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Aerosoft Releases Maastricht-Aachen for P3D v4

Maastricht Aachen P3dv4 (6)

Aerosoft has released an updated version of Maastricht-Aachen Airport (EHBK) for P3D V4.

Built to take advantage of P3D v4 optimizations, the airport features extremely detailed building modelling and photographic textures, as well as traffic on most major roads, all while maintaining a smooth and responsive frame rate.

Located on the Dutch-Belgian-German border, the airport is popular with budget airlines like Ryanair, and other passenger airlines which operate seasonal and seasonal charter service. The airport is also a substantial cargo hub, with carriers flying out of this airport to a variety of destinations, including a new route by Emirates SkyCargo to Chicago-O’Hare (KORD), for those interested in long-haul opportunities in and out of this region.

The scenery is available for purchase directly from the Aerosoft website for $14.99 USD. Current owners of Maastricht-Aachen X will receive the P3D V4 version for free.


  • Aerial image coverage with 15cm/pixel resolution
  • Photographic textures on all buildings
  • Very good frame rate
  • Immediate surrounding included
  • Full use of P3D V4 dynamic lights
  • Many animations (including motion capture human figures)
  • Traffic on most major roads
  • Compatible with NL2000 (see manual)
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simBrief Releases Downloader Program

29187000 2153923811507493 8934665061067128832 O.png
Flight planning website simBrief announced that their new simBrief Downloader program is now available for download. Designed to simplify downloading of all of your FMS route files, the program runs silently in the background and automatically exports all of your chosen FMS formats into the proper directories with a single click. Once installed, the program will detect when you generate
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Turbulent Designs Previews Features of Glacier Park International Airport

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Turbulent Designs has released more preview shots of their upcoming Glacier Park International Airport (KGPI) for P3D v4. In a post on their Facebook page, the developer released new shots of the airport, along with a list of features that users can expect. Notable features include 11 square kilometres of 30cm photoreal airport scenery along with an additional 100 square
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Just Flight Announces Sud Aviation Caravelle III In Development

Sud Aviation Caravelle Iii 1 Ss M 180305210232
Just Flight has announced development of the Sud Aviation Caravelle Series III for FSX and P3D. The Just Flight Caravelle Series III variant will be modelled using real-world plans and features a highly detailed virtual cockpit with 3D instrumentation, realistic wear and tear, and functional electrical, hydraulic, and fuel systems. The Sud Aviation Caravelle III was the world’s first jet-powered
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Aerosoft Releases Aspen (KASE) for X-Plane 11

Aersoft Aspen XP
Aerosoft has released Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (KASE), also known as Sardy Field, for X-Plane 11. The add-on contains high-resolution airport textures complete with an extended runway, new taxiways, a fire station, terminal, and airport hangars. Local landmarks including Aspen High School, Aspen Chapel, and the Aspen Recreation Centre are also modeled. With mountainous terrain to the north, east, and south,
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Orbx Previews X-Plane Roadmap


In a post on the Orbx forum, Orbx CEO John Venema has revealed a rough draft of their development plans for X-Plane airports and scenery.

Venema wrote about the recent success of Meigs Field and thanked the X-Plane community for supporting them in their X-Plane debut. He explained that the choice for starting with Meigs Field in XP11 was simple: Orbx had hired a contractor to port over the airport as part of their evaluation of XP11 and they were sitting on an almost complete product that needed about 20% more work to bring it ‘on par with other platforms’.

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Skyline Simulations Looking For Developers

Skyline Cover 1
X-Plane and P3D v4 scenery developer Skyline Simulations is looking for designers to work with them creating scenery for X-Plane. In a post on Facebook, the developer said they are looking for individuals with experience in 3D designing and texturing, preferably using programs like Blender, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. Interested applicants can PM them directly through their Facebook page.
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Prealsoft Releases HD Cities Madrid

Prealsoft HD Cities Madrid 1
Scenery developer Prealsoft has released their HD Cities Madrid autogen for P3D v4 and FSX. The latest in their series of HD Cities, the autogen includes Spanish-style houses, customized buildings, and trees to be used with the Madrid photoreal scenery (available for free download on Prealsoft’s Facebook page). The autogen also includes 3D street lights compatible with Orbx FTX Global.
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Imaginesim Teases P3D v4 ZSPD Update

Shanghai International
Scenery developer Imaginesim took to Facebook to tease some shots of their upcoming Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD) update for P3D v4. The post includes a night shot that hints at dynamic lighting and comments on the post confirm the addition of SODE jetways. Performance optimizations can also be expected when the update is released sometime in March (according to
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Aerosoft Releases CRJ Update

Aerosoft CRJ
Aerosoft has released update for their CRJ 700/900. As reported earlier, the update includes a long list of fixes for the aircraft, along with new additions including CRJ Manager synchronization with DAVE, and automatic cabin pressurization. The entire change log can be viewed below. Note that the 64-bit version of this update requires P3D v4.2 or higher. The update
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