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Aerosoft to charge for Prepar3D V4 scenery updates

In a post on the forums, Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has given us an interesting insight in the companies stance on their Mega Airports and making these compatible for Prepar3D V4.

Previously the company announced to be working on free updates for P3DV4. These would become available over time, with some of them already ready and working on the updated platform. A good example of this is Mega Airport Oslo which received a free v4 update with dynamic lights, SODE support and an updated installer. Also, the much anticipated Mega Airport London Heathrow was previously announced to be getting an update coming soon™.

However, Aerosoft seems to be moving away from this. P3DV4 versions of airports will be rebranded as Mega Airport <name> Professional. These Professional products will come with support for P3DV4 features such as dynamic lights. This approach may also be extended to non-Mega Airports. It’s expected for Frankfurt to be the first Professional Mega Airport.

This is going to affect the price of Mega Airport addons in the following ways:

Current Mega Airports will keep *roughly* the same pricing. Prices for non-commercial use of Professional products will be around €6 higher and prices for commercial use or licensed simulators, it will remain the same. Updates from a “normal” to a Professional version will be available for a small fee.

Navigraph Announce Desktop App for MacOS

Over on Facebook, Navigraph announced that they have released a brand new app for macOS. The app includes a Simlink client so it can be interactive with X-Plane.

Furthermore, the new client is part of the ongoing beta program that Navigraph has been having for a few months now that features interactive Jeppesen charts. You can download the macOS client here.

You can read our Windows desktop or Android beta impressions in the links provided.

BlackBox Simulation Raises Prices for All Addons

Developer BlackBox Simulations has announced it will raise the prices across their entire product line. The reason for this increase is the additional time and costs that have gone into developing their products across two sims and the recent Prepar3d V4 release. The price changes will take effect during mid-August according to the developers. An overview of the current prices and increases can be found below. The increases will not affect existing customers in in any way.

None of the products apart from the GA products (Bulldog and Birddog) are currently compatible with Prepar3d V4. The developer has been teasing that the A320 family will get a Prepar3d V4 update soon with the Widebody series to follow after that.

Want to know if BlackBox is worth your money, now or later? Our writers spent some time in the plane, so make sure to read our “Should you buy it“!

Current PriceNew Price
GA products ( Bulldog , Birddog )15.9919.99
 Airbus 318/319 x-treme24.9929.99
 Airbus 320/321 x-xtreme24.9929.99
 Airbus 330 x-treme24.9934.99
 Airbus 340 x-treme24.9929.99
 Airbus x-treme34.9942.99
 Airbus Widebody x-treme34.9942.99

Orbx FTX Vector update

Orbx has updated FTX Vector to version 1.52. This update adds compatibility for Prepar3D V4. It should be noted that this release does not support addons that use the addon.xml method that is being used by a number of addons. Orbx will update the tool at a later time to make these sceneries compatible as well.

Orbx also stated that they now fully own FTX Vector – previously there was a license deal with another party – and have control over all the source files as well. They will continue to work to make FTX Vector and OLC into one unified product over the next year.

FTX Vector 1.52 is available as a free update to previous customers and can be downloaded from your FTX Central application.

iFly 747 updated for Prepar3D V4

Flight One Software have released an update for their iFly 747, which is a highly popular aircraft as it was the only quality 747 we had for quite some time. The ‘Queen of the Skies’ received an update to be compatible with Prepar3D v4. Flight One states that this is not just a port from the previous version, but rather a new version completely recompiled with the v4 SDK. This is important because this improves the performance of the aircraft and adds some unique v4 features, such as the new HDR reflections and dynamic lighting.

For more information, or to purchase this amazing plane you can head over here.

UPDATED: New Version of PTA Available and Issues Activation Issues Resolved


Version 2.52 has now been uploaded to the website, and the activation issues have now been resolved.

We are awaiting a change list, but for now, head over to SimTweaks to download your new version of PTA for P3Dv4.

– Original Article –

In an email from Matt Davies he informed customers of activation issues regarding PTA. It seems that the server from the previous developer, that was still being used for sake of ease, got ‘nuked’. The e-mail states that the exact issues concerning the server are unknown. Matt and the team working on PTA are currently setting up their own server for activation. After this is done there will be an update for PTA to include the new server.

For customers that purchased PTA since it went down, purchases will be put in a queue, and your order will get sorted out once all the issues are over.

Aerosoft Trondheim Vaernes: The FSElite Review

EUR 15,08
Provided by
We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

You may have read a small piece I did a while ago on Airports of Norway, and one of my most memorable sim experiences I ever had coming in to land over the sea to Trondheim. Back then I was talking about a great piece of freeware, but this time we’re gonna focus on Aerosofts recently released Tronheim Vaernes X V2. Trondheim is a medium sized, international airport serving the city of Trondheim. Even though the airport itself is actually located outside of the city and municipality (Vaernes). It’s the 4th biggest airport in Norway and its main operators are SAS, Norwegian and Wideroe. The Royal Norwegian Air Force also has some facilities on the airport.

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Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls KIDA enters beta

Over on their website Turbulent Designs have announced that their upcoming scenery for Idaho Falls (KIDA) has hit beta stage. The scenery was announced quite some time ago last year, and it seems its now finally getting close to release. According to their post a release date will be announced soon. With this announcement came an impressive feature list as well as some really nice screenshots which you can find below.

• Accurate representation of KIDA – Idaho Falls Regional Airport
• 11.7km2 coverage area including the Falls
• High quality modelled buildings and POI
• Option of High Definition textures and Low Definition textures for quality or performance
• Animated SODE jetways and automated seasonal textures
• Real Flora
• High Definition ground poly
• Baked ambient occlusion and lighting
• High detail custom “Autogen”
• Support for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3 and P3D v4
• Optional Dynamic lighting (P3D v4)
• Optional Lightmaps (FSX)
• Turbulent Designs clutter library

Furthermore, they announced that all their sceneries are now updated for Prepar3d V4. Updates include SODE features, Prepar3d V4 dynamic lighting and more. Make sure to check the details and obtain the new installers from here.

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Eaglesoft Citation XLS+ previews

Eaglesoft have given us some more preview shots of their Citation XLS+ that is currently under development. Unfortunately the post did not state anything about a release window or technical status. But the images are definitely worth checking out regardless.

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Aerosoft CRJ Dynamic Light

Matthijs gave us a preview of Prepar3d V4s Dynamic Light capabilities on the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ. It looks very nice, especially the landing light disco (though I am not sure if people in the terminal would agree with me). Check out the post for yourself to get all the latest updates on Aerosofts CRJ or check out the video above.