Carenado Release 690B Turbo Commander For X-Plane 11

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Carenado has released yet another P3D conversion to X-Plane 11, this time it is the 690B Turbo Commander, which was previewed just a week prior.

This product covers the 690B Turbo Commander – A small, twin-engine G/A Aircraft with retractable gear, and Carenado’s rendition of the craft has an extensive feature list:

  • Specially designed engine dynamics for X-Plane 11
  • Flight physics and ground handling optimised for X-Plane 11
  • PBR materials and textures throughout
  • Realistic weight and balance characteristics tested by real-world pilots
  • Goodway and RXP GTN750 compatible
  • VR compatible
  • 6 HD liveries
  • Extensive documentation

Carenado’s 690B Turbo Commander is available through their store for $37.95 and is available for X-Plane 11.

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Milviz Previews F-16C Block 50

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Military Visualisations recently previewed their latest work in progress, on their facebook page. The aircraft in question is the General Dynamics F-16C Block 50, a supersonic multi-role fighter jet originally developed for the USAF. Milviz hasn't announced a price or release date, but have confirmed that this product will be available for both FSX and P3D.
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JustSim Previews Antalya International Airport

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JustSim just announced an addition to their ever-expanding European library: Antalya International Airport. The scenery covers Antalya International Airport, a large airport on the Southern coast of Turkey, which is a hub for 6 airlines and is Turkey's 3rd busiest airport. Not much detail has been released as to the features of the scenery, a price nor a release date, but
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Aerobask Releases Freeware Robin DR401 CDI 155

The Robin DR401 CDI155 is the latest work to come out of the brilliant minds over at Aerobask. The DR401 is a small, wooden, single engine monoplane developed by Robin Aircraft. Which has been excellently brought into the X-Plane environment, with the typical feature list we have come to expect from Aerobask: Accurate flight model developed by X-Aerodynamics. Integrated Laminar
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PilotEdge Launches SkyHigh Charters And Releases New FSX/P3D Client

PE Logo
PilotEdge, a high-quality, subscription-based online ATC service, recently launched their latest project which was announced at FSExpo, just a week prior. The service is for those pilots who have completed all the tests which PilotEdge offers, who then go on to simulate being a charter pilot on the network. With the focus on offering pilots a variety of flying experiences
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Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG Update


Aerobask, a very prominent developer for the X-Plane platform, recently updated their Eclipse 550 NG – A twin-engine, 5-seater very light jet.

The update includes the addition of an FMOD 3D sound system for the aircraft as well as added VR support for X-Plane 11.

More information about the aircraft and the update can be found on Aerobask’s website and on the store product page.

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Aerosoft Airbus Professional To Have Global Flight Operations Support

In a recent post in the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok announced that the Aerosoft team have been talking with PMDG regarding PMDG's Global Flight Operations project. Mathijs stated that a conclusion was made: Aerosoft's Airbus Professional will be at Tier 1 in support and compatibility in PMDG's Global Flight Operations, implying that all features included in Global Flight Operations will
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Just Flight C152 (X-Plane 11): The FSElite Review

The Cessna 152, a twin-seat tricycle gear general aviation aircraft, is primarily used as a trainer around the world. First introduced in 1977, the aircraft was developed from the earlier Cessna 150, and still has many of the 7,500+ builds flying today. The Cessna 152 can also be retrofitted as a taildragger or STOL aircraft and is often powered by
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Aerosoft Previews Dortmund For X-Plane 11

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Earlier this week, Aerosoft posted 4 preview screenshots showcasing their latest work in progress for the X-Plane 11 platform. The scenery will include Dortmund Airport - a minor international airport in North Western Germany - as well as the whole city of Dortmund, modelled with detailed objects and satellite images. Aerosoft has not announced a price for the scenery, nor
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