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Thranda Design Releases PZL-104 Wilga

Wilga PZL 104 2021 09 21 10.33.07

Aircraft Developer Thranda Design has released their latest project, the PZL-104 Wilga Dynamic Generation Series aircraft for X-Plane. 

The PZL-104 Wilga is a Polish built Short Take-Off and Landing aircraft that first flew in 1962. It entered service with the Polish Air Force, Navy and Border Guard as a patrol aircraft but it was also used around the world as a light observation aircraft, glider towing aircraft or parachute platform. Over 1000 Wilgas were built between 1962 and its final production year of 2006.

Thranda Design has chosen to recreate the PZL-104MA Wilga version of the aircraft which was the last true variant of the type and included a 300hp Lycoming i0-540 engine, improved aerodynamics as well as winglets for improved efficiency. 

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PilotPlus Announces Biggin Hill for MSFS

Record 28 EGKB
Scenery developer, Pilot Plus has announced Biggin Hill EGKB for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Biggin Hill is located just outside South East London and started life as a World War I airfield and later home for Spitfire and Hurricane Squadrons during WWII. Biggin Hill today sees just private business jets and general aviation movements as the airfield are restricted from operating
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FeelThere Releases Raleigh Durham for XPL

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Five months after the release of Raleigh Durham International Airport for MSFS, FeelThere has now released the airport for X-Plane.  Raleigh Durham International Airport (KRDU) is located in North Carolina between the three research universities of  North Carolina State, Duke University and the University of North Carolina, giving the area the nickname 'the research triangle'. The airport sees flights from
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Felis Releases 747-200

B742 PW Felis 2021 04 21 02.52.18
Announced back in May 2018, the Felis Boeing 747-200 Classic has now been released for X-Plane. The Boeing 747 first entered service with Pan Am in 1970 with the first flight from New York to London with the infamous Clipper Victor 747-100 which later collided with KLM flight 4805 in Tenerife. The 747-200 was an enhanced version of the original
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iniSimulations Previews upcoming A310-300 ON THE LINE

IniSimulations A310 300 ON THE LINE The Trailer
Known for their rendition of the Airbus A300-600R/(F) and Beluga for X-Plane, iniSimulations has released a trailer for their latest aircraft project, the Airbus A310-300. The A310 first flew in 1982 and entered service with Swissair in 1983. The A310 was Airbus' second aircraft venture and was produced to fill the demand for a smaller aircraft than the A300 and
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Just Flight Announces Fokker F28 Fellowship for MSFS

Screenshot 2021 06 29 At 22.07.12

Renown aircraft developer, Just Flight, has announced their latest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Fokker F28 Fellowship.

Appearing on their ‘In Development’ page on their website, Just Flight details that they have started the development of all four variants of the regional jet (F28-1000/2000/3000/4000), which first flew in 1967. The Fellowship was developed by Dutch aircraft manufacturer, Fokker, and was designed to carry between 50 and 65 passengers on regional operations. Later, the -4000 was able to carry up to 85 passengers with a stretched fuselage and uprated engines. The aircraft ceased production in 1987 in favour of the newer Fokker F70 and F100 aircraft. 

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X-Trident Releases Chinook CH-47D

Screenshot 2021 05 17 At 10.49.40
Renown aircraft developer, X-Trident, has released their latest aircraft, the Boeing CH-47D Chinook for X-Plane.  The Chinook is is a twin-engined heavy-lift helicopter capable of lifting over 10 tonnes of mixed cargo using its tandem rotor system. The Chinook first flew in 1961 after heavy design modifications from the earlier Vertol Model 107. Today, over 1200 aircraft have been built
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PMDG Previews DC-6 for MSFS

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PMDG, has previewed the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. PMDG released the DC-6 back in 2016 for X-Plane 10 and then later in 2017 for FSX and P3D v3 and 4. The preview of the aircraft within MSFS comes in the form of a new Facebook banner for the PMDG Facebook page. The Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster first flew
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Boundless Releases Ireland West Knock

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X-Plane scenery developer, Boundless, has released their latest airport, Ireland West Airport Knock (EIKN).  Knock airport is located in the Northwest region of Ireland, in County Mayo, 12 miles to the north of the village of Knock. The airport first opened in 1985 with weekly flights to Rome with Aer Lingus. Today, the airport sees over three-quarters of a million
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