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FlightFactor Updates Boeing 757 and 767 for X-Plane 11

767 F Xp11 112.jpg.f6c7caf88adb3fc1bd23226f0b279e21

On Twitter, FlightFactor posted the release notes for their popular Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 aircraft for X-Plane 11. The current version for the Boeing 757 is V2.3.13 and the Boeing 767 is V1.3.2, both aircraft have similar fixes and updates. Most of the updates for both the 757 and 767 center around cockpit and adjust how various systems and flight displays are rendered.

The list of changes for the Boeing 767 doesn’t differ much from those for the 757. Both aircraft recently received updates that allow the user to retrofit the aircraft with newer flat display panel screens from IS&S.  Other updates shared between the aircraft change how the PFD/ND look with the IRS off, adjustments to how the plan mode is displayed, FDPS related failures, and more. Below is a full change log for both aircraft. The update can be downloaded from the Store or via X-Updater.

The FlightFactor Boeing 757 and 767 both sell for $72.00 each. Below is a full change log for both aircraft.

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RuSky Releases Yakovlev Yak-52 Professional for X-Plane 11

RuSky Group Yak 52 Professional Release For X Plane 11
RuSky has released the Yakovlev Yak-52 Professional for X-Plane 11. The Yakovlev Yak-52 first flew in 1976 and was produced from 1977 to 1998 by Aerostar in Romania. It is powered by a 360 hp Vendeneyev M14P nine-cylinder radial engine and was originally designed as an aerobatic trainer for students in the Soviet DOSAAF training organization. With a service ceiling
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Airfield Canada Announces Halifax Airport for X-Plane 11

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On the forum, Airfield Canada has announced their newest airport in development, Halifax Stanfield International Airport for X-Plane 11. Halifax Airport, named after the 17th Premier of Nova Scotia, Robert Stanfield, serves the Halifax area along with mainland Nova Scotia and adjacent areas. In 2018, Halifax Airport served over 4.3 million passengers and serves as a focus city for
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JustSim Announces Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport for Prepar3D V4

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Just as FSDreamTeam released Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport, JustSim stuck back on Facebook and announced their own development of the airport for Prepar3D V4. EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is located just over 2 miles away from Basel, Switzerland. Due to its proximity to the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland, the airport is jointly operated by France and Switzerland, making it
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Windsock Simulations Announces Ibiza for X-Plane 11

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Over on Facebook, Windsock Simulations has announced development of Ibiza Airport for X-Plane 11. Ibiza Airport is the main international airport serving the Balearic Islands and is a major European holiday destination. Ryanair, British Airways, and Air Europa are just a few of the airlines that advertise year round service to Ibiza with destinations around Europe. Vueling has established a
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Rimco Announces Pittsburgh for X-Plane 11


On the forums, RIM&Company announced their latest project, Pittsburgh International Airport for X-Plane 11. Pittsburgh International Airport is the primary airport for the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was a hub for US Airways until 2004. In 2018, Pittsburgh International Airport served over 9.6 million passengers. Airlines such as American, Delta, Southwest, British Airways, and Condor fly to destinations in the United States, Central America, Canada, and Europe. Pittsburgh International Airport has 4 runways, the longest is 11,500 feet or 3,505 meters, the shortest is the crosswind runway of 14/32 that measures 8,101 feet or 2,469 meters.

Rimco Pittsburgh International is in beta testing and is expected to release later this week or early next week and boasts many features. Pittsburgh quite literally translates to “Forestland of Penn”, Rimco has taken this to heart and has placed hundreds of trees in their package. The terminal has been modeled in good detail using PBR textures, various other airport buildings and infrastructure have also been accurately modeled.  Included is the SAM plugin for the jetways, gangways, and Safedock. The GroundTraffic Plugin for X-Plane 11 has been utilized to add moving vehicle traffic around the airport as well. Rimco states that, “the price tag will be around $19-21” and will be available at the store.

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Advanced Flight Modeling Simualtion Releases G5 Avionics for X-Plane 11

Cessna 172SP G5 2019 11 24 4.02.17 PM Aerate 1024×570
Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation has released the Garmin G5 PFD/HSI avionics addon for X-Plane 11. The Advanced Flight Modeling G5 is inspired by the Garmin G5 avionics package. The Garmin G5 is designed to replace traditional electromechanical instruments with a glass primary flight display and horizontal situation indicator. Garmin's G5 has 2 pilot-selectable main page formats; a PFD and a directional
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Verticalsim Studios Resumes Development for Tampa, Postpones Myrtle Beach for X-Plane 11

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Earlier this afternoon, Verticalsim Studios took to Facebook for a status update on both their Tampa and Myrtle Beach sceneries. Citing an airport market shifting away from regional airports and moving more towards major US airports, Verticalsim Studios will restart work on Tampa International. Tampa International Airport is located 6 miles west of downtown Tampa and features a large array
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Gaya Simulations Preview Kos for Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 11

Kos 03 01 2.jpg.7460af4f0e821b5259100ec4a8895e27
On the Gaya Simulations forum, previews for Kos International Airport for both Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 11 were shared. Kos International Airport serves the island of Kos, the third largest island in the Dodecanese island chain. Both Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have year round service to Athens. Airlines such as Ryanair, airBaltic, easyJet, and Norwegian Air Shuttle have seasonal
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