Aviotek Simulation Releases Verona (LIPX) for X-Plane 11

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Aviotek Simulation Software has released their Verona Villafranca (LIPX) scenery for X-Plane 11. The airport is the fruit of a collaboration between Aviotek Simulation Software and JustAsia. The scenery features extensive texture work including PBR materials, detailed 3D modeling and features a lot of airport objects. Reworked satellite imagery was used as a ground layer.

The Verona Villafranca Airport is located southwest of Verona city, in Northern Italy. The airport serves approximately 3 million passengers per year, and sees many touristic seasonal services. Often clogged by fog, the airport is equipped with a Cat IIIb ILS on a 3,068m / 10,000ft runway, allowing for operations during most of the year. The northwestern side of the airbase hosts the 3° Stormo of the Italian Air Force, and is sometimes used as a dispersal airport by NATO aircraft.

The Aviotek Verona Villafranca is available on the X-Aviation store for $19.95. It can be bundled with their previously released Treviso Airport that will allow a further 14% discount.

 Feature List

  • UHD color corrected satellite imagery
  • All buildings are accurately model with HD textures
  • Animated airport such as animated dockings and ground vehicles
  • 2k pavement and ground marking textures + PBR mapping
  • Wet textures for pavement and ground textures
  • 3D grass
  • Full WT3 support & custom ground routes
  • Custom HDR night lighting
  • Heavily optimized airport
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Photosim Labs Previews St. Croix & Mystery Airport

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Photosim Labs has shared on Facebook previews of two of their upcoming sceneries. The first picture shows an oil refinery located on St. Croix island. The real refinery is located a few miles east of St. Croix International Airport (TISX), located in the US Virgin Islands. The second set of pictures previews a mystery airport that is located "deep in
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Gaya Simulations Kos Island & Airport Final Previews

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Gaya Simulations has provided on Facebook what they are calling their "last preview before release" of their Kos Island and Airport (LGKO) scenery. The serie of screenshots, taken from X-Plane 11, show extensive airport terminal details, various objects, a night shot and an overview of the Kastri rock just a few hundred meters off the village of Kampos, on Kos
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Aerobask Falcon 8X Cockpit Preview

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Developer Aerobask has posted on their Facebook page a single cockpit preview screenshot of their upcoming Dassault Falcon 8X for X-Plane 11. The preview features the aircraft in adverse weather condition landing in Aspen (KASE) - an airport know for its very steep approach and high surrounding terrain. Interestingly, the picture unveils the presence of a synthetic vision system. The
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MK-Studios Announces Sevilla Airport (LEZL)

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In a brief Facebook statement, MK-Studios has announced they were working on a rendition of the Sevilla Airport (LEZL). This surprising move comes only a couple of weeks after the released of their 2020 roadmap. Sevilla Airport will be developed "at the same time as Ponta Delgada ", which is scheduled for release in Q3 2020. The same time frame
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Carenado Releases Cessna 560XL for FSX/P3D

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Announced not a while ago, Carenado has released their Cessna 560XL for FSX and Prepar3D. The Carenado XL560 is equipped with a custom Carenado rendition of the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics that equip most of the currently flying Cessna 560XL. The avionics have also been made compatible with the RealityXP or Flight1 GTN750 navigation system. As usual with Carenado, the entire aircraft got a top notch 3D model with many animations and comes with 4K textures and realistic night lighting. 7 HD liveries are included.

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Sierrasim Simulation Releases Palonegro International Airport (SKBG) for FSX and P3DV4

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A few days after releasing their Augusto C. Sandino Airport (MNMG), Sierrasim is at it again with a representation of Palonegro International Airport (SKBG) in Colombia for FSX and P3D. The scenery features an extensive ground texture work based on aerial images, the modelling of all the airport buildings, the use of dynamic lighting, 3D grass and a specific autogen.
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MK-Studios Tenerife North (GCXO) Previews

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MK-Studios has released on their Facebook page a few preview of their upcoming Tenerife North (GCXO) scenery. The screenshots show details of the ramp  and the terminal airside. Tenerife North is the historic airport of Tenerife Island. It has been supplemented by Tenerife South (GCTS) airport, which opened in 1978. Both remain in operations today, totaling about 15 million passengers
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BinerSim Soekarno-Hatta Updated

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BinerSim has released an update for the Jakarta - Soerkarno Hatta scenery for FSX and P3D. The changes improve very much performance, update some textures and sees a revamp of the east cross taxiway. The BinerSim Jakarta - Soerkarno Hatta is available on Simmarket for €29.90. Readers should note that there is a 15% discount until 18th January 2020, lowering
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