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Jordan Williams

Laminar Research Shares New Information Regarding Vulkan Upgrade

X Plane 11

The developer of X-Plane, Laminar Research has been working hard to deliver major upgrades to integrate the Vulkan Application Programming Interface.

Laminar Research has taken to their Facebook page to show two comparable graphs that detail the performance differences in terms of FPS that the new Vulkan system will bring to X-Plane.

OpenGL in simple terms is a way of rendering 2D and 3D graphics on your PC which communicates with your GPU to enable hardware-accelerated rendering. Typically, OpenGL is considered old technology which dates back to the 1980s. Obviously, it has seen some upgrades but developers, including Laminar Research, are moving over to newer APIs such as Vulkan and Metal.

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Aerosoft Announces CRJ-700/900/1000 Professional for P3D

CRJPro 002.PNG.85cff8ddbf170d23a5dbd00f3782c404
Developer Aerosoft has announced over on their forum that they are working on a redesigned CRJ family including the 1000 variant for P3D V4.5. In the forum post, Hans Hartmann, the lead developer of the CRJ, promises a revamped CRJ-700/900 as well as an additional 1000 series for P3D. There is little remanence from the original CRJ with this release
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X-Codr Announces Evansville Regional (KEVV) for X-Plane

Over on the X-Plane forum, developer X-Codr has announced their next payware airport, Evansville Regional Airport (KEVV) in partnership with AeroDesigns. X-Codr has included lots of information about the release, including screenshots and a list of features that they hope to include with the scenery. The screenshots come straight from X-Plane and would suggest that the development is moving towards the
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FS Reborn Announces AI Lights Professional

Official Teaser FSReborn AI Lights Reborn Pro Edition AviationLads.com
Developer FS Reborn partnered with AviationLads to announce a professional version of their popular AI Lights Reborn for P3D. The professional edition includes lots of added features, functions and effects to bring your AI traffic to life. AI Lights Reborn Professional is a utility that enhances the look of your AI aircraft by changing the way AI aircraft lighting looks. The professional
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FlyTampa Releases Athens International Airport for X-Plane

Flytampa Athens X Plane 11 Fsexclusive 002
Scenery developer, FlyTampa has released their latest project, Athens (LGAV) for X-Plane. FlyTampa has announced their release via their Facebook page.  Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is the largest airport in Greece. It has only been open since 2001 but is already the 27th busiest airport in Europe.  The airport has two terminals and is used by airlines such as Aegean,
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UK2000 Announces Inverness for X-Plane

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Airport scenery developer UK2000 has announced Inverness (EGPE) for X-Plane.

In a Facebook Post, UK2000 mentioned that this is the first conversion from P3D that they have carried out themselves. UK2000 hope that the release will be available within the next two weeks. Like the P3D V4.5 version, the airport will be making full use of PBR texturing.

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Aerosoft Comments on Upcoming A330 Release Including EFB

Screenshot 2019 09 24 At 20.19.03
Developer of the much-anticipated A330, Aerosoft's Mathijs Kok has published details on the Aerosoft forum regarding the Electronic Flight Bag for the upcoming Airbus A330 for P3D. Mathijs started by posting a screenshot of the Elecronic Flight Bag in action from the flight deck of the A330. The screenshot shows the final layout of the EFB that includes main tabs
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Colimata Updates Concorde FXP to v1.03

Fselite Colimata Concorde X Plane 11 17
Developer Colimata has released an update to their Concorde FXP via the X-Plane.org Forum. This update is for the early access Concorde aircraft and brings the current version to v1.03. Colimata released the supersonic airliner for X-Plane back in May and has already improved the release with frequent updates. The latest of which includes in-depth checklists taking the aircraft from
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GayaSimulation Announces LOWW for X-Plane 11 and P3D

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Developer GayaSimulation has announced over on their Facebook page that their next project will be LOWW Vienna for X-Plane 11 and P3D. After dropping a hint of "#O##" and the clue of "major airport in Europe" over the past few days, GayaSimulation announced, after many correct guesses from the public, their new project will be Vienna for both X-Plane and
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IndiaFoxtEcho Releases the TA-4 Skyhawk for P3D

220825 114
Over on their Facebook page, IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations hs released their latest aircraft, the Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk, commonly known as the scooter, for P3D V4.4+. The Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk first flew in 1954 and saw service with the US Navy, Israeli Airforce until as late as 2015 and also in the Argentine Airforce, where the type is still in service.
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