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Aerobask Epic E1000 G1000 Edition for X-Plane Released

E1000 11

Developer Aerobask has released a new version of their Epic E1000, adding a custom-enhanced Laminar G1000 suite.

The plane uses a Pratt & Whitney Canada Pt6-67A turboprop engine, making 1200 SHP which provides a speed of more than 325 knots. This makes the plane one of the fastest in its class.

The new version of the plane includes a completely re-worked interior and exterior, new 4K PBR textures, and 11 liveries.

The enhanced Laminar G1000 integrates the new XP 11.30 GFC700 autopilot, custom MFD PT-6 engine parameters, and mouse scroll wheel and keyboard support for flight plan input.

The plane requires X-Plane 11.30 or above, and can be purchased from the store for $34.95 USD.

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Orbx Releases Friedman Memorial Airport for P3D v4

Orbx has released Friedman Memorial Airport (KSUN) by Russ Linn and Turbulent Designs for P3D v4. Modelling over 715 square kilometres of 60cm per pixel photoreal scenery of both the airport and surrounding valley, the scenery ensures you don’t miss a thing while flying into Blaine County, Idaho. With one asphalt runway, the airport serves rotes flown by Alaska Airlines,
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Active Sky XP SP1 Open Beta Released

The development team at HiFi Simulation Technologies has released their Open Beta of Active Sky XP SP1. Currently on Open Beta 2, the team has posted a long list of improvements that are included with SP1. However, they do warn that beta versions are not yet stable or official, and can sometime contain bugs and issues. Users are urged to
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Flight1 Software Releases New Version of GTN

Flight1 has released a new version of the GTN 650/750 that is fully compatible with P3D 4.4. Version 2.09 of the updated GTN supports GTN Trainer 6.50.1 and brings with it several changes including: Vertical navigation (VNAV) capability when flying STARS and the initial stages of instrument approaches Along-track offsets in flight plan segments Destination airport remains in the flight
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GoFlight Technologies Sold To New Owner

Due to personnel and resource reallocation decisions, GoFlight Technologies has been sold to a new owner. In a post on their Facebook page, the company said that as of January 15, 2019, they were in the hands of a new owner. Customers had noted declining stock levels over a long period of time and it was revealed that the company
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New Year, New Changes

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The start of a new year generally brings changes. Most of us resolve to start something, stop something, or generally try to do something better. A new calendar is full of opportunity and 365 chances to change it up.

We too are changing something. We are changing our reviews.

In the coming weeks you will see a new review format from FSElite. Our reviews will no longer be divided into sections denoting presentation, features, performance, and value. Gone is the scoring matrix at the bottom of the review, the review summary, and the final score (which was an average of the 4 scores in the scoring matrix).

Instead, we will present an easy to understand written summary of our experience with the product. We will cover all aspects of the product (installation, visual appeal, performance) in the body of the review and tell you what we liked and didn’t like. We will present a graphic summary at the start of the review that will summarize our likes in one column and our dislikes in another, along with a score that will fall into a numerical range from zero to ten.

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Orbx Previews More TrueEarth GB South for P3D v4

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In two separate posts on their website, Orbx has provided more previews of their upcoming TrueEarth Great Britain South product. Captured by John Lovell, the photos concentrate on the area around Sittingbourne as well as Essex. Shots include a look at Shoeburyness (at the end of the Thames Estuary) , along with Southend-on-Sea and Wickford. Identifiable buildings, such as the
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SimCoders Releases Reality Expansion Pack 4 for X-Plane

Car Bonanza 14 1
X-Plane developer SimCoders has released their Reality Expansion Pack 4 for X-Plane 10 and 11. The recent update is free for all current users, and is compatible with all current Reality Expansion Pack (REP) planes. The biggest feature addition in this new update is the economy system. This system is designed to reward both flight time and landings with ‘virtual
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Development Team Introduces Concuflight

Chrome 2019 01 22 21 11 19 1
In a blog post dated January 27, a group of developers has introduced a software project called Concuflight. While details are light, Concuflight is designed as a piece of software to facilitate group flights. The free software will provide feature-rich software that will integrate with SimBrief and allow users to organize departure and arrival airports, routes, and other details important
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