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Max Dyba

Orbx Previews TrueEarth Great Britain North for X-Plane 11

TrueEarth GB North (2)

Over on the Orbx forum, John Venema has dropped the first set of work-in-progress previews of the upcoming TrueEarth Great Britain North for X-Plane 11. This is to be the last TrueEarth puzzle piece to cover the entirety of Great Britain in X-Plane 11.

Venema mentions that good progress has been made on GB North and that Orbx is hoping to licence 10M elevation mesh to make the Scottish Highlands just stunning to explore. The clarity of the Northern satellite imagery is to be better than down below as their data provider appears to have improved QA heading up north. Nevertheless, the previews look stunning for the stage of it is at and we look forward to seeing the continued development.

We don’t have much more information on pricing or features for TE GB North although we believe they will be similar to the last two TE GB releases.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that the first service packs are being worked on for TrueEarth Netherlands, GB South and Central. We will let you know once those have been released.

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FlightFactor A350 v1.5 Beta Released

In a forum post, a FlightFactor developer has announced that they've pushed a v1.5 Beta update to the FlightFactor A350 for X-Plane 11. This v1.5 beta update brings along a couple of changes and fixes although none major except for being built on a new version of SASL which can potentially bring some issues. Some bugs squished are hardware throttles
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Orbx Goodwood Airport (EGHR) Released for X-Plane 11

Announced in a Forum post, Orbx has released Chichester/Goodwood Airport (EGHR) exclusively for X-Plane 11 to complement their TrueEarth Great Britain South add-on. Goodwood Airport is located in Chichester, West Sussex on the Goodwood Estate. This airfield was built and primarily used during World War II by the RAF as a relief landing ground. Today, the airport sees its fair
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Aerosoft Airport Genoa (LIMJ) for X-Plane 11 Released

Airport Genoa – XPlane 11 Add On – Official Trailer
Announced on their blog, Aerosoft has released their much-anticipated Airport Genoa “Cristoforo Colombo” add-on scenery for X-Plane 11 developed by Gayasim in collaboration with Stairport Sceneries. Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport is built on an artificial peninsula 4 nautical miles west of Genoa, Italy. It is known for its scenic view of the Ligurian Sea on approach which you'll experience in the
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Carenado C172SP Skyhawk for X-Plane 11 Announced

C172g1000 15
In a Facebook post, Carenado has announced that they're developing the Cessna 172SP Skyhawk for X-Plane 11 along with some previews. From the previews, we can see that this C172 certainly differs from the X-Plane 11 default aircraft with Carenado's G1000 avionics, custom ground aircraft objects and the ability to hide/show the wheel fairings or "pants". The Cessna 172SP Skyhawk is
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More Orbx TrueEarth GB Central Previews in XPL11

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Over on the Orbx forum, a team member has posted some “fast and slow” previews of TrueEarth Great Britain Central for X-Plane 11 in two posts.

TrueEarth GB Central is the next puzzle piece in the Orbx TrueEarth series to follow GB South which has shown to be a popular release amongst the X-Plane community breathing life into the South of Great Britain. GB Central is to cover a huge area of 59,383km2 of hand-corrected imagery, hundreds of POI, detailed cities, scenic areas and more covering the entire central region of England and Wales.

In these previews, we see the stunning beauty of Central England coming to life in X-Plane 11. These shots are from the current beta version of X-Plane (11.26) along with some visual enhancement add-ons used. I’ll let the eye-candy speak for itself.

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Skyline Simulations Previews Billy Bishop (Toronto City) for X-Plane

SS Toronto XP (2)
Over on their Facebook page, Skyline Simulations has released some work-in-progress previews of the surrounding city area for their Billy Bishop Toronto Intl. (CYTZ) scenery coming soon to X-Plane 11. Announced back in April, Skyline Simulations mentioned that CYTZ would include the surrounding city area which adds accurate high-rise buildings and landmarks such as the CN Tower. Billy Bishop is
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The Airport Guys Preview Grundy Airport (KGDY)

The Airport Guys have sent us some work-in-progress previews of their up and coming Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) which will be 3 of 9 in their series of airports located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grundy Airport is a rather unique airport with a 2,256-foot runway and a straight drop on both ends meaning you'll want to land just right
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Flightbeam Continues to Preview Portland (KPDX)

Announced back at FSCon 2017, Portland Intl. (KPDX), developed by Flightbeam in partnership with iBlueYonder has been coming along pretty well from the regular previews we've been seeing of its stunning detail. In a post on the iBlueYonder Facebook page, two previews have been posted of the airport in action with Ultimate Traffic Live from Flight1. In the post, it is
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DMD Developers’ Krasnodar Intl. (URKK) Released

URKK (2)
In a post on simMarket's Facebook page, it has been announced that DMD Developers has released their debut add-on scenery for ESP platforms, Krasnodar Intl. Airport (URKK). Krasnodar Intl. aka Pashkovsky Airport is located in southern Russia serving the city of Krasnodar and is the 9th busiest Russian airport. Many airlines fly to and from the airport such as Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Turkish
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