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TropicalSim Releases Curaçao 2017

TropicalSim has just released their latest scenery, Curaçao 2017. This scenery not only updates the original scenery released 2013 but also brings compatibility for P3D v4.

Just like Antigua 2017, if you have owned the previous version of this TropicalSim product, then a special upgrade price is available of EUR 9.60. A very reasonable price for those that have previously owned the scenery.

This update brings a whole new array of features including the new departures hall, P3D v4 dynamic lighting and SODE jetway compatibility. The whole list of features will be left below.

It’s nice to see yet another developer bringing their sceneries forward into P3D v4 and we hope to see more 2017 versions of  TropicalSim’s sceneries coming soon.

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Orbx Release Bilbao

Just yesterday we showed off some final shots from Orbx Bilbao. Just one day later, the scenery has been released. For the price of $39.95 AUD you can purchase this scenery from the Orbx website.

Not only have Orbx modeled the airport, they have also modeled the entire city of Bilbao. The scenery also includes animated jetways alongside 30 to 60 cm/pixel ground scenery. Additionally, the airport has full compatibility with P3D v4.

This is Orbx’s first payware airport to enter P3D v4, which hopefully means more are likely to follow on soon.

Digital Design Leipzig (EDDP): The FSElite Review

Digital Design
Provided by
Digital Design
We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

Digital Design, the scenery developers who brought us St Petersburg and Salzburg, have now come along with their next scenery: Leipzig, which is the 13th largest airport in Germany for passenger numbers and the second largest for cargo. The airport is located in East Germany, serving the cities of both Leipzig and Halle. In terms of passengers, the airport is served mainly by low-cost airlines such as Thomas Cook, SunExpress and Eurowings; other airlines including Lufthansa and Austrian opt to fly to Frankfurt and Vienna. Although passengers are important to the airport, Leipzig currently is the 5th largest cargo handler in Europe, handling more than 850,000 tons of cargo in 2015. The airport serves cargo airlines such as Polar Cargo, UPS and even NATO. This provides for a huge route variety across the globe catering to all divisions of aviation: commercial, cargo and military.

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UPDATE: No Longer in Development – FlyTampa Developing Tokyo Haneda

UPDATE @ 1840z

So we got in contact with FlyTampa after the removal of their dot on the map and the lack of further information. Turns out that 2 other developers are also working on Haneda airport, so the team have decided it’s best to not continue with their work on that project.

WingCreation just announced their intentions to develop it, and a second unannounced developer is also working on it too. Apparently it’s a “high end developer” but our information doesn’t go beyond that I’m afraid.

Any further updates, we’ll let you know.

– Original Article –

It’s not often we see a new dot appear on FlyTampa’s expansive airport map. But a new one has arisen, it’s Tokyo’s Haneda airport. One of the two primary airports located within the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Handling 75 million passengers in 2015, providing an expansive route network with a variety of flights across the globe.

At this stage in time we do not know anything about the time scale of this scenery but we know it’s happening. Anymore news that arises we will of course make sure to report.

EDIT: The dot has now been removed, we are contacting the developers for more information.

Aerosoft/MK Studios Release Napoli X

Aerosoft have just released their highly anticipated Napoli X scenery. Depicting the airport and city of Naples.

Naples airport is located in the city of Naples on the South West coast of Italy. Serving some 6.8 million passengers a year and is the busiest airport in Europe that does not serve as a hub or secondary hub for any airline.

MK Studios have once again created a highly detailed scenery available for FSX, P3D V3 and V4. With features including 2048×2048 ground textures, dynamic lighting in P3D v4 and Navdata Pro Charts for the airport included free.

Napoli X can be purchased from the Aerosoft website for a price of EUR25.16.

FlyTampa, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam and 29Palms Future Products to be P3D V4 Only

Over on the FSDreamTeam forums, it was announced that four major airport developers will only be developing for P3D V4 in the future. This being FlyTampa, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam and 29Palms. This comes after Turbulent Designs also announced that their future development for P3D would only be on V4. The reasons behind these developers taking this decision is relatively unilateral. P3D V4 as many of you know, is 64bit software. Which opens up a huge number of doors to developers.

Since 2006, most developers have been developing on FSX and the former versions of P3D. Which are all limited by the underlying factor of 32bit software. The technology available 11 years ago was sufficient for the 4GB platforms. But as time has progressed, technology has dramatically advanced and these 32bit platforms have struggled to keep up and handle it. Developers, over the last few years have taken strongly into account the limitation of memory usage. This has lead to detail lacking in favour of performance. However, with the adoption of P3D V4 developers are no longer limited by performance and can now broaden the depth of their sceneries.

The limitations that have been seen by FSX have strongly hindered future product development. But with the adoption of P3D V4 only we will see an array of new features including dynamic lighting, creation of new SimObjects and more realistic ground models.

We’ve provided you with a brief summary of a long and detailed article posted by FSDreamTeam. It’s great to see more developers adopting P3D V4 only as it will show some strong advances in the depth and realism of sceneries to come. What are you thoughts?

Orbx OLC South America in Final Testing

Over on the Orbx forums, Eugene Krikunov has showed off some final shots of the upcoming OLC South America product. At the top of his post he states that OLC South America is in the final stage of testing.

The shots shown by Eugene display the various different environments found across South America. Showing off large plains, mountains and residential areas.

OLC South America comes after OLC North America which is an excellent product. I imagine a combination of Orbx’s modern technology and P3D V4 will look excellent.

There is a wide variety of shots shown off, I will leave a few in the post below.

PMDG Release 777-300ER for P3D V4

A few days ago we reported that Lockheed Martin had released their first P3D V4 hotfix. This ironed out a few bugs but also curved the way for PMDG’s popular 777-300ER. Like the rest of the products coming to V4, if you have owned the product previously in V3 it is a free upgrade from the eCommerce site.

In order to download the product, simply uninstall your current version then re-instal the new version using the updated installer. To view the full post on how to install it, check here.

Up next from PMDG is there 737NGX series, which is expected in the next couple of weeks.

Navigraph Chart Beta Testing

A couple of us at FSElite are lucky enough to have had the updated Navigraph Charts for a couple of months. With all Navigraph users being included more recently. But more platforms have now been added, most notably the opportunity to test the iPad version of the software.

In a post on their website, they detailed exactly how you can take part in the various betas that are currently running. We have already covered the earlier releases and can be found in our post here.

The iPad software is open to all Navigraph customers but this will not be an open beta due to Apple restrictions. This means 1,500 places will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Another new piece of software is the open beta for Naviraph Play. This is a set of videos showing off verious different movements around major airports across the globe. Explaining for example, how to perform ILS approaches.

Any more updates regarding the various Navigraph betas will be reported here at FSElite.