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Aerosoft Airport Stuttgart XP Released for X Plane 11

184825 Stuttgart Xp 2

Today, Aerosoft has released Airport Stuttgart for the X Plane 11 platform. It will set you back 18.85 EUR at Simmarket.

Stuttgart airport is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, developed by the German Airport team and Peter Hiermeier. It’s made to look as close as possible to the real Stuttgart airport in real world. Everything – whether buildings or runways – is carefully placed to match the real airport. The ground has a photoreal texture to give you a realistic feeling.


  • Uses advanced X-Plane features such as 3D spill lights
  • Animated passenger boarding bridges, Safedock A-VDGSs and marshallers at all eligible gates/stands (using the freely available AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris)
  • Complete taxiway network for use by ATC and AI aircraft
  • Fully compatible with the X-Life plugin by JARDesign
  • Works with the ‘Draw Parked Aircraft’ feature introduced in X-Plane 10.50
  • Makes full use of the new ground service vehicles introduced in XPlane 11
  • Thousands of hand-placed objects such as parked cars and streetlights
  • Road network with animated traffic
  • Parked cars can be turned on/off to optimize performance
  • Free AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris for AGNIS and marshallers

To learn more take a look at Simmarket’s website and Facebook.

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MK-Studios Releases Fuerteventura 2017

Fue P3dv4 5

Today MK-Studios reached out to the community by releasing Fuerteventura 2017 airport. Fuerteventura is located on one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a perfect weekend destination in your sim so grab your favorite aircraft and fly to there. On a normal day at this destination the weather is between 20 and 27 C so summer weather all year round. The airport can handle almost 7 million passengers a year with 450,000 flights.

This airport is compatible with both P3D V3 and V4.

Fuerteventura scenery can be purchased here for 25.93 EUR.


  • Fully detailed rendition of Fuerteventura airport and island,
  • Many monuments and custom objects around the island,
  • High resolution ground textures (2048×2048 pixels),
  • Photo real terrain coverage with custom mesh and 3D night lightning,
  • Very realistic night lighting, based on real pilot’s point of view,
  • Dynamic Lightning (P3D V4),
  • Rendered night lighting with shadows,
  • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and on the ground,
  • Optimized to take advantages of new P3D V4 features,
  • Compatible to all major traffic add-ons,
  • SODE jetways and double jetways supported!

For more take a look at MK-Studios Facebook page and website for other scenery add-ons.

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