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Orbx Releases All Airports for Prepar3D V4

It may have taken a few months, but Orbx has finally released all their existing airports to be compatible with version 4 of Prepar3D. They were one of the first developers to support V4 with the release of their FTX Global range, but fans have been waiting to fly to their fantastic airports. Bilbao (LEBB) and Kern Valley (L05) have been available for a few weeks, and now you can head back to places like Dubrovnik (LDDU), San Diego (KSAN) and Innsbruck (LOWI).

Orbx Announces Pula Airport (LDPL)

If you haven’t been following the story, the delay has been down to the fact that Orbx have been busy developing the second version of their ObjectFlow. ObjectFlow brings with it some of the unique features only found with Orbx airports. It’s a large update for Orbx and brings with it some big new features. For now, it’s in “open-beta”, but up to a good enough standard for customers to use

In conjunction with the open beta release, Orbx has launched Fastlane. This is an opt-in program that allows FTX Central to receive updates early.

It is a requirement to opt into Fastlane to get the ObjectFlow update and thereby all your Orbx airports in P3D v4.

To opt into Fastlane, follow the instructions given by Ben over on the announcement post.

If we have any further information, we’ll be the first to let you know.


FSLabs announces P3D v4 plans

In an update thread made by Lefteris on the FSLabs A320 forum, Lefteris announced that the A320 will come with a free update to support the newly announced Prepar3D v4 platform. When the A320 is released for P3D v4, the upgrade price from FSX to P3D will be discontinued however.

Lefteris did however not only talk about the A320 in his post.
A manager tool was also announced. This tool, much like the PMDG Operations Center will allow for updates, livery installation and support. The plan is to release this tool sometime after the initial release of the A320 for P3D v4.

The long awaited A319 also got a bit of attention.
The A319 will be released for both 32 and 64 bit platforms. These are early plans however. A more firm decision will be made once the aircraft is in a later beta stage.

Probably the most exciting bit of the post (yes, possibly even more exciting than the A320 update being free) is that a new “FSLabs XXXX-X” product has been teased. It is still in the initial stages of development, so dont expect it to release any time soon. Not much was said about it other than it “Can take… well… more fuel than the A320-X series”

Lefteris also briefly mentions that home cockpit and professional versions future customers can look forward to more news on those versions by the end of the year.
Select hardware providers have been eager to lend FSLabs products to ensure compatibility.

There is an elephant in the room though: the Concorde-X customers will have to wait on any news regarding the Concorde in P3D v4. At the moment FSLabs are dedicating all manpower to the A320 series. FSLabs will however look into the possibilities, so the door is still not closed for good.

Aerosoft Announce Singapore

Just an hour ago, Mathijs from Aerosoft announced a new scenery on the Aerosoft preview forum

This time we are headed to Singapore Changi International Airport (ICAO: WSSS)!

Changi is the main airport of Singapore and handles a wide verity of international traffic with over 100 airlines airlines operating in or out of Singapore. In 2016 it handled an impressive 58,698,039 passengers. On top of that, it has received numerous awards as Best Airport in the world, including Skytrax Best Airport in 2017.

Not much detail was shared about the scenery, other than it being made by Antti Haka.

From the screenshots posted, it looks absolutely gorgeous

Dovetail Games announces Flight Sim World

Just a few minutes ago, Dovetail Games announced the name and some of the features of their long awaited new flight simulator.

In a video on YouTube the name “Flight Sim World” following the trend set by the recently released Train Sim World was announced.

According to the video, the new sim will make the jump to DirectX11 and 64 bit, furthermore it will use physical based rendering just as X-Plane 11.

On top of that, Dovetail promises to work on balancing the CPU and GPU load, which has been an issue for ages within the ESP based flight simulators we have today.

Dovetail also announced that they have been working with well known developers to bring their expertise and products into the base product.

More information on Flight Sim World can be found in the YouTube video and on the FSW website

Expect an Early Access version on Steam in the not too distant future.

For more news on Flight Sim World as it becomes available, stay tuned to FSElite.

JustFlight cancels 787

In the latest JustFlight newsletter, which you can sign up for here, JustFlight announced that their upcoming 787 in the F-Lite series of aircraft has unfortunately been cancelled.

The 787 was cancelled because of “We have been unable to achieve an acceptable balance between functionality and performance in FSX and Prepar3D”

This caused the team at JustFlight to cancel the 787 rather than releasing an unfinished product that would not meet the JustFlight standards.

The JustFlight 787 would have been a part of the F-Lite series, aimed at new simmers. The systems in the F-Lite series are basic, but a level or two above the default aircraft. Giving new simmers an opportunity to get more familiar with complex aircraft when stepping up from the default aircraft without jumping straight into a product like the PMDG NGX or the FSLabs A320X.

Active Sky 16 and Active Sky Cloud Art for P3D updated

As we all know P3D got a hotfix yesterday. One of the things that usually holds people back from updating straight away, is Active Sky.

Not this time though. Soon after Lockheed Martin released the hotfix, Hifi Simtech released the update required for Active Sky 16 and Active Sky Cloud Art to work with the new hotfix.

The full changelog can be found on the Active Sky forums. For the sake of convenience it has also been pasted in this article.

– Fixed an issue where custom weather METAR was not included in current_wx_snapshot.txt
– Added functionality where Disabling cloud motion effect (cloud options) now prevents all high-res cloud detection and should improve performance when in/near clouds
– Attempted improved P3D volumetric fog visibility blending to prevent visibility from rendering too low in certain cases as well as improving performance
– Fixed a get runway API issue
– P3D Compatibility Updates for version
– Added new Random Light Chop Percentage option, default 25%, which controls the frequency of experience random light chop turbulence independent of weather conditions
– Adjusted wind/jet layer boundary turbulence triggers to be less severe based on user feedback
– Fixed annoyance issue where AS wx theme would not be selected in saved flights as a BMP theme file was missing (did not affect weather depiction, only wx theme name shown in saved flights)
– Added reference to FSX:SE with explanation of potential path names within Simconnect chapters of the user’s guide
– Improved documentation regarding maximum wind shear setting affecting gusts, and added this notation in the options detail (options UI)ASCA
– Adjusted all overcast models for increased performance
– Added new Overcast Quality slider setting providing 3 options: High Performance (full left), Balanced (middle) and High Quality (right). Higher performance = less coverage and higher frame rates. Higher quality = more coverage and lower frame rates. Defaults to Balanced, which is improved in frames approximately 20% from previous SP1 overcast, with minimal coverage loss.
– Updated documentation to reflect changes, and added a Performance Considerations section which is a recommended read for all ASCA users.

For more information, stay tuned to FSElite and the Active Sky forums.

PMDG 747 v3 release imminent

So just a few minutes ago, Robert Randazzo posted another update regarding the new 747 v3 on the PMDG General Forum over on Avsim. Boy is this a big one.

The update reads:


“Ladies and gentlemen, we will begin boarding PMDG Flight Operations, flight number 1 shortly.  Your flight today will operated onboard our brand new flagship 747-400 Queen of the Skies II, flagship.  We are just waiting on the crew to finish their preflight checks… We will have more information for you shortly!””

For more information, stay tuned to FSElite.

UPDATE – JustSim Scenery Now Back Available at SimMarket


We have spoken to JustSim and they will issue a full statement soon. The original issue of SimMarket not selling the product has been resolved and you can now buy the products again.

We will have a full and detailed update from the developer soon.

Flight Sim Store will have the scenery back up in a few hours.


It would appear that scenery developer JustSim, known for their Innsbruck, Nice and Barcelona sceneries have had their products removed from both Simmarket and the FlightSim Store. The reason is still unknown, but SimMarket sent an email to developers regarding providing a legal licence from the provider of satellite imagery.

As of right now there is no word on when JustSim products will be available for purchase again.

Flightsim Labs A320X for P3D updated

Just shy of an hour ago, FlightSimLabs updated their A320X which recently released for P3D!

The update focuses on the VAS usage of the plane, for which it has been criticized quite a lot since release.

In the update changelog posted by Lefteris on the FSLabs forum it is said that “testers are very happy with, reporting back VAS savings that vary from 250mb up to 400mb”

Not only this, the update also brings with it a new version of FSL Spotlights.

For the full post and links to where you download the updates visit the FSLabs forums


Ultimate Traffic Live announced

It would appear that long time users of the rather old but still really nice AI traffic pack Ultimate Traffic 2 will get a replacement soon.

On the closed support forum, only accessible for registered owners of Ultimate Traffic 2, developer Steve Halpern announced that beta testers are needed.

This was posted quite some time ago, so they have probably filled the spots.

The full statement reads:


We have been working on an all new version of Ultimate Traffic. The next edition will be called “Ultimate Traffic Live”.

In short, it takes the best of UT2, along with many new features and a new interface, and provides a totally new product from the ground up.

This will be for the FSX and Prepar3D product line.

Watch your spam blocker to make sure any replies are not stuck there.

We hope to have more news soon. It is still very early, so keep enjoying UT2. As things get closer more info will be posted here.”