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Departure Designs Scenery Status Update

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Over on Facebook, Departure Designs shared a status update regarding several of their sceneries.

To begin with, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (KGSP). This airport received an OSM patch and now includes a ZL17 ortho tile. The patch should be out within one or two days.

Next up is New Orleans (KMSY). The work on the airport itself is done, but there is still some work to be done on the surroundings of the airport. Most notably on the city, the river and the custom SAM jetway that the team wants to include. The timeline for this work is set to one to two weeks, so you can still expect this scenery to be released relatively soon.

Moving on, Bishop International Airport (KFNT) and Baltimore International Airport (KBWI).

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Vertical Simulations Tampa Previews

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Vertical-Simulations has shared a few more previews of their upcoming Tampa airport with us over on their Facebook page. The previews are mostly focussing on the auto-gen that will be surrounding this airport, with the airport itself only briefly visible somewhere in the background. A release date for the scenery is yet unknown.
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SSG Releases Boeing 747-8 Version 1.9.2

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Supercritical Simulations Group, or SSG, as we know them, has announced the released of version 1.9.2 of their Boeing 747-8. With the new release out of the way, development of their Boeing 747-8 Version 2 for X-Plane will become their primary focus. The announcement also sheds a bit of light on the history of SSG, and how the group got
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Skyline Simulations Dash-8 Previews

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Developer Skyline Simulations, known mostly for X-Plane sceneries such as Alvaro Leonardi airport, Billy Bishop airport and Cincinnati North Kennedy airport, announced a new project in September last year. No scenery this time - the team announced to be working on a new plane. Coupled with a few exterior render shots, the team showed what is going to be their
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Carenado A42 ATR Update

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Carenado has updated their popular A42 ATR package to version 1.3. The update comes with a number of bug fixes as well as a few small changes to the plane, all of which are mainly related to the systems of the plane. Before installing this update, you should uninstall the previous versions of the aircraft first. You can download the
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More Orbx TrueEarth US Washington XP Previews

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Over on the Orbx forums, Iain Emms has shown off some more previews of the upcoming TrueEarth US Washington addon for X-Plane. His screenshots show off downtown Seattle and the port area and  in beautiful detail and high quality. In the distance, King County and Seattle-Tacoma airport can be spotted. Also shown is Mount Rainier and some national park surroundings.

TrueEarth US Washington is set to release in June. It’s feature list is quite extensive, but you can find a detailed description, more information and more previews over on our full preview post. Or you can check out the trailer for this scenery that was released just under a month ago. The price for TrueEarth US Washington will be $69.95 AUD, with an optional $14.95 AUD HD pack.

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QualityWings Issues Ultimate 757 Hotfix

Quality Wings 757 P3dv4 (3)
Mere days after the (re-)release of the Ultimate 757 package, QualityWings has issued a hotfix for this well received addon. The hotfix fixes some breaking issues that people have been experiencing, such as controls locking, and several lighting issues amongst others. The fast speed in which QualityWings has released this hotfix certainly goes to show their dedication to supporting the
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Flightbeam Studios Wellington: The FSElite Review

It’s the land of kiwis, hobbits and unprecedented natural beauty. It’s also the country of Flightbeam Studios’ latest scenery. Of course, I’m talking about nothing other than the wonderful country of New Zealand. For an area of the world that receives so little love, it’s great to see some developers give it some attention. Luckily Orbx has done this in
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Black Box Simulation A319 Neo Preview

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It's been over a year since the last update of the Black Box Simulation Airbus family. But that hasn't stopped the team from releasing previews and teasing us with everything that's coming up in v0.9. For example, we have seen an A320 Neo and A321 Neo in the past. We've also seen a few previews of the new virtual cockpit,
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Aerosoft Airport Berlin-Brandenburg XP Update

Airport Berlin Brandenburg XP11 04
Aerosoft has released a small update for Airport Berlin-Brandenburg (EDDB) for X-Plane. The update, that goes by version number, comes with a few small fixes. For instance, the old SXF Tower has been removed, as well as the BER Visitor Tower. Other changes include the addition of missing lakes, fixes for some small runway markings and a fix for hovering
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