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FSFlyingSchool: The FSElite Review

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FSFlyingSchool is a product that makes a big claim. It says that it can take any airplane in your fleet and evaluate how you fly. Considering the variety of add-ons for the Microsoft and X-Plane markets, this would be an amazing feat. Through my experience and using it for the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that FSFlyingSchool is simply your run of the mill ACARS program with a flight instructor. That’s a fine thing for an add on, but it certainly doesn’t live up to it’s claim.

The Lift

As I said, FSFlyingSchool is a wonderful ACARS program. It tracks a variety of things that other ACARS programs don’t. It determines what runway you are approaching and tracks the ILS in addition to giving you all the usual information like sink rate, landing pitch and flight time. The fact that it tracks how stabilized your approach is and goes beyond your sink rate sets it apart from other ACARS programs. A welcome feature given the discussion had in the FSElite Podcast Ep 20.

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US Congress Passes Medical Reform

The US Congress has passed third class medical reform as part of The FAA reauthorization process. While the details of what this will actually mean for pilots remains to be written in The Federal Air Regulations, the spirit of the bill is clear. The intent is to make getting and mainlining a Third Class Medical easier for The GA Community.
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PMDG 747 V3 Moves To Testing Stage

Robert Randazzo has announced on the AVSIM Forums that the 747 V3 has moved into its first stage of testing for FSX and FSX:SE. He went on to explain, that this testing phase involves a Technical Advisory Team made up of industry experts. This team will provide valuable information to The 747 V3 Team. They will use this information to make the
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FSEliteEp31: Exploring The Virtual World

In this weeks' episode Nicolas and Calum talk about the places they fly most in the sim. They also talk about whether or not add on scenery is required to fly in somewhere. The latest flight sim new is covered as well. What airports and sceneries do you enjoy? Have you ever flown around the world in the sim? Tell
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FSElite Ep 30 FlightSimCon Review

This week Calum joins Nicolas to talk about FlightSimCon 2016. They focus on the poor coverage of the event by the flight sim press. And, Nicolas suggests an online conference for next year. This weeks news is also covered. What did you think of FSCon2016?
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