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Giveaway: TOGA Projects ENVTEX and ENVSHADE

ENVTEX Previews 13

FSElite is excited to present another giveaway to our readers! The prize that we’re giving away this time includes a copy of ENVTEX and ENVSHADE, TOGA Project’s popular graphical enhancement tools for FSX and P3D. This giveaway is in correlation with our recent exclusive post which showed off some of the new exciting features that will be coming in SP2 for ENVTEX.

In order to enter this giveaway, all you need to do is guess the correct release date for ENVTEX SP2 on this post on the site, Facebook or Twitter. We will announce the giveaway winner on the day of release.

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WorldFlight 2018: Simfest

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WorldFlight is dawning upon us as the almost week-long adventure around the world kicks off tonight at 2200z. One of the most well-known crews: Simfest, will be streaming the week-long event from their excellent 747 sim. This year, Simfest will be raising money for Contact the Elderly UK; a charity which aims to bring people over the age of 75
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JetStream Designs Show off More Paris Orly Previews

LFPO 1810 11
JetStream Designs has shown off some exciting new shots of their upcoming Paris Orly scenery over on their Facebook page. These shots show off some of the excellent progress that has been made with this scenery. Included in the post is a range of shots which show of the wonderful work that has been put into this much-needed scenery. JetStream
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JustSim/Digital Design Brussels Released

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JustSim/Digital Design has released their highly anticipated Brussels (EBBR) scenery. Originally intended to release on either Thursday or Friday last week, the scenery hit a slight delay but has now come out just a few short days after it was intended to. This product comes with a number of features which include various SODE objects (including jetways), blending with FTX
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SimWings/Aerosoft Mega Airport Madrid Professional Released

MA Madrid Prof 2400 10.jpg.7b9c54bb4a9fa51cadbbf18740a77f03
SimWings has released their highly anticipated Madrid Professional scenery. Madrid has, for a long time, been missing from our simulators however it has now returned with a solid looking rendition of the airport. Madrid Professional can be purchased from the Aerosoft store for a price of €33.23 or €26.36 if you have previously owned Mega Airport Madrid. Being a professional product, it should
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VATSIM Reveal New Voice Codec


For a long time, many a VATSIM user has asked for a new codec which will bring better clarity and ease to using voice on VATSIM. Well, the time is now upon us and the first preview of the new codec has been shown off over on VATSIM’s YouTube channel.

The video shows off some of the new features of this codec which include substantially better voice quality as well as the new blocking feature when more than one person tries to speak.

The team behind the creation of this codec have been working hard to produce this new voice software for VATSIM and this video shows off the amazing work that they have been able to achieve.

FSElite has been informed exclusively that we will be seeing a mass user trial in just the coming weeks and if all goes well will see a full release in a matter of weeks, not years.

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SimWings/Aerosoft’s Madrid Professional Releasing Friday

MA Madrid Prof 2400 10.jpg.7b9c54bb4a9fa51cadbbf18740a77f03
Mathijs Kok has announced over on the Aeorosft forum that Mega Airport Madrid Professional will be releasing this Friday. In a shock announcement last week, SimWings announced that they had been re-developing Madrid, bringing this significant European hub back into our sims. From the shots shown off, Madrid Professional looks to be up to the regular high standards of SimWings. As
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Digital Design/JustSim Announce Brussels – Release in 2-3 Days

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JustSim has just announced some very exciting news on their Facebook page that they have made Brussels and will be releasing it in the next 2-3 days. In co-operation with Digital Design, JustSim has kept this project under wraps right up until it's almost ready for release. Brussels has, for a long time, been without scenery in P3D/X-Plane 11 so this news comes
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Leonardo FlytheMaddogX SP1 Open Beta Released

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FlytheMaddogX has released their highly anticipated SP1 into open beta which brings a host of new features to the MD82. The team at Leonardo software has been working hard to make their Maddog product even better than it already was. As mentioned, this product is an open beta which means there are still some issues to iron out before the
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MK-Studios Lisbon: The FSElite Review

Featured Image
Humberto Delgado Airport (LPPT) is Portugal’s largest airport and serves the capital city Lisbon. Serving 26.6 million passengers in 2017, Lisbon airport is Europe’s 25th busiest airport and caters to a wide variety of destinations throughout Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Asia, operated by over 60 different airlines which provides great route diversity into and out of Portugal.
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