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David Waldron

Skyline Simulations Releasing KCVG July 4th

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Skyline simulations, previously known by the name Icarus Simulations, has announced that their Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for X-Plane 11 will be releasing on July 4th, 2018. This airport will feature high resolution texturing, custom Autogates made with assistance from Short Final Design, A full WT3 network made by Captain K-Man, and plenty of ground clutter/extra detailing, along with the usual expected features that come with a 3rd party addon, such as custom ground textures, highly detailed terminal model, and hand placed static ground vehicles. No word yet on a final price however a new batch of screenshots have been released by Skyline yesterday and today leading up to the release day.


KCVG is known to the real world as a massive cargo hub, being the headquarters for Amazon Air, DHL Americas, and Southern Air. With record breaking growth and expansion, CVG not only is the fastest growing cargo airport in North America, but the 4th busiest cargo airport in North America. Of course, this airport also has respectable passenger accommodations, as it is a focus city for Delta, Allegiant, and Frontier Airlines.

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[Update] FSElite Exclusive: Aerosoft A318/19 Professional Previews

Update: After speaking to Aerosoft, they felt that some of the shots (3) we published didn't represent the product at its finest. We've removed those shots and will continue to work with Aerosoft on improving the product. Just another reminder that the unofficial shots were taken during some test flying and not always compliant with normal SOPs. They have been taken to
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BDOAviation Kansai International Released

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BDOAviation, known for their Indonesian airports, have just released Osaka Kansai International Airport for FSX and P3D v3 (v4 support will be coming very shortly.) For those looking to add to their collection of airports in Asia, this is great news, as Kansai International is an international hub for All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, and Nippon Cargo. Additionally, it serves
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AirFoilLabs King Air 350i New Previews and Project Status Update Released

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AirFoilLabs, well known for their acclaimed C172 addon for X-Plane, has released more previews of their current project, the Beechcraft King Air 350/350i package for X-Plane. After a hiatus of new information on the project, AirFoilLabs has also given us a new insight into how the aircraft is progressing! The first part of their update details the current status of
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Carenado Saab S340 Released

After months of teasing and hyping, Carenado has released their Saab S340 package. A long awaited product, the Saab S340 comes as a solid addition to the already comprehensive product line at Carenado. This aircraft serves as the perfect addition to anyone who enjoys a challenge whilst flying short distances. For a price of $44.95 from the Carenado store, this aircraft
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