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Calum Martin

Website Admin. I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. Currently working for a UK airline, I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more.

LIVE From FSC2017 – X-Plane (Starts at 14:30z)

Welcome to the FSElite Live from FlightSimCon 2017.

We’ll be updating this post regularly with any information, news or interesting facts as the event goes on. Refresh this page often for the latest news. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates.

This post will be updated live for the X-Plane, which starts at 14:30 zulu.

What is this event?

“Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane, along with a team of developers from Laminar Research, provide an overview of the X-Plane 11 development platform and information about the future of the flight simulator.”


  1. A vertical take off and landing plane is being created using X-Plane. It is being built for a billionaire customer who wants a vehicle that can transport 3D printed organs in emergencies. X-Plane was chosen based upon its advanced physics engine.
  2. New buildings for for their gateway scenery airports including hangars, air traffic control towers, clutter objects and barriers.
  3. New autogen across the globe. This includes some very cool features such as Tower Bridge opening and closing in London as well as Big Ben tracking the time in the sim. Other coverage areas include Sydney and Las Vegas.
  4. Better support for VR. Simpler to use and easier to set up with more functionality.

LIVE From FSC2017: Product Announcement Forum (Starts at 13:30z)

Welcome to the FSElite Live from FlightSimCon 2017.

We’ll be updating this post regularly with any information, news or interesting facts as the event goes on. Refresh this page often for the latest news. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates.

This post will be updated live for the Product Announcement Forum, which starts at 13:30 zulu.

What is this event?

“The Product Announcement Forum is a showcase of upcoming flight simulator product releases, where each participant will be allotted 5 minutes to demonstrate their products. The seminar will provide a one-stop overview of what’s new for the flight simulation community.”


  1. 9:25 FS Flight Control is now available for Android and iOS. It has full compatibility with FSX, P3D, FSW and Xplane.
  2. 9:30 Infinite Flight: Some new features are coming to the popular mobile flight simulator over this summer (2017). This includes 60FPS on ultra settings, real world weather and global coverage.
  3. 9:43 Pilotedge: announcing roadmap for West Coast expansions.
  4. 9:50 FSFX Packages:  showing off what Chaseplane is and what it can do.
  5. 9:54 Laminar Research: New aircraft coming to Xplane 11, a goal of 90FPS throughout the sim.
  6. 9:59 FlyInside: Announcing a new sim designed specifically for FlyInside, includes support for TFDi 717, will contain global terrain.
  7. 10:01 HiFi Simulations: A free upgrade for AS16 users to P3D V4 with release expected in 1-2 weeks. A reduced upgrade price for those that are using legacy products such as Active Sky Next. Active Sky support for all platforms, this includes Xplane. 

Toga Projects ENVTEX SP1 Beta Released

This happened a few days ago, but with FlightSimCon 2017, things have been a little backdated. Anyway, the guys from Toga Projects have released their latest service pack for ENVTEX – the texture replacement set we loved. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the developer to share progress on the project for some time now, so it’s great to see some of the feedback we gave make its way into the new service pack.

The new update brings a wealth of new features including support for Prepar3D V4, ability to change the sun and moon size, an increase in Aurora Borealis and Australis coverage and a brand new user interface. You’ll be able to see how much impact something has on performance, use the new save system and integrates PTA and PTAbsoloute.

The feature list is quite extensive to take a look. We’ll be revisiting our review at some point in line with the new features, but we assure you that it’s a great purchase.

You can download the new update via your SimMarket account or you can buy it from the same store for 21 euros. Keep Reading

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Turbulent Designs Releases MBS International Airport

Turbulent Designs have released their long-anticipated MBS International Airport for both FSX and P3D. The small international airport found in Michigan is great for both commercial aviation and general aviation thanks to the numerous runways, surrounding scenery, proximity to nearby cities and  corporate jet apron.

The scenery boosts some impressive features including 60cm terrain detail, HD textures throughout, internal modelling and Turbulent Design’s “Real Flora”.

MBS International Airport is now available to download for £19.99 from the Turbulent Designs webstore.

Make sure you watch the trailer above as it shows just how detailed this airport is.

BlackBox Simulation Cessna L19 Bird Dog: The FSElite Review

BlackBox Simulations
BlackBox Simulations
15.99 Euro
Provided by
BlackBox Simulation
We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

Let’s first address the elephant in the room: I’m not a huge fan of the BlackBox Simulations Airbus series. I’ve personally had problems with it, but I know that many people have enjoyed the simulation. It certainly caught the community by surprise when people saw that the developers behind the “prologue” series were working on other products at the same time, but rest assured that this aircraft was a side project which hasn’t impacted the Airbus series.   You can imagine then my surprise when BlackBox Simulations asked me to review their recent aircraft, the Cessna L-19C ‘Bird Dog’, and honestly, my expectations weren’t very high. You can then imagine my even greater surprise when I found myself having a relatively good time with their latest entry into the simulation world.

It’s no secret that previous projects from the team have been very much like Marmite: either love it or hate it. I of course had the same fear for the GA aircraft BBS have suddenly turned towards. However, we shouldn’t let previous perceptions impact this aircraft. So clear your head and let me explain why actually, the plane is pretty damn good.

Keep Reading

Flight Sim World Community Update 2 Now Available

Since the release of Flight Sim World a few weeks ago, the community have been very vocal about their feedback for the product. Dovetail Games have been working really hard and have been listening to the comments to be able to put together the latest community update.

The update pushes a lot of fixes for the included aircraft. These fixes include contact point adjustments, optimizations to cockpit instrument selection and more. Furthermore, the 205mb update also includes various crash and localisation fixes and users of the Sidewinder 2 will be pleased to know that it now works.

The update for people experiencing performance issues in full screen and multi-monitor set-ups will have to wait a little longer as they complete further testing. Rest assured, Dovetail Games say it’s coming.

You can find the full update list below. Don’t forget, as it’s a Steam product, it will download and install upon starting up nice and simply. Keep Reading

Watch FlightSimCon 2017 LIVE

FSElite will be doing as much as possible to cover FlightSimCon 2017, but if you want to feel like you’re there, you can watch the official FlightSimCon 2017 live feed right here. Thanks to AirDailyX, people will be able to have a glimpse what it’ll be like to be there.

The video has been muted to keep the privacy of event goers, but you can feel like you’re there at all times.

If you’re at the event, come and find us – we’ll give you some coupons for Real Flight Shop.

How FSElite Will Be Representing You at FlightSimCon 2017

We are incredibly excited to be attending FlightSimCon 2017. We are even more excited to be able to bring you guys as close to the action as possible without even being there.

FSCon 2017 is shaping up to be the biggest year for the event, with a whole range of flight simulator developers, publishers, personalities and news outlets to bring you loads of great content.

FSElite will be front and center with our whole team ready to deliver the news to you as it happens.

So how we will bring you the latest?

We’ll be there talking to the developers, watching the presentations and delivering all the information back to our guys at base writing as fast as they can. During the major talks, we’ll be updating LIVE all the information you need to know. Anything else outside of these will be separate posts so make sure you check out FSElite often during the event. Each news post will be pushed automatically to our Twitter account so make sure you follow us there to be up to date.

We’ll be doing some live streaming through Facebook as well whenever possible, so like us there too.

We’ll be covering the following events in detail:

Saturday 10th June

  • Product Announcement Forum (09:40 EDT / 13:40 Zulu)
  • X-Plane (10:30 EDT / 14:30 Zulu)
  • Virtual Reality (12:45 EDT / 16:45 Zulu)
  • Flight Simulator Developers (14:00 ETD / 18:00 Zulu)

Sunday 11th June

  • Plan Like the Pros Using PFPX (11:00 ETD / 15:00 Zulu)
  • When an Airline Captain Met the PMDG 777 (12:00 ETD / 16:00 Zulu)
  • Closing Remarks (16:00 ETD / 20:00 Zulu)

Of course we’ll be covering throughout the event as and when something happens. We’ll be sure to publish Youtube videos of the event, developer interviews and much more throughout. Throughout the event, we’ll be interviewing TFDi Designs, Dovetail Games, Just Flight, iBlueYonder and more!

If you are attending the event, look out for myself and Jordan who will be wearing FSElite T-shirts. Find us, and we’ll give you a DISCOUNT COUPON for Real Flight Shop. We also have some other prizes, giveaways and more for those who attend.

We’ll try and do some kind of de-brief blog post as well at the end of each day time permitting.

It’s going to be a busy weekend full of great information, loads of new product announcement and in-depth looks into upcoming software we’re eager to get our hands on.

Don’t forget, you have until TODAY to register your interest to attend the event. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, FSElite will have your back throughout the event.

iBlueYonder at Flight Sim Con 2017 – Chance to Win Free Prizes for Life

With only days to go until one of the biggest event of the year for Flight Simmers, iBlueYonder wanted us to let you know that they will be throwing a cool little competition at their booth this year.

If you swing by, you’ll be able to test your piloting skills in the Heron’s Nest Landing Challenge. The challenge is faily simple: using a pre-defined flight, you will have to approach the Heron’s Nest form the north in the default FSX/P3D Piper Club. If you can safely land and taxi into the hanger, your name will be entered into a contest to win. The prize: free iBlueYonder products for life. Pretty cool prize, so don’t expect the approach to be easy.

If you want to practice beforehand, make sure you’ve got a copy of the free Heron’s Nest 2.0 scenery.

Second and third place will be able to download any iBlueYonder prize now or in the future of their choice.

The challenge starts Saturday, June 10 at 3:45pm at the iBlueYonder booth.

Finally, from June 9th to June 11th, you’ll be able to get 50% off Nantucket Island.

We’ll be there interviewing iBlueYonder later this week so keep and eye on FSElite for that.

Navigraph Now Supporting Prepar3D V4, Subscription and fee changes

We’ve been huge fans of Navigraph’s work and their latest work with the cloud charts has been fantastic. I really love the app and we can’t wait for it to be out of beta and released in an official capacity. In the mean time, Navigraph have updated the community with some information about their future.

Firstly, with the release of Prepar3D V4, there is now support for the FMS Data Manger to locate the new sim and automatically detect an installation. If you already use the software, the update is pretty straight forward and will allow you to download the new version. If you don’t, then you can use this link:


As we mentioned before, the Charts for Android and the desktop version has been going well for some time now. To use the in-built Moving Maps, you’ll need software called Navigraph Simlink. It’s just been updated and you can download the new beta version here:


In light with all the new work going, there will be a few changes to the subscription model. In an attempt to simplify everything, they will be removing the option for people to buy FMS Data 4 cycles (1 year) and FMS Data (30 days). Instead, the team recommend that you bu the Navigraph Ultimate Monthly which will give you access to both FMS data and the charts. This will only cost a few cents more and there’s no binding period so you can cancel at anytime.

Finally, with all the new features from the charts there will be a price increase. From June 9th 2017, the monthyl recurring charge will change from EUR 7.50 to EUR 8.30 (excluding VAT).

Don’t forget to read our beta hands on with the new charts system. It’s seriously good.