FSDG Rhodes v1.1 Update

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FSDG’s new scenery Rhodes may have been released for just a mere day, but the team hasn’t been sitting still. After the release, some users were quick to report issues with the scenery, so FSDG has issued a fix addressing these. The update comes with an altitude fix for the airport, improved runway and approach lights, and more traffic, vegetation and buildings on the island itself. A small bug at the olive plantation next to the airport was also squashed.

The update should be available right now through the FSDG Store. The update can be applied on top of the previous version, so no need to uninstall the scenery first.

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A_A Sceneries Announces Phuket Update

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Followed closely in the tracks of the recent release of Bdo Aviation's Phuket scenery, developer A_A Sceneries has announced to be working on an update for their version of the airport. A_A Sceneries currently has a version of Phuket (VTSP) available on SimMarket, but this version dates back to 2012 and is rather outdated, though it still works in our
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LHSimulations Budapest Preview

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Not exactly much is know about LHSimulations upcoming Budapest LHBPv2 (LHBP) scenery. So far, previews have been far and few between, with very little know about this new version of the airport. Though this time too, all they shared was a single preview, it's one we'll add to the very slowly growing list of previews. The preview shows off a
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Mex High Flight Releases Marrakech Menara Intl. Airport

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Mex High Flight has released their first scenery that's not located in Mexico. With the release of Marrakech Menara International Airport (GMMX), the developer has crossed the Atlantic into Africa. Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in Morocco, and located in roughly the center of the country. The airport has several passenger terminals to handle a considerable amount of passengers
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Self-Loading Cargo Updated

Lanilogic has updated Self-Loading Cargo to version 1.3.1. Update 1.3 comes with a really long list of changes, both updates and bug fixes. For example, some issues related to cruise altitude calculation, taxi speed and landing rating have been fixed. The developer has also made some changes to how the utility works together with the FlightSimLabs A320, most importantly with
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New IronSim Karpathos Previews


Developer IronSim announced his newest upcoming scenery, Karpathos (LGKP), earlier this month. The developer has now shared some more previews, addressing some feedback that was noticeable over the previous previews. The airport now looks in a much more completed state, and a lot of accents and details have been added throughout the scenery, addressing the feedback that the airport looked empty.

The previews show the addition of runway and PAPI lights, grass, blast fences and a lot of apron vehicles, such as stairs, service trucks and baggage carts. The previews also show off the ATC tower of the airport, situated alongside the taxiway to the runway.

IronSim’s plans to release the scenery within this month appear to remain unchanged, so we should see a release of this scenery relatively soon.

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Bdo Aviation Releases Phuket Intl. Airport

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Just yesterday we reported on the nearing release of Bdo Aviation's Phuket scenery (VTSP). Now, less than 24 hours after the original announcement from the team, they have released it. Featuring a detailed rendition of the airport with high quality modelling and texturing of the terminal buildings, volumetric grass, dynamic lighting and shadows, SODE jetways and reflective terminal glass amongst
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Aerosoft Releases Geneva for X-Plane

Geneva Xp 17
Aerosoft has released the long awaited Airport Geneva for X-Plane. Geneva Airport (LSGG), or Aéroport de Genève in French, is the second largest airport in Switzerland. It's a hub for flag carrier Swiss International Air Lines, as well as for easyJet Switzerland. The airport serves a large number of airlines and destinations all over the world. Aerosoft's X-Plane rendition of
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Bdo Aviation Phuket Almost Ready for Release

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Announced back in August, Bdo Aviation seems to be almost ready to release their upcoming scenery for Phuket (VTSP). The team shared that the scenery would be 'ready to release very soon', along with a plethora of previews. The previews look very nice, with high detail modelling and textures, dynamic lighting and seasonal textures. Phuket is a popular tourist destination
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Mont Blanc Group Progress Update

Mont Blanc Group has shared how their upcoming scenery for, surprisingly, Mont Blanc and the surrounding region, is progressing. The team is working hard on inserting the 3D models of houses and structures onto the terrain mesh, but this is a very demanding and time consuming task. The two cities of Courmayeur an Chamonix, on the Italian and French side
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