Aerosoft Cologne Update


Just a few days after issuing update, Aerosoft has released a new update for Koln/Bonn. Just like the previous update, this one comes with a number of fixes for issues and some other adjustments. The update is available through the AS-Updater.


  • Fixed incorrect texture formats.
  • Adjusted stand radius.
  • Adjusted glide slope touchdown locations.
  • Fixed incorrect ground markings for stand C 06.
  • Adjusted SODE jetway ranges.
  • Added missing night textures for UPS terminal.



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MK-Studios Lisbon Update

2018 9 4 17 29 57 270
A brief update from MK-Studios: the team has released version 1.2 of Lisbon. The update comes with autogen improvements and an increase in satellite image quality. The update is available for download right now through SimMarket or the MK-Studios website.
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ImagineSim Tease KLAX Los Angeles

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After finishing and releasing the highly anticipated Singapore just a few weeks ago, the team at ImagineSim has started looking at their next project. It seems this project may very well be Los Angeles International LAX (KLAX). Over on Facebook, the ImagineSim team shared a photo of the busy hub. The picture is coupled with a message stating the first
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FSDreamTeam GDPR Notice

2017 11 29 9 32 26 178
FSDreamTeam has published a notice in regards to the GDPR that came into effect earlier this year. The GDPR, focussing on user control of data and privacy (in short), has set some rather tough to meet requirements for companies that process personal data. FSDT uses Esellerate for the purchase and activation of their sceneries. Due to the GDPR, Esellerate has
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Orbx Great Britain South SP1 Previews

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Over on the Orbx forums, John Venema shared some of the new things to come with the upcoming service pack, SP1, for GB South. Showing Orbx is committed to their region packs, he shared a list of new features and point of interests that users can look forward to in this update. Orbx released GB South just last month for
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FSElite Original: In Review – October


The end of the year is slowly creeping upon us. It seemed like just yesterday I was still enjoying cold beers on a sunny terrace, but the harsh and cold reality, mixed with the first snow of the year have reminded me that these days are long gone. Enfin, back to our simulators it is. Perhaps we can get a few more hours of sunlight in some warmer destinations in our sim – it’s not like there has been a lack of Mediterranean scenery releases lately.

For those of you wondering what this article is about, this is a new series of short editorials I want to publish once every month. Looking back at the past month from an FSElite perspective, but most of all, from my own. Please, do let me know what you think of this because your feedback is very welcome. I want to write what’s on my mind, but also what you want to hear about. Consider it a tiny peek in to the FSElite kitchen, if you will.

October has been a fantastic month for the flightsim community. The start of the month saw Flight Sim Show 2018 happening in Cosford. It was my first time to attend and to meet some of the FSElite team in person and it couldn’t have been better. Such a great atmosphere. It was really amazing to see so many people come together over, forgive me, such an incredibly nerdy hobby. I had an absolute blast meeting some of the developers behind my favourite sceneries. But also to meet and talk with some members of our own team for the first time. In an increasingly digital world, sometimes there just isn’t anything quite like meeting someone in real life and having a chat over a beer. Or two.

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FSDG Bremen In Final Stages

It's been pretty quiet around this project, with the last update dating back to January of this year. Lucky enough, developer 'Jetman' made a surprise announcement over on FSDeveloper with more previews of FSDG's upcoming Bremen (EDDW) scenery. Together with the previews, he also announced the project is now in its final stages, with the final tasks remaining the rendering of
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Bravo Zulu Firefly Released For FSX

206420 2018 10 25 22 19 16 550
A little bit over a month after developer Bravo Zulu released his Firefly for Prepar3D (v4), the plane has now also released for FSX. The announcement of the release was made over on his own blog. According to Bravo Zulu, after the Prepar3D release, there wasn't an FSX version planned. However, he apparently received enough attention in this plane for
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More Orbx Santa Barbara Previews

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Roughly a week ago we showed you some previews of Orbx's upcoming Santa Barbara (KSBA) airport. However, developer Jarrad Marshall decided there was still more left to be shown off from Misha Cajic's newest project. As such, he took us on a bit of a tour around the airport and the Santa Barbara area. Trying to show off some more
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GRP Design Release La Florida Airport

205872 2018 10 10 18 52 0 774
It's not a big secret that there are not that many third party sceneries and addons available for the South American continent. Especially the more Southern counties are severely lacking. Developer Golden Retriever Pilot Design (GRP Design) clearly shared this sentiment as they have developed and released their second scenery, La Florida Airport (SCSE), in Chile. La Florida is a
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