Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux Previews

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Pilot Experience Sim has shared some new previews of their upcoming scenery for Bordeaux-Merignac airport (LFBD). The team announced this project earlier this year, and has been showing us some previews of it every now and then. The new preview images clearly show the ATC tower, as well as some airport vehicles: pushback tugs, luggage carts, GPU’s and even fire trucks. The previews also show some of the night-lighting of the airport buildings.

Previously the team has also been showing more close-ups of the terminal buildings and taxiways.

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FlightFactor A320 Ultimate Update Released

A320 448
FlightFactor has updated their A320 Ultimate to version 0.10.8. This is the first official update to the A320 Ultimate in some time, though there have been numerous beta updates in the past. The update comes with various fixes and improvements, such as improved performance on macOS, and fixes for VR mode. The team has also been hard at work to
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Aeroplane Heaven C-47 Close-Up Previews

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It’s no secret that the team over at Aeroplane Heaven is working on a C-47, as they have been showing off previews from time to time. This time they are showing off some close-up previews of the landing gear, as well as the propellor of the plane. You can clearly see the amount of effort the team is putting in
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SimHeaven X-Europe 3 Preview

X Europe 3.0 Alps 2
SimHeaven has published a new video, showcasing the upcoming X-Europe 3.0. The video takes you through the Swiss Alps, showing off the beautiful landscape enhanced by the add-on. X-Europe adds a layer of OpenStreetMap data to the default terrain, making it more accurate than the default terrain. It adds default X-Plane buildings on top of that. A release date is
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator Logo
The team working on the highly anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 wanted to share a quick development update with us, right before the summer is about to kick off. The team is hard at work putting some finishing touches on some big updates, which they plan to share with the community towards the end of the summer. The team is
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FS2Crew Drops Support For FSLabs FSX


Unfortunately, FS2Crew announced that they have made the decision to drop support for the FSX version of the FlightSimLabs Airbus. The decision was made rather last minute, and according to the team of FS2Crew, has to do with the fact that FSX and P3D are simply too different. To support both platforms would therefor be too time consuming. Additionally, the team mentions that FlightSimLabs has also seemingly dropped support for their FSX version of the planes, and many people have moved over the Prepar3D, which helped them to make this decision.

However unfortunate that is for FSX, that means good news for Prepar3D. The team also announced that their FS2Crew FSLabs Airbus addon is back on track to release in the coming weekend, something the team is rather excited about. Because support for FSX has now been dropped, FS2Crew is able to make this addon a lot better due to the lack of the FSX limitations. It is now much more in line with the experience they want users to have.

Lastly, the team shares their apologies to anyone still on FSX that may have been waiting on this addon.

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Aerosoft Releases Paderborn XP

Paderborn XP XPlane 11 Official Trailer Aerosoft
Aerosoft has released its home airport in Paderborn, with Paderborn Lippstadt airport. Paderborn is a relatively small airport, with a small number of destinations to other German airports as well as some popular holiday destinations around the Mediterranean. The scenery comes with highly detailed modelling of the buildings surrounding the airport, extended ortho coverage, hand placed vegetation, seasonal texture support,
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Aerosoft Announces Chania International Airport

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one! Over on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok announced they are working on Chania, Crete (LGSA). The announcement was coupled by a few previews of the scenery, and an extensive list of features. Unfortunately more information on the project wasn't given yet, and that's including the name of the scenery which, according
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Aerosoft Dortmund XP Updated

201940 Dortmund Xp (6)
Aerosoft has released update 1.3 for Dortmund XP (EDLW). The update comes with a number of fixes and additions to the scenery. You can obtain the update through Steam, or from your order history page on the Aerosoft Shop. Dortmund XP was released just shy of a year ago, and is available for €16,76.
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MK-Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Update 2.1 Previews

Mk Studios Tenerife V2 Review 07
Over on Facebook, MK-Studios shared some previews of the upcoming 2.1 update to their Tenerife Vol. 1 scenery. The update comes with a number of fixes that have been reported by the community, as well as pointed out in our very own review. There are, for instance, some fixes to auto-gen that will hopefully fix the floating buildings, as well
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