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SimCrew Annouces Van’s Aircraft RV-7


In a recent post on the Forums, we were introduced to yet another new development team for the X-Plane platform.

The post detailed some of the features we can expect from this project, depicting the popular, American-made, kit plane:

  • Option for 2 or 3 blade props
  • Toggleable wheel fairings
  • Tail-dragger to nose wheel configuration available
  • Dynamic persistence plugin to maintain wear and tear between flights

The three screenshots supplied show an exterior render of the whole aircraft, as well as an extremely detailed model of the Lycoming O-320.

Since the aircraft is in its early stage of development the team hasn’t announced a release date, though we’ll be sure to keep you updated on this project.

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MilViz Previews ATR Cockpit

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Adding to the ever-expanding catalogue of previews we have of the much-anticipated ATR series add-on from MilViz, a pair of screenshots was released showing the early stages of the modelling and texturing of the cockpit. This time, in the X-Plane platform. Additionally, MilViz has confirmed - in the comment section of the post - that the ATR will release with
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Drzewiecki Design Updates Seattle Airports X To V1.3

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In a recent Facebook post by Drzewiecki Design, it was announced that their Seattle Airports X product has been updated to version 1.3. The update will add optional Dynamic Lighting to all included airports except Auburn Municipal S50, for P3Dv4 users. The update has been sent to stores and customers should receive an email when this free update is available for
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Carenado Previews S550 Citation II For X-Plane

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In a recent Facebook post, Carenado announced the imminent release of their S550 for X-Plane 11. The S550 Citation II from Carenado has been a product for FSX/P3D for quite some time, now and depicts Cessna's 10-seater, 2,000nmi range business jet. Whilst Carenado have not confirmed any specific features, the screenshots seem to demonstrate 4k textures with PBR throughout and the inclusion
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Laminar Research Presentation At Flight Sim 2018



The presentation started with an introduction to the presenter himself: Philipp Ringler, who has been working with Laminar Research since 2013 and is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Emphasis was made on the fact that the presentation is focused around the roadmap of X-Plane 11, as this sim’s lifespan is far from over, with more and more free updates still to come.

A quick overview of the exclusive features in X-Plane 11 was given, with the Philipp mentioning the dynamic PBR (Physically Based Rendering) which allows the textures to react to the changing environment, as well as the all-new UI to replace the earlier UI which put many users off the sim. Additionally, he mentioned the fact that, as an instructor, his students would be introduced to the custom avionics provided with X-Plane to teach them how to fly.

F-mod and VR were then introduced, with a strong view on the sim making use of market-leading technology to enhance the flying experience. Then, we were introduced to our favourite developers in the X-Plane world: LR recently welcomed Orbx and FlyTampa to the sim and then gave some spotlight to the long-term supporters of the platform like Aerosoft, Just Flight, Carenado and even FlyJSim – a development group known for pushing X-Plane to the limits.

Finally, to end the introduction, we were given a view of the statistics behind the amazing scenery development by the community. One of X-Plane’s most amazing features is that you can fly from one airport to another anywhere in the world and almost guarantee amazing, up-to-date 3D scenery on either end. This is all thanks to the gateway community making the most of X-Plane’s default ‘Lego-Brick [sic]’ assets when creating scenery. Currently, X-Plane 11 ships with over 8,500 free custom 3D airport sceneries, with another 800+ coming in the 11.30 update.

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CremonaSoft Announce Airbus A310-304 for X-Plane

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Finally, X-Plane is getting a taste of old Airbus technology, as - courtesy of CremonaSoft - an A310 is announced. Being one of Airbus' first developments, the A310 was first introduced in April 1983 with Swissair. With a range of 5,150nmi, the A310-304 is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, which are set to be faithfully recreated in this product,
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Black Box Simulations Announce V0.90 Details

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In a recent Facebook post by Black Box Simulations, details were released about their upcoming V0.90 update to their Airbus aircraft: Aircraft will now have a 'Per Livery'/'Per Aircraft type' save function from within the Pro-Flight Manager for the following setups: Exterior model config, Satcom dome and more EIS2 LCD or CRT cockpit displays Analogue or ISIS standby package ISIS
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Pilot Experience Sim Releases LFTZ Pesim 2018

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A new challenging airport enters the market as Pilot Experience Sim releases their La Môle-Saint Tropez (LFTZ) scenery. Located on the French coast, LFTZ airport is surrounded by high terrain and, which is helped by the short runway, has a difficult approach, with the only instrument approach being an offset VOR then circle to land. Pilot Experience Sim's rendition of
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