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FSElite Exclusive: Milviz T-38C Previews

Milviz T38C FSElite Exclusive 17

While it’s been a while since we heard or saw the last of the Milviz T-38C, today we’re glad to bring you new previews of the upcoming aircraft!

You may or may not have noticed our recent King Air 350i exclusive post where we stated that Milviz had been kind enough to send over their upcoming T-38C for us to preview, along with the King Air 350i. With the 350i’s time in the limelight having passed for now (we have more content on that aircraft planned), it’s now the turn of the T-38C!

You all know the venerable T-38C, the U.S. Air Force’s premier supersonic jet trainer, and the successor to the T-38A featuring new engine displays and other improvements that come with a maturing aircraft design. Needless to say, the aircraft needs no introduction so I’ll get right to the previews! Obviously, all these shots are work-in-progress with anything subject to change as the aircraft progresses further:

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Drzewiecki Design Krakow Updated To V1.4

Drzewiecki Design EPPK V1.4 FSElite 1
A rather small update to an older scenery, Drzewiecki Design's EPKK Krakow has been updated to v1.4. Changes include removed demolished buildings, inserted new constructed buildings, upgraded apron light lighting, and more. While this may not be the biggest update, Drzewiecki did acknowledge that while some areas, like ground markings, weren't updated, v1.4 is an important step towards any potential
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Carenado DA62 Coming Soon

Carenado DA62 FSElite2
Barely 2 weeks after the aircraft was announced the Carenado DA62 is back in the spotlight, this time in-sim and flying. Typical of Carenado, the DA62 is visually stunning and will certainly please those looking to add another Carenado aircraft to their hangars. While no release date or pricing was announced, Carenado stated the DA62 was, "coming soon", so we
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UPDATED: [NEW IMAGES] A2A Simulations Accu-Sim V-Tail Bonanza Nearing

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Update 13 September 2018 @ 1835z:

Some new images of the Bonanza were shown off on the A2A forum; you can find them below.

Original Article:

Over on their Facebook page, A2A Simulations announced that their upcoming Accu-Sim V-Tail Bonanza is “on short final…”. Included with this little teaser was a single preview of the V-Tail coming into land.

That’s all that was shared for now, though it was hinted at by A2A that they’ve implemented a form of rain visualization into the Bonanza; time will tell whether that turns out to be factual or simply a tease for what’s to come. We’ll let you know when the aircraft is out.

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Golden Age Simulations Stearman PT/N2S Released

203495 Ster4 Fselite
Golden Age Simulations has released their Boeing Stearman PT/N2S Biplane as of last week. The Stearman features high quality 3D models, a fully modelled and detailed Lycoming engine, high resolution 4k textures, and more Those interested in adding the Stearman PT/N2S to their hangars can find the product on SimMarket for a price of 22 euros, with the airplane being
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Armi Project Release Tehran International OIIE

203628 OIIE FSX 21 Fselite
A bit of a different release than what we usually see, Armi Project has released Tehran International Airport, ICAO OIIE. The airport features GMAX modeling, full detail jetway/bridges, photoreal textures, custom taxi lines and lights, static jetways, and more. A full feature list can be viewed below for those interested. Tehran can be yours for a price of 13 Euros from
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Canada4XPlane CYYC Calgary Released

1607205925 CYYC(6).jpg.66129770436d6817d322d39616a6a8e0 Fselite
Over on the X-Plane forums, it was announced that after 2 years in development, Canada4XPlane's CYYC Calgary has been released! The airport features modelled downtown Calgary buildings, Calgary heliports, optional winter textures, WT3 compatibility, custom dynamic lighting and asphalt, and much more. If you like what you see, Canada4XPlane's CYYC can be had from the X-Plane forums and is completely
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