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FSElite Exclusive: Recap from Milviz Live Interview

FSElite Exclusive Recap From Milviz Live Interview

Last week, Milviz Owner and Director Colin Pearson joined us on a special live stream to talk about all things Milviz. The two-hour interview covered a wide range of subjects, previews, and tidbits to excite people about what’s to come in the future. This post features all of the aircraft shown off, along with some exclusive previews, which can’t be found anywhere else.

Do keep in mind that all of the previews we are showing are heavily work-in-progress from various alpha and beta builds, and thus don’t represent the final product.

You can watch the full stream here if you fancy watching it.

The (Lear) XR60:

The XR60 Jet has a lot of the systems work already done. The main holdup at this time is the King Air 350i, which uses the same PL21 avionics system that the XR60 does. Once the King Air is out the door and the PL21 finished, we can look forward to getting our hands on the XR60 in (relatively) short order. This aircraft is still heavily work in progress, so there wasn’t too much information to be shared or shown.

The SR-71A Blackbird:

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DCS Shares F-16C Viper Cockpit Tour

DCS F 16C Viper Cockpit Orientation
Matt Wagner from DCS has shared a video touring the cockpit of the upcoming F-16C Viper simulation for DCS World. In the video, Matt educates us on all the Viper's buttons and switches and what they do. While the vast majority of the video was system descriptions, we were able to get a good look at just how stunning the
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Milviz Releases T-38A Advanced Series Redux

Milviz Releases T 38A Advanced Series Redux FSElite3
Milviz has released their T-38A Advanced Series Redux for Prepar3D v4.5. The new T-38A Advanced Redux is a ground-up rework of Milviz' supersonic steam-gauge trainer. The new T-38A features a true physics engine without the traditional limitations of P3D,  a custom flight control system, as well as failure and damage modeling which affects a wide range of aircraft systems. A
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Milviz Shares Preview of T-38A Advanced With PBR

Milviz Shares Preview Of T 38A With PBR FSElite
Milviz has shared a preview of their T-38A Advanced Series with PBR applied. The T-38A is the precursor to the more advanced and upgraded T-38C and was the world's first supersonic trainer. While most of the U.S. Air Force's fleet has been updated to the -C variant, the T-38A has a reserved place in history for training vast portions of
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FSDreamteam Detail KORD v2 Upgrade Pricing

FSDreamteam Detail KORD V2 Upgrade Pricing FSElite
FSDreamteam took to their forums to detail the planned upgrade pricing for users who previously purchased the original O'Hare 11 years ago. Users who have previously owned the 2008 edition of O'Hare will be able to get a discounted version of FSDreamteam's upcoming KORD v2. The discount amount wasn't specified in the forum post, but users will be able to
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Tailstrike Designs Announce Bari International (LIBD) Professional

Tailstrike Designs Announce Bari International (LIBD) Professional FSElite

Tailstrike Designs has announced their second Italian airport: Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla (LIBD) Professional.

Bari International serves the city of Bari, Italy. It handled just shy of 4 million passengers in 2015 and currently boasts seasonal service from major European airlines such as Air France, Aegean, Alitalia, British and Austrian Airways, easyJet, Eurowings, Lufthansa, and more.

Bari Professional will be available for both P3D and X-Plane, with further information on the new product ‘coming soon’.

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PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Cockpit Previewed

PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Cockpit Previewed FSElite1
Just shy of 3 months after showing off the lastest previews of their upcoming Boeing 314 Clipper, PILOT'S is back to show off more of the highly-anticipated aircraft. This time around, we were shown an assortment of preliminary previews of the cockpit! Do keep in mind that these previews are (clearly) highly work-in-progress, but they do give us a sense
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Microsoft Shares Flight Simulator July Development Update

Microsoft Shares Flight Simulator July Development Update FSElite
The long-anticipated July development update from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has been released. This update details a timeline on when we can expect new details on the SDK, when to expect the commencement of the Insider Program, and what each stage of August will bring. While the team will be providing the release date for their Development Roadmap in the
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Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released for X-Plane 11

Milviz DHC 3T Turbo Otter Coming To X Plane FSElite7
Back in June, we reported that Milviz would be bringing their popular DHC-3T Turbo Otter to X-Plane 11. Today, I'm happy to announce that the X-Plane 11 version of the Turbo Otter has now been released! Similar to the FSX and P3D version, the X-Plane Turbo Otter features a plethora of features. The aircraft features a professionally created and tuned,
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LHSimulations Previews Budapest 2.0 In-Sim

LHSimulations Previews Budapest 2.0 In Sim FSElite
LHSimulations has posted a new preview of their upcoming Budapest 2.0 project which seems to have made great progress from the renders we were shown back in April. In this preview, we are able to see that the airport seems to be in quite an advanced state already. While it's certainly missing a lot, most noticeably jetways, a good portion
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