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Carenado Issues Update For DA-62

DA62 10

Carenado has issued an update for their recently released DA-62 aircraft.

In a post on their Facebook page, the developer announced that the update includes compatibility with their Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and that the aircraft now has a GCU 460 control unit.

The update also includes a number of improvements for the G1000 system, and has fixed some small issues with the plane. Customers are required to download the installation package from the site and must uninstall the aircraft before installing the new version.

Version 1.1 Changelog

  • Added GCU 460 Control Unit (keypad)
  • SVS (Synthetic Vision System) ready (for those customers who have it installed)
  • Improved knobs operation of G1000
  • Improved G1000 messages and GPS modes messages
  • Improved autopilot ALT mode
  • Improved Curse and Heading knob operation. Now with a right click of the mouse you can change the increment of the knob
  • Improved NAV operation. Now when selecting a frequency, the curse gauge lines up immediately
  • Fixed a Cold and Dark issue about a wrong setting of the fuel tanks
  • Fixed Flight Plan issues
  • Fixed small discrepancy in temperature indicator between PFD and MFD
  • Fixed some small bugs
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QualityWings Issues Update For Ultimate 787

Qw787 Willw 2
On the heels of their major 1.1.2 update, developer QualityWings has issued another small update for their 787. Update 1.1.2a squashes some bugs that have come to light through the new automated crash reporting that was part of the 1.1.2 update. These bugs include the WXR radar related CTD and issues with step climbs. While QualityWings did issue a hotfix
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Carenado Announces Embraer 120

Airplane developer Carenado has announced their latest project - the Embraer 120. While light on details, Carenado posted several development screenshots on their webpage, which show some basic exterior modelling of the prop plane. With no timeline given, the work-in-progress shots indicate the (exterior) modelling seems to be progressing. The Embraer 120 is a twin-turboprop commuter airplane that carries up
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REX Latest Developer To Offer Support For Customers Of Flight Sim Store

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In response to a troubling trend of online stores disappearing without notice, developer REX Simulations has contacted their customers to offer support for purchases made at The FlightSim Store. In a recent email, the REX team reached out to The FlightSim Store customers and told them that any purchases made at The FlightSim Store will be honoured through the REX
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MK-STUDIOS Releases Lanzarote For P3D v3 And FSX

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Developer MK-STUDIOS has released their Lanzarote (GCRR) scenery for FSX:SE, FSX ACC/SP2, and P3D v3.

Originally developed for P3D v4 and 64-bit dynamic lighting, the 32-bit version of the scenery features realistic night lighting designed to work within the limitations of the 32-bit platform.

The scenery also features ultra high resolution ground textures using new mapping methods, which means that there will be no more flat or unrealistic textures.

GCRR serves the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Averaging only 18 days of rain per year, the island is a popular vacation destination and sees flights from a variety of airlines all over Europe.

The scenery is available for purchase on SimMarket at a price of $18.60 USD.

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Imaginesim Singapore Getting Closer To Release

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A short post on Facebook by developer Imaginesim confirms that their upcoming Singapore (WSSS) scenery is finished development and ready for the installer team. Along with a screenshot of Terminal 4, the post said that “Singapore is finished now, so it's off to the installer and time to get this thing released.” The author of the post stated that building
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Carenado Releases DA62 For FSX and P3D

DA62 1
Developer Carenado has released the Diamond Aircraft DA62 for FSX and P3D. The luxurious twin-engine prop plane is a high-performance plane that features 180hp jet fuel AE330 engines. With seating for 7 passengers, the plane transports passengers at a certified ceiling of 20,000 feet and a range of almost 1,000 nm. Carenado's version features their version of the G1000 which
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29Palms Releases Update For Nuremberg

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29Palms Scenery Design has released the first update for their Nuremberg (EDDN) scenery. In an effort to keep the scenery as current as possible, the developer has mirrored real-world airport changes in this update by adding new mobile light poles at gates 30 - 36. Added recently at the actual airport, the light poles in the simulator also feature dynamic
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29Palms & Captain7 Nuremberg: The FSElite Review

Review Nuremberg
Nuremberg Airport by developer 29Palms and Captain7 may well be one of the best sceneries in my library. Thoughtfully laid out and with a clear attention to detail, 29Palms and Captain7 have captured the essence of this cozy Bavarian airport. Nuremberg International Airport (EDDN) is located in the heart of Bavaria, and is the second-busiest airport next to Munich Airport
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