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Orbx Preview Santa Barbara

Orbx Santa Barbara Previews FSElite 17

You may recall that Orbx Santa Barbara was announced back at FlightSimCon 2016, but since then it’s been extremely quiet with some wondering if they’d ever be able to add KSBA to their library. Fortunately, Orbx Santa Barbara developer Misha Cajic has today reassured us that the project is alive and well, and closer than ever!

(I won’t include every screenshot posted, as well over 40 were included in the original post. You can view them all here.

In addition to the huge amount of screenshots, some new information was shed on the project. Besides the, obviously, high quality rendition of the airport, customers can expect to see a 500sq km fully detailed scenery around the airport, covering the city of Santa Barbara, Goleta, as well as the mountain range that’s visible from the airport. Other features mentioned an additional lite landing area, 0CA3 Crawford airport, as well as advanced rendering, plenty of VFR landmarks and POIs, as well as OrbxFlow technology.

While no information was given on price or a release date, Misha did say that it is, “very close to complete”, and to expect more updates over the coming week. We’ll let you know when we have more on Orbx Santa Barbara!

(some more previews can be found below)

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Airline2Sim Announces New Product Line, Airport2Sim

Airport2Sim Schiphol FSElite 1
Best known for their advanced training programs for popular sim aircraft like the 777 and Q400 taught by real world pilots, Airline2Sim has a new product line to talk about; presenting Airport2Sim! Poised to fill the, often months-long, gaps between the releases of their full fledged training programs, Airport2Sim is a package detailing and explaing operations at complex airports taught
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Aerosoft Preview A330 Professional in Lufthansa Livery

Aerosoft A330 Professional Lufthansa FSElite2
While many were pleased to see the Aersoft A330 Professioal being shown off, some were less than thrilled seeing it in the same DragonAir livery nearly every time it was shown off, and quite understandably so. That changes today with a "small Friday update" from Aerosoft developer Stefan Hoffmann, where he shows off his current work on the Lufthansa-skinned A330!
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Milviz Preview SR-71 With PVD Implementation

Milviz SR 71 PVD Preview FSElite
In a quick little post to their Facebook page, Milviz showed off the latest preview of their upcoming SR-71A, this time with implementation of the PVD! For those who don't find themselves buried in the SR-71 flight manual in their free time, I'll give you a basic rundown of what the PVD is and how it's used. PVD stands for Peripheral Vision Display,
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Just Flight Preview Textured 747 Classic

Just Flight Textured 747 Classic Previews FSElite 8
With the latest and greatest of the 747 family, the 747-8,  having been released by PMDG just 4 days ago, the team over at Just Flight felt it a fitting time to release new previews of the aircraft where it all started: the 747 Classic! These are the first previews we've seen of the aircraft textured, and it certainly looks
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Moldova Scenery Design Preview IASI for P3D v4

42233066 2027444727277417 5969479297004470272 OFSElite

Over on their Facebook page, Moldova Scenery Design previewed work-in-progress screenshots of their upcoming IASI airport for P3D v4!

Sadly, that was all we got but the airport does look to be very promising indeed, even in its current state. We’ll let you know when we have/know more!

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Aerosoft Continue to Preview A330 Professional

Aerosoft A330 Professional Previews FSElite 6
While it may seem like Aerosoft are previewing the A330 Professional every week, most of the previews thus far have been relatively the same; the external model, usually focusing on the fuselage, gear, or engines. Today, finally, we have some variety in the previews (if cargo bays are your thing). Nothing else was provided, but we'll keep our eyes peeled
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Just Flight Preview Textured Duchess 76 Shots

Just Flight Duchess 76 Previews FSElite 6
Back in July, we reported that Just Flight had announced a couple of new aircraft, one of which being the twin-engined Duchess 76. Along with that announcement came a variety of renders of the plane, but today I'm happy to share that we now have textured previews to feast our eyes on! Apart from the previews, it was mentioned that
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A2A Simulations Update Bonanza

Bo20 Fselite
A little less than a week after releasing their V-Tail Bonanza , A2A Simulations has pushed up a rather large update for the new aircraft. Highlights of the update include adjusted takeoff and maneuvering speeds, optional, non-minimapped textures, added inertia to taxi physics, replaceable fuel injectors, and more. The update is now available, and the full changelog can be found
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UPDATED: Milviz Publish Statement on TheFlightSimStore

Milviz FSS Statement 1FSElite
Update 21 September 2018 @ 1725z: Another developer, Indiafoxtecho, has come forward with a similar story of not getting paid, and no contact with FSS, since May. They ask you avoid buying their products from TheFlightSimStore until further notice. Original article: With troubles over at TheFlightSimStore still ongoing, and with many developers not getting paid, Milviz has joined the ever-growing
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