JustSim Düsseldorf Update v2.0.1

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JustSim has issued a quick fix for their recently released Düsseldorf v2. JustSim released v2 of this popular German airport just last week, on the first day of December. Some users were quick to point out some of the issues that still persisted in this version, such as missing taxilights on taxiways K1, K2 and K3, which have now been added. JustSim has also changed some of the advertisement banners on the jetways, updated the AFCAD file and more. A full changelog can be found below.

JustSim’s Düsseldorf 2.0.1 update has been sent to SimMarket, and will be available soon.

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Drzewiecki Design Moscow Sheremetyevo V2 X-Plane Previews

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Drzewiecki Design released their Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) v2 update in the end of October this year for Prepar3D, and since then the team has been hard at work on a similar update for its X-Plane counterpart. Drzewiecki Design posted a quick status update on Facebook, informing us that the scenery is undergoing final testing and that it will soon be
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Black Friday Sales Round-up 2019

With Black Friday upon us, many developers have announced their sales for the celebration. And by the many messages we received from all of you, it's clear that you're also very eager to see our sales round-up post, something that's also slowly becoming a bit of a tradition around these times. So this holiday season you will once again be
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Navigraph Reverts Subscription Changes

Navigraph Logotype
Navigraph has reverted the changes to their subscription models that took place over the last few days. Yesterday we shared how Navigraph was dropping their monthly and annual separate FMS Data and Charts subscriptions in favour of one 'Ultimate' subscription, combining both services. Today, the Navigraph team has let us know this change will no longer take place and customers
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Beta Branch

In a totally surprise announcement, Microsoft shared that Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition has received a new beta update. The update can be enabled through Steam by opting-in into the beta. This beta branch has been made available so the Microsoft team can obtain valuable telemetry data that will help them in the development of their new flight simulator,
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Navigraph Subscription Changes

Navigraph Logotype

Popular FMS (AIRAC) data and charts provider Navigraph has made some changes to the way you can purchase access to their products. Going forward, Navigraph is bundling their FMS Data and Charts subscriptions. There is no official announcement through the Navigraph news section, but on their forums there are a few posts that announce the change and get provide some deeper explanation on it.

Navigraph has up until now been offering their services through three separate subscriptions: an FMS Data subscription, a Charts subscription and an Ultimate subscription. The latter was a combination of the FMS Data and Charts access, and was available through a monthly as well as a yearly subscription.

After the recent changes, Navigraph has upgraded all users of the FMS Data subscription to an Ultimate subscription. Navigraph is doing this without any additional costs for your current subscription period. Your subscription will begin to cost more at the end of your current subscription period +3 months. The three months are considered as complimentary by Navigraph so you can explore the Charts service and see what it has to offer.

Of course all these changes beg the question as to why this is all happening. This was explained by Navigraph too, in the aforementioned forum post. The team sees their software, and software developed by other developers, as increasingly complimenting each other. A good example of this are the planes, most of which use Navigraph data for their navdata. This navdata is complemented by Charts, which can visualise this data and calculate routes based upon it. There are also integrations with services such as SimBrief that use the Navigraph data as an underlying data structure for their route calculation. Another example is how developers are integrating not only the navdata, but also the charts into their add-ons. EFB’s are becoming more of a norm, and many developers are integrating Navigraph Charts into these EFB’s.

Another reason specified by Navigraph for going ahead with these changes is their own roadmap. This roadmap was shared with us earlier this year. The team is working on more products to expand their current offering, and bundling all their products under one subscription is something they wish to do. Some of the roadmap items are VFR charts, weather, traffic network and better integrations for other add-on developers.

This change received so much comments, that CEO and Co-Founder Magnus Axholt took to the forums with a more in-depth explanation on things. Magnus addresses some of the most common comments, such as people simply having no interest in the Charts app, or the increase in price for people with a subscription (after their subscription period ends, +3 months). He also re-iterates that they want to serve their users the best way they can.

Update: Navigraph has reverted all the changes discussed above. You can read more about the reversion in this article.

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MK-Studios Teases Lisbon PBR Update

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Over on Facebook, MK-Studios has teased a short but sweet teaser of an upcoming update for Lisbon that will include PBR textures. The previews don't show off too much yet, but we can see the PBR effects on the apron textures shown, as well as the single traffic cone in the screenshot. Also features in the screenshot is the recently
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PMDG Global Flight Operations Appears Online

PMDG 748 Mountainflying
PMDG's highly anticipated Global Flight Operations has appeared publicly available online. This was made aware to us by a Facebook community member. The product has not been officially released yet, but the site is accessible and most features seem to be working. It's unclear to us if this public availability is intended or not. The homepage interface right now is
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GayaSimulation Vienna X-Plane 11 Previews

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As promised in their previous update, GayaSimulation finally seems ready to preview their upcoming Vienna scenery in a simulator, as opposed to the renders they have been showing up until now. The previews give us a clear picture of the ATC tower from different directions, and show some signs that can be found at the airport. We also get a
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Flightbeam Auckland Previews

Nzaa Nov1fb
Flightbeam seems to be progressing nicely with their Auckland Airport (NZAA) scenery. Over on the Flightbeam forums, developer Mir shared some previews of the highly anticipated airport. The previews show two extremely detailed gates on the international terminal of the airport. In the previews we can see two absolutely beautifully modelled jetways, that even show some signs of wear and
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