MilViz Releases 180 EVO


A bit by surprise, MilViz has released a Piaggio P.180 EVO. A bit of an unknown, although very iconic plane due to its forward wings on the aircraft’s nose. The Piaggio P.180 is an Italian business aircraft, used by charter companies and feeder airlines. The plane is also in use with several militaries, mainly the Italian armed forces.

MilViz rendition of the P.180 EVO comes with a number of features, such as a fully-featured FMS, and a PL21 with radars, checklists and composite mode. It also features TrueGlass dynamic rain effects, RealLight implementation, PBR textures and high-quality modelling. The MilViz team also claims to have faithfully reproduced systems and avionics, as well as accurately modelled turboprop behaviour of the PT6A-66B engine.

Compatibility is for Prepar3D v5.1 only, although the product page does state that the product may also be installed in Prepar3D v4. Customers of the MilViz 180 EVO that purchase directly from the company will be entitled to a discount on the MSFS version upon release.

This release initially happened in February but was pulled from release within a few hours due to some issues. However, it’s now back on sale for $59.99 USD.

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PMDG Updates Boeing 777 Product Line

PMDG 777 PBR (3)
A few days ago, PMDG has issued an update for their Boeing 777 product line. The update, according to Robert Randazzo, is focussed on improving the 'quality-of-flight'. This includes updates to the pitch control mode of the C*U mode of fly-by-wire, as well as improvements to accelerations at high AOA/ANU whilst the aircraft was rolling on the main landing gear.
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PMDG Update Release Details

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
PMDG's Robert Randazzo has made a quick statement on the PMDG forums informing users of the current status of the Boeing 777 update. The first thing he addresses is the release date. Previously, PMDG was aiming for a release date mid-February, somewhere between the 17th and the 24th. However, due to some minor small adjustments that were made, this window
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Gaya Simulations Vienna International Airport Updated for XP

Gaya Simulations has finally issued the long awaited 1.2 update for their Vienna International Airport (LOWW) for X-Plane. The 1.2 update has already been available for P3D and MSFS for a little over a month, but the XP version includes an additional number of changes and fixes that can be found in the changelog down below. The update is available
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Onfinal Studio Brønnøysund Airport Released

257285 Onfinal Studio ENBN 01
Onfinal Studio has released Brønnøysund Airport (ENBN), the small, Norwegian airport serving the city of Brønnøysund. The airport is served by Widerøe, as well as several offshore helicopter services to oil rigs in the Norwegian Sea. Onfinal Studio's rendition of this airport includes a detailed representation of the airport, with custom objects and modelling. It is available for €12 on
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Orbx Shares Brisbane International Airport V2 Previews for P3D

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Over on the Orbx forums, Ed Correia shared some new previes of the update for the popular Australian airport. Orbx announced version 2 of Brisbane earlier last year, and a planned release was set for January 2021. Unfortunately, this release got pushed back a bit, but Ed did share that the scenery is supposed to go in to beta testing in a week, with a release hopefully still in February. Brisbane International Airport V2 will be available for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5, with an MSFS version to be developed after the release of its Prepar3D counterpart. An upgrade fee for existing owners of Brisbane airport will apply.

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First Look: Orbx Volanta

Orbx Volanta is a virtual flight tracker, made by Orbx. I’ve had access to it now for a couple of months, and seen the tool progress a lot. In this first look article, I want to give you my thoughts on Volanta and tell you how it works. Let’s begin with the latter part: how does Volanta work? Volanta integrates
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JustSim Releases Chania International Airport Daskalogiannis for MSFS

254401 2021 01 29 13 39 48
JustSim has released Chania International Airport Daskalogiannis (LGSA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport is located on the island of Crete, and is a popular tourist destination. The airport is served by a number of European airlines, mostly with seasonal routes. JustSim's Chania airport is available on SimMarket for €16,80. Owners of the airport for Prepar3D are entitled to an
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Tokyo Narita for XP

254714 RJAA XP 17
Following on the release of Narita International Airport (RJAA) for P3D last year, developer Drzewiecki Design has now also released the popular Tokyo airport for X-Plane. Much like its P3D counterpart, Tokyo Narita for X-Plane comes with highly detailed modelling and textures. The developer has included a lots of details all over the airport, as well as optional static aircraft.
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Aerosoft Previews Twin Otter in MSFS

Over on their forums, Aerosoft has shared a few more previews of the upcoming Twin Otter for MSFS. The previews are close-up shots of the instrument panels, demonstrating the high fidelity modelling and textures being used. Aerosoft announced the Twin Otter for MSFS back in August of last year. Since then we've only seen a handful of previews of it,
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