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Christian Thomsen

FlightSimSoft Previews PFPX Update


Over the last few days, FlightSimSoft, known for PFPX and Topcat have provided a few screenshots showing off some new features that are due to be added to PFPX in a new update.

The first bunch of screenshots posted last Sunday are showing off new options for various charts used in flight-planning including ETOPS and plotting charts to better illustrate how Atlantic crossings are being worked out. On top of this, a chart showing the cruise altitudes during a long flight is calculated and how the winds are at different altitudes.

The second round of previews uploaded today, show off various customization options available to the individual airports with regards to how certain weather phenomenon are to be depicted on the new chart options around certain airports.

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X-Codr releases Denver for XP11

A few days ago, the X-Codr team released their highly anticipated Denver International scenery for X-Plane 11. Located in the state of Colorado, Denver International is the fifth busiest airport in the US and is home to the longest commercial runway in the US. The scenery covers KDEN, with included winter and rainy textures of the airport itself, as well
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Head of LatinWings moves to Pilot’s

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A couple of days ago, the head of LatinWings, Trino Rojas announced on Facebook that it was time for him to move on from LatinWings after many years. He has been working with both LatinWings and Pilot's, particularly famous for thier work on Orbx FTX Global Vector, for quite a long time, but decided to move to Pilot's exclusively. It
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Freeware ESKN released for P3D v4

Jakub Lukaszewski has released version 1.01 of his freeware Stockholm Skavsta scenery over on the FlightsimNorway website. The main addition in this update is compatibility with P3D v4. Other fixes include: - Fixed problems reported by users - Fixed missing textures - Align some light - Add dirt, oil on ground - Add new static aircrafts This small airport in
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Orbx Releases All Airports for Prepar3D V4

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It may have taken a few months, but Orbx have finally released all their existing airports to be compatible with version 4 of Prepar3D. They were one of the first developers to support V4 with the release of their FTX Global range, but fans have been waiting to fly to their fantastic airports. Bilbao (LEBB) and Kern Valley (L05) have been available for a few weeks, and now you can head back to places like Dubrovnik (LDDU), San Diego (KSAN) and Innsbruck (LOWI).

If you haven’t been following the story, the delay has been down to the fact that Orbx have been busy developing the second version of their ObjectFlow. ObjectFlow brings with it some of the unique features only found with Orbx airports. It’s a large update for Orbx and brings with it some big new features. For now, it’s in “open-beta”, but up to a good enough standard for customers to use

In conjunction with the open beta release, Orbx has launched Fastlane. This is an opt-in program that allows FTX Central to receive updates early.

It is a requirement to opt into Fastlane to get the ObjectFlow update and thereby all your Orbx airports in P3D v4.

To opt into Fastlane, follow the instructions given by Ben over on the announcement post.

If we have any further information, we’ll be the first to let you know.


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FSLabs announces P3D v4 plans

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In an update thread made by Lefteris on the FSLabs A320 forum, Lefteris announced that the A320 will come with a free update to support the newly announced Prepar3D v4 platform. When the A320 is released for P3D v4, the upgrade price from FSX to P3D will, however be discontinued. Lefteris did however not only talk about the A320 in
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Aerosoft Announce Singapore

Just an hour ago, Mathijs from Aerosoft announced a new scenery on the Aerosoft preview forum This time we are headed to Singapore Changi International Airport (ICAO: WSSS)! Changi is the main airport of Singapore and handles a wide variety of International traffic with over 100 airlines operating in or out of Singapore. In 2016 it handled an impressive 58,698,039 passengers.
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Dovetail Games announces Flight Sim World

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Just a few minutes ago, Dovetail Games announced the name and some of the features of their long awaited new flight simulator. In a video on YouTube the name "Flight Sim World" following the trend set by the recently released Train Sim World was announced. According to the video, the new sim will make the jump to DirectX11 and 64
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JustFlight cancels 787

In the latest JustFlight newsletter, which you can sign up for here, JustFlight announced that their upcoming 787 in the F-Lite series of aircraft has unfortunately been cancelled. The 787 was cancelled because of "We have been unable to achieve an acceptable balance between functionality and performance in FSX and Prepar3D" This caused the team at JustFlight to cancel the
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