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Rotate Previews MD-11 Landing Gear

MD 11 Screenshot 10 Web

Over on their website, aircraft developer Rotate has published some landing gear screenshots of their rendition of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for X-Plane.

The team has been working hard on the exterior model and texture work on the aircraft since the last post in March. These screenshots show the level of detail the team has included on the landing gear mechanisms, tyres and gear bays.

Alongside the work surrounding the landing gear, Rotate has also made progress in terms of performance and flight modelling which marks a pivotal point in the development of the aircraft as flight testing will start this week. This would suggest that the aircraft will be moving towards the final stages of development relatively soon. 

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FlightFactor issues update for 757/767

767 200ER Xp11 23.jpg.cde02eeb5a0ecf0484f3906fe8274f28
Via Twitter, FlightFactor has announced that they have updated their Boeing 757 and 767 series of aircraft for X-Plane. The aircraft developer has updated their Boeing fleet with similar improvements which mean both aircraft are now compatible with the Vulkan API changes made by Laminar Research to X-Plane 11. Although both aircraft have received a similar update to include added VHF
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Nimbus Releases BN-2 Islander for X-Plane

Islander 2020 06 15 4.21.05 A.m.
X-Plane aircraft and scenery developer, Nimbus Simulation Studios has released their latest aircraft, the Britten Norman Islander BN-2. The BN-2 Islander is a British twin-engined, high wing aircraft, powered by Lycoming piston engines and can carry up to 9 passengers or 1.3 tonnes of cargo over a distance of 875 miles. The aircraft operates in all areas of the world
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SimToolKitPro V.06 Further Previews

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The developer behind SimToolKitPro, Dan Gallacher, has revealed further previews of the next update over on Facebook. In the brief post, Dan mentioned that the update to 0.6 will be handed over to testers shortly, providing that some minor roadblocks can be worked through. The post showcases lots of screenshots showing the upcoming improvements such as the new website, the
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JARDesign Releases Co-Pilot for ToLiss A321

JARDesign ToLiss A321 Co Pilot 1
Aircraft and utility developer JARDesign has released their Co-Pilot plugin for the ToLiss A321 for X-Plane. JARDesign previously released the Co-Pilot for their A320 and A330 aircraft as well as the ToLiss A319 and Flight Factor 767. With the ToLiss A321, we have the presence of Linda, an experienced A321 Co-Pilot who can action your commands made by voice or
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FSElite Developer Interview: AirHauler 2 For X-Plane

Just Flight Airhauler 2 Interview

Years after the release for Prepar3D, X-Plane users have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of AirHauler 2 from JustFlight. With its release in May of this year, what’s in store for future virtual airline pilots and managers? AirHauler 2 gives you the ability to create your own airline, grow your hangar with purchased aircraft, earn cash (albeit not real) and fly routes you haven’t flown before from the ability of just one programme. I have taken some time to speak to its creator, Duncan ‘Slopey’ Murray, to find out more about AirHauler 2, its origins, new features and what’s to come in the future.

Could you tell me a little about yourself Duncan and your flight simulation origins?

I am based in Aberdeen in the UK, and for the last 25 years or so, I have been the IT Director of a large manpower company, running their software division through a variety of products in different industry sectors.  I recently left that company to acquire and run a chemical company which produces a range of innovative pipeline products – quite the career change!

I’ve always been fascinated with aviation, from playing Psion Flight Simulator on the ZX Spectrum, then up through the FS series, FA-18 on the Amiga and onwards through to Falcon 4. I’m a fan of DCS and also of the Elite games by Frontier Developments, which I’ve played virtually every one consistently since 1984.

I wanted to pursue a career in aviation from an early age, but after some dodgy careers advice in my formative years, I ended up with a degree in Electronics with Music from Glasgow and ended up in IT, another early passion of mine.  I went over to the infamous Ormond Beach in Florida, to do my PPL in October 2005 and I am now a member of a C172 syndicate with around 200 hours total time to date.  I am hoping to spend much more time this year in the skies.

Where did the idea for Air Hauler initially come from?

Ultimately, Air Hauler was and is the game that I have always wanted to play. There were a few add-ons which I had used before, such as JustFlight’s Cargo Pilot and FsPassengers/FSEconomy, but they both left me wanting more. Cargo Pilot had the right philosophy, but I found the lack of maps and flexibility restrictive and from a company management side, the financials made no sense.  So, I thought about how I would do it – with maps, routes, proper financials, and an open approach so you could stop en route for fuel and fly multiple jobs at the same time. Once I had a good idea of what I wanted, I realised that I would have to write it myself! AirHauler 2 aims to get you in the cockpit and flying to places you would never usually visit.  Too many simmers shuttle between the same handful of airports which they likely have scenery for – there is a whole world out there, and AirHauler 2 aims to get you to explore it a bit more.

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Orbx Would Love to Bring TrueEarth Technology to Norway and Italy

Orbx developer Tony Wroblewski has confirmed to FSElite that he would "love to recreate Norway and Italy" when it comes to utilising TrueEarth technology. Speaking to us in our upcoming interview, Tony said that these are two regions that he feels would really suit the technology on both X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D. "Norway would be a beautiful region." Whilst this is certainly a
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Thranda Design Releases Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter for X-Plane

PC 6 Porter 2020 06 03 11.16.44 AM
Aircraft developer, Thranda Design, has released their Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter for X-Plane 11.  The Pilatus PC-6 is a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL), single-engine utility aircraft used around the globe to gain access to areas in which conventional aircraft can not get to. The Porter has been manufactured by Pilatus in Switzerland for 50 years, rolling the final aircraft
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Runway 26 Simulations Releases EGJB Guernsey for X-Plane

233365 CirrusSF50 2020 05 09 17.33.15
Just less than a month after their release of EGJJ Jersey, scenery developer Runway 26 Simulations has released their next airport, EGJB Guernsey for X-Plane 11. Guernsey is the second largest Channel Island located just north of the Normandy coast of France and is home to over 60,000 people. The island, although much closer to France, is part of the
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Ilumium Simulation Announces Provincetown for P3D and X-Plane

Ilumium KPVC 01 1
Scenery developer Ilumium Simulation has announced their first scenery for North America and for X-Plane with their rendition of KPVC Provincetown Municipal Airport for P3D and X-Plane. Provincetown Municipal Airport is located just at the northern tip of Cape Cod Massachusetts, in North East United States. The airport serves mainly local General Aviation traffic but has daily flights to Boston
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