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Nick Lane

AeroSky Production REALSHADE Released

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AeroSky Production has released REALSHADE for Prepar3D v4 on simMarket.

REALSHADE is an all-in-one set of shaders for those who want to get to flying rather than fiddling around with profiles and complicated settings. It is to provide a similar result to Prepar3D Tweak Assistant or TomatoShade without the hassle of setting up.

You can grab a hold of Aerosky Production’s REALSHADE on simMarket for a price of €5.20 (Excl. VAT). It is compatible with only Prepar3D v4.

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Mad Flight Preview Upcoming SP-30

SP 30 06.thumb.jpg.2323e0db41e1fdccef389d801bde9937
FSElite recently received a tip from a guy named Neil telling us that Mad Flight recently released multiple preview shots of their new SP-30 on X-Plane.org. The photos show a 3d performance and notes checklist moving around with the character and a modeled oil canister. The checklist form only from what we have been given so far. Please do keep
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PILOT’S Give Statement On FS Global Real Weather Progress

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PILOT'S recently posted a couple of updates on their Facebook page. The updates are detailing how they are progressing with bringing FSGRW to P3D V4.4 and how they are "immensely revamping the 64bit version of FSGRW for great enhancements with X-Plane." The post showed two main points of what they are mainly working on at the moment: preparing the release
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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Tallmantz Phoenix P-1

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Aeroplane Heaven have just recently posted some preview pictures of their new aircraft on the Facebook page. The only comment made with the post was "coming soon to all current and future Boxcar owners with our compliments." Just looking at the shots, you can tell the amount of detail spent on this aircraft based the visibility of every screw, bolt,
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Carenado S550 Receives Update 1.2 For X-Plane 11

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Carenado recently posted on their Facebook page about the recent update for the S550 Citation for X-Plane 11 bringing it to version 1.2. The post gave an important notice to only download the update again from the link provided in the post instead of another site from which they might have bought it from. Another notice was to uninstall the
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Virtualcol Announce Beechcraft 99 And Airbus A220

Vcol A220300pre08

Virtualcol very recently announced on their website that they are bringing the Beechcraft 99 and the brand new Airbus A220 to FSX and P3D.

These two aircraft will be highly detailed with multiple variations and several liveries. 3D cockpits and operative switches and knobs will compliment both aircraft. The team also added that there will be wiper and wing flex effects along with “other surprises.”

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A2A Simulations Releases Rain Effect To All Developers

Accu Sim P 40 For Prepar3D RELEASED With Rain Physics Available To All Developers
A2A posted on their Twitter page that they will be making their rain physics effects available to all developers for either freeware or payware without cost. This was following other big news by A2A who announced that their Accu-sim P-40 was released. A video was also published as well with the post using those rain effects with their new Accu-sim
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Just Flight Avro Vulcan B Mk2 Preview Shots And Details

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Just Flight has recently announced on their Facebook page a link to "full details" and five photo's of their upcoming Avro Vulcan B Mk2 for P3D and FSX. The aircraft has been modelled after extensive hands-on research with a real Vulcan B Mk2 at Wellesbourne Airfield. The aircraft will have various 4K paint schemes, realistic payloads, and ground equipment. Here's
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Arezone-Aviation SoundStudios Releases Sound Set For Carenado DA62

On Monday Arezone-Aviation SoundStudios released their sound set for the new Carenado DA62. The sound set includes recorded sounds from real DA62 engines, custom sounds for every switch, knob and everything in between. Features Authentic and Digital Recorded of AUSTRO AE-330 ENGINES Custom Sounds for every knob, cards plastics and many more Original Flaps sound with wind effects Original Alternators
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747 Immersion and Koln Bonn Airport Preview

747 @ KölnBonn Airport
A video was posted today on YouTube of the upcoming 747 Immersion and Koln Bonn airport. The same video can be seen below. The airport will have a fully modeled interior and see through glass. The airport also includes static aircraft with dynamic people walking from the jetways to the aircraft. Tons of static objects have been added giving the
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