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LHSimulations Announce Budapest v2.0

LHSimulations Announce Budapest V2.0 FSElite

Over on their Facebook page, LHSimulations announced that v2.0 of their popular Budapest scenery is in the works! V2.0 is said to be a technically improved product, with new buildings and stands/gates being featured in the airport.

This was certainly a short and sweet announcement, as nothing else was said except that “we’ll give you info on details”, presumably once the project is farther along. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments on Budapest v2.0.

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DC Designs Farnborough EGLF Weekly Update

DC Designs Farnborough EGLF FSElite
Following up on their recent announcement of Farnborough (EGLF), DC Designs has endeavored to provide the community with weekly status updates on the project, with this week being no different. In the update, it was provided that the color matching of grass and the surrounding terrain is underway, which is gradually replacing the reference imagery with custom textures.  Modeling continues apace for various
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Milviz Shows F-16C Preview

Milviz Preview F 16C FSElite
While we haven't seen (or really even heard) anything on the Milviz F-16C in quite some time, that doesn't mean that work hasn't been speedily progressing on the aircraft. Today, Milviz took to their Facebook page to show off a single preview of their upcoming F-16C block 50/52, this time in-game. In the preview, we're able to see the bird
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Air Hauler 2 Full Release Coming January 11th

Air Hauler 2 Full Release Coming January 11th FSElite
Many of you may familiar with a little program called Air Hauler 2 which, essentially, gives purpose to your flying by creating jobs from one, often remote, airport to another. For those not just looking to fly, you're also able to run your own freight and passenger airline. being able to run your own airline from both the 'boardroom' and
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Majestic Update on Q400 Training Edition and Q300 v2

Majesitc Update On Q400 Training Edition And Q300 V2 FSElite
With 2019 being a new year, Majestic Software decided to give us an update on their projects for this year, including both the Q400 Training Edition and their upcoming Q300 v2 First up is the long-awaited, and seemingly longer delayed, Q400 Training Edition. It was said that while they had been relatively quiet, they have been extremely busy behind the
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Flightbeam Tease 3 Upcoming Airports, Including One Unannounced

Flightbeam Tease Upcoming Airports FSElite

Over on their Facebook page, Flightbeam teased a picture showcasing 3 of their upcoming airports.

Out of the 3 sceneries shown, 2 have been confirmed thus far: KPDX Portland at the top and NZWN Wellington at the bottom. However, the scenery in the middle remains a mystery. Guesses in the comments of the post are all over the place, with a few guessing SEQM Quito.

Through images I found through a quick Google search on Quito, my (personal and unconfirmed guess) is that the mystery airport is indeed Quito. This is just a guess at this point, but the images I was able to find are rather similar to the teaser shown by Flightbeam. We expect to know for certain as the scenery progresses closer to a release.

You can find the images I based my guess on below. Notice the distinct jetbridge architecture, the terminal roof, and the various ground vehicles scattered around.

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Orbx Santa Barbara (KSBA): The FSElite Review

Orbx Ksba Santa Barbara Review Featured
Introduction Santa Barbara, Queen of the Missions, or the American Riviera: whatever you want to call it, Santa Barbara airport (KSBA) is like no other.  Santa Barbara is situated in the north of SoCal, just 95 miles north of Los Angeles, and a short hop from San Diego. One of many SoCal airports, Santa Barbara sees its traffic mainly from
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Updated to v1.3

Captain Sim 757 III Updated To V1.3 FSElite
Shortly after their annual Christmas sale, where the 757 was up for grabs for just $25, Captain Sim has updated their 757 Captain III add-on to version 1.3. Included in the update is full Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility as well as improvements to EPR, VC lighting, lateral TCAS limits, ACE and more. Users who purchased the 757 before December 22nd should
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Colimata Concorde for X-Plane Previewed

Colimata Preview Concorde External Model FSElite 3
Over on the forums, Florian of Colimata posted the first previews of their upcoming Concorde's external model! The last previews we were shown were of the virtual cockpit back in October, so it's nice to see progress being made on other aspects. We'll share when we have new information on this exciting project.
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Jetstream Designs Paris Orly Release Date Announced

JSD LFPO 1012 1 (16) FSElite
With Jetstream Designs Paris Orly looking so close to being finished in the previews we've seen so far, many have been wondering when we will be able to see Orly in our sims. Today, I'm happy to report that we finally have an answer! Announced over on the Jetstream Designs Facebook page, it was said that the team is shooting
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