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LLH Créations Méribel V2 Preview

LLH Créations has previewed on one of their new airports being Méribel high up in the French Alps equipped with a sloped runway as many other French altiports.

This altiport is almost done and will be released soon but for now enjoy the screenshots album and for more info check out their website LLH Créations where you can also find all their other altiports high up in the French Alps like Courchevel for example. This airport is perfect for sloped runway training with small propeller aircrafts or even fighter jets while enjoying the beautiful France VFR scenery below. Similar to Courchevel and Lukla, at this altiport it’s impossible to make a go-around.

Méribel is located at roughly 5636 feet/1717.95 meters above mean sea level and closest town is Ajaccio. For more about this check out FSElite website and LLH Créations Facebook page.

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Pilot Plus KBID – Block Island State Airport Released

Pilot Plus recently released their latest scenery: KBID – Block Island State Airport that can be purchased at X-Plane Store for 19.195 USD. Also head over to Pilot Plus Facebook page for more about this release as well as other releases. Airport is compatible with both X Plane 10 and 11.

KBID is a public use airport located on Block Island in Washington County, Rhode Island, United States. Airport is only a few miles east of Long Island, New York.

Pilot Plus has not only reached the possible limits of X Plane but also gone beyond it. From the incredibly detailed ortho-imagery to the luscious 3D vegetation surrounding the airfield, all aspects has been replicated to make sure you can enjoy the most realistic experience when flying.

Features built in to this scenery of KBID

  • Whole island Ortho coverage at 30cm/pixel
  • over 25,000 hand placed objects
  • Baked ambient occlusion
  • Dense foliage and forestry
  • Comprehensive building coverage
  • Abundant custom vegetation including grass and bushes
  • Marine Traffic with detailed Yacht model
  • Ground Traffic routes in airfield
  • Custom 3D South Lighthouse

Many more photos can be found on this Google Photos link. Also make sure you check-out FSElite website for very latest info.

Trailer can be seen here below as well as screenshots below.

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Aeroplane Heaven Republic P-47D Renders

Aeroplane Heaven has just released a First Look at their Republic P-47D renders and for more information head over to their Facebook.

For now this is all information I have but will update this once more is available to us, in the meantime check out FSElite for latest info on other releases and announcements.

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More screenshots of the Just Flight C-46 Commando

Just Flight has previewed even more screenshots on their C-46 Commando. Their C-46 Commando will feature 12 different authentic liveries for each variant. The cockpit will be designed in both civilian varients with modern gauges based on Buffalo Airways and the WW2 military authentic layout.

The aircraft will have realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handlig data developed with assistance from real world C-46 pilots including an ex-Buffalo Airways pilot. And of course it will also come with a PSD paint kit where you can paint your very own paint schemes.

A long list of features has been included with this aircraft  which can be found on the website. You can also sign up with your email to be informed of it’s release as soon as it’s dropped.

More screenshots can be found here at my earlier post of this aircraft.


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Just Flight Vickers VC10 Development Preview

Just Flight has shown development screenshots of their Vickers VC10. They haven’t confirmed this yet but they are looking into the possibility in working on a Super variant of the VC10 but what is confirmed is that a BOAC livery will be included in the release.

VC10 is famous for being one of the most graceful jetliners ever created with it’s long slim slim fuselage and graceful swept back tail surfaces.

It will be available for both P3D and FSX, featuring authentic recreation of the Standard version of this aircraft. Including a highly detailed virtual cockpit with a highly detailed exterior model painted in many classic liveries.

Just Flight doesn’t mention P3D V4 so we have to wait and see if they will also make a 64bit compatible version of this aircraft.

More information can be found at FSElite and Just Flight website.

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MilViz Preview ATR 72-600 Renders

Milviz has previewed another screenshot of their upcoming ATR 72-600 for P3D and FSX. This time it’s the cockpit that is being shown and every new screenshot they release make us want it more and more.

For more information and the progress of this aircraft head over to FSElite and Milviz website.


Aeroplane Heaven Announcement

The guys over at Aeroplane Heaven has announced their new DHC-3 Otter. But it won’t only come with wheels it will also feature floats and ski versions as well as military and civilian versions.

The Twin Otter released by Aerosoft was such a fun plane to fly, both tarmac and wild runways but they haven’t updated it so now Aeroplane Heaven has decided to create theirs.

More info will come at a later date but for now this is all we have and for more info follow FSElite.

IAD Roma Ciampino X Preview

Aerosoft has just showed us some previews of their upcoming scenery of Roma Ciampino X by IAD – Italian Airport Developers. It’s good that more Italian airports are being made to fill the empty space in FS with high end add-ons.

Rome Ciampino X will feature the following:

– 3d Gpoly (light effects and rain effect) (P3Dv3 only).

– Custom Meshes.

– Ciampino Town reproduced using autogen with optimized textures.

– Industrial Area around the airport.

– 3d Cars in parking lot, custom trees and 3d grass.

– 3d custom apron vehicles and aircraft.

– Animated windsock variation reflecting the wind (SODE).

– Night textures developed using ambient occlusion modeling.

– Night lights effects using SODE

– Unaligned left PAPI lights on RWY 33 (as real ones) made using SODE.

– 3d Approach lights using SODE.

– Configuration program to set the 3d object density.

– Seasonal variations.

Make sure to follow FSElite for latest news of this scenery and other releases.

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Riddlez Bellingham Released

Riddlez has released their very first scenery being Bellingham International (KBLI) and at first glance it looks stunningly beautiful. Bellingham airport is located three miles northwest of Bellingham city in Whatcom County, Washington. Airport is very popular for low cost airlines such as Allegiant Air and Alaska Airlines. The largest passenger destination from this airport is to Las Vegas McCarran International in Nevada. Bellingham is currently the 3rd largest commercial airport in Washington State.

It is located at one end of of Alaska Marine Highway, a hub for those going for a cruise as well as flights to and from San Juan Islands (and Victoria, British Columbia).


  • Very realistic rendition of Bellingham International Airport (KBLI)
  • Custom vegetation models unique to this part of the Pacific Northwest
  • Fully modelled terminal interior. Featuring check-in areas, boarding lounge, security screening rooms and much more.
  • Very detailed ground polygons using high resolution textures.
  • Nearby carparks and roads are fully detailed using detailed ground polygons
  • 0.4m resolution aerial image base
  • Complex 3D models with high resolution textures
  • Realistic specular and reflections built into the ground polygons (Prepar3D V3 and above only)
  • Aerial imagery has seasonal variations depicting summer, autumn, winter, hard winter and spring
  • Both FSX and Prepar3D versions included
  • Model textures have been “baked” to give realistic shadowing
  • Compatible with ORBX scenery coverages

Scenery can be yours for 24.16 USD at Flight Sim Store where more info also can be found.

Riddlez also has a Facebook page that is great to follow for future developments from this promising new developer. Also make sure you follow FSElite for latest info on this developer as well as other news.

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Aerofly FS2 Innsbruck LOWI Preview

Over at Aerofly Flight Simulator Facebook page we found a few screenshots of OrbX Innsbruck LOWI for Aerofly FS2. Release for PC version is expected to be real soon. Attached some images below to look at while waiting for the big release announcement from us.

To stay updated follow FSElite on Facebook.