MegaSceneryEarth Australia Release


The teams over at MegaSceneryEarth/PCAviator have released their very first addon package focussing on the land down under. MegaSceneryEarth is an addon that adds high-resolution photo scenery to entire areas, improving the visuals and making the environment more realistic and immersive. MegaSceneryEarth Australia uses the latest MegaSceneryEarth v3 technologies, which includes accurate water masking, texture colour correction, 1m source imagery and better dawn/dusk texture/light blending.

MegaSceneryEarth Australia consists of five different packages, each of them covering a different region of the country. There are Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales (SE, NE, W). You can pick up up these addons now from the PCAviator Store, with the prices of the different regions varying from $59.95 to $29.95. All regions are available for FSX and all versions of Prepar3D.

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A2A Updates For Multiple Aircraft

Spit 18.4.30
A2A has issued some updates for a number of their aircraft for both Prepar3D v4 and FSX. The updated aircraft include the P-51 Mustang (Military), T-6 Texan and the Spitfire I & II for Prepar3D. For FSX, the Bonanza 35 received an update. You can download the update through A2A's new installer and update system. Changelog Accu-Sim P-51 Mustang (Military),
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LatinVFR San Diego SODE Update

After updating Miami with SODE jetway support just two weeks ago, LatinVFR has also released an update for San Diego (KSAN) with the popular addon. After downloading the update from your vendor of choice, you should be able to use SODE jetways instead of the default (Ctrl+J) ones, to 'enhance your jetway animation experience' according to the developer.
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LatinVFR Miami Sode Update

LatinVFR has updated Miami International Airport (KMIA) with SODE jetways. SODE jetways is something the flightsim community is increasingly demanding in their sceneries, so we're very happy to see developers add it to their addons. You can get the Miami Update now from SimMarket.
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Orbx Dala Preview

It's been a bit quiet around Orbx' upcoming 'Swedish Bundle', containing Dala (ESSD) and Kiruna (ESNQ). The last previews, dating back to May, showed off what looks to be a small yet beautiful scenery. Developer Marcus Nyberg decided to give us a small sign of life about the project, with two screenshots over on the Orbx Forums. According to his
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Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Delayed


In a move that surprised exactly nobody, Aerosoft decided to delay their upcoming A320/A321 Professional again. The scheduled release is now set for Monday, September 10th instead of the previously announced September 6th. The reason for this delay was given by Mathijs Kok. According to his statement, there are some things that he still wants to include and the adjustments to the shop software need to be verified. He didn’t go in to further detail about what he still wants to include.

Whether the aircraft will actually release on Monday still remains to be seen, as Aerosoft has a bit of a history delaying this project that was originally slated for August 2017. But, until Aerosoft decides to release it, at least we have this nice preview to look at.

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Glacier Park International Available Through Orbx

As announced back in June when Orbx and Turbulent Designs announced their renewed partnership, both studios are hard at work at making all of Turbulent Design's projects available through Orbx. Previously we saw L35 Big Bear being brought in to Orbx Direct, as well as Idaho Falls. Now we can also add KGPI Glacier Park to this list. As was
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Flight1 Citation Mustang Update

The Citation Mustang is a small, yet popular business jet that hardly needs an introduction. Flight1 had previously created an excellent rendition of this plane, and now it received a new update. The update, that goes by the name of 'version 2', adds Prepar3D v4 compatibility (64 bit) as well as a few new features. Also new is that the
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Aerosoft Gran Canaria Professional Previews

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It's been over six months since we last showed you how Aerosofts upcoming Gran Canaria Professional is coming along. Back then, developer Sim-wings was just showing us some early renders, completely lacking anything such as textures. There wasn't much progress to be shown off in the meantime, but now Sim-wings has posted some previews of a bit more detailed, and
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