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[CLOSED] WIN A Free Copy of iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE for XPL

Inisimulations A310 Xplane (17)

Thanks to those who entered. Congratulations to Myles who won with this inspirational flight idea:

The first flight I will do is a profile similar to that flown by the SA Novespace A310 (F-WNOV). This aircraft is used for microgravity operations, and helps further various fields of scientific study. A typical flight will depart from Paderborn Lippstadt Airport in Germany, and perform a series of low-high-low altitude climbs and dives, with each apogee yielding around 22 seconds of microgravity; each flight will consist of approximately 10 minutes of microgravity. Additionally, I will be sure to make an SA Novespace livery and share it with the community if none are included with the aircraft!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Huge thanks also to iniBuilds for the opportunity. Don’t forget, you can pick up your very own copy of the A310-300 ON THE LINE now from the iniBuilds store.


We are thrilled to offer the community the opportunity to win a free copy of the upcoming iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. With a release for the aircraft right around the corner, we’re excited to give everyone the chance to get their hands on a copy for free.

To be in with the chance to win, we’re looking for you to inspire the community. We’re looking for you to tell us in the comment section below what route you will do first and why. We’ll then pick from the entries below that give us the flying vibes. Better yet, for those reading, they will also have a chance to get inspired and find some interesting routes to fly this summer once the plane releases. There are no restrictions on the routing, but give it a good story and reason. If we pick you, we’ll tag you in a comment and then give you some instructions on how to claim your prize.

You have 24-hours to get your story in the comment section below. Entries will close on July 22nd @ 09:30z. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards. No purchase is necessary. Competition open to over 16s only.

More on the iniSimulations A310-300

The A310 first flew in 1982 and entered service with Swissair in 1983. The A310 was Airbus’ second aircraft venture and was produced to fill the demand for a smaller aircraft than the A300 and to compete with the Boeing 767-200. 255 aircraft were produced in three variants; civilian – which included a business jet configuration by Airbus Corporate Jets, cargo, and military Multi-Role Transport and Tanker (MRTT). 

iniSimulations has detailed some of the extensive modelling and features that they have included in the upcoming release such as custom cabin announcements and mood lighting, comprehensive systems and failures, fully integrated takeoff and landing performance calculator, autosave functionality as well as integrated Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) system to use when flying on supported online networks. The A310-300 ON THE LINE will come with Airbus Corporate Jet, civilian and cargo configurations as well as a host of liveries, compiled by the iniBuilds repaint team.

Although no price was disclosed, owners of the A300-600R ON THE LINE will receive a 35% discount for the A310-300 ON THE LINE.

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Fenix Simulations A320 Feature Overview: MCDU and FMGS

External Graz 1
By now you will most likely have heard of the Fenix Simulations A320 coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The initial announcement gave us a good overview of the high-fidelity aircraft, but as usual, flight simmers crave more info on the finer details. As promised, Fenix Simulations has kicked off its Feature Overview series by going in-depth with the MCDU and FMGS.
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Origami Studios Announces Gatwick Airport for MSFS

Origami Studios Gatwick Msfs (1)
Scenery developer Origami Studios has announced that they will be bringing their Gatwick Airport from X-Plane 11 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport is being developed in close collaboration with iniBuilds and will include more advanced features than previously seen in the XPL version of the airport. Gatwick Airport is the second busiest in the UK, and one of the
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MK-Studios Ponta Delgada Coming Soon to MSFS

Mk Stuidos Lppd Ponta Delgada Msfs (4)
Following the release of Ponta Delgada for Prepar3D earlier this year, MK-Studios' Ponta Delgada will be coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Listed on Orbx's 'Coming Soon' page, the airport's product page has been spotted and is full of details and screenshots. Situated out in the Atlantic ocean as part of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, the island of
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Tailstrike Designs Announces Milan Bergamo Airport for MSFS

Tailstrike Designs Milan Bergam Airport Lime (2)
Scenery developer Tailstrike Designs has announced that they will be bringing Milano Bergamo Airport (LIME) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport, also known as Orio al Serio International Airport, is one of three main airports in the Italian city of Milan. Situated north of Milan, the airport is a key hub for low-cost carrier Ryanair, but also sees plenty of traffic
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Aerosoft One Announced – A New Product Manager

Aerosoft One Applicatio (2)

A brand new product manager tool from Aerosoft has been announced on the Aerosoft forums. Named Aerosoft One, the new tool will be a new and simple way to install and manage your Aerosoft products for all major platforms.

According to the short introduction post on the forums, the new software will be able to keep all of your Aerosoft products up-to-date, whilst also making it easy to store your product details (e.g. serials) all in one place. In addition, Aerosoft One will allow you to perform one-click installs of owned products without the need to download and then install.

Aerosoft One will allow you to pick which of your hard drives to install your products, along with seeing a download queue and all products installed. The Steam-like application will also support multiple languages.

We’re told that we’ll have this launched “pretty soon” and that more information will be released in the coming weeks. Aerosoft is asking that if you have any suggestions or feedback that now is the time to share so that the developers can take a look at your request.

Thanks to Ben for the tip!

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Boundless Releases Bournemouth for XPL

Boundless Bournemouth Xpl (3)
Scenery developer Boundless has released Bournemouth Airport (EGHH) for X-Plane 11. Located on the southern coast of the UK, Bournemouth has seen increasing popularity as of late due to the surge of low-cost carriers and charter services to parts of Europe. As with other Boundless Airports, there is a focus on ensuring that there is plenty of detail within the
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Verticalsim Releases Sarasota International Airport for MSFS

Verticalsim Sarasota Bradenton Ksrq Msfs (2)
Developer Verticalsim has released Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (KSRQ) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in Florida, just south of Tampa, the airport has some fantastic approaches over the water and nearby housing areas. Whilst the airport has plenty of commercial traffic from airlines such as United, Allegiant Air, Southwest and others, it is also a busy airport for local GA flying
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Microsoft Flight Simulator July 15th Development Update

Partnership Series Orbis International Flying Eye Hospital
This week's development update from the Microsoft Flight Simulator team covered a few items that were particularly noteworthy. Whilst we eagerly await the Xbox Series X|S release in just over a week, as well as the hotly-anticipated Sim Update V, this week saw the introduction of the Orbis International aircraft being added to the simulator. Microsoft has partnered with Orbis
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