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29Palms EDDN Nuremburg Possibly Releasing in July

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A highly anticipated scenery, 29Palns EDDN Nuremburg has been in beta for some time now and we haven’t heard much on the project since. Today, AviationLads are here to provide a beta update on the project along with a possible release timeframe, and of course, new previews!

AviationLads are part of the beta team of Nuremburg and have been the ones responsible for all the pre-release screenshots you’ve seen thus far. They have taken the liberty of confirming that a possible release in July of 2018 with the developers and judging on the previews, it does look to be getting quite close!

That was all from AviationLads for now, but it was said to “stay tuned for more screenshots, the official trailer and the final release soon” so we’ll do just that! Until then, enjoy the screenshots!

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Milviz Twin Comanche Teased

Milviz Twin Commanche
Milviz are known for their sometimes cryptic way of teasing their next aircraft, and this time is no different. After a post of a VC of their next aircraft over on their Facebook page, a commenter quickly (and correctly!) guessed that the cockpit belonged to a piper PA-30 Twin Comanche! This is exciting news for those who have been wanting
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A2A V-Tail Bonanza Previewed

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After announcing their V-Tail Bonanza back in April, we finally have a new preview of A2A's latest upcoming aircraft, this time in a beta state! Along with the preview, a forum post was shared by A2A that told us a couple of things. The Bonanza is now in beta testing, and on its fourth beta build already, and the team
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FSExpo Streaming Woes and Remediation

For those who have been tuning in to our livestreams on Twitch throughout FSExpo today,  you may have noticed that the stream will occasionally drop out, stutter, or just go offline entirely at seemingly random times. We’re aware and have come up with a plan to fix it! With PMDG’s big announcement taking place in less than an hour, we’d
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Black Box Simulations Preview Upcoming A321 NEO

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It seems that Black Box Simulations has been on a roll recently with new aircraft, having previewed their upcoming A330 NEO just a few weeks ago. This time around, it’s the A321 getting the NEO treatment with the NEO LR coming as well for those keen on doing transatlantic flights in an A321.

In addition to these previews, it was stated that the A321 NEO is coming soon with v0.90 and will be free of charge to customers. When there’s more information available, or it’s released, we’ll share.


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SODE 1.6.3 Released

SODE 1.6.3 Released
The SimObjectDisplayEngine, or more commonly known and referred to as SODE, has been a staple of modern scenery design for the past few years with many considering it a must-have in new scenery. For those who are unaware, SODE allows many things to be possible in the simulator such as dynamic windsocks, dynamic season switching, and most notably dynamic and
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