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Aerosoft Menorca X Evolution: The FSElite Review

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Recently we’ve seen a lot of new exciting scenery released for various islands across Europe. One that caught our attention is Aerosoft’s Menorca X Evolution. Aerosoft have always been well known in the European scenery development and rule the market when it comes to small islands and holiday destinations such as Madeira, Gibraltar and more. Today we take an in depth look in to the Sim-Wings/Aerosoft Menorca X scenery, available on the Aerosoft Store.

Don’t forget Menorca is now part of the Balearic Islands package enabling you to have access to all the islands for a reduced cost.

As the northern hemisphere leaves winter and approaches summer, there’s no better than short hops across the southern Europe to visit extraordinary holiday destination such as Ibiza, Madeira and more. Plan your flight, fire up your sim, sit back and relax because Aerosoft and its developers have you covered.

Menorca X Evolution is the successor to the original Menorca scenery released by Aerosoft. The “Evolution” part boasts improved performance, visuals and redefined photoscenery. Located within the Balearic Islands, a couple hundred kilometres off of the coast of Spain, Menorca is popular among tourists for its incredible beaches, serenity and peacefulness. Several airlines operate in and out of Menorca daily, ranging from small turboprops to 737s and A321s. Menorca airport (LEMH) has been dealing with increased traffic over the past years and has upgraded its runway to a  brand new 2550m (8370ft) runway, equipped with full Runway Approach Lighting, PAPIs as well as a CAT1 Instrument Landing System. So if the weather is bad, there’s no trouble getting in to the airport during low visibility. The small ramp area is modernised with jetways and large parking spaces fitting aircraft up to Boeing 747s. Approaching the airport from either side is stunning: from the south you fly over the marina and city, from the north you experience cliffs and lazure like water.


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Developer Month: FlightFactor – The Best X-Plane Airliners?

The month of March is special for the team at FSElite, we are dedicating this month to the developers! A way of saying thanks for all the continuous development of products that really make flight simulation a truly unique and captivating experience. This article covers one of the most popular developers for X-Plane, a sim not heavily focused on here, but that’s about to change.


The Team

To the P3D/FSX community, FlightFactor might be a little shy of the limelight, but in X-Plane, they are the best in Airline simulation.

FlightFactor Aero is a team of experienced designers from across the world. It all began in 2011 when Roman, or “Ramzzess” as he is better known by in the community, and Phillip teamed up to create FlightFactor. Roman is best known for the stunning 3D modelling presented in the FlightFactor aircraft, utilizing the SASL engine to create stunning visuals and effects that bring the aircraft to life. Phillip on the other hand is better known for meticulously crafting the plugins and avionics and ultimately detailing the systems to address the hardcore sim enthusiasts.

Together, the team has over 15 years of experience creating models for X-Plane and will remain to continue creating high quality planes for X-Plane.


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