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29Palms and P3D V4 Compatability

Developer 29Palms Scenery Design announced shortly before the release of P3D V4 what plans they had for the new 64bit sim.

Samos, Magdeburg and Twentynine Palms have been updated and are fully compatible with P3D V4. If you have already purchased the sceneries then you can download the new installers free of charge here.

In case you have previously purchased the sceneries at other stores than at Aerosoft or SimMarket, it might take a while until they fully upload these new installers for the airports. Both resellers has been notified.

Be aware that 29Palms has completely dropped their support for P3D V1 and V2. Their sceneries will continue to work and you will get updates as well but new installers will not support P3D V1 and V2 anymore.

Here are a few screenshots of both Samos and Twentynine Palms and by judging them it looks awesome.

For more 29Palms related news check out their Facebook as well as FSElite.

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Just Flight PA-28-161 Warrior II – Renders

Just Flight showed us some renders of their PA-28-161 Warrior II in an early stage but the project is progressing fast so stay tuned for more info. It’s their next project from their in-house team who brought you the highly acclaimed PA-28R Arrow and the Turbo version. For more check out Just Flight own website as well as Just Flight own Facebook page. As well as FSElite own website for latest releases and announcements.

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MILVIZ Hercules C-130J Renders & Preview

MILVIZ showed us a preview of their Hercules C-130J, not much else to say than they are clearly making progress. Their VC really shows the standard of Milviz which is high and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Very detailed virtual cockpit overall and I look forward to fly it soon. For more check out this website as well as FSElite.

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Ultimate Realism Pack (URP) 1.1 – 48 Hour to Release – P3D V4

Thanks to Predrag Drobac I have been given the allowance to write about the imminent release of Ultimate Realism Pack or URP as it’s known as in daily basis.

Here are a few shots from URP 1.1 during testing in P3D V4 and judging from the screenshots it looks stunning and we can’t wait to get our hands on this to further improve our new V4 simulator. Release is expected in the next 48 hours on URP website. Will be released with a config tool (courtesy of Prithvisagar Shivaraman)) and will act as an ADDON, so NONE of the default P3D V4 files be overwritten which is good news.

In order to download URP when it’s released check out FSElite for latest releases.

All shots are with URP sky and sun but with DEFAULT v4 scenery as well as REX cumulus set 02.

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SODE 1.5.0 Update – 64bit Compatability

SODE 1.5.0 has been released and this time it’s updated to 64bit compatability together with P3D V4. The way how SODE was integrated in P3D V3 and V4 has been changed to leverage the native ‘add-on.xml’ mechanism of P3D. What this does is that it makes sure that none of the exe.xml and simobject.cfg files are touched. This means that SODE is much more robust since it now is in it’s own ‘sandbox’.

Other than the usual bugfixes a new method has been introduced to define sim-specific models in the placement xml. It enables the developer to have all legacy sims still supported while for the new sims, user can take advantage of the latest SDK features in their models.

Last but not least, the SODE-to-GSX API has been refined and enhanced to enable new features concerning dynamic jetways in GSX.

SODE 1.5.0 can be download at this website where more information also can be found.

A long changelog can be found below covering exactly what bas been done. For more on latest releases and previews check out FSElite.

SODE 1.5.0 Changelog

  • 64-bit Support: SODE now supports P3D v4 64-bit! The SimObjectAnimationModule.dll, which is responsible for the jetway animation, was ported to 64-bit. SODE will use the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of the dll depending on the sim that is running.
  • Platform Manager: Added support for P3D v4
  • Platform Manager: Using the P3D v3/v4 native add-on.xml mechanism to install SODE. SODE does not touch any of the dll.xml, exe.xml and simobject.cfg files anymore!
  • Jetway Control System: Fixed the incorrect handling of multi-jetways when created by an external app (GSX)
  • Jetway Control System: AFCADGateName xml attribute is now converted to the expected format internally
  • API: Enhanced API for GSX, allowing linked SimObjects
  • XML: Added possibility to define sim-specific models in the xml
  • XML: Fixed incorrect sequencing of request IDs
  • Watchdog: Changed the launch condition to be after SimConnect connection is established iso fixed delay after SODE startup
  • Folder Manager: Fixed a bug during collection of aircraft.cfg data used for AI detection
  • Variable Driven Rotation: Removed animated transition between two values!
  • Conditional Visibility Wind: Fixed a crash when a single wind value was defined in the xml instead of a range
  • General: Fixed handling of aircraft.cfg with incorrect ref_point data
  • General: Fixed double injection of SimObjects when a variable update occured during main injection loop

FTX Central Updated to P3D V4 Compatibility

FTX Central has finally released the long awaited FTX Central 3.2 Update to P3D V4. In order to get it open your FTX Central and hit the Apply button in bottom left corner. Or download it again from the website. A convenient guide can be found at this website at FTX forum.

One of our previous posts about OrbX Compatability can be found here.

So far only regions and Global is available and FTX trees, airports will come at a later date and we at FSElite will keep you updated on that. But for now lets enjoy what we have and make our sim really shine at it’s best and forget this default P3D terrain and trees.

For more updates and releases check out FSElite.

SkyMaxx Pro 4.5 Update Released

X-Aviation released an update for SkyMaxx Pro released 4.5 the other day and as a X Plane 11 user myself I have to say that I am very satisfied with how it turned out. Good things just keep getting better and better on each update.

The update can be downloaded at X-Aviation website on your account and your current SMP has to be uninstalled which the installer does for you. Update is offered free of charge for customers that already own SMP 4.0.

There is quite a lot that has been updated as shown below.

Of things to note, you can expect the following:

  • Procedural sky box (based on the Hosek model) to accurately simulate sky colors for any time, place, and weather
  • Improved blending of distant clouds into the sky
  • Cloud draw distance increased by 20%
  • Stutters with high cloud draw area settings reduced
  • More realistic and distinctive representation of “HD cloud puffs” stratiform clouds
  • More variety of cloud shapes and positions
  • New, much-improved cloud textures for “crisp” and “soft” cumulus clouds
  • Added glare effect surrounding the sun
  • Our own ephemeris model, for accurate placement of the sun, moon, stars, and planets at night
  • Accurate moon phases and orientation of the moon
  • Various bug fixes and graphical polish

More information can be found at their forum.

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Riddlez Bellingham Update

Riddlez Interactive has just updated their beautiful scenery of Bellingham. The update can be download on their website and don’t forget to take a look at their Facebook.

Update consists of the following changes.

  • Fixed elevation issues that arise when Riddlez Bellingham is installed with ORBX PNW
  • Fixed aircraft crashing when landing, taking off or taxing on some ground polygon locations
  • Fixed incorrect taxi signage
  • Fixed Prepar3D V3 glitch where specular colour appears pink on ground polygons

For more go to FSElite for the latest releases and updates.

Guide to install UT Live on P3D V4

We at FSElite have worked out how to install the AI-traffic add on UT Live to our new P3D V4 64bit simulator. Just follow this guide below and it will work for you. Enjoy!

If you don’t have UT Live you can find out more about it in one of our previous posts here where you both purchase and download it.

I have based my guide on this website forum and all I have done is simplified it to make it much easier for everyone to understand.

Simobjects.cfg add this below and change it to your own path, then copy Simobjects.xml to root P3D V4 folder.

Title=utLive Aircraft
Path=D:\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utLive Aircraft [ENSURE THIS IS THE CORRECT PATH ON YOUR MACHINE]

Open exe.xml, add this below and then make sure you change it to your own path.

<Name>utLive fs client</Name>
<Path>D:\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utl_client.exe</Path> [ENSURE THIS IS THE CORRECT PATH ON YOUR MACHINE]

For more releases and announcements head over to FSElite.

TOGA Projects PTAbsolute Released

TOGA Projects has today released their PTAbsolute for P3D V3 users, it’s completely free and can be downloaded from their website.

My earlier post about TOGA Projects PTAbsolute can be found here.

PTAbsolute is a freeware visual enhancement package for P3D V3 to be used with PTA (Prepar3D Tweak Assistant). Very well optimized to recreate the most realistic environment in P3D together with ENVTEX or any other kind of texture package. Just like any of TOGA Projects products performance has always been kept in mind, that is why PTAbsolute doesn’t hit your FPS at all. And the very best of all: PTAbsolute was optimized to work at it’s best with ENVTEX.

Also take a look at TOGA Projects Facebook and FSElite for latest info on releases and previews.

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