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Microsoft Flight Simulator May 28th Update – Feature Discovery Series, Alpha Patch, and more

Just now, Microsoft has released their weekly update for the upcoming Flight Simulator on their blog website. This week, Episode 8 of the Feature Discovery Series was released and covered IFR in the new sim, as well as some other great information.

Feature Discovery Series

After being pushed back multiple times, Episode 8 of the Feature Discovery Series has been released. This episode covered IFR or Instrument Flight Rules.

Starting off, the in sim NavData is updated every 28 days and is going to be provided by Navblue. This provides an ARINC 424 Navigation Database. The video also shows off the flight planning page, which can automatically generate a route for the user after selecting a departure and arrival point and based on different rules. The flight planning page is also capable of using SIDs and STARs. Different phases of flight were shown off in the A320 with the ATC giving instructions and the aircraft following the planned route. VOR, NDB, and other navigation aids are also covered in the video. The default ATC also was showed off.

Check out the full video for a more in-depth showcase than the summary we have provided here.


The team has announced that Alpha will be released within the next 24 hours. The update to Alpha 3 will contain “updates to Peripherals and Controls, Planes, UI, and Stability.” A full change list can be seen below.

Alpha invitations are also being sent out today, so check your emails if you have signed up to be a part of the Alpha.

Bug fixes and changes:

Peripherals and Controls:

  •  Fixed loading of the save-buffer size when loading into the XBOX Live Cloud saves – this will fix the issue that was creating new input profiles for peripherals
  • Similarly but not the same, fixed the loading of save-files from the cloud
  • Fixed the issues when setting up peripherals to allow you to validate set up


  • Cockpit plane interiors have been updated on the 747

UI and Controls:

  • Fixed issue that was preventing users from exiting the Control Settings screen in the UI


  • Fixed the crash after selecting a custom profile when setting up a peripheral

Feedback Snapshot

An updated Feedback Snapshot was added to the insider area.


Community Screenshots

Lots of great Alpha screenshots were shared, showing off the beautiful 747-8i, some great landscapes, night lighting, and more.

The next update is on June 6th. We will be sure to update everyone when it’s released.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update May 21st – Alpha Patch, New Invites, and more

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update May 21st (4)
Microsoft has released their weekly update for the new Flight Simulator, and while being a shorter update, there are still some great information to check out. Deliverables This week's update gives us an update on the Feature Discovery Series, and the Partnership Series. Episode 8 of the Feature Discovery Series will be released on May 28th. The Partnership Series is
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update May 14th – 747-8i Released for Alpha Testing

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update May 14th (3)
Microsoft has uploaded their weekly update for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. A lot of amazing information is packed into this update, so lets dive right in. Watch our video on the 747 update above. Alpha 3 Released Ths biggest new this update is that the latest Alpha build, version, has been released to the Alpha team. Included
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PMDG 747 QOTS II Update – Now Prepar3D v5 Compatible

PMDG 748 Mountainflying
PMDG has just released the next update for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II. This update comes for both the 747-400 base pack and the 747-8 expansion. Starting with the update, this brings updates to the models, both VC and external, update to the PBR, an updates physics model for the wings and tail-plane, as well as updated
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TFDi Design Announces the MD-11

Ext 1 Wm

Earlier today, TFDi Design previewed a single render that showed the under carriage of a new product and had a caption of, “Announcement coming soonTM”. TFDi has now officially announced that the preview is in fact the McDonnell Douglas MD-11.


In their blog post, TFDi mentions that the team has grown for this project who are also more experienced. They say that this will allow them to work faster and be able to develop a better product. They plan to build off what they have learned making the 717 “to create an even deeper, richer, and more realistic simulation on the MD-11.” 

At the moment, TFDi are planning on releasing this aircraft for Prepar3D v4 and v5. They have said that in the future, there is a possibility a modified version of the MD-11 will be released for older sim platforms like FSX, FSX:SE, and Prepar3D v1-3. No official commitment was made on Microsoft Flight Simulator, but TFDi will be monitoring the development of the sim and have said they will do their best to support it.

No timeline was announced with this announcement for the MD-11, but the team did say this was announced a little earlier than originally anticipated. They have said they are a bit out, but not too terribly far out. Once more is announced, we will be sure to update everyone.

If you are interested in getting involved, TFDi is doing something similar to what they did with the 717. If you have documents, videos, photos, sound clips, data, or even personal experience, you can submit those here. The team has said that the more reference material they have, the better. This will help create the MD-11 into the best possible product it can be. These are some of the items the team is interested in.

  • Aircraft reference documents (FCOM, FCTM, etc.)
  • Any aircraft photos (even of the most obscure items)
  • Sound clips (such as aural warnings, unique flight deck sounds, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Engine data (such as EPR charts/tables, fuel flow data, etc.)

House Keeping

Along with the MD-11 announcement, TFDi has also given an update on their other products.

The 717 for Prepar3D v5 is still in progress, and the team has the aircraft and its associated dependencies working in v5. The team has said the formal testing will be starting soon.

TrueGlass and RealLight for Prepar3D v5 is also still in progress for their commercial customers. They have said that it is operating in v5, but are currently waiting on Lockheed Martin to help eliminate some snags before the formal testing begins. If you are interested in testing the current iteration of the v5 version of TrueGlass and RealLight, the team asks that you reach out to your point of contact.

The team is currently using the feedback from their community survey on PACX to further develop and refine the product. They have said that they have some cool items in progress that should be ready for testing soon. TFDi intends to wrap up a 1.0 version of PACX in the next 3 to 6 weeks to complete the Early Access phase of the product.

TFDi is currently looking at smartCARS 3.X and a few potential directions to take the development to make the best possibly product for their customers and their pilots. They have said more announcements and development updates will be announced as they become available.

The team closed by saying they are looking to be more active on their social medias and Discord for development updates. Be sure to check out TFDi’s feeds for more info, and we will be sure to update everyone once more is available.

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Gaya Simulations Announces Kristiansand Airport (ENCN)

Gaya ENCN (11)
Day three of Gaya Simulations announcements, and today they have announced that they will be developing Kristiansand Airport. The airport is on the southern tip of Norway, and sees just over a million passengers a year. Seven airlines serve the airport with just about half of the routes being seasonal. The airport is also known for its incredible landscaped that are
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Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 Hotfix 1 Released

Prepar3d V5 Lockheed Martin 16 1600×900
Just over 2 weeks after the initial release of Prepar3D v5, the first hotfix for the simulator has been released. This hotfix brings changes that will help with the VRAM usage in the sim, as well as other high priority issues that were identified after launch. The update also brings plenty of fixes to the client, content, scenery, and SDK.
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update April 30th – Partnerships, Alpha 1.3.X.X, and more

Pehoe Lake 2048×1152
The weekly Microsoft Flight Simulator update has been released, and this week, we get an update on the Partnership Series, the next Alpha build, and more. Development Update Starting off, the team has given a preview to what the next Partnership Series update will include. The next update includes the announcement of a partnership with NAVBLUE, meteoblue, and FlightAware. The
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