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Aerosoft Release Rome Ciampino X

Aerosoft have just released their long awaited Rome Ciampino scenery. It’s been a fair time coming, but it’s finally released. For a price of EUR23.14 this scenery can be yours. Available from both Aerosoft and SimMarket.

Rome Ciampino airport is Rome’s second largest airport after Fiumicino. Serving both civilian and military operations. The airport is a large base for Ryanair providing a diverse route network through Europe and Africa. Although not a base for Wizzair, there is a variety of flights serving Eastern Europe from this airport.

This scenery seems to match the high quality precedent set by Aerosoft with their previous sceneries and looks to have sufficient value for money.

Expect a review from us on this scenery in the near future.

Lockheed Martin Release P3D V4.0 Hotfix 1

It’s been a long time coming, but Lockheed Martin have finally release their first hotfix for P3D V4. The main reason many have been anticipating this is because it will bring the 777-300ER from PMDG into V4. The patch brings an array of features which mainly iron out a majority of bugs that have been discovered since it released a few weeks ago.

We can be sure to expect the 777-300ER any minute now as PMDG work with the patch to assure full compatibility in the sim. The release of the 777-300ER will be followed on by the NGX. It will be nice to finally have a popular short haul aircaft in the sim having been stuck with long haul for quite some time now.

To see the full list of fixes, take a look on the P3D website.

JustSim Release Düsseldorf

JustSim have released their long awaited Dusseldorf scenery. This scenery follows on from their other popular sceneries including Nice, Barcelona, Hamburg and Luxembourg. Judging from the photos alone they seem to have done another excellent job with this scenery.

Dusseldorf Airport is the main airport serving the North Western area of Germany. Located 7km north of downtown Dusseldorf. Being the 3rd busiest airport in Germany there is a great variety of flights spanning across the globe. With flights to destinations including Dubai, New York and Hong Kong.

JustSim Dusseldorf comes as a welcome update to the ageing Aerosoft scenery that has existed for quite some time now. This scenery comes with a vast expanse of features including SODE jetways, dynamic lighting support for P3D V4 and custom autogen in the surrounding area.

If you wish to purchase this scenery is can be bought from SimMarket for EUR23.88.

Entire feature list:

Fully compatible with ORBX Germany North and FTX Global Vector (photo file backgrounds included)
Fully compatible with FTX Global openLC Europe (additional photo file backgrounds included)
Ground polygons made with the requirements of the SDK Prepad 3D
Dynamic lighting of the apron – only Prepar3D V4
Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
High resolution building textures
Animated SODE Jetways – will come in 2 weeks
Surrounding area with custom autogen
Fully AI traffic compatible with accurat AFCAD file
Excellent night effects
3D birds
Optimized for excellent performance
Inclusion of manual in PDF format
Fully 3d taxiways lighting
Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground high resolution
Realistic reflections on glass (Prepar3D V3&4)
Inclusion of manual in PDF format

FSLabs A319 and A321 Progress Update

Flight Sim Labs have announced the current progress of their A319 and A321 products over on their forums. The A320 from FSLabs took the flight sim community by storm last year when it released. Bringing one of the most advanced simulations we have ever seen. If you want a more detailed explanation into why it’s such a good aircraft, why not check out our in-depth review?

Andy Wilson, one of the FSlabs developers. Has announced that the A319 and A321 are just around the corner. He states that the A319 will be released shortly after if not at the same time as P3D V4 compatibility for the A320 in the next few weeks. With the A321 likely to release alongside Service Pack 1 later this year.

It will be nice to have more varients of the FSLabs A320 in the sim with the A319 and A321. At the moment only Aerosoft offer such an option but soon FSlabs will be even more of a competitor to the popular A320 simulation range.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for when these updates are released.

Jetstream Designs P3D V4 Compatibility

Jetstream Designs, the developers behind Palermo, Milan Linate and others sceneries alike have provided an update regarding their scenerie’s compatibility with P3D V4. They have now got all their sceneries working in P3D V4 with dynamic lighting apart from Metz-Nancy which is set to be updated after all of the other products are fully wrapped up and compatible with V4. They say that no FPS drops have been noticed with the use of dynamic lighting.

Here is the list of each product and what stage they’re at:

Little Rock: has been updated for V4 and has had SODE implemented. This is already available but another update will be coming soon which will implement dynamic lighting into the scenery.

Milan Linate: dynamic lighting has been added with a small terminal issue fixed.

Palermo: dynamic lighting has been added and native P3D ground polygons have also been added.

Marseille: dynamic lighting and SODE have been added.

These updates will be released in just a few days, so keep your eye out on our Facebook page and website for the news. This will mean all their sceneries will be natively compatible in V4 apart from Metz-Nancy which like I mentioned earlier will be ccoming soon. All of their sceneries now have animated jetways also.

Orbx Airports P3D V4 Dynamic Lighting

Over on Facebook, Orbx announced that they will be making all their payware airports compatible with dynamic lighting in P3D V4. We currently have a thin range of Orbx products in P3D V4, but hopefully more will start flooding in soon. Some great photos were shown off in the Facebook post with some shots of the dynamic lighting at Melbourne. The dynamic lighting will be implemented free of charge.

FSFX Packages Announce TFDi 717 Immersion

TFDi’s 717 is a much appreciated addon within the flight sim community. For some time now, the team at TFDi designs have been working to not only create a more stable product, but a product that has advanced feature and capability wise. Well the news has just dropped that FSFX Packages, the developers who have brought us the likes of PreciptFX and Chaseplane has announced an immersion package for the 717. Following on from their popular and excllent 777, 737, A320 family and Dash 8 immersion packages, it is great to see them continuing the series with a package for this excellent aircraft. We can presume the pricing will be similar to that of the other immersion packages. With the 717 now compatible in P3D V4, I look forward to seeing what new capabilties 64bit simulation brings to this brand new immersion package.

This news is being brought to you live from Flightsimcon where part of our team is currently located. For more live updates make sure to keep checking out the FSElite website and Facebook page. We are hoping for lots of exciting news over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled.

QualityWings Q2 Update

Over on Facebook, QualityWings Simulations have updated us on the progress of their 787 aircraft. Some exciting news has emerged! They state that the 787 has now been in beta testing for six months, being tested by an expert team who have found over 600 issues that have been ironed out. The initial release of the product will include the 787-8 and -9 with the GEnx and Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine variants. With both engine models include their own custom flight dynamics. At its current state, the 787-8 is looking to release first. With a free update coming for the -9 there after.

The aircraft will be compatible with FSX, FSX SE and P3D V4. With the FSX release version releasing first which is what we expected. The aircraft is being priced very reasonably at $69.95 being sold separately for P3D and FSX. The product will be sold through Flight1.

FSCon 2017 News: Flight1 Previewing Level-D 757-200

The team at Flight1 are showing off something very cool! A few years ago we recieved a preview from Level-D simulations teasing a 757.  Having heard nothing since then, many presumed that this project had died off. Well quite the opposite. Out of nowhere the product is in beta and being shown off at Flight Sim Con. We will have more news coming in regarding this product soon, for now sit tight.

We look forward to seeing more of this aircraft.

Update at 1648z 

  • The aircraft is 80% complete.
  • The modelling is almost done.
  • It is close, they are taking their time to make it perfect.

UK2000 Release Birmingham for Xplane

Some exciting news coming from UK2000. They have released their first scenery for Xplane 10 and 11. Choosing Birmingham as their first choice and it’s great to see a nice rendition of Birmingham coming into the popular opposition sim to P3D and FSX. We have been lucky enough to have had UK2000 in FSX and P3D for a long time now giving us a broad variety of destinations across the United Kingdom.

It’s great to see another established developer giving Xplane a try and we look forward to seeing more of their sceneries come to the platform. You can purchase this scenery from the UK2000 website for a price of £16.99.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our site and Facebook page for anymore UK2000 Xplane updates.