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Mungo Spencer

Orbx Announce San Diego

Orbx have just showed off their newest in development scenery. This time they are creating another Californian scenery for us. They have decided to create San Diego as their next project. They have said that they will be modelling both the airport as well as the surrounding area of San Diego. This includes hand placed trees and buildings. Judging from the screenshots alone it looks like it will be no exception to the excellent quality that we always receive from Orbx. They have also placed some excellent looking static aircraft around the airport that will help to create a more immersive experience. The scenery also looks to include accurate ground markings as well as excellent night lighting that we commonly see with Orbx. They have even gone as far as modelling the intricate details such as placing sailing boats within the port. We look forward to seeing more updates on this scenery and will of course keep you updated over here at FSElite.

Aerosoft/KDM Pisa Released

Just after the release of Jetstream Designs’ Milan Linate was released another Italian airport has been released in the form of Pisa. Pisa airport serves the entire city of Pisa and is the largest airport within the Tuscany region. KDM have gone up and above with this scenery not only accurately modelling the airport as well as the city of Pisa but they have even gone as far to provide modelling and texturing for the whole of Tuscany. I look forward to picking up this scenery and having a flight down to this famous Italian city. Expect lots of news coming in the following days with some huge products on the brink of release. The full feature list is below this article.


Pisa International Airport incl. military section
The city of Pisa
Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Stadium & more.
30cm/pixel photoreal ground imagery
2K textures / 1K optional
Baked ambient occlusion
Internally modeled terminal and tower
Static GA- and military aircraft

Jetstream Designs’ Milan Linate Released

Just earlier today Jetstream Designs published their highly anticipated Milan Linate scenery. Linate airport is one of Milan’s three main airports and serves traffic from British Airways, Air France and other big carries. Although not nearly the same size as Malpensa it still serves a decent amount of traffic considering its size. From having previous experience with Jetstream Designs before this scenery seems to be no exception in their excellent quality of development. Judging by the screnshots alone this is a scenery that I will certainly be adding to my inventory. You can find the full feature list below.


Scenery configurator for seasons, levels of detail, etc.
Native P3D ground polygons with reflections, rain, etc.
Animated jetways
Volumetric grass
Detailed airport objects and vehicles
Animated airport vehicles
3D runway and taxiway lights with halos
Ramp lights with halos
4 seasons (snowy conditions included)
Realistic ground layout with HD textures
Extended custom autogen
Night environment
Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures
GSX© compatible
Static GA aircraft
And much more!

UK2000 Release Manchester V2

Just the day after the release of I.D.S’ Manchester, UK2000 have released theirs. It is always good to see some competition and this comes as very strong competition. UK2000 are renowned for their good quality British airport sceneries and this one seems to be no exception. Having heard reports of problems regarding the I.D.S scenery maybe this version of Manchester will be slightly better. The product comes in at the regular UK2000 price of £16.99 which is well priced considering the size of the airport. The full feature list will of course be linked below but some of the most notable features include high resolution imagery and accurate buildings. You can purchase the scenery here if you wish to take this product over I.D.S’. We look forward to seeing UK2000’s new upcoming releases in 2017.


Full detail Buildings
Realistic Ground Markings
Hi Res ground image
UK Runway markings
Stunning Night Effects
3D Approach Lights
Dozens of Airport Vehicles
Excellent Frame Rates
Unique Service Fleet
Animated Traffic
Runway Wigwags
Full set of signs
Static Aircraft
Manual and Options
Docking systems
Special ‘Effects’
Improved runway lights

Aerosoft/I.D.S Manchester X Released

We reported a couple of days ago that a video had been released showing off I.D.S’ newest scenery being Manchester. Well it is now out and can be purchased from the Aerosoft website here for the reasonable price of €16.76 excluding VAT. The scenery looks excellent and I look forward to picking it up for myself. You should hopefully be expecting a review on this scenery from us in the near future. This scenery is said to include high resolution imagery and accurately placed 3D objects that can be found throughout the scenery. The full scenery feature list is below this article. Do not forget that I.D.S’ other two in development sceneries are just around the corner. These sceneries being Newcastle and Boeing Field. We look forward to acquiring these other two sceneries and any news regarding these will of course be reported over here at FSElite.


  • All seasons
  • Billboard coverage
  • 3D grass
  • Static Cars
  • Static People
  • Static Ground Service
  • AES-Lite dynamic traffic
  • Custom trees
  • Static Aircraft
  • Scenery Manager
  • Charts

LatinVFR Show Off Some New Screenshots of Barcelona

We have had JustSim’s Barcelona for quite some time now and you can check out the review here. But as I am sure many of you know there is more than one developer creating new scenery for Barcelona. It seems a bit overkill but any competition is good competition. With JustSim jumping the gun and getting there first it will be interesting to see who comes up second. We have received few updates from SimWings which I can only presume is good news. But getting back onto LatinVFR they have just showed off three new screenshots of their upcoming scenery which is looking to be making steady progress. In these latest screenshots they showed of their work on the terminal buildings which are looking to take form very nicely. It’s good to see that they’ve gone to the extent of modelling the terminal interiors which is already an advancement on what JustSim have created. You can check out the screenshots below here. We will of course keep you up to date on any other news regarding this upcoming scenery.

Aerosoft/IDS Showcase Manchester in New Promo Video

Aerosoft in partnership with IDS have been working on Manchester for quite some time now. Just now they have released a promo video showing off the new scenery which looks excellent. It seems that IDS have spared no detail in the creation of this scenery with what looks to be modelled terminal interiors and other small details such as 3D grass. In the description of the video they explain how high resolution images and hand placed 3D objects have been used throughout the scenery which is great news and it is looking like we can expect a very good product coming very soon. It will be nice to finally have an update to the dated UK2000 scenery that is currently the sole option for Manchester. However, UK2000 themselves will soon be releasing their updated Manchester scenery. We will have to see if UK2000 can reach the high standards of IDS with their upcoming scenery. You can find the link to the video here. As with most Aerosoft preview videos it is expected that the scenery will soon follow so we can hopefully expect this new scenery in the very near future. We will of course notify you of as and when this scenery is released.

Menorca X Evolution Released!

Aerosoft/SimWing’s latest product has just been released in the form of Menorca. The island of Menorca is part of the Spanich Balearic Islands off the east coast of Spain. Nearby are the other popular tourist destinations of Majorca and Ibiza. Menorca is more of a summer destination but it does still have a small number of flights that serve the island during the off peak winter season. The scenery can be purchased from Aerosoft and will cost you  price of EUR 20.12. If you own the previous version of  Menorca X or Balearic Islands X then you can pick up this scenery for an upgrade price of just EUR 13.95. SimWings have gone out of their way and modelled the entirety of the island with photo real ground textures. The island although small looks like it has been well produced by SimWings. The airport facilitates both commercial traffic and VFR traffic. VFR flights around this area can be captivating with the blue waters and various other islands. The full feature list as always will be listed down below. This product of course supports P3D and FSX. Another great feature included in this scenery is animated jetways which is always a plus. The entire feature list is placed down below. Enjoy!


  • Up to date aerial images of the complete island in 50cm/pixel. Airport area in 25cm/pixel
  • Up to date state of development (multi-story car park, etc)
  • Loads of static objects (buses, carts, etc.)
  • Realistic AFCAD
  • Up to date AFCAD approaches, based on the AIRAC cycle 1611 for realistic FS-ATC approaches and display in the default Garmin.
  • Highly detailed jetways (CTRL-J)
  • Docking jetways (AI aircraft)
  • Animated traffic on and around the airport
  • Grass between taxiways
  • Autogen
  • Raytracing Lights and shadows (texture baking)
  • New ground markings for PP, taxiways, etc.
  • New taxiway, RWY and 3D-approach lights with one-directional beams
  • 3D PAPI lights
  • Animated windsocks (using real wind direction)
  • Compatible to AES (Airport Enhancement Services) (FSX only / AES and FSX:SE not compatible)
  • Charts

A2A Release Promo Video Showcasing Captain of The Ship 049 Constellation

The 049 Constellation was announced earlier this year at FlightSimCon by A2A and from that moment we knew that we would soon have an excellent new aircraft for our hangars. Just earlier today we got another update on the progress of the aircraft and it looks to be coming on excellently. Being a Captain of The Ship aircraft this allows you to fly the aircraft with a virtual flight engineer and first officer whilst you fly the aircraft. The other option is to completely man the aircraft yourself controlling both pilot positions and the engineer’s panel (a real challenge). If you would like to view the whole 12 minute video then it will be linked below this. We will be sure to keep you updated on any further updates regarding this product.

TOGA Projects’ ENVTEX Released!

The highly anticipated ENVTEX has been released just now. This add on will add a whole new level of immersion to your simulator experience. It adds new textures, lighting and much more. One of the coolest features has to be the integration of the Northern Lights which are a magnificent spectacle that we will finally be able to see in our simulators. The developers over at TOGA projects have stated that the add on will be very friendly on both FPS and VAS which is great to hear as adding numerous amount of highly detailed texture files can often be harsh on performance. You can purchase the add on from SimMarket for the price of just EUR 25.20. An excellent price considering the amount of stuff that is included in this awesome add on. I personally can’t wait to have this loaded up in my sim to see just how good it looks. I will place the entire feature list down below for you to read.


  • More than 500 natural and dynamic* sky textures grouped in seasonal, climatic and situation presets
  • 60 new sky presets with full and automatic integration for Hifi Active Sky Cloud Art and Active Sky 2016 (fully works with Full dynamics and Global automatic ASCA presets)
  • High definition milky way texture
  • Highly realistic sun textures with new glow and lensflare effects
  • New photoreal moon textures and glow
  • Detailed ocean, inland and tropical water textures with reduced mosaic repetition looking
  • Realistic wave animations
  • New special effects including contrails, wingtip vortices, dirt effect, touchdown effect leaving tire markings, hard braking effect, water spray for seaplanes, wheel spray effects, engine jet wash under rainy and snowy conditions and much more already being worked for SP1 (Some effects are not available for FS9 due to simulator limitations)
  • Wonderful Northern and Southern lights / Aurora Borealis and Australis (P3Dv3 exclusive feature)
  • Natural weather effects including rain and snow
  • New thunderstorm lightning and flashing effects
  • Realistic and sharp grass texture for normal and snowy conditions
  • New runway textures with realistic tire markings for normal and snowy conditions to cover all of your airports in any weather condition and season
  • New taxiway textures
  • New runway,taxiway and parking markings
  • New airport signage
  • New airport lighting
  • New Cumulus textures optimized for Active Sky Cloud Art cloud structures
  • New Cirrus textures
  • New environment map reflections for objects and aircraft using default reflections
  • High quality and performance cloud shaders tweaks (P3Dv3 exclusive feature)
  • Easy user interface and manual
  • Fully supports P3Dv3, FSX and FS9
  • Highly customizable for high performances and high quality
  • Ready to fly presets as well as highly customizable options
  • Continuous development with free updates