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PMDG Release 777-200LR/F for P3D V4

Less than a week after the release of the 747 into V4. We have now recieved the 777-200LR/F. Robert Randazzo made the announcement just a few minutes ago over on the PMDG forums. Please make sure that you pay attention to the installation instructions as many people got it wrong with the 747. It’s a simple process but is well detailed in the forum post.

Next up from PMDG will be the 777-300ER expansion pack. Testing for this likely will not be as long for the 777 base package, so we can most likely expect it within the next couple of days. After the 777-300ER has come out, it will be the NGX’s turn to come into P3D V4.

It’s good to see how quickly PMDG are bringing their aircraft up to P3D V4. To find out information regarding the other releases, make sure to keep an eye out on our website.

Aerosoft Release Trondheim-Vaernes V2

Aerosoft have released their latest scenery, the Norweigen airport of Trondheim-Vaernes. An airport located on the northern coast of the Scandanavian country. Boasting stunning scenery and fun approaches. Aerosoft have spared little detail in the creation of this scenery.

Some of the finest details seen in any scenery have been implemented into Trondheim. With one of Aerosoft’s newest features to boast, animated people flow. With people walking within the jetways, sadly the animation is only modelled one way. But still a very cool feature to see implemented. The scenery also boasts highly accurated modelling of the terminal and other airport buildings along with photorealistic textures. The scenery is also fully compatible with SODE. It has out of the box compatibility with FSX, FSX SE, P3D V3 and P3D V4.

You can purchase this scenery from the Aerosoft store for the price of EUR 18.10.

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Aerosoft Scenery Updates Coming This Month

Over on the  Aerosoft Forums it has been announced that various popular sceneries will be coming to P3D V4 this month. This includes sceneries from both SimWings and the German Airports team. This comes with some big airports including Heathrow and Frankfurt. Two of the biggest airports in Europe which are both extremely popular.

The list is quite extensive but contains many of the communities favourite destinations. The airports being implemented will at first be straight ports across into P3D V4 with further compatibility forthe new V4 features coming in future updates.

The list is as follows:


  • Mega Airport London Heathrow
  • Mallorca Evolution
  • Menorca Evolution
  • Ibiza Evolution
  • Malaga X

German Airports Team 

  • Mega Airport Frankfurt V2
  • Suttgart
  • Dortmund
  • Bremen

We will make sure to report as and when these sceneries are released.

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More Previews of FlightBeam KMSP HD

FlightBeam have shown off a fifth round of screenshots from their upcomimg Minneapolis scenery. These shots are showing off some more of the great work that has been put into FlightBeam’s next scenery in their HD line. These shots show off a variety of scenarios including night time and winter. To see all the shots, you can see them over on FlightBeam’s forums.

Any further updates on this scenery will of course be covered here at FSElite.

SimTweak’s Release PTA Tool

Matt Davies announced last week that he had bought the source code used within the very popular PTA software. With the previous developer Yuri announcing he did not wish to continue development of the tool into P3D V4, it was great news to find out that a high profile member of our niche community had picked up the challenge of continuing development into V4.

For the price of $17.99, the updated and more advanced PTA software can be yours. Available from the SimTweaks website and SimMarket. Discounts will soon be available for those that subscribe to Matt on Twitch and have supported him on Patreon. There was not quite enough time to implement this feature at release, but it will be coming soon. If you are still on P3D V3 and wish to attain the software it will be available on the SimTweaks website also. Over time, the P3D V3 and V4 versions will be merged together adding a huge array of features as time progresses.

We are now happy to announce that the product has been released and is now available on the SimTweaks website.

Turbulent Design’s MBS International Coming Friday

Turbulent Designs have just announced that they will be releasing their MBS International scenery this Friday 9th June. Another excellent scenery created by the very talented team at Turbulent Designs.

This new scenery does not only come with full compatibility for P3D V4 but also will feature their new Turbulent Terminal software along with an easy to use installer. Turbulent Desigsns have said that they hope MBS sets the bar for future sceneries to come.

We will make sure to report the release here at FSElite.

To view the full post from Turbulent Designs, check out their Facebook page.

MK Studios Progress Update and Announcements

MK Studios have updated us on their current progress with their current in-development and just released product Madeira. This includes the sceneries of Madeira X Evolution, Napoli, Mega Airport Rome, Mega Airport Lisbon, Fuerteventura and MK Global Data. With Fuerteventura and MK Global Data being new and exciting announcements.


They are currently getting it prepared for P3D V4 compatibility by updating the runway lights and animated approach lights. They say the update will take a couple of days still whilst they finalise compatbility but will include new features including full support for dynamic lighting. It’s nice to see developers taking advantage of the new features that have been added in P3D V4.


The Napoli scenery is being tested alongside the Madeira scenery currently and is having a few last issues ironed out including fixing the runway lights and editing some autogen. Once these fixes have been completed the scenery will be ready for release. Coming to FSX, FSX SE, P3D V3 and V4.

Mega Airport Rome 

Rome, the scenery that has been out for quite some time now is getting another update this summer. This update will include a range of new features.

Mega Airport Lisbon 

More data is currently being collect for the scenery with release expected sometime in 2017 or 2018.


MK Studios have announced that part of their team are now working on the island of Fuerteventura. A popular European tourist destination located off the West Coast of Northern Africa. Good progress is being made on the scenery with some great shots being shown off on their Facebook page. The scenery will include photoreal island scenery as well as full P3D V4 compatibility and hand placed monuments which are found across the island. Hopefully this scenery isn’t too far away

MK Global Data 

A brand new product coming from MK studios, a new product that places rivers, lakes, roads and more at higher accuracy across the globe. From what I understand from the post, it seems that this will be compatible with Orbx Global. A possible replacement for FTX Vector? They claim is has been highly optimised to prevent OOMs due to intensive VAS usage. This product will be compatible with FSX and P3D V2, V3 and V4.

Here is the full list:

– Rivers,
– Waterways,
– Correct city and village areas,
– Main and local roads,
– Railways,
– Forests,
– Coastlines,
– Shorelines,
– Glaciers,

Any further updates reported by MK studios will of course be found here at FSElite.

TFDi Design Release 717 for P3D V4

Our friends at TFDi Design have released their 717 for P3D V4. However, in order to attain it you must make sure that you are part of the Community Opt-In Beta. To find out how to join follow this post on their forums.

The 717 comes as the second quality airliner into P3D V4 following behind the PMDG 747. The update in P3D V4 includes full support of dynamic lighting which can be clearly shown in the photo posted on their Facebook page. Otherwise, on the whole it is the same aircraft that we saw in P3D V3 with it’s most recent update.

For anymore news regarding product compatibility within P3D V4 make sure to keep an eye out on the site and on Facebook.

David Rosenfeld Announces Tel Aviv

David Rosenfeld, the developer that brought us the recent Milan Malpensa scenery has announced he’s developing Tel Aviv. The scenery will be compatible on release with FSX, P3D V3 and P3D V4. He noted that the new tower and E pier will be included within this scenery.

At the moment all we have is three screenshots showing off the early progress of this scenery. For now, why not check out our review of David’s Milan Malpensa scenery?

You can find the Facebook post here.


PMDG 747 P3D V4 Progress Update

PMDG’s CEO, Robert Randazzo has provided us with an update regarding the progress of the 747. He has said that in the final hours of testing a couple more bugs arose that needed to be fixed. These issues according to Randazzo were an annoyance, making the 747 a struggle to fly with it performing unpredictable actions.  This has lead to them holding off for just a little bit longer.

Randazzo claimed that he was off to get some sleep and will begin work again in the morning. With this in mind we hope to possibly see the 747 before the end of the weekend if all runs smoothly and the issues are ironed out.

You can find the full post here.

For now, why not enjoy some shots of the 747 from Jorge Moya in P3D V4 showing off the dynamic lighting?