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SSG Previews 747-8V2 PFD for X-Plane

Supercritical Simulations Group has released screenshots of their updated 747-8V2 PFD's over on their forum. The 747-8 by SSG has been released for some time but the team are working on making vast improvements to the systems and in-cockpit texturing to really enhance the aircraft in version 2. The screenshots posted by Ricardo of SSG show the main Primary Flight
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JustFlight Releases Previews of Updates to Traffic Global for P3D

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Developer JustFlight has released previews over on their Facebook page of Traffic Global, AI traffic system for P3D. The previews come midway through the development of the system for X-Plane, which would suggest that the two systems, although very different in coding, are being developed side by side.  The screenshots are straight from P3D, displaying Enhanced Night Lighting effects on
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Orbx Announces 2W3 Swanson Airport for X-Plane

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Over on their forum, Aimee of Orbx has announced Swanson Airport part of the TrueEarth US Washington series for X-Plane. Swanson Airport is located just one mile outside Eatonsville, Washington. It is known for having residents on either side of the Single runway, many with private hangars to store their aircraft.  Orbx has recreated 2W3 with great detail, they have
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Vario Design Releases Harris Hill Airfield (4NY8) for Prepar3D

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Developer Vario Design has released Harris Hill soaring airfield (4NY8) for P3D V4 and FSX.

Harris Hill is renown for soaring in the United States, the airfield is maintained by the National Glider Museum. Located at the top of Harris Hill, the airfield is perfectly positioned for winch driven takeoffs although a Piper Pawnee handles the job nowadays.

The airfield has been active since the early 1900’s when the US Navy experimented with non-motorised flight. Today, the airfield has one concrete runway, built in 1969 and a famous gliding museum.

Vario Design has modelled the airfield to a high level of detail including custom modelled buildings, night textures and static vehicles and gliders along with 30cm per pixel photoreal groundtexturing.

You can purchase Harris Hill from SimMarket for €13,-.

Feature List

  • High Resolution 30cm/pixel photo ground textures for airfield and surroundings
  • Ultra-detailed 3D buildings with 4K textures
  • Varied vegetation objects including lawn, trees, bushes and others
  • Various vehicles with static gliders and American cars
  • Night textures
  • 100% compatible with Orbx products
  • FPS friendly
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Orbx Releases Compton Abbas for X-Plane

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Developer Orbx has released Compton Abbas airfield (EGHA) for X-Plane. Compton Abbas is located in North East Dorset, south of England at an altitude of 800ft above sea level. Compton Abbas is a popular general aviation destination known as the most friendly VFR airfield in the south. Orbx has worked hard to deliver a detailed, custom modelled airport that blends
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SimCoders Releases Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado PC12 for X-Plane

Developer SimCoders has released their Reality Expansion Pack to the Carenado Pilatus PC-12 for X-Plane. The Reality Expansion Pack (REP) is designed to add additional elements of realism to your aircraft through added procedures, more complex systems and flight dynamics that the original aircraft does not ship with from Carenado. SimCoders are renown for the quality and detail of their
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PrealSoft Releases Casablanca for P3D and FSX

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Over on their Facebook page, PrealSoft has announced the release of their Casablanca HD cityscape scenery for P3D v1-4 and FSX. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco despite the capital of the country is Rabat and is located in the north on the north Atlantic coastline.  PrealSoft has modelled the airport in a previous release, now you can have
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