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A seafarer from Sweden who loves flying in the virtual skies since FS98 and write news articles here. Currently using both P3D V4 and XP 11.

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Service Pack for P3D V4 Preview

Orbx has shown the community preview screenshots of their upcoming Service Pack for P3D V4 of their OrbX Stockholm Alranda airport, the main airport in Sweden and its capital Stockholm.

This service pack update comes with internal modelling at terminal 2 to 5 which gives a bit of depth in the windows. Moving jetways are not yet implemented in this update but will come in a later update. Users that have tested the SP have also noticed a good increase in performance.

For more look at Orbx’s forum and Facebook page.

REX 4 Texture Direct Enhanced Edition Imminet Release

REX will tomorrow release their updated and enhanced version of REX 4 Texture Direct for FSX, FSX Steam and P3D V1 to V4. This is a FREE update for current users of Texture Direct. It comes with a new integrated global environment texture and effect software as their previous product did. Furthermore it will be compatible with DirectX 9 to 11 and of course it doesn’t matter if you own a powerful or weaker PC, it will work just as good on both. It comes in a package of 17 GB so it does take a bit of space on your storage. 2GB of it is brand new textures, which is what makes it the enhanced edition.

A fully detailed feature list can be found at their website, but here are some of the key features below.

  • All new textures, more than 16.000 files. This is the reason why it is 17 GB.
  • Intellectually Synced Texture Engine that works with REX 4 Weather Direct and REX 4 Weather Architect software.
  • Lightning fast installation of new textures, at most it takes around 5 seconds to load it in.
  • Capable of network.
  • Individually textures can be installed or if you like as a whole theme at once.
  • New unique types of cloud base structures
  • New cloud types such as Cirrus, Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus.
  • Worldwide tropical water classification fix which gets rid of the repetitive texture effect.
  • All airport receives a payware upgrade in both FSX and p3D such as light to runways.
  • Dirty and soiled runway markings are also coming
  • Support for larger aircrafts markings like for instance the 777.
  • Smoother transition at dusk and dawn on the algorithms.
  • A enhanced and highly detailed ground rain effect

This product can be purchased from The REX Store, SimMarket, Flightsim Pilot Shop and The Flightsim Store once it is released. Price is 19.95 USD at REX Store or 21.19 EUR incl 25% tax at SimMarket.

At SimMarket if you previously purchased REX Essential Plus w/Overdrive FSX P3D or REX Essential PLUS (BOX) or REX Essential German Version (BOX) you are entitled to a discount upgrade price that varies where you are in the world. If you own Texture Direct already, this is a free update.

More can be found at REX Facebook.

Turbulent Designs Announce KGPI Glacier Park International Airport

Turbulent Designs are probably most known today for their previous sceneries of Idaho Falls and MBS International among a few others. Today, however, they announced that they are going to develop their next scenery which is Glacier Park, the gateway to Montana. Glacier Park airport is located in Flathead County, about six miles northeast of Kalispell. The airport itself is owned by the Flathead Municipal Airport Authority which is a county created agency from 1974.

The reason why Turbulent Designs has decided that their next location is Glacier Park is because they believe in exploring, going to new places and airports that you haven’t had any thoughts about about visiting before. But when this scenery is out, you will be able to explore Glacier Park just as if you were there in real life with your favorite aircraft.

As it is a regional sized airport and only made for P3D V4 it will give the developers the chance to do what they do best: a scenery fully packed with loads of details and scenery for one platform which is of course easier than making a cross platform product.

The team who are working on this airport are the following:

Russell Linn – Modelling, Ground Poly
Russ White – Modelling, Vegetation
Greg Jones – Modelling, Photoreal Imagery

You may be wondering about the release date. Well, according to their announcement they are aiming for an release in October. Of course, a lot of updates will be brought to you until then.

Discussion can be joined here and for more go to the announcement website. Also take a look at Turbulent Designs’ Facebook page.

Alabeo M20R Ovation Coming Really Soon!

Alabeo has released preview screenshots of their Alabeo M20R for both FSX and P3D on their website. It will be released really soon and for more make sure to follow Alabeo’s Facebook page.

A previous post about this aircraft can be found here with some more preview screenshots as well.



Samscene3D Releases I AMsterdam City X

Samscene3D has released their next capital city scenery which this time is I AMsterdam City X for both FSX and P3D. And best of all, it’s part of the 20% off August sale. The discount code is AUGSALE so go and grab a copy before the sale ends; it’s only $14 USD on their website.

Amsterdam, as we know, is the capital of the Kingdom of Holland or the Netherlands depending from where in the world you’re from. Scenery covers the capital city with different styles of autogen buildings.

Feature list of I AMsterdam City X:

  • Photoreal texture of Amsterdam
  • More than 20.000 autogen buildings with the design and style of Amsterdam
  • Lots of custom hotels, buildings, business center, banks, churches, squares and landmarks etc
  • Textures for when it’s night
  • Autogen vegetation throughout the city
  • Main station buildings of the capital city
  • 3D world landmarks by I Amsterdam
  • Compatible with other sceneries for Amsterdam
  • Overall good frame rate

This scenery is compatible with the following scenery add-ons:

OrbX FTX Global, Vector, Europe LC and FlyTampa Amsterdam

The developer makes no mention of NL2000, but give it a try and it may work.

MK Studios – August Update

MK Studios has reached out to us virtual simmers with a new August update that covers a lot.

1. Fuerteventura
Starting with Fuerteventura that enters beta testing phase this Monday, some shots below for you to admire.

Fuerteventura scenery’s feature list:

  • Fully detailed rendition of  the Fuerteventura island and the airport itself.
  • Many monuments as well as custom objects on the island.
  • Ground textures that are high resolution – 2048×2048 pixels.
  • Photo real terrain that covers the island and 3D night lighting
  • Realistic lighting at night based on real world pilots point of view
  • Dynamic lighting in P3D V4
  • Shadows that are realistic on all objects that are 3D and on the ground.
  • Optimized for P3D V4
  • All traffic addons are compatible with this scenery.

The price for the Fuerteventura scenery will be around 25 euros including VAT (20 euros without VAT). MK Studios say that their scenery will support both P3D V3 and V4 directly on release day.

But it doesn’t end there – like some other developers, they are also looking for specialists for X-Plane 11 that can help them to export scenery to that simulator. It’s a paid position for an experienced individual – send them a PM if you are the person they are looking for.

2. MK Global Data – Europe
Yes, MK is not only going to create scenery here and there, they are thinking big, at least as big as Europe is. More info will come at a later state when we know more exactly what MK Global Data – Europe is but it sounds very promising. The Europe part is on final, they are just testing and fixing some stuff.

3. Lisbon 2018
You might be aware of it, but MK Studios are creating a 2018 scenery for Lsibon and the estimated date for release is mid-2018 due to some real life stuff taking time.

4. Mega Airport Rome – P3D V4 Update
Not much info other than they are working on it.

5. To be announced
Since a few months back MK Studios developing team has expanded which means that there are some projects you don’t know about that will come at the end of this year.  A clue is that one of them has almost 10 runways. Another one is located on the Atlantic Ocean.

We’ve done some thinking, and there are only a handful of airports in the world with close to 10 runways.  One of them being Chicago’s O’Hare airport.  Our question to our readers: what airport do you think it is?

More will come once MK Studios give us another update but for now, take a look at the preview screenshots of Fuerteventura below.

FSDG Shows Off More Mauritius Previews

Flight Sim Development Group, or FSDG, has announced that they are working on their next airport which is Mauritius. There is not much information, but the release is scheduled for late August.

For more head over to FSDG’s Facebook.

According to the screenshots below, it looks very promising, and we can’t wait to get a copy to fly into this beautiful airport. Great textures that are of high quality – as always from FSDG – and highly detailed modeling.

Update: [Now Available] Immersive Audio – Diamond DA40 Promo Video

Update: It’s now available from SimMarket for EUR 11.28.

Immersive Audio has today released a official promo video showing the audio for the Diamond DA40 by Alabeo. All sounds are carefully recorded and processed to give you the perfect immersion when you fly this aircraft, or even just switch a button – because all will have their own unique sound.

It will be available on SimMarket very soon so keep your eyes open for that. Until then, turn up the volume, and listen to these sounds in this video below.

Aerosoft Announces the Antonov AN-2

Aerosoft has today announced their next aircraft to be made by a developer called OctopusG in great detail. If you like different systems then this aircraft is for you, because it has it – and if you are in a hurry, then pick another aircraft, because this is a low and slow aircraft. What’s great about this aircraft is that it can land quite literally anywhere, as its stall speed is around 25 knots.

The Antonov An-2 comes as an advanced simulation where you really have to keep an eye on the instruments and remember to maintain it well or you will have troubles.  By the way, the language in the cockpit is in Russian.

It will be available for both FSX: SP2, FSX Steam and P3D V3 to V4.

You can find out more about this announcement by Aerosoft on this website.



Carenado C208B Grand Caravan Released for X Plane 11

Carenado has released their C208B Grand Caravan for X Plane 11 only and it comes with two models, one is the Grand Caravan and the other is the Super Cargomaster.  Make sure you get your FedEx and DHL free liveries for the Super Cargomaster after you have grabbed your copy of this magnificent aircraft.

More can be found at Carenado’s Facebook page as well as Carenado’s own website where you can buy it for 34.95 USD, as well as get the free liveries.

This aircraft comes with full PBR (superb material shines and reflections) as well as specially designed engine dynamics for XP 11 as well as flight dynamics, as well as ice and rain effects. It can be used with X-Plane’s GNS 430 that is FPS friendly.

Many different PDF documents and manuals comes with the aircraft as well to keep you busy, one of them being recommended settings for XP 11 to fully enjoy this aircraft.