Milviz Previews Custom F-15C Sound System

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To accompany their recent barrage of image previews for their upcoming aircraft, Milviz have recently released a video on their facebook page showcasing the F-15C’s custom sound the system.

The video is a collection of fly-by shots of the aircraft travelling at various speeds and with different power settings. Notable effects include highly realistic sounds of the engines, a captured sense of distance as the aircraft flies away, as well as some great sonic boom effects for supersonic flight.

Unfortunately, no more information has been released on Milviz’s F-15C, so we cannot give you a release date or price, just yet.

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Carenado Releases Short 360

After a recent release of previews for this long-awaited project, Carenado has finally released their Short 360 aircraft. A large, British-made, twin-turboprop aircraft, the Short 360 would typically seat 39 passengers and could ferry them up to 1,600km at its service ceiling of 20,000ft. Carenado's rendition of the aircraft is full of features to bring this old 'van' to life,
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David Rosenfeld Previews Ben Gurion Airport

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In a recent post on his Facebook page, David Rosenfield gave us a single preview of the upcoming Ben Gurion Airport, Located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ben Gurion is the main and busiest international airport in Israel, was named in honour of Israel's first Prime Minister: David Ben-Gurion, and handled some 20.8 million passengers in 2017. Judging by the preview supplied,
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Pilot Plus Updates EGKK London Gatwick To V2.0

Pilot Plus, a UK based X-Plane scenery developer, has recently announced the update of their EGKK London Gatwick product to version 2.0. The new version comprises a selection of upgrades to the scenery, including layout changes and graphical improvements: Added Pier 1 & Surroundings PBR ground mapping with specular textures World Traffic 3 compatibility Fixed AI traffic routes General misc object
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FlyJSim 727 Professional V3 New Previews And Release Date

The brilliant minds behind FlyJSim have recently treated us to a set of previews showing the exterior of the aircraft, as well as a HD CSL for use on online networks.

The images – posted on their facebook page – show the team testing the CSL on the PilotEdge network, giving us previews of the full PBR, animations and lighting included.

In addition to these previews, FlyJSim also posted a youtube video, revealing the release date for this classic airliner: 10th August. The aircraft will be available for X-Plane 11 only, but no price has been announced, yet.

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FS2Crew Releases Aerosoft Airbus Pro

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FS2Crew, a developer known for their addons allowing realistic interaction between the pilot and their environment, have released another addition to their product line: FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro. The purchase of this product contains 3 parts: Both voice and button control as well as an Airbus Global FO Voice Set. This addon allows users to take control of various parts
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ToLiss 319 Updated To Version 1.1.1

ToLiss Simulation Solutions has recently updated their 319 aircraft to version 1.1.1 bringing a variety of minor new features and bugfixes to the product: New Features: ESC key can now be used to close ISCS Improved Cost Index - Mach calculation relationship Implemented an external volume slider Default X-Plane EFIS commands now work for Captain's ND 'Resume from last time' -
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QualityWings Announces RealLight Update For 787 Ultimate

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In a post on their facebook page, QualityWings Simulations announced the main features of their upcoming 1.1.2 update for the 787 Ultimate package: Added RealLight by TFDi (For P3Dv4 Only) Improvements to stability (Fewer CTDs, etc.) Improved framerates Improved LNAV/VNAV functionality Improvement to the weather radar Amongst other improvements to the aircraft. Unfortunately, no date has been announced for the
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VSKYLABS Previews Guimbal Cabri G2

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In a recent post on their facebook page, VSKYLABS have previewed some cockpit screenshots of their upcoming Guimbal Cabri G2 project. The G2 is a light helicopter which was first introduced to the market in 2008 and was designed by a former Eurocopter engineer. The developer has said that most of the cockpit is now completed and some notable feature include the
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