FLAi Shutting Down


The popular flight model matching solution FLAi has been shut down. FLAi was used by many VATSIM pilots due to its ease of matching airplane models in VATSIM and displaying these in the users’ simulator. FLAi could also be used to add traffic to your offline simulator using traffic tools, as it offered one of the largest aircraft and livery collections in the community.

As per a statement on their website, FLAi is shutting down as a group of painters revoked permissions from FLAi to use their liveries as part of the software. Many of these painters and modellers are part of Alpha India Group (AIG) and as 90% of the FLAi liveries were created by that group of painters, the team no longer saw a reason to continue with the product. Furthermore, the team adds it was unclear how to move forward into Microsoft Flight Simulator with their add-on.

FLAi has long had permission to use the liveries by AIG, something that it finds very important. AIG was however of the opinion, that a third party planning on using FLAi in a new product, was doing so as a ‘conduit towards using work without permission’. This third party has since stated that FLAi won’t be required for any of it’s free products, but this did not change the mind of AIG. Another solution, allowing FLAi to work inside AIG’s own distributor, was deemed technically not feasible due to significant development efforts. The FLAi team then decided it would be better to shut down the project, as it clearly did not have access to one of its largest freeware creators’ content anymore, and wasn’t on the same page with this same freeware creators community.

The shutdown might come as a bit of a shock to the VATSIM community, who have long relied on FLAi. In a statement shared by the VATSIM Board of Governors, they announce how they are in touch with both FLAi and AIG in the hope of finding a solution that will allow members to continue using the high quality model matching service that FLAi has long provided.

People that already had FLAi installed, can continue to use it without issues. It won’t however be available for downloading from the website again, and further updates will also not be provided.

Article has been updated as of 11th Jan 2021 to better reflect the fact that the painters who contribute to AIG were the ones who revoked permissions, not AIG as a whole.

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Gaya Simulations Vienna International Airport Updated

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Gaya Simulations has updated their rendition of Vienna International Airport (LOWW) to version 1.2. The update is available right away for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator through Orbx Direct, with other stores (including the Microsoft Marketplace) to follow in the next few days. The update will also be coming to X-Plane soon. The 1.2 update is quite significant, and adds
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Aerosoft Updates Airport Berlin-Brandenburg XP

Ber Xp 07
Aerosoft has updated Airport Berlin-Brandenburg XP (EDDB) to version 1.0.2. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is of course the newly opened, official airport for Berlin. The changes in version 1.0.2 are quite significant, with added SAM support, new ground traffic and road networks, and new vegetation and effects. The full changelog for the update can be found below. The update can be downloaded
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Aerosoft Previews Bali for MSFS

Over on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok has shared some new and exciting previews of their upcoming scenery for Bali (WADD), for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The previews show the terminal building and night lighting at the airport, as well as some of the surrounding areas of the airport that are part of the beautiful approach over the water. No estimates
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VirtualCol Releases Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS

Aircraft developer VirtualCol has entered the market for Microsoft Flight Simulator with their first release: the Beechcraft 99. VirtualCol has included two passenger and a freighter version in the add-on, which also contains 20 liveries to choose from. The plane has an analogue cockpit, and VirtualCol expects that a future update will include a glass cockpit for the popular turboprop.
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FlyTampa Updates Amsterdam to V1.3


At long last, FlyTampa has issued an update for their popular Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM), ahead of their big ‘V2 Upgrade’ which is coming at a later point. The 1.3 update adds support for FlyTampa’s Universal Installer, as well as improved Prepar3D v5 support. Furthermore, the update adds several autogen and performance optimalisations, lighting and elevation fixes. The update is available free of charge from the FlyTampa website, by simply downloading the Universal Installer.


  • Implemented FlyTampa Universal Installer
  • Improved P3Dv5 compatibility
  • Corrected airport elevation problems
  • Automatic seasonal texture switches
  • Optimised autogen around the airport
  • Airport dynamic lights
  • Optimised city 3D lights
  • Airport lights switch on automatically at low-visibility
  • Fixed ground texture artifacts
  • Functional VDGS units for P3Dv5
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ATSimulations Piaggio P.149 Preview

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ATSimulations has shared a single preview with us, of their upcoming Piaggio/Focke-Wulf P.149D for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The preview shows the aircraft cockpit, with night lighting effects and cockpit window reflections. The team didn't share anything else regarding the status of the plane, other than that it's 'almost ready to go'. ATSimulations previously released the Piaggio P.149 for Prepar3D, and
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Just Flight Previews Piper Arrow III in MSFS

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Over on Facebook, Just Flight has shared some previews of their popular Piper PA-28 Cherokee Arrow III in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The previews show off the beautiful and highly detailed modelling and textures, as well as shiny reflection and glass effects on the windows. No details on a release date were given, but we'll keep you up to date with
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Head to Head: Helsinki Airport by JustSim and MK-Studios

HEAD TO HEAD Helsinki2
When MK-Studios confirmed they were working on a Helsinki Airport scenery back in January of this year, I could not be more excited. Finally I would get a new version of my (nowadays) home airport. Until now I had been using the Aerosoft version, and happily so, but with the evolving simulators it was starting to look dated, even with
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Black Friday Sales Round-up 2020

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holiday season upon us, many developers have announced their sales to take part in the festivities. As per tradition, FSElite has gathered all the sales for you in this handy round-up post. We will be adding to this post as more developers announce their sales over the coming days. LatinVFR Starting off our
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