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Flight Sim Development Group share Project Schedule

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Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) shared their project schedule on their Facebook page. Their ‘road-map’ includes:

  • La Romana LITE – July 2018
  • Rhodes – August 2018
  • Cape Town LITE – October 2018
  • Enfidha-Hammamet LITE – November 2018
  • Bremen – late 2018
  • Casablanca LITE – late 2018
  • Dalaman LITE – early 2019

Also on the active list but not yet scheduled:
Antalya, Gazipasa, Nairobi, Martinique, Pantelleria and Bordeaux.

We’ve noticed a lot of African airports have been popping up, it’s fantastic to see that region of the globe being covered by a really good development group. Very interesting plan for FSDG ahead, lots of new areas to be explored!

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P3D to PPL: Using the Sim for your Real World License

P3d Ppl Getting Ready For The Real World
I wanted to sit down and discuss with you how I used my simulator during my private pilot training. These tips and explanations are in no certain order. It’s no secret that becoming a pilot is expensive. Really expensive. My flight school estimated that earning a private pilot certificate through them (including ground school) would cost around $12,000 USD. That’s
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Thrustmaster Introduces New Hardware at E3

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Thrustmaster debuted two new controller sets, a rudder set and a headset, at their E3 conference. The link to the article will be here if you would like to read their official announcement. TPR Rudder System: Described in the featured article as being "Essentially ripped from the fuselage of an aircraft...",  the new TPR Rudder system will weigh 15 pounds and
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Stinn Creations Karipur International Airport Released

198780 Desktop Screenshot 2018.05.20 00011
Stinn Creations released Karipur International airport for P3D v4. Karipur is located in Calicut, Kerala-India and it serves the districts Kozhikode and Malappuram. The airport was build in a rather interesting geographical area and the runway is actually on a plateau (or a 'table top'). The scenery features: The 'table top' runway. Photoreal Terrain for the vicinity with custom autogen. All
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Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator Announcement Trailer

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The Irreguilar Corporation released a trailer video of their entirely new simulator 'Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator'. This is not an addon for FSX or P3D... this is a whole new sim. The short 30 second trailer showcased an amazing looking Piper with shots inside the engine compartment and inside of a service hangar. The Youtube description says it will feature
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Aeroplane Heaven: Bristol Bulldog Dev. Shots

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Aeroplane Heaven shared some renders of their work in progress build of the Bristol Bulldog for FSX and P3D. The Bristol Bulldog was a single-seater British fighter biplane back in 1930. It had a top speed of 178 miles per hour, but only served for 8 years. Just by the looks of these initial renders this already looks like the real thing. It will be very interesting to see how this one turns out – Aeroplane Heaven have always been the ones to tackle very old aircraft like this.

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Just Flight: Traffic Global Trailer Video

Traffic Global 20 Ss M 180420122101
Just Flight on their YouTube channel posted a trailer of their upcoming Traffic Global AI traffic package. Traffic Global is next in line in their AI package series. This new package will include: Accurate flight plans based on real-world airline schedule. (To cover the whole world.) New detailed FPS-efficient aircraft models. (Includes 2048x2048 textures, night light effects, and animated fan blades.) Includes
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Aerosoft Release Fairbanks Professional

196460 Sim Wings Fairbanks Professional 07
Aerosoft has released Fairbanks Professional airport for Prepared3D V4 only. This is the newest airport to get buffed under Aerosoft's new 'Professional' product versions. With all of these updates, each product is revamped to use all the resources of P3D's 64 bit capabilities. This does though make the professional version compatible with P3D V4 only though, and not any previous
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New Screenshots of JustFlight’s Traffic Global

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Just Flight on their Facebook page have shared a few screenshots of their upcoming Traffic Global. Trafic Global will the newest installment in their AI Traffic packages. The final addition will include: Accurate commercial routes that span across the world. Highly detailed AI aircraft models and textures with expected high frame rates. Addition of new commercial aircraft like the A380, A350, A320NEO, and
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