RFscenerybuilding Ljubljana Released

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RFscenerybuilding has released Ljubljana (LJLJ). Ljubljana is home to Slovenian airline Adria Airways. It’s also a very popular tourist destination, and as such, a lot of airlines have opened seasonal routes to the city. The airport has seen significant growth in recent years and announced plans for a new terminal in 2017.

Ljubljana airport is available for EUR 17,00 from SimMarket. It is available for FSX and P3D v3 and v4.


  • Custom airport building
  • Custom platform and custom vehicles.
  • Custom lighting runway.
  • 3D light mast lighting and lights on taxiing.
  • Glass effect windows of buildings
  • Large size landclass
  • Colors landclass made for the color gamut FTX ORBX GLOBAL World textures.
  • Change platform and roofs of buildings for the season HW.
  • Road traffic.
  • Attention:Scenery uses the module “SODE” for the following objects : only grass.
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Ilumium Simulation Slovenia X Previews

SLOVENIAX Previews19
Ilumium Simulation has shared a preview of their upcoming Slovenia X scenery with us. This addon is a complete rendition of the entire country and will be available for both FSX and Prepar3D. This scenery combines custom landclass and vector data, custom landclass textures, custom autogen and landmark models, photo-real inserts and default objects, with the aim of creating an identifiable
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RFscenerybuilding Ljubljana Status Update

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RFscenerybuilding announced to be working on Ljubljana (LJLJ) airport sometime back in January. If you had forgotten about this: you're forgiven. It has indeed been quite silent around this project, but progress has been continuing steadily. So much so, that RFS decided to treat us with another preview, and give us a quick update on the current status of the
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TechnoBrain releases Tokyo Haneda International Airport

194942 Fsac Rjtt2 03
TechnoBrain, a relatively unknown developer, has released Tokyo Haneda International Airport (RJTT) on SimMarket. This airport is one that really needs no introduction, so let's get into the scenery. TechnoBrain has paid a lot of attention to details and coverage for this airport. A full feature list can be found at the end of this post, but lets highlight some
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MILVIZ Baron 55 Prepar3Dv4 Update

A short but very nice announcement from MILVIZ yesterday: their Baron 55 received an update and is now compatible with Prepar3D v4. It's a bit unclear if this means v4.0 and v4.1 are also supported, as one part of their site simply states "Prepar3D v4" and another part states v4.2 specifically. Regardless, a very nice plane we can now add
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MK-Studios Fuerteventura 1.1 Update

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MK-Studios have shared their 1.1 update for Fuerteventura with us. It’s quite a substantial update, and you can find the changelog below as always. If you’re interested in Fuerteventura, you can read our review on it here.


  • GSX config and VDGS docking system added
  • New satellite imagery for all islands with 50cm/pixel resolution (P3Dv4)
  • New autogen buildings accurately aligned with satellite images
  • Custom STAR approach for AI traffic according to AIRAC 1803 added
  • New 3D night lighting for all islands
  • SODE jetway positions adjusted
  • Small mesh adjustments (high 5m resolution)
  • Unwanted luggage removed from apron
  • Lamp effects improved
  • Fixed missing autogen problem
  • Airport area flickering fixed in P3Dv4
  • Airplane shadows removed
  • 3D people textures fixed
  • Simplified options in config tool
  • Impoved installers
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FSDT Chicago O’Hare v2 Preview

FSDT Chicago OHARE V2 Preview 1
FSDreamTeam has released a stunning video showcasing the upcoming Chicago O'Hare (KORD) v2 update! In the video they display a number of interesting new features, as well as the updated terminal buildings. One of the notable features that they show off in the video are the info panels at the gate. These will display realtime info on your weather, gate coordinates
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Drzewiecki Design Scenery Updates

Drzewiecki Design New York Airports X V2 P3D 5
Drzewiecki Design has issued a few updates for some of their existing sceneries. The updates are mostly related to adding the new update of SODE (version 1.6.2), but there also some other changes: NY Airports v2 X SODE v1.6.2 (and higher) compatibility Upgraded installer Updated AFD files UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X SODE v1.6.2 (and higher) compatibility Upgraded installer Miami City
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PacSim Announces Seoul Incheon Airport

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With a single image over on their Facebook page, Pacific Island Simulations has announced their next project. And, with the Winter Olympics just behind us, the location could not be more fitting: Seoul Incheon International airport. According to them, they're working on creating the entire airport, outer limit cities, bridges and islands. So it seems this is going to be
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Orbx San Diego Updated

Ksan Orbx 1 21
Orbx has released an update for San Diego (KSAN). The update carries version number 1.10. The update features Prepar3D dynamic lighting and updated vehicles amongst other things. You can download the update through Orbx Direct. Changelog New GSE vehicle,  unique for KSAN with the iconic purple-blue luggage vehicles, TUG, push-back vehicles etc.. Dynamic lights (P3Dv4 only). New Jetways (Control Panel
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