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Pilot Plus Announces London Wycombe Air Park

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Pilot Plus has announced that their next airport in their Definitive Range of products will be London Wycombe Air Park. To accompany the announcement of the new airfield from the team, they shared a range of renders for some upcoming assets including the control tower, aircraft hangers and other buildings in the airport vicinity.

London Wycombe Air Park is located in the Buckinghamshire countryside surrounded by plenty of green countryside and rural areas. The airport originally opened in 1941 as an RAF airport for flight training, but now has a bustling general aviation community.

Pilot Plus will be making the Air Park as detailed as possible, including featuring their Definitive seasons and will also blend with Orbx’s TrueEarth GB South.

We will continue to follow the team’s development. In related news, Pilot Plus updated their Bristol Airport to version 1.2, which adds a lot of fixes and features of which we highlighted in our review.

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FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro Now Supports A330 Professional In Free Update

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FS2Crew has updated their Aerosoft Airbus Pro package to now include full compatibility with the recently releasesd A330 Professional from Aerosoft. The fresh update, version 3.4, includes the A330 for free, giving people the opportunity to have a co-pilot helo you with the real-world Airbus Standard Operator Procedures (SOPs). Additional features, already featured in the package, include Airbus specific crew flows,
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JustSim Dusseldorf Airport (EDDL) V2 Released for X-Plane 11

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Developer JustSim has released Dusseldorf Airport (EDDL) V2 for X-Plane 11. The airport in Germany is a primary hub for Eurowings, with other airlines frequently visiting the airport. Some destinations include Alicante, Nice, and Rome with some destinations further afield also. The airport from JustSim features everything you would come to expect from a JustSim airport including custom airport lighting,
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Immersive Audio Teases Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion

Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion Preview Teaser WIP
Immersive Audio, the team behind the excellent 737NG CFM Immersion soundpack, has shared a new teaser for their next product. The Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion package aims to create a realistic set of sounds for the cockpit based on real-world recordings. The video shows just a few minutes of a very quick start-up, with sounds being heard from multiple
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Aerosoft A330 Professional : The FSElite First Look Part 1

Aerosoft A330 Professional The FSElite First Look Part L
Come and join us at 18:00 zulu on Monday 9th December 2019 for our first look at the Aerosoft A330 Professional. This is a pre-recorded video we took in the build-up to release to show you everything from a cold-and-dark start to reaching cruising altitude. Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be informed when the video goes live.
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Aerosoft Releases A330 Professional for Prepar3D V4

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (8)

After many years of development, the Aerosoft A330 Professional for Prepar3D V4 has been released.

The A330 Professional models the wide-body Airbus A330-300 with RR engines in P3Dv4. Designed to be “focused on the day to day operation of the aircraft from the left seat”, the product includes a wide range of features to give simmers an immersive experience. Included is a full custom fly-by-wire system which has functional stall protection, pitch and roll limiter, g-load limiter, over speed protection, Alpha Floor protection and auto trim. The aircraft also simulates systems such as the autopilot, the MCDU and much more.

Also included is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), which simulates various aspects from right inside the cockpit. From charts and flows to multiple websites and performance information, the EFB has been included to give you easy access to a range of resources. You can also read documents such as the included manuals from the seat. A functional weather radar (with default weather or any engine) is also included, along with a working RAAS from FS2Crew.

In total, 13 liveries are packaged including Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and the Airbus house colours. The different liveries have variations on their modelling to include the different SAT devices and usable emergency doors. Other features worth noting is the inclusion of a built-in camera system to cycle between views, ground service units (e.g. GPU, chocks), and an interactive co-pilot who can perform actions within the aircraft. A full list of features can be found below.

You can buy the Aerosoft A330 for €58.70 (excluding tax/VAT, when applicable). This is a stand-alone purchase. The good news is that if you owned the A320/321 or the A319/18 Professional packs, then you will only pay €40.56 (plus VAT) as part of an upgrade fee.

Update: all systems go. A special 10% discount has been added for the first 24 hours of sale. See the forum post for details.

It’s worth noting that Aerosoft is encouraging people to first read the release notes prior to purchasing the aircraft so people are aware of some current limitations.

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JustAsia Releases RealWorld XP Malaysia

REALWORLDXP Malaysia X Plane 11 Trailer
Only announced recently, JustAsia has released RealWorld XP Malaysia for X-Plane 11. The scenery uses Open Street Map data to build accurate roads, autogen and textures to recreate the Malaysian landscape. Further to using the supplied data, there is also a range of custom landmarks including the Petronas Towers and over 400 more. The team has also included a range
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Flight Sim Labs A321-X In Time for Christmas?

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A small, brief teaser was shared to the Flight Sim Labs Facebook page earlier today. A single image of the A321-X in Aeroflot colours being de-iced was added to their profile, along with the product logo wearing a Father Christmas hat. As per usual, the team are being incredibly secretive about the release and further details at this point. However,
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Aerosoft A330 Professional Launch Trailer

A330 Professional Official Video
Aerosoft has released what is anticipated to be the last major look into the Aerosoft A330 Professional for Prepar3D V4. The launch trailer, produced by YouTuber Jeroen Doorman, highlights a range of what to expect from the aircraft upon release. This includes the PBR textured external model, the numerous system features and the included EFB. There is also an assortment of
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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019HD for X-Plane Released

Uk2000 Scenery Bristol 2019 Hd (4)
After a slight delay, UK2000 Scenery has released Bristol 2019HD for X-Plane 11. The scenery package brings the Southwest airport to the simulator and is available free to those who purchased the P3D/FSX version, which released last month. The airport has grown in traffic over the past few years with easyJet dominating the airport, along with other airlines such as TUI,
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