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Just Flight Release PA-28R Arrow III

Just Flight yesterday released their most recent product. This time it is the PA-28R Arrow III. A very well known aircraft to anyone that knows anything about light aircraft. I have personally done a few flying lessons on this aircraft in the real world and it is a magnificent aircraft to fly. Judging by the look of this new product, we might be looking at a very well created aircraft.

Just Flight are known well for creating good looking but low compelxity aircraft. However this time they seem to have made an exception to their common trend of aircraft. Although a bold statement, it looks like Just Flight could be knocking on the door of A2A if they continue to make aircraft such as this to a high complexity level. A real world version of this aircraft was used by the Just Flight team in order to create this product and it looks like they have left almost nothing out that you would find in the real aircraft.

The product is pretty reasonably priced and is set at what seems to be a competitve price to A2A. It will set you back a cost of £27.99 and can purchased here. The feature list is vast and a bit too big for me to actually implement into this article so if you wish to check it out for yourself then simply follow the link that I placed in the last sentence.

I am very impressed with what Just Flight have created here and will certainly be picking it up for myself when I have the time. Let’s hope we can see more aircraft like this from Just Flight.

FSdreamteam First Previews of Louisville


Thanks to reader Danny, he informed us it’s not a new announcement, but something the team have had in the works for a while. As a result, it turns out these are some of the first previews.

On a post to Facebook, Fsdreamteam have announced their next project. They are developing another US airport and this time they have chosen Louisville. Much like Memphis this airport is a large cargo hub. Instead of FedEx this time it is UPS. UPS operate a large fleet of MD11s out of the Kentucky based airport which will provide some fun for all those PMDG Mad Dog fans out there. The airport itself does not serve many international routes but recieves a healthy amount of domestic flights from around the US. As of this article being written the only information we have to hand is one solitary image and the confirmation from Fsdreamteam that it is Memphis. Any more news regarding this upcoming scenery will of course be reported over here on FSElite.

Black Box Simulation Pre Flight Manager Update Coming Soon

An update to Black Box Simulation’s pre flight manager is just around the corner. They have showed off a preview of the update on their Facebook page which gives us a couple of details of what we can expect in this next update. This most significant update within this is the addition of an automatic update feature. This I am sure will act as a useful feature having to no longer manually update. Black Box claim that “this should allow all us to address issues and serve users much more efficiently”. This update should be with us within hopefully the next couple of days. Seems to be useful for anyone that uses that Pre Flight Manager a fair amount.

Milviz Status Update on Upcoming Aircraft

Just recently on Facebook, Milviz gave us a little update on how their current products are doing and what stage they are at. There seems to be a large amount of cool aircraft that they are currently developing. Being more a fan of tube liners I often shy away from aircraft such as the ones that Milviz are currently producing but having had a look through the list I must say that I am tempted towards some of these aircraft.

So, let me actually inform you of which aircraft are at what stage along the production line:

  1. KA FMS – This product is apparently back in code and moving ahead.
  2. C-130J – The has begun on the aircraft and the model is nearly complete. (I am especially looking forward to this product)
  3. F-15C – Reux (VC) has begun and is now in coding.
  4. SR-71A – This aircraft is now roughly 20% done. It will be nice to have an accurate respresntaion of the world’s fastest aircraft in our sims relatively soon.
  5. C-130R – Redux is apparently ‘well on it’s way’.
  6. T-38C – This is now in beta.
  7. F-16C – Currently in the modelling process with planning for coding currently in progress.

Milviz are looking to be progressing well with all of their upcoming products. It is no easy feet to be creating so many projects at the same time and I tip my hat to Milviz for being able to do so in such an effective manner. Any major news regarding these products will of course be posted by FSElite.

AES 2.45 Released

A new update has been released for Aerosoft’s AES ground services. This update is relatively small but adds a few more airports to the product. This includes a variety of products such as UK2000 Manchester V2, KDM/Aerosoft Pisa X and many other airports. If you would like to check out this update you can take a look at this link here which will take you to the detailed forum post.

Just Flight Preview PA-28R Arrow III

Just Flight have shown off one of their new aircraft that they are developing. This time it is the PA-28R Arrow III. Just Flight are well known for their production of light aircraft and it is nice to see another one coming from the reputable developer.

The description of the product claims that the aircraft has been created to the up most of detail using a real PA-28R Arrow III to correctly model this aircraft. Apart from the stock British livery that they have modelled the aicraft off of, there will be ten other liveries included within this package. From the looks of it those of you who own the GTN 750 or 650 will be able to intergrate the product into this aircraft.

We look forward to seeing this aircraft and we will keep you updated on any further news regarding this product. You can check it out here.

Orbx Show Off New KSAN Screenshots

Orbx’s upcomig San Diego scenery has been shown off with some more screenshots over on the forums. These shots come from Ians Emms who’s title is ‘screenshot artist’ and as you would expect the screenshots are very nice. We look forward to seeing more of this scenery.

With the scenery not looking too far from release we will make sure to keep you updated on any future updates or of course the release over here at FSElite. For now enjoy some of the wonderful screenshots




PMDG Release 747-400 Queen of the Skies 2

One of the most highly anticipated products of the year had arrived! PMDG dropped a bomb shell earlier today announcing that the product would be with us shortly. This aircraft has been long in the making and a much wanted add on for all those Boeing or 747 fans out there. You can purchase the aircraft here for the price of $89.99 (FSX) and $134.99 (P3D)

This is PMDG’s 3rd rendition of the Queen of the Skies and once again it looks like they have blown our expectations out of the park. They have included almost all 747-400 models that are currently avaliable with the 747-8 to follow soon. We have been teased for quite some time about this product and it is great that we have finally got our hands on it.

The beta testers over at PMDG have been doing an excellent job to make sure that the release has been as quick as possible and that any issues were quickly eradicated. Some of the technology that has been implemented into this 747 will soon be coming into the 777 which is exciting news. We look forward to seeing what PMDG have up their sleeve regarding future products.

Any news regarding the 747-8 expansion will of course be reported over here at FSElite. God save the Queen!

Aerosoft/GayaSimulation Genoa X : The FSElite Review


Genoa is a small city that is situated in North Eastern Italy with a population of just over 500,000 people. The city itself has a large port that is situated directly next to the airport with the airport being placed within the port itself. Genoa airport as it is known to most people also resides with the name of Cristoforo Colombo Airport.  The airport sits upon an artificial peninsula that juts out into the sea. It serves a very important purpose and is the biggest and busiest airport within the Liguria region of Italy handling almost 1.3 million passengers in 2014.  Genoa is used by a variety of airlines coming in from a variety of destinations. To name a few, British Airways from London Gatwick, Air France from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Alitalia from Rome Fiumicino and even airlines such as S7 Airlines that operate from Moscow-Domodedovo.

The scenery is distributed by Aerosoft so it uses one of their very simple installers that involve very little hassle. Once the scenery is installed there is no configuration tool that comes with the airport so you are left with what you have. However this is no bad trait. The scenery is very pleasant on performance and I have seen no issues with with performance having flown into the airport various times now. It always makes a pleasant experience when flying to a scenery as detailed as this with minimal effect on performance.

The airport is located within the port of Genoa and is encapsulated by mountains that rise above the city. This scenery makes for some captivating approaches with some coming in through the mountains and others such as the circling approach for runway 10 swooping round the port and lining up with the runway at the last minute. I would highly recommend the circling approach as it allows you to have a good look at the city as well as experiencing a challenging approach.

It seems to be that GayaSimulation have cut no corners when creating this scenery. All aspects of the scenery are accurately modelled and extremely well textured. Hopefully something that we will be seeing in Brussels which is soon to come from them. They have modelled a large portion of the surrounding area which makes the scenery far more complete with the ports being very well detailed and other buildings being accurately modelled and textured also. However, apart from the autogen that directly surrounds the airport it seems to be that they have used default autogen and hand placed it. None the less this does not impact the feel of the scenery too much and it is still excellent. All buildings that lie directly on the coastline also seem to be custom autogen with marinas and sports facilities being well modelled. Overall the airport and surrounding area have been created in excellent detail and you will be more than impressed when flying into this airport. It is hard to notice that some of the buildings are default as they have been hand placed and not generically placed by P3D/FSX.

The night lighting at the airport like most airports we see nowadays is excellent. Upon my first visit to the airport I was surprised as my night lighting seemed to be quite poor. It was in fact due to the fact that my SODE was not up to date. SODE is required for this scenery to function properly. Without it installed you will notice that the night lighting does not function properly and that you will have no jetways appear. Once it is installed it does massively improve the scenery especially with the implication of SODE jetways. This is a newer replacement to the traditional Ctrl + J or no jetways moving at all. It accurately lines the jetway up with the aircraft and is being seen in more and more sceneries. It is good to see developers taking more advantage of this awesome tool and I look forward to seeing it be implemented in more sceneries to come. The jetways that are used at Genoa airport are ones that only move forwards and backwards. This means that your jetway aligment with the door must be pretty accurate in order for SODE to recognise that your aircraft is there.

The scenery has been very well implemented into the surrounding area if you are using either default or Orbx mesh. It will of course look better if intergrated within Orbx scenery but it will still look perfectly fine with default. In my shots of this airport you should hopefully see this. If you are wondering what Orbx packages I am using then I can tell you that it is Orbx Global Base, FTX Open Land Class Europe and FTX Vector. With these three products installed I get a seemless transition between the airport and it’s surrounding area. I would not be able to tell you how it intergrates with other mesh from different developers but I am sure that it would work well. On top of the mesh and terrain intergrating well, the night lighting also flows seemlessly into the surrounding area. It is great to see developers such as Gaya Simulations putting such a great amount of effort into making their airport look good stand alone and when placed amongst the terrain around it.

Airline2Sim Announce 747-400/F Cadet Training Programme

Over on the avsim forums a few hours ago Airline2Sim posted some excited news regarding their next product. Which is now confirmed to be the 747-400. They teased a shot earlier in the day of what looked to be a 747 flight deck and our suspicions were correct and what a great time to be correct. With PMDG’s 747 just around the corner now I am sure that many people will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Airline2Sim’s next training video. The pilot that will be helping them is called Roger and according to Airline2Sim was a captain on the 747 for many years with a Hong Kong based airline before he transitioned to the 777. We can only presume that he was talking about Cathay Pacific. Recently retired they have reigned in the help of him to aide them along with the process of creating a new series of videos that will show off the Queen of The Skies in all her true glory.

With the fact that he was a Hong Kong based pilot for quite some time it is exciting news to hear that a Kai Tak approach will be performed ‘properly’ to quote Ben. This approach video will be sold separately from the actual 747 training programme for those that want it but it will also be included within the 747 programme. The video will be aptly named ‘Airport2Sim Kai Tak’ and will be the first video in their new airport series. According to Ben he was a Type Rating Instructor so it is likely that we can expect a very in-depth video that will expertly teach us how to properly fly the Queen in our sims. They have also said on the post that they will try to spend more time in Asia this time as the 777 cadet programme was largely based in the USA. We look forward to seeing this product hit our shelves and we will of course keep you updated on any progress regarding this product.

As we found yesterday, we can expect a Dec 2017 release.