abril and the Vasco da Gama bridges, showing how much effort has gone into this product.

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Carenado Release New S360 Previews

38273630 1810229049053901 49366607503294464 N
Carenado has posted a couple of screenshots over on their Facebook page of their upcoming S360. If they follow the pattern of their recent releases, the textures on this new aircraft will be 4K giving you a great deal of immersion both inside and out of the aircraft. This product will include at least four outstanding liveries. It’s clear that
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