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A seafarer from Sweden who loves flying in the virtual skies since FS98 and write news articles here. Currently using both P3D V4 and XP 11.

Just Flight C152 Renders

Just Flight has announced that they are currently working on a C152 which will be compatible with both versions of FSX and all versions of P3D.

This C152 is being developed with the normal Just Flight method, which is with hands on research with a real-life C-152 G-BGAE based at Conington Airfield. It’s a two seater aircraft powered by a single piston engine that puts out 110 hp from four cylinders. It’s actually the perfect aircraft for touring or just flight training.

C152 comes with liveries from the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and Germany. Every instrument is coonstructed fully in 3D with smooth animations and the cockpit will have some wear and tear for the ultimate realism immersion. It will be based on real world performance and handling data from real world C152 pilots.

More can be found at Just Flight C152 in development page.

On the renders you can see that most of the exterior model is done and also the cockpit is both modeled and also textured. It looks promising, as of now no release date is set but we will keep you updated here.

Flight Factor A320 Wingflex Video

Flight Factor, the group that is creating the A320, has released a preview video showing the wingflex in X-Plane. It’s a good sign that FF reach out to their customers with an update and show us the latest news.

According to developer Ramzzess the A320 is getting closer and closer to public beta – there are only a few things to finish.

For more go to Flightdeckx website and this forum over at x-plane.

Taxi2Gate Münich Update to P3D V4

Taxi2Gate developer has announced that they will be updating their Münich (EDDM) to P3D V4.  The update will include features such as the satellite terminal, and then after that, they will update their other previous sceneries to work with P3D V4.

This will be great for P3D V4 users.

For more check out Taxi2Gate’s Facebook page.

OrbX FTX NA/SA Freeware Airport Pack

Ed Correia over at OrbX forum has made a list of the latest free airports released for both North and South America.

If you don’t have it already, download your NA/SA Freeware airports by going to this website.

The only product that is required for this to work is FTX Global.

Airports by Larry Isenor:

CEL6, Two Hills, AB – (disable AEC)

CJB8, Kyle, SK (disable AEC)

CYEM, Manitoulin East, ON

CYPY, Ft. Chipewyan, AB

CYZE, Gore Bay, Manitoulin, ON

SDCD, Catanduva, Catanduva, Brazil


PADQ, Kodiak, Kodiak, AK

SABE, Jorge Newbery Aeroparque, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Airports by Neil Hill:

1N2, Spadaro, East Moriches, NY

KAGC, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, PA

KAGS, Augusta Regl At Bush, Augusta, GA

KBKT, Perkinson/Baaf, Blackstone, VA

KCAE, Columbia Metro, Columbia, SC

KCID, The Eastern Iowa Airport, Ceder Rapids, IO

KCKB,  Harrison/Marion Regl, Clarksburg, WV

KHUF, Terre Haute Intl-Hulman, Terre Haute, IN

KINL, International Falls, International Falls, MN

KLGU, Logan-Cache, Logan, UT

KLMO (2V2), Vance Brand, Longmont, CO

KLNC, Lancaster, Landcaster, TX

KMEZ, Mena Intermountain Mun, Mena, AR

KOKK, Kokomo Muni, Kokomo, IN

KPOU, Dutchess County Airport, Poughkeepsie, NY

KYIP, Willow Run Airport, Detroit, MI

O00 (49N), Lufker Airport, East Moriches, NY

PADK, Adak Island, AK

PADL, Dillingham, Dillingham, AK

It’s great to see that many airports in Alaska is coming alive as well as in South America. I personally fly a lot in Alaska, and it’s great to see that it’s getting the Orbx treatment. And of course, free airports in South America are great if you plan to do a South America tour!

Carenado PA-42 Cheyenne III Coming Soon

Carenado has released preview screenshots on their Facebook of their upcoming PA-42 Cheyenne III for both FSX and P3D. There is not much information on it but it will surely be equipped with support for GTN 750, 4K textures and the usual 6 PDFs like the rest of the Carenado fleet.

More will come on this aircraft once we have the information but until then take a look at these preview screenshots. For more head over to Carenado’s Facebook page. We made a previous post about this aircraft when it was first announced which can be found here.

Personally the Cheyenne is one of my favorite GA twin prop aircraft.  In the preview shots you can see the PA-42 Cheyenne III in three different liveries, and even a Lufthansa Flight Training livery.

Just Flight Conington Airfield Preview

Just Flight announced on their Facebook that their scenery Conington Airfield now has a In Development page. Conington Airfield is home to Flying Club Conington for the PA-28 Warrior II, PA-28 Arrow II and a few others. Conington, or Peterborough Business Airport as it’s also known, has an ICAO code of EGSF and is an airport in the UK in Cambridgeshire about six miles south of Peterborough and twenty miles north-west of Cambridge.

The airfield is equipped with a 987-metre long licensed asphalt runway in direction 10 and 28 plus a 100 m overshoot. In addition to that it also comes with a 800-metre unlicensed concrete runway.

Conington Airfield comes with the following features:

  • Developed following major research at the airfield
  • 3D grass
  • Custom trees
  • Custom airport markings/signs
  • Scenery Manager
  • Accurate runway and taxiway placement
  • High-resolution photoreal ground textures, adjusted for what season it is
  • Custon ground polygon and AFCAD
  • Custom scenery around airfield boundary
  • Realistic shadowing on objects and buildings
  • OrbX FTX compatability
  • Night lighting effects
  • Friendly on both FPS and VAS
  • Comes with charts and PDF manual

The preview shots below shows a very good looking airfield which is highly detailed all round. From park benches just outside the airport buildings, to very nice and realistic looking terrain, and ground textures that blend in just perfectly.

UPDATE: [NOW OUT] UK2000 Norwich Xtreme – Release Today

UPDATE: It’s now out.

UK2000 has announced on their Facebook that their Norwich Xtreme for X Plane 10 and 11 will be released today between 2PM and 3PM UTC. More info will be available as soon as it is released, but until then, take a look at the screenshots below.

More info can be found at UK2000’s Facebook page. Also, an earlier post I made about this airport can be found here. It’s great that UK2000 has decided to support the X-Plane platform and when looking at both the day and night preview shots below it looks promising. It’s a very highly detailed airport and I can’t wait to see what airport they decide to create next for the XP platform.

Milviz DHC-2 ‘Spray N’Play’ Expansion Pack

Milviz developer has released their expansion pack for their DHC-2 that they call “Spray N’ Play”. It consists of a STOL wing modification kit, straight floats and a agricultural-focused model with a completely functional crop duster.

It can be yours for only $14.99 USD over at Milviz store but it requires the Milviz DHC-2 Beaver installed for it to work that costs $39.99 USD. It supports both FSX with Acceleration pack or FSX Steam Edition as well as P3D V2 to 4 with the latest hotfixes installed.

More info can be found over at Milviz’s website as well as their Facebook page.

This aircraft is “Award Winning Excellence,” as Milviz calls it: it comes with configurable fuselage styles, different propellers, and different visual and navigational options. It also includes in-depth systems modelling, custom start-up routine, WX Advantage weather radar, and more. What’s most recently added is the very accurate simulated KAP 140 autopilot.


Emerald Object Library V2.0 – Build 080117 Released

Emerald Scenery Design has released a new build for their Emerald Object Library – Build 080117 which includes the very latest version of SODE, multiple tweaks and many other performance improvements.

Also, they have released a hotfix for Allan Island which fixes a scaling issue that was present in the latest build.

For more take a look at their website where you can download this Object Library or (EOLv2) and my previous post about Emerald Scenery Design where I wrote about the P3D V4 compatibility that can be found here.

A complete changelog is below. What can be seen throughout the changelog is that the level of detail or LOD has been improved to nature objects like rocks and trees/plants. Allan Island scenery also got an update where the scale of the Airstream Camper is fixed to proper proportion. And last, but not least, SODE that we all love has been implemented.

  • Updated SODE to v1.5.3
  • Updates to Scenery Activation process
  • Added empty LODs to several models
  • Removed unwanted LOD from Rock models
  • Performance improvements to Picnic Table model
  • Stained Picnic Table
  • Corrected scale of Airstream Camper (Allan Island update is required in order to work)
  • Added Nightmap to Airstream Camper
  • Removed unnecessary triangles from a Tropical Plant model
  • Added LODs to tree/bush models
  • Added LODs to Tropical Plant models
  • Removed texture artifacts from Tropical Plants

Important note to Allan Island Users
As mentioned above, the scale of the Airstream Camper used in their Allan Island scenery has been corrected which means that it will enlarge in the sim. In order to make it work properly a hotfix is required that can be downloaded until the scenery is updated for P3D V4.

Optional extras
While you are visiting Emerald Scenery Design website, take a look at their Tools & Libraries page where you can find SBuilderX Cleanup v1.07, Desktop Cleanup V2.0 and P3D Shader Cleanup v1.10. All are very handy tools for your sim computer to clean and make it faster.



TFDi 717 Update Released

TFDi has released a new update to their TFDi 717 numbered on the 28th of July.  To update, simply open your TFDi Design 717 Addon Manager and it will update automatically. Just as a heads-up, you must be part of the Community Opt-in Beta to be able to use it.

Some of the changes include a new amber box for low manifold pressures, as well as a host of fixes including ISOL valve logic, a few issues with the magenta line and PACKs not consuming manifold pressure correctly.

The changelog is as follows:

[ADDED] Amber box for low manifold pressure and associated alert
[FIXED] “INOP” label staying on ADF buttons despite being functional
[FIXED] Manifold pressure and temperature simulation
[FIXED] Engine start with PACKs on being possible
[FIXED] PACKs not consuming manifold pressure properly
[FIXED] Strange NAV behavior when approaching a waypoint
[FIXED] A scenario causing the tablet to not update
[FIXED] A magenta line drawing issue
[FIXED] An issue allowing ALTN fuel to be displayed as -1
[FIXED] ETA not displaying on the PROG page
[FIXED] A possible edge case CTD caused by the revision leg index not being set by default
[FIXED] ISOL valve logic
[FIXED] Certain flight plan routes will exhibit a hit to the responsiveness of the aircraft
[FIXED] PFD Flight Path Director and “birdie” incorrect drawing
[CHANGED] LAT REV/VERT REV index control
[CHANGED] Implemented custom time system (to fix the instant reply bug)
[CHANGED] Performance optimizations should result in much better FPS and less stuttering
[CHANGED] Improved AFS altitude capture behavior
[CHANGED] Improved Flight Director vertical bar behavior

For more look at TFDi forum which can be found here.We greatly appreciate every update of this aircraft and looking forward to more updates in the future as the time progresses. But until then make sure you grab this update to enjoy your 717.

You can also read our review here (which we’ll get around to updating soon inline with all these new updates) or you can read our Developer Month interview with Josh from TFDi Design.