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Turbulent Designs 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Now Freeware

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Over on their forum, Turbulent Designs has announced that their 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field scenery is now freeware.

Every penny made from scenery before has been donated to the children’s charity: Over The Wall. It appears as though that the target donation goal has been met and the scenery has now been released as freeware. Turbulent Designs would like to thank everyone who purchased the scenery for their contribution.

Angwin-Parrett Field is compatible with FSX and Prepar3D. Features include; 241km² of land coverage, 30cm terrain resolution and Real Flora.

You can add the latest version of the airfield to your Turbulent Designs account here.

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JustSim Previews Brussels (EBBR) For X-Plane 11

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After a short delay due to the team taking time off, JustSim has made an announcement regarding the release of Brussels (EBBR) for X-Plane 11 over on their Facebook page along with some previews. These previews show the airport in a pretty-much complete state. It has been announced that we will see a release for X-Plane 11 this week. No price or feature list
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Alabeo Releases C421 C Golden Eagle Update

In a recent Facebook post by Alabeo, they have announced an update for their C421 C Golden Eagle add-on for FSX and Prepar3D. Version 1.3 brings along minor bug fixes, improved flight dynamics, adjusted landing gear warning conditions and a flight director bar and INOP flag adjustment. Alabeo state that for customers who wish to update, it is important to
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Cross The Pond 2018 Eastbound Details Announced

Ctpeastbound2018 Banner
VATSIM's busiest bi-annual event, Cross The Pond 2018 Eastbound, is right around the corner. The planning team have announced important details for you to take note of over on the forum. For those not yet informed, Cross The Pond (CTP for short) is a bi-annual event on the VATSIM network that's been taking place for over a decade. It's a transatlantic crossing between
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MilViz Preview T310R Rain Effects In X-Plane 11

T310r Rain
Announced back in June at FSExpo, word of the MilViz T310 for X-Plane has been sparse, until now. Over on their Facebook page, MilViz has posted a preview featuring windshield rain effects in their upcoming aircraft for X-Plane 11. We suspect a release is on the horizon as MilViz have now further introduced us to the T310R by publishing its
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FS-FlightControl Version 1.3.31 Released


Over on their Facebook page, FS-FlightControl have announced an update to their software.

Version 1.3.31 includes many improvements and introduces the following additions suggested by FS-FlightControl customers:

  • Optional confirmation dialog before actual aircraft positioning that also allows one-time option changes (enable in settings).
  • Map option to import and export POIs to CSV files.

Further changes in version 1.3.31 include security upgrades, visual fixes, statistic fixes, network improvements, additional settings functionality and much more. For those interested, the changelog can be found here.

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Taburet NightXP Washington And Oregon For X-Plane Released

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Taburet have released their latest nocturnal scenery add-on, NightXP Washington And Oregon for X-Plane 10 and 11. NightXP Washington And Oregon is a blend of existing X-Plane scenery with nocturnal textures to bring nighttime city and state skylines to life. Taburet have developed this add-on to deliver the greatest amount of realism as possible, taking full advantage of the X-Plane
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MK-Studios Releases Lisbon v1.1 Update

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MK-Studios have just announced a v1.1 update to their Lisbon Airport (LPPT) scenery for Prepar3D v4 over on their Facebook page. Many changes and improvements based on customer feedback have been introduced in v1.1 including overall lighting improvements, AFCAD improvements, texture updates and much more which can be viewed in the changelog below. You can grab a hold of this
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Moldova Scenery Design Shows Iași Intl’ (LRIA) Previews

Lasi Intl (21)
Over on their Facebook page, Moldova Scenery Design has posted 26 new WIP previews of their upcoming Iași International Airport (LRIA) scenery for Prepar3D v4. Iași Intl' is a Romanian airport which serves 8 airlines and has routes to over 35 destinations within Europe. It's an interesting airport to discover for someone who's not flown much around the eastern side of
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ShortFinal Design Announce Munich Airport (EDDM)

Munich XP Preview (7)
Over at the X-Plane Forum, ShortFinal Design has announced Munich Airport (EDDM) for X-Plane 11 along with a feature list and several eye-catching WIP previews that display the 3D terminal interiors and overall attention to detail. A high-quality rendition of Munich Airport is something that many X-Plane simmers have been longing. Being the major hub that it is, with over
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