AOA Simulations Announces Leonardo AW609 TiltRotor For X-Plane 11

AOA Simulations Leonardo 01

AOA Simulations has announced that they are working on a new project via their Facebook page, the Leonardo AW609 TiltRotor. The AW609 is a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft with the purpose of serving the civil aviation market. Powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 Turboprop engines, it can reach speeds up to 509 km/h and has a top range of 1,390 km.

As this is a new project, there is no news of a price just yet but this aircraft does look to be a promising addition to the X-Plane platform.

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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Now Available For FSX And P3Dv3

Captain Sim 757 01
Captain Sim have released the 32 bit version of their Boeing 757-200 base pack product for FSX /FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D Version 3. The price is slightly lower than the 64 bit version at $69.99 compared to $75.70. The product still includes the same features as the 64 bit version, including the following: Fully functional flight deck loaded with
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Just Flight Traffic Global Updated To Include GA Aircraft

Just Flight Traffic Global 01
Traffic Global has recently been updated to version v1.1.0.3. This version adds the foundations for GA aircraft, as well as adding some more features to the product. A couple of bugs have also been addressed in this build too for enhanced stability. For your convenience, here is the full changelog: - Missing 737-700 liveries added - Westjet livery and flight plans
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Flightsim Apps Release Remote Server 4.1

Flightsim Apps Remote Server 01
Flightsim Apps have recently updated Remote Server to version This update brings  further compatibility for the TFDI 717 and Aerosoft’s CRJ /DAVE ( please note: you need SP1 installed, which is not currently available), as well as fixing various CDU bugs. For those who are unaware of what Remote Server is, the software allows you to use your tablet /
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MFSG Releases Kozushima Airport 2018 For FS2004, FSX And P3D

MFSG Kozushima 01
MSFG (or Malaysian Flight Simulator Group) has released Kozushima Airport for FS2004, FSX, P3D v3 and P3D v4. Kozushima Airport (RJAZ) is a regional airport serving Kozushima in the northern Izu Islands, Tokyo, Japan. If officially opened in July 1992. The product consists of these main features: Highly detailed Kozushima Airport Kozushima Photoscenery Terrain Kozushima Groundpoly RJAZ airport area FS2004 version compatible with
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HSimulators Release Grand Amazonia Pack 1 For X-Plane 11

HSimulators Grand Amazonia 01

HSimulators has released their Grand Amazonia Pack 1 scenery for X-Plane 11.  This beautifully created package consists of a vast region of the extreme north of Brazil, on the border with Venezuela, a region of the Rio Uraricoera basins. The region is full of very isolated indigenous villages and gold mines, where the only access is by airplane or sometimes by river. Even the most skillful pilots will have a challenge when trying to land at some of these airports, and that is without any bad weather being present.

Here is a full list of what the package consists of:

  • Boa Vista International Airport and Boa Vista Air Base (SBBV)
  • Hlaikato-u (SJLE)
  • Tucuxim – (SDYT)
  • Palimi-U – (SJMH)
  • Parafury – (SJMI)
  • Uraricoera – (SJNC)
  • Aratha-U – (SJYJ)
  • Uaicas – (SWAE)
  • Erico – (SWAQ)
  • Auaris – (SWBV)

The developer has also created accurate buildings and static models at these airports to help with the immersion.

This scenery can be purchased on SimMarket for £18.49 /$24.46 excluding tax. However, the product is discounted at £14.80 /$19.56 excluding tax until the 10th of June. If you wish to purchase it, now would be the best time to do so.

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A2A Simulations Opens New Store And Site

A2A New Store And Site 01
A2A Simulations behind closed doors has been working on a new online store, as well as a new website for their current and future customers. Both of these enhancements have definitely brought the new store and site up to modern standards, however it does mean that current customers do need to do a couple of steps in order to move
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BlackBox Simulation BN-2 Islander: The FSElite Review

BlackBox Simulation, which for practical purposes I will call 'BBS' for short, has been around for some time and has been known to make a wide range of aircraft products, from the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, to a fleet of Airbus aircraft. Although these aircraft are not as detailed systems wise compared to other mainstream developers, BBS makes some pretty good
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Latinwings Preview More Shots Of Almería (LEAM)

Latinwings AlmeríaMorePrev02
Latinwings has released some more previews of their upcoming Almería scenery package.  The scenery looks very detailed, such as 3D grass being implemented, as well as 3D Models situated  around the airport and clearly comes with dynamic lighting (for P3D v4 and X-Plane, though the X-Plane version will be released after the P3D v4 and FSX versions have been).  I will
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Black Box Simulations Release BN-2 Islander

Black Box Islander Aircraft Release 1
Black Box Simulations have recently released their BN-2 Islander aircraft.  The BN-2 Islander is a short haul light aircraft that was designed by John Britten and Desmond Norman in 1963, with the first prototype having its maiden flight in 1965. The aircraft originally could only be fitted with Piston engines (modelled in this product) but later could also be fitted with
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