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TFDi Design Development Update – MD11/PACX/717

Cockpit 1.png.ca3c67966767b4c9e16c45cef04b47ca

In a recent dev blog update from the team, TFDi Designs has shared with us a progress update for their MD-11 accompanied by some new renders of the cockpit model, a changelog for the latest PACX update, and a small maintenance fix for their 717.

The systems programmer at TFDi Design is currently working on developing the MD-11’s electrical systems. The buses, generators, relays, switches, loads, and overall interconnection mesh have been coded independently and now the focus will be on integrating those systems to operate synchronously. Following the completion of those efforts, attention will be given to developing buttons event handling. When all else is working, the final objective will be to create and implement the logic for switching relays in automatic mode.

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SXAirportDesign’s Norfolk Updated to v1.5

235187 KORF P3Dv5 5
SXAirportDesign has updated its Norfolk International Airport (KORF) scenery to version 1.5. This update features quite a few graphical improvements while also including P3Dv5 compatibility. SODE animated jetways are now included, complimenting a detailed recreation of airport hangars, terminals, ramps, and manoeuvring areas. SXAirportDesign has enhanced the immersion of the airport by colour correcting ground polygons and including dynamic lighting.
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Torquesim BN-2 Islander Update 1.1.0 Released

TS ISL 13Mar 10 Scaled
Attention X-Plane island hoppers, Torquesim has provided us more incentive to fire up their BN-2 for a trip around the Tropics by releasing update 1.1.0. Three weeks ago we were promised a major update for the Islander, this update would bring massive improvements to the aircraft while fixing "all bugs reported to us so far". Let's take a look at
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IXEG Gives Update on VNAV/STAR Bugs

IXEG737 5
On Tuesday, IXEG gave us an update on the current predicament with VNAV and FMS data issues for their X-Plane 737 Classic. For those unfamiliar with the reports; the most prominent being related to descent FMS entries, some users experienced bugs during the later stages of flight at various airports and approaches. Tom Kyler, a developer with IXEG, goes into
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TailStrike Designs Releases Reggio Calabria Scenery for P3D

Reggio Calabria Professional Prepar3D V5 Official Trailer Aerosoft
TailStrike Design's scenery, Reggio Calabria Professional for P3D v4.5 and v5, has been released. Reggio di Calabria Airport (LICR) is located in the southern province of Calabria in Italy. It is a joint civil & military airport that connects the local region to Rome and Milan through Alitalia and seasonally to Turin via Blue Air. The airport is also lightly
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