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xEnviro Releases V1.14

01front 2048x

After a very long period of radio silence, the team behind the successful environment engine, xEnviro for X-Plane, has posted that they have released version 1.14. 

Version 1.14 was initially supposed to be just a performance update for users in general, with a specific increase in performance of those users with a lower-end system as well as those that operate X-Plane in 4K. Although all of these objectives were achieved, a significant re-write of the platform’s core code has been carried out to lay the foundations to build a Vulkan compatible update next. The team did not include Vulkan compatibility in this update as they wanted to ensure that the core xEnviro was built on a solid version of X-Plane and Vulkan, rather than a beta. 

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FranceVFR Releases Clermont-Ferrand for XPL

FranceVFR has released their latest project for X-Plane, Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport (LFLC). Clermont-Ferrand is a large city in south-central France, located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alps region. The city is famous for its short film festival, Gothic Cathedral rich heritage as well as a statue created by the same sculpture who sculpted the Statue of Liberty. The airport is located just three
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Thranda Design Releases DHC-2 Beaver for XPL

DHC2 Beaver 2020 11 19 14.59.21
Thranda Design has released the next aircraft in their 'Dynamic Generation Series' of developments for X-Plane with the DeHavilland Canada 2 Beaver.  The Dehavilland Canada 2, commonly known as the DHC-2 Beaver, is a single-engine Short Take Off and Landing first manufactured back in 1947. The aircraft was able to reach the highest, Over 1850 aircraft rolled off the 20
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mSparks Releases Default 747 Enhancement for X-Plane

747 400 2020 11 18 14.48.18
The default Boeing 747-400 has received major enhancements thanks to a team under the name 'mSparks' with the release of version 1.0 of their freeware upgrade project. The default Boeing 747 leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to systems, 3D modelling and sounds. There have been a number of projects that have endeavoured to improve the Queen
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TorqueSim Releases SR20

SR 02
Aircraft developer, TorqueSim, has released their latest project, the Cirrus SR20 for X-Plane.  The Cirrus SR20 is a single-engine, light aircraft is the smallest aircraft in the Cirrus fleet but can carry up to five passengers over 600 miles at a speed of 155 knots. The SR20 has been manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft since 1999 and was developed into the
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Laminar Research Updates X-Plane to V11.51b

X-Plane Vulkan Metal

after many iterations in Beta, in September of this year, Laminar Research – creators of X-Plane – released a crucial update, Version 11.50 which included support for Vulkan and Metal API engines.

Since September, Laminar Research has worked closely with the X-Plane community to identify some of the persistent issues that users may be experiencing since they updated to V11.50. In a blog post by one of  X-Plane’s lead developer, Ben Supnik describes the latest changes to version 11.51 which will initially be released in Beta form and will address a multitude of bugs that users have reported including crashes when changing between liveries, opening the map, generating aircraft icons as well as providing a much more stable platform for users in general. 

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Aerobask Releases Epic Victory G1000 Edition

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Aerobask, an aircraft developer for X-Plane, has released their latest project, the Epic Victory G1000 Edition. The Epic Victory is an experimental, single-engine, private jet produced by the Epic Aircraft Company in 2007. In 2009, Epic Aircraft - only having produced one of the type - was purchased by the Aviation Industry of China who has since restarted the programme.
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iniSimulations Previews Update to A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE

Inisimulations A300 600rf X Plane 11 (2)
In a post on their forum, Ubaid - CEO of iniSimulations, the developer behind the A300-600R(F) for X-Plane, has revealed what we can expect in the next update, V1.1. The A300-600R(F) was released in August of this year, since then, the developer has worked hard to respond to community feedback which has resulted in VR capability being added among other
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DeltaWing Simulations Releases F-16C for XPL

DWSim 003.jpg.be30ed66f079573aebc3e7da1a396829
Aircraft designer and X-Plane newcomer, DeltaWing Simulations, has released their first aircraft development, the F-16C Block 52+ Airshow Edition.  The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon first entered service in 1978 with the United States Air Force. Throughout its production run, there have been over 4,600 produced in at least 20 variations, eventually being manufactured to this day by Lockheed Martin.
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