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Flightbeam Wellington (NZWN) Nearing Completion

Flightbeam Newzealand P3dv4 (1)

Although Flightbeam only released their Portland scenery a few weeks ago (co-developed with iBlueYonder), the team are preparing their next release in the form of Wellington. (NZWN). The New Zealand airport sees various airlines from across the Globe offering a range of routes and destinations for users to enjoy.

The brief post on Facebook highlighted the work that has been put into the static modelling as well as the impressive ground textures.

There have been a few other previews in the past highlighting the project after it was announced.

Wellington isn’t the only project in development, as Quito (SEQM) was announced by Flightbeam Studios earlier this month.

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Further Previews of Orbx TrueEarth GB North [X-Plane 11]

True Earth Orbx North X Plane 11 Edi (10)
Further to the first beta shots previewed yesterday, various Orbx forum topics are popping up with more detailed looks at how TrueEarth GB North is coming along. Over the past few days, Iain and John have both taken to the forums to share various previews around Edinburgh and various other areas in the region. The previews below are from the
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HiFi Sim Tech Offer Brief Update Status on Active Sky XP

Active Sky developer HiFi Sim Tech has given a brief update on how future updates to their recently released Active Sky XP. The product for X-Plane 11 was released late last year and the team has since worked hard on providing updates and listening to community feedback. In a statement on Facebook, the team said that they are "nearing the
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Gaffer Simulations Release O.R Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg)

Gaffer Simulations Or Tambo International Airport P3dv4 (6)
South Africa has been without various add-on airports for some time, and over the past few months we have seen a shift on that. Developer Gaffer Simulations has today released another major airport in the region, namely O.R. Tambo International Airport. The airport serves as the main airport of Johannesburg and is actually the continents' busiest airport, handling 28 million
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Realworld Scenery Release Ultimate VFR – New York State Pt. 2

Realworld Scenery Release Ultimate VFR (5)

Scenery developer RealWorldScenery has released the second part of their Ultimate VFR pack for the state of New York in the United States. The product takes photo-real ground textures with “millions of accurately placed trees and structures”.

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First Previews of Windsock Simulations Milan Malpensa in X-Plane 11

Windsock Simulations Milan Malpensa X Plane 11 (5)
We shared that the team at Windsock Simulations were to start work on converting David Rosenfeld's Milan Malpensa to X-Plane 11. The team has since followed up the announcement with the first preview shots to demonstrate the current progress. The previews are very early on in the development process. Right now, the groundwork has been relayed, but there are still fixes
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Orbx TrueEarth GB North in X-Plane – First Beta Previews

Orbx True Earth Gb North Beta X Plane 11 (10)
Orbx has revealed the first previews of the upcoming TrueEarth Great Britain North in X-Plane 11. Posted by John Venema on the Orbx forums, the previews are from the final part of the Great Britain series using the TrueEarth technology. As you could expect with TrueEarth, it provides a huge amount of detail for the ground imagery, a huge range
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Help Decide Where FlightSimExpo 2020 Will be Held

Although FlightSimExpo 2019 is still a few months away, the team are looking ahead to the future already. As it is the community-driven event, the FlightSimExpo team are reaching out to the community to start the process of narrowing down their preferred choice on location for next year. The selection available to vote from is based on nearby attractions, proximity to Class
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UK2000 Scenery 2019/20 Roadmap

Uk2000 Scenery Roadmap
UK2000 Scenery has provided the community with an overview of their current workload for the upcoming year and beyond. Taking to Facebook, the team announced that they have plans for further FS2004 airports (despite their previous statement), building new technology for next year and also a range of airports which will continue to be ported to X-Plane 11. The first piece
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