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AzurPoly Releases the Bede BD-5J


AzurPoly has released their Bede BD-5J for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The BD-5J is the jet version of the propeller-powered BD-5, making it one of the few aircraft types to be produced with both jet and propeller-powered variants, and has held the Guinness World Record of being the world’s smallest manned jet aircraft for over 25 years. Too small for any practical use, the light aircraft with it’s small wings is a capable aerobatic aircraft and the majority of BD-5Js are flown at airshows under the sponsorship of corporations like Pepsi, Red Bull, and Bud Light.

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Virtual Design 3D Releases Asturias Airport for XPL

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Virtual Design 3D has released their Asturias Airport (OVD/LEAS) scenery for X-Plane 11. Asturias Airport is a regional Spanish commercial airport located right in the heart of Spain's Northern coast built upon breathtaking cliffs against the sea. The single-runway airport had just 2-4 passenger gates and only commuter flights for decades, but after a major 2003 expansion, leisure carriers were attracted
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Orbx Releases Landmarks Mumbai City Pack for MSFS

Orbx has released their Landmarks Mumbai City Pack for MSFS, adding more than 100 newly-rendered buildings to the city of Mumbai, India. Mumbai is the largest city in India in terms of population with almost 12.5 million residents within the city itself, making it one of the most populous cities on earth. Renowned for its unique architectural styles, Orbx Landmarks Mumbai
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Heatblur Simulations Announces Eurofighter Typhoon

A Coming Storm DCS Eurofighter Announcement Trailer
Heatblur Simulations has announced that they are creating the Eurofighter Typhoon for DCS World. The Euroflighter Tyhpoon is one of Europe's top modern multi-role fighter aircraft and a multi-national product between the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. 623 examples are in service with those nations and several of their NATO allies, including Austria, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The
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BRsimDesigns releases EMB-202 Ipanema Crop Duster for MSFS

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BRsimDesigns has released their EMB-202 Ipanema Crop Duster for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Brazilian-made Embraer 202 Ipanema Crop Duster is a simple and rugged turbine tailwheel aircraft used primarily for crop dusting and pesticide roles. Built for high-speed low altitude work, the aircraft is powerful yet stable, and the systems are very basic with the aircraft meant for VFR flying.
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Just Flight Preivews Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer for MSFS

Hawk MSFS 040621 11 Cnf4a59Ecsq

Just Flight has shared new detailed previews of their upcoming Hawk T1/A Advanced trainer for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The British Aerospace (BAe) Hawk T1 is a 2-seat jet trainer from the United Kingdom which is in service with countries friendly with England all across the globe, including India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. First built in 1974, the Hawk T1 has not only been used for training but also in live combat, with an array of rockets, missiles, gun pods and bombs capable of being fitted to the aircraft. In addition to these roles, the BAe Hawk T1 is perhaps most notably the aircraft used by the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic display team.

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Northern Sky Studio Releases Kapalua Airport for MSFS

261013 020
Northern Sky Studio has released Kapalua Airport (JHMPHJH) for MSFS. Kapalua Airport, better known to some as "West Maui Airport", is the second busiest airport on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and one of 3 commercial airports on the island, located on Maui's Western shore in a popular resort area. Kapalua has a reputation for strong winds most of the year, with
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SierraSim Releases Syracuse for P3D

Ksyr P3d 5
SierraSim Simulations has released a P3D version of their Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYRKSYR) scenery. Located in Northwest New York State in the United States not far from the Canadian border and Toronto, Syracuse Hancock International Airport is one of the busiest commercial airports in the state outside of New York City, and is a joint-use military and civilian airfield. Nestled
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Aerosoft updates CRJ Professional to version

Update Crj Prof
Aerosoft has released "Service Pack 2" for their CRJ Professional, which brings it to version for P3D. The CRJ Professional package includes fully functional, high detailed renderings of the CRJ-5507009001000. The CRJ is one of the world's most popular regional jets, operating short and medium-haul flights for airlines all around the world. Aerosoft's "Service Pack 2" for their popular
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Aerobask Announces Embraer Phenom 300

Aerobask has announced that they have created an Embraer Phenom 300(also known as the EMB-505) for X-Plane, and it is nearly ready for release. The Embraer Phenom 300 is Embraer's most successful private jet, able to be configured to fit up to 11 occupants and flown by private owners and corporations alike the world over with some 500 aircraft in
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