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David Waldron

Aerosoft Maastricht-Aachen Updated to v1.0.1.0

Maastricht Aachen P3dv4 (11)

Aerosoft has released an incremental patch (v1.0.1.0) for their Maastricht-Aachen scenery for Prepar3D v4.

This patch includes many minor fixes for the scenery, as well as new textures, effects, lights, and rain. The full list of changes is listed in the changelog below.

Furthermore, Aerosoft issued a minor patch (v1.0.5.0) for their Cologne/Bonn scenery, fixing incompatibility with FSaerodata.

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Vertical Simulations Releases New Corpus Christi Previews

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Vertical Simulations have released new previews of their upcoming Corpus Christi airport for X-Plane 11. According to a post on their facebook page, the scenery is close to release, with just a few items left to complete. The screenshots mainly highlight progress made to the outer reaches of the airport, and the covered parking deck outside of the main terminal
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Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Schiphol Trailer

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Airline2Sim have recently taken to Facebook to release a pre-release trailer for their upcoming inaugural Airport2Sim product, Amsterdam Schiphol. The 11 minute video summarizes what customers will be able to expect when the product releases. Users can expect six videos with the package, as well as an improved GSX configuration for 3rd party Schiphol sceneries. The package will also include
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Alabeo Releases C170B v1.1 Update

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Alabeo has released v1.1 of their C170B for FSX and P3D. This update fixes a handful of minor issues with the plane, and provides a small number of general enhancements to the experience. Alabeo strongly recommends that users re-download the entire product for this update, and perform a clean install by uninstalling the old version of the aircraft, and installing
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Flysimware Falcon F50 v1.7 Beta Released

F50 030
Flysimware has released a public beta for their upcoming v1.7 update of the Falcon F50 to the Flysimware store today for user testing. This is not the final release of version 1.7, however Flysimware released the update as a beta to ensure that the update was stable and issue-free prior to release. Version 1.7 is set to release on all
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Orbx Damyns Hall (EGML) Released for X-Plane 11

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In a forum post, Orbx has announced that they’ve released Damyns Hall (EGML) for X-Plane 11 to further compliment their TrueEarth GB South add-on.

Damyns Hall is a small, rural GA airfield located 2nm south of Upminster, London. You won’t generally find anything larger than a single prop general aviation or vintage aircraft landing or departing at this airport.

Orbx’s high-fidelity rendition of Damyns Hall features a 2cm/px ground texture and ground poly meaning if you’re not careful, you may find yourself in a ditch! Furthermore, it features detailed coverage of local vegetation, high definition building textures and more which can be found in the features list below.

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Honeycomb Aeronautical Preview Upcoming Alpha Flight Controls Yoke

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Honeycomb Aeronautical, a company that is currently developing an all-new yoke and throttle solution for the simulation market, has released updated previews of their soon to be released Alpha Flight Yoke and its companion heavy dual mounting system. This system will help keep the yoke in place when in use better than previous mounting methods, and should ensure a smoother
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Lebor Simulations Previews Beirut City for X-Plane 11

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Lebor Simulations, a payware developer for X-Plane 11, has recently posted a 7-minute tour around their work-in-progress Beirut / OLBA scenery, showing off multiple different landmarks within the city of Beirut, as well as giving a more general overview of the city as a whole. This scenery development project is great news for the flight simulation community, as the Middle
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Freeware Hong Kong (VHHH) Released for X-Plane 11.30

X-Plane.org forums user Tod has just recently released his freeware VHHH (Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok) scenery for X-Plane 11. Included in this scenery is accurate modeling of the airport itself, alongside multiple Hong Kong landmarks like the Lantau Big Buddha, Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge, Bank of China, Central Plaza, Jardine House, Convention and Exhibition Center, and
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Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs Provides 2019 Update

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Foxtrot Oscar Simulation Designs has put out an update on their Facebook page detailing the status of their in-development Hawker Hunter. They shared that they are currently in the process of rebuilding the entire systems code from the ground up, due to having access to better and more accurate flight manuals. Additionally, they are now working on an EFM for
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