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Orbx Catalina (KAVX) Released

Orbx’s newest scenery has just been released. This new scenery is for the Catalina airport that is found just a few miles off the coast from Los Angeles. This scenery looks excellent and covers the entire island of Santa Catalina. It can be purchased from the Orbx website here for a price of $32.95 AUD. A big congratulations to Alex Marek who won our first christmas giveaway over on our Facebook page. There are more giveaways to come so don’t forget to check back over the coming days. Back to Catalina now, the whole feature list will be put below. It seems like an excellent product and it looks like Orbx once again haven’t failed to impress.

Here is the feature list:
• Entire island of Santa Catalina
• HD rendition of KAVX Catalina Airport
• HD rendition of Pebbly Beach heliport and Wrigley Marine Science center helipad
• Beautiful crisp 7cm and 30cm photoreal
• Sharp accurate 5m terrain mesh that combines with the photoreal to show off all the terrain features perfectly
• Pristine autogen all lovingly hand-annotated…tree by tree covering the entire island!
• The city of Avalon modeled in great detail, including the Catalina Casino, The Green Pier, Tuna club, yacht club, Antonio’s Pizza and Caberet and many other well known buildings
• Countless piers, docks and harbors located all around the island to moor up a boat or seaplane
• Stand alone product – only requires the Orbx libraries


Mega Scenery V3 Colorado from PC Aviator Released

An upgraded version of scenery has just been released by PC Aviator that covers the whole of Colorado. From what I can see from the screenshots this looks to be an excellent piece of scenery. If you are interested in purchasing this product it can be bought from SimMarket here. It comes at the price of EUR 44.40 but if you owned the previous version of the product then you can pick it up at an upgrade price of EUR 22.20. This scenery add on covers the whole of the state of Colorado from border to border. This scenery is created from the most recent high resolution ground images with upgraded water features and more accurate topographical data. The scenery is compatible with both FSX and P3D.

TFDi Design 717 Coming Before the End of the Year!

In what is excellent news TFDi Design announced last night on a Twitch stream that the 717 is just around the corner. They stated that they are hoping for final testing to be completed on the 10th December with a full release coming by the end of the year. Knowing TFDi Design it looks like this is an accurate time frame so be prepared for the release of the highly anticipated add on. I am very much looking forward to this add on and I am sure that many of you are as well. We will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the 717 over the coming weeks. You can keep up to date with their progress for yourself by visiting their Facebook page here.

Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended Update

A new update has just been released for the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended. The only major change according to Mathijs Kok is that it is now fully compatible with P3D V3. This update should eradicate any previous issues with the aircraft that were found when using a migration tool to get the aircraft into P3D V3. Nothing too major but useful for anyone that is a fan of the aircraft.

TropicalSim Faro 2016 Released

TropicalSim have today released a brand new version of their Faro scenery. This update comes as quite a surprise and not an add on that I was expecting to see. The scenery from what I can see looks very nice and I will certainly be picking it up to replaced my rather dated Aerosoft Faro scenery. The product will set you back just €23.88 but if you own the previous version of their Faro scenery then you are legible for an upgrade price of €14.40. There isn’t really anywhere that you can go wrong when purchasing this scenery especially if you own the previous version! You can purchase the product from SimMarket.

Aerosoft Genoa X Released

In what has been a very long wait Genoa X by Aerosoft has finally released. The scenery depicts an accurate rendition of the small Italian airport along with the city that surrounds it and looks excellent. Gaya simulations have done an awesome job on the scenery and I can’t wait to use it. You can purchase it from the Aerosoft store here for the reasonable price of €25.78.



Aerosoft Milano Malpensa X: The FSElite Review

DEVELOPERDavid RosenfeldPRICE€26.17

Milan Malpensa Airport is the biggest airport that can be found within the Milan metropolitan area of Northern Italy. It is accompanied by two other airports which are Milan Linate and Milan Bergamo, both of which do not reach Malpensa in terms of size and passenger numbers. The airport itself is located 30 miles North West of the actual city of Milan near to the Ticino River. In the year of 2015 the airport handled some eighteen and a half million passengers to all corners of the world. These numbers brought it to be the 29th busiest airport in Europe. Surprisingly it even handles more traffic than Rome Fiumicino in terms of passengers, freight and cargo. On average the airport handles 435,000 tons of freight annually.

The airport comes in the form of the regular Aerosoft installer package which requires you simply to enter in an email and serial number. Configuration options are basic and the only apparent option you can change is whether you wish for the jetways to move with SODE or by simply pressing Ctrl+J. If you want the best experience of using the jetways then I would highly recommend choosing the SODE option as it aligns the jetways more accurately and doesn’t send the jet way half way through the fuselage. In order for the SODE jetways to work you must install SODE externally from the scenery.

Going onto the topic of performance I am not too sure what to think. It seems to be a common trend at large airports created by Aerosoft that the performance seems to lack. This is in the respect of both FPS and VAS. Although not as bad as some other Aerosoft airport such as Heathrow or Frankfurt it still is not good. I am lucky enough to have a good system so performance does not tend to be a problem for me but if you are on lower end systems then I would recommend thinking about purchasing it before you go out and buy it. The worst thing to do is to buy an addon that you then can’t use due to performance.

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Active Sky 2016 & ASCA Service Pack 1 Open Beta

Earlier today Damian from HiFi Simulation announced that the AS16 and ASCA Service Pack 1 Open Beta is now available. This includes a large amount of hotfixes to the two products which you can find here. Any fix is a good fix and this is a great opportunity to get involved with an early update. Some of the new features that have been added look to be very nice and I look forward to trying them out for myself. In order to access the beta you must own a copy of AS16 or ASCA otherwise you will not be able to do so. This latest hotfix will also allow for the products to now be fully compatible with P3D 3.4.14.

More Friday Screenshots of the A330

It’s that time of the week again. Aerosoft Airbus A330 screenshot day. Once again we are looking ever closer to release with the progress seeming to be excellent at this time. Maybe we could see it before Christmas? All we can do is hope for the best. Either way here are the screenshots for you to enjoy.

Aerosoft Manchester Previews

A few hours ago the well known flight sim video creator Jerome Doorman previewed some screenshots of Aerosoft’s latest project within the UK. The screenshots showed an array of aspects around the airport which is already looking very impressive. The airport is still a work in progress so it will only get better. The screenshots here were taken in FSX so I am sure that the airport will look excellent in P3D. It is interesting to see some competition to UK2000 within the UK. I look forward to seeing more of the scenery over the coming weeks. We will be sure to update you on any more news that is released regarding this product.