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Jordan Williams

FSElite Exclusive: Further Previews of JustFlight Vulcan for X-Plane

VulcanXP 020420 11

JustFlight has provided FSElite with the following exclusive screenshots of the anticipated release of their Avro Vulcan for X-Plane. 

The Avro Vulcan was a high-altitude, long-range strategic bomber which was an integral part of the Bomber Command’s V-Force for the Royal Air Force during the 1950s and 1960s as a nuclear deterrent. Vulcan saw military service up until 1982 and was retired from service completely in 1991. The Vulcan to the Sky campaign managed to get XH558’s return to flight approved in 2008 for a further five years until the aircraft was finally grounded on 28th October 2015.

Despite Vulcan being stood ready to scramble with a single, live nuclear hydrogen bomb within two minutes, 24 hours a day during the Cold War’s most crucial time, Vulcan only saw hostile action in the 1980s during the Falklands conflict. Operation Black Buck was the most famous sortie for the Vulcan, which saw the aircraft drop conventional bombs on the Falkland Islands during a 16-hour, 8,000-mile return journey from RAF Ascension Island.

Avro produced five variants of the type, B.1 which also developed into the slightly longer B.1A. The B.2 which used the improved Olympus 200 engines instead of the older Olympus 100 series engines. The B.2 Variant, most recognisable and commonly produced including XH558, was developed into the B.2MRR Maritime Radar Reconnaissance type as well as the K2 which was capable of tankering other aircraft.

JustFlight previously released the Avro Vulcan for P3D back in late 2018. The initial release was for the B.2 variant accompanied with an expansion pack which contained the B.2MRR and K.2 variants at an additional cost. JustFlight will provide the community with all variants included within the single initial release for X-Plane. The X-Plane release is a re-worked version of the P3D release with all the same attention to detail and more. 

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Khamsin Studios Releases Freeware T-6 Texan for X-Plane

Khamsin NA T6G 05HD
WWII aircraft developer Khamsin Studio has released their latest project, the T-6 Texan free of charge for X-Plane. The North American Aviation T-6 Texan is a single-engine advanced trainer used in world war II to train pilots from the US Air Force, US Navy, Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Over 15,000 units were built from 1935
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VATSIM Announce Restructuring of Pilot Rating System

In a post over on their website, VATSIM has commented on the new revised Pilot Rating System used to grade their pilots who use the online network. VATSIM currently grades both pilots and air traffic controllers by the user's experience and knowledge about their chosen area, but the revised system will be aligned with real-world operations and the natural progression
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TorqueSim Announces BN-2 Islander for X-Plane

TS ISL 13Mar 12 Scaled

Aircraft developer TourqueSim has announced via a blog post, that their latest project is to be the Britten Norman BN-2 Islander for X-Plane.

The Britten Norman Islander is a twin-engined, high-wing, light transport aircraft built in the United Kingdom since 1965. The Islander has a large planform wing surface area which enables a much lower takeoff, landing and low-speed performance enabling the aircraft to operate from very small airfields around the world.

The BN-2 Islander can carry up to 9 passengers or 1.3 tonnes of cargo over a distance of 875 miles. The aircraft is operated in all areas of the world including island hopping in the Caribbean, bush flying throughout Africa and the worlds shortest scheduled flight of 1.7 miles from Westray to Papa Westray in northern Scotland.

The development of the BN-2 for X-Plane was started independently of TorqueSim. ‘Random’93’ had started modelling the aircraft but since joining up with the team at TorqueSim, the aircraft has moved at rapid speed, enhancing the 3D modelling, custom systems and texturing.

TorqueSim incorporated additional information regarding the release which will include PBR texturing alongside a highly detailed model, full custom systems and working circuit breakers as well as FMOD sounds accompanying the 0-540s engines. 

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Stairport Sceneries Previews Chania (LGSA) for X-Plane

86970529 489563608366423 4755732220738535424 O
Developer Stairport, best known for their Scenery Animation Manager, has released further previews of their latest scenery project, Chania Daskalogiannis airport (LGSA) for X-Plane. Chania airport is located on the Greek island of Crete, approximately 14 kilometres Northeast of the city of Chania. The airport handles over 2.9 million passengers a year across 20,000 aircraft movements making it the 6th busiest airport
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JustSim Releases Brussels (EBBR) V2 for X-Plane

228415 14 02 2020 15 34 27
Scenery Developer JustSim has released a major update (version 2.0) to their existing release of Brussels Airport (EBBR). Brussels airport is the 24th busiest airport in Europe and is located in the heart of Belgium, just 7.5 miles outside the capital. Home to Brussels Airlines and Tui Belgium, the airport handles over 26 million passengers and over 250,000 aircraft movements.
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