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LHSimulations Previews Budapest 2.0 In-Sim

LHSimulations Previews Budapest 2.0 In Sim FSElite

LHSimulations has posted a new preview of their upcoming Budapest 2.0 project which seems to have made great progress from the renders we were shown back in April.

In this preview, we are able to see that the airport seems to be in quite an advanced state already. While it’s certainly missing a lot, most noticeably jetways, a good portion of the initial work looks to have been completed already.

Unfortunately, we weren’t provided with any additional information, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the project’s progress.

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Captain Sim 1011 Captain II Released for Prepar3D v4

Captain Sim 1011 Captain II Released For Prepar3D V4 FSElite11
After a long wait, Captain Sim's (L)1011 Captain II Base Pack and Freighter expansions have now been released for Prepar3D v4. While the 1011 Captain II is a port over from the 32-bit version, it does include some new features that have been added since the 32-bit versions. New features include adjustable floodlights, independent panel backlights, an improved CIVA INS
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PMDG Shares July Update- NG3, Global Flight Ops, And More

PMDG Shares July Update NG3, Global Flight Ops, And More FSElite
Breaking the period of silence since the last PMDG update, Robert Randazzo has shared a plethora of information on what the team has been up to since we last heard from them, along with information on the upcoming 737 NG3, Global Flight Operations, and the new shopping cart system. To start out, a good portion of the PMDG team was
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[Re-post] FSExpo 2019: Thrustmaster Announces The F/A-18C Add-On Grip

Thrustmaster F A 18C
We have re-posted this article as it appeared to not get published correctly at the time of the announcement. Apologies in advance if you have already seen this. Today at FSExpo 2019, Thrustmaster announced the latest addition to their flight simulation line of products: the F/A-18C Add-On Grip for the Thrustmaster Warthog and Cougar HOTAS systems! The Thrustmaster F/A-18C Hornet
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Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter Coming to X-Plane

Milviz DHC 3T Turbo Otter Coming To X Plane FSElite8
For the next addition to their X-Plane product line, Milviz has announced that they are bringing their DHC-3T Turbo Otter to the skies of X-Plane! With the product page now posted, we can get an insight into the new product and its features. Like the FSX and P3D versions, the X-Plane rendition of the Turbo Otter features a high fidelity
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Moscow Sheremetyevo v2

Drzewiecki Design Previews Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 FSElite1

Just a few weeks after announcing Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) v2, Drzewiecki Design has previewed their new project even further on their Facebook page.

In addition, Drzewiecki elaborated that besides the terminals, they are developing around 100 additional buildings around the airport in order to provide the best visuals on approach to the airport.

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Aerosoft Previews Lukla Extreme for P3D

Aerosoft Preview Lukla Extreme For P3D FSElite1
Just 6 days after releasing Lukla Extreme for Aerofly FS 2, Aerosoft has released further previews of the Prepar3D version of Lukla. The Prepar3D version of Lukla looks incredibly stunning thus far and we can't wait to see more in the coming days and weeks. While we wait, why not check out our first look of the Aerofly FS 2
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Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter Released

Screen Shot 2019 06 06 At 10.02.17 AM
A project that's been one of the best-kept Milviz secrets in recent memory, the Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter has now been released! The PC-6 Turbo Porter is one of the most versatile bush planes flying today. Powered by a PT-6A-27 turbine, the Turbo Porter has almost legendary STOL performance in all phases of flight, making it the perfect aircraft to
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Flightbeam NZWN Wellington Patch 2 Released

Flightbeam Wellington Patch 2 Released FSElite
A second patch for Flightbeam's recently released NZWN Wellington has been released which brings major improvements and fixes to the product. Patch 2 brings the addition of all new custom autogen trees throughout the entire product coverage area, a custom GSX ini file, more static vehicles as well as various improvements to the AFCAD and changes to the runway lighting.
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