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Vidan Design Drops New Previews of Aarhus Airport (EKAH)


Scenery developer Vidan Design has updated us regarding their Aarhus Airport (EKAH) project for FSX and Prepar3D. They’ve announced that the terminal is close to being finished, and that most of the project is complete, just some small details need to be added. Vidan Designs has also provided some additional previews of the airport as well.

Aarhus Airport is a commercial airport located northeast of Aarhus, Denmark. It is home to two 8800 ft+ runways, and to year-round EasyJet, British Airways, Ryanair and SAS service. The surrounding area is a popular tourist attraction during the summer, and commercial service to the airport grows by almost twofold, to destinations all around Europe.

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WF Scenery Studio Teases New Nanjing Lukou Screenshots

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Scenery developer WF Scenery Studio has previewed more shots of their upcoming Nanjing Lukou (ZSNJ) airport for Prepar3D. The scenery was announced about a month ago, and is expected to be completed soon. It is located in eastern China, and is ranked the 12th largest airport in China. It serves as a hub for China Postal Airlines, and as a
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MSFS2020 Development Update – November 7th

The developers at Microsoft have posted a new update of the upcoming simulator via their website. Tech Alpha 1 is incoming for those who were chosen, expect it's release within the next few days. Also, Tech Alpha 2 recruitment is now open, those who are participating in Tech Alpha 1 are automatically registered. The Feature Discovery Series is part of
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Fly the Maddog X New Update Available

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Stefano from the "Fly the Maddog" forums has announced a new open beta available to download for existing customers. The developers have fixed previously reported issues with the 1.5b476 Open Beta and have updated a few features of the aircraft (and its documentation) as well. Keep in mind that this update is only available for the 64-bit edition of the
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Jennasoft Previews More Gatwick Screenshots

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Scenery developer Jennasoft has shared more previews of their upcoming Gatwick Airport for FSX and P3D. The first previews of the product were shared back in September 2017, and since then we've had a good look at what to expect for the release. The release date is unknown right now, as it has been pushed around quite a bit. The
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TOGA Releases Envshade SP1 Update Webp To Jpg

TOGA Projects has released Envshade SP1 for Prepar3D. The program is now more flexibile, as users can now customize several important features of the product like HDR contrast, clouds brightness, clouds shadows opacity, water saturation and more. SP1 also brings more customization and additional adjustments as well. The most notable of these enhancements is brand new cloud fog blending: fog will now dynamically brighten or darken according to flying conditions. Envshade also brightens the fog in real time as you get closer to its ceiling and above, which also produces a reflection of the sun on the water particles of the cloud layer.

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The Skypark Area 51 Raid Previews

Edson Soriano, Managing Director of Parallel 42 Labs has released a couple images of the recent Area 51 - They Cant Stop Us in the simulator. He mentioned that "should you decide to land there, perhaps other mysterious actions would occur too." The screenshots seen here is what you would see in-sim if you flew over the rear gate at
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FSimStudios Releases Cancun (MMUN) for X-Plane 11

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Scenery developer FSimStudios has released Cancun (MMUN) International Airport for X-Plane 11. Some of the most prominent features include High Resolution textures, SODE Jetways and PBR textures. Cancun is Latin Americas fourth busiest airport, and Mexicos second busiest airport. The airport serves as a focus city for Aeromexico, Interjet, VivaAerobus and Volaris. It offers flights to over 30 countries in
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Gibson Sceneries Releases Northeast China for FSX and P3D

World En Route Dual Scenery Series China North East
Scenery developer Gibson Sceneries has released their rendition of the region of North East China for FSX and Prepar3D. The scenery includes a land mass equivalent to 40% of the lower 48 of the United States, and is approximately 2,300km north to south by 2,000km east to west at its extremities. It is produced from 15m satellite imagery, that also
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Flight Factor 757 Updated to Version 2.3.7

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Aircraft developer Flight Factor has posted a new update to their Boeing 757 rendition. Included in the update is numerous fixes to the modern avionics package that was recently released. That upgrade-update is available for $20 (for existing 757 customers) on the store here.  Changelog Changed alt disagree message logic for FPDS Set altitude symbol step as 20 and
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