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Website Admin. I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. Currently working for a UK airline, I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more.

TFDi Design Inform What Will be in their Latest Update for 717

TFDi have been working really hard on ensuring that their recently released 717 is up to the standards many expect from a payware aircraft these days. The team have worked tirelessly since release to update so many users have a good experience with the aircraft.

Since then the team have continued to work through the New Year to provide further updates to the aeroplane.

Josh from TFDi Designs have informed the community that the following issues will be looked at in the next update (which we assume will be soon):

  • Resolving more CTDs (Improved Stability)
  • Improving magenta line performance
  • Improving FMS Speed
  • TO ATS Stability Improvements

We’ll have a review soon.

Orbx Cancels Project X (X-Plane Scenery)

Orbx’s John Venema has today announced that Orbx will NOT be continuing development of Project X. Despite the detailed road-map posted just a few weeks ago, the team have determined through various criteria that X-Plane won’t be a platform Orbx will develop on for the foreseeable future.

John said that “it’s important for a company to share its vision with customers and generate excitement around future plans” before detailing this is exactly why Orbx, and probably many developers, refrain from showing off pre-alpha screenshots. It’s understandable in this competitive market, but a decision that will surely disappoint many users.

To rub salt into the wound, it appears that the screenshot shown off from Project X was a “98% complete” KCGX Meigs Field which was contracted out to Orbx to be ported. Other than animated characters, the scenery was a real product and ready for both X-Plane 10 and 11.


With so many projects on-going and different experiments happening, the team had to make a decision. Unfortunately, internal measurements, SDKs and community markets all had a part to play in that choice being one  X-Plane users probably won’t like.


He went on to confirm what we knew anyway, that Project A is Aerofly FS2, that there will be major announcements in June at Flight Sim Con and that they will continue to develop for FSX/P3D and install the P3D 4.x SDK to see what it’s like. And of course, the Dovetail SDK whenever that comes out.

Disappointing news to many I’m sure, but in a business world, this seems to be the right decision for them.

FSElite 2016 User Awards

To celebrate the start of 2017, we take a look back at some of the “Best-of” 2016. Everything from aircraft, and scenery to utility and publisher of the year.

The selection below was carefully picked by the FSElite team, and we’re looking to YOU to pick the best from the best.

All the products below have been released or updated in 2016. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 per category to make the selection easier. Of course, some names may appear more than once, and we’ve tried to make it as varied and fair as possible. Not everything and everyone’s favourite is here, but hopefully there’s a good selection to pick from.

By submitting your name and email address, and completing the form, we’ll enter you into a competition to win some free Flight Sim merchandise!

Use the Google form below.

Voting will close on January 27th 2017 at 2030zulu!

(If it doesn’t work, then follow this link):

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FSLabs Post An Update on P3D Release Schedule

With the release anticipated over the holiday season, we have entered the new year ‘Bus-less. With so many releases over the past few days, it was probably for the best to keep our wallets from sinking further into debt. However, like myself, many of you are eager to fly the FSLabs A320X in Prepar3d as soon as possible.

FlightSimCentral did some digging and found a post on the FlightSimLabs forums from Andrew Wilson detailing that things are still progressing, where testing continued over the Christmas break. With the recent hotfix release from Lockheed Martin, there was some testing still to be done, and the team at FSLabs still need to discuss some stuff with the Prepar3d creators before they can finally release.

Here’s the full quote:

A very brief update from me –

Lockheed Martin posted Hotfix 2 for P3D v3.4 during Christmas week – which only gave us a few days to install/test/compile a build with the A320 before our teams dispersed for the holiday period. That said, the Beta team received a new A320 build for FSX and P3D on Christmas Eve and I’m anticipating they’ll receive another one early this week. Things are progressing, even over the holiday period. We still have some points to discuss with LM, who aren’t back in the office until next week.

I’ll post more updates on our progress as we continue to finalise the A320 release for P3D.

Best wishes to everyone for 2017

Fingers crossed it’s sooner than later.


Airline2Sim PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet Program Released

Update: Ben was kind enough to send us the trailer:

A quick go-around from yesterday’s launch and the team at Airline2Sim have finally released their highly anticipated PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet video package.

The tutorials, training and education all from a real world Triple 7 Captain will surely  help you whether you’re an expert or a novice. There are 24 videos which will take you across the Globe and some of the most challenging airports for any 777 pilot. Each and every operating procedure has been covered in the extensive video package. The whole thing will only cost you $39.99! As already mentioned, the first 11 are ready and waiting, with a further 13 being released throughout January. Of course, your $39.99 entry fee will cover them all!

We’re really excited to get our hands on it and we’ll be sure to share you our first impressions soon!

Buy it NOW from Airline2Sim’s website.

UK2000 Scenery’s Manchester v2 Releasing January 14 2017

One of the first big releases of 2017 has been confirmed to be UK2000 Scenery’s Manchester v2. Originally planned for the first week of January 2017, Gary has decided that with Christmas and some bugs left to fix, he’ll be pushing it back to Jan 14th instead. Not too much extra to wait.

Now, we’re still waiting for the promised I.D.S version of Manchester (and Boeing Field and Newcastle), so hopefully Gary’s version will be the definitive one come 2017.

A few screenshots below (which never do him justice), and some more at their forums.

First PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies 2 Beta Prepar3d Shots

The PMDG 747v3 has been in beta for some time now, with many shots showing off how glorious she looks in FSX. Like most of you, we’ve been dying to see her in Prepar3d and today, beta tester, Jorge, was kind enough to show some amazing shots of her on the PMDG official forums.

As you can tell, it looks breathtaking in the more modern Sim. Showing off the advance lighting and shadow work.

With the livery list coming along nicely and now this, we can only hope we’re moving very close to a release date!


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FSFX Announces ChasePlane Alpha 1.5 Coming Early January

With the success of FSFX Package’s Chase Plane since the alpha launch early November, the team have been hard at work ensuring that bugs have been fixed and new features have been added.

With this in mind, the team have today announced that they will be bringing Alpha 1.5 to our systems in early January, ahead of alpha 2’s intended launch. With much requested features such as TrickIR, an enhanced user interface and improved turbulence handling.

The video above shows off some of the new features which already looks incredible. Despite still in Alpha, it’s clear that FSFX Packages are taking user feedback extremely seriously and providing timely updates.


ChasePlane Alpha 1.5 will be available in the first few days of January. To get Alpha v1.5 as soon as it becomes available, make sure to check the “Experimental versions” checkbox in ChasePlane’s Preferences. You will be able to go back to v0.1.89 if you so desire. We think that’s a pretty good late christmas gift for you guys, we really hope you enjoy it!

Come early January, make sure the “Experimental Versions” check box in ChasePlane’s perfee

The full list of features is below.

  1. Built-in TrackIR support
  2. Improved performance and stability (fixing stutters for most users)
  3. Follow Horizon feature
  4. Tunable turbulence to control frequency, amplitude and even choose the axis affected by the movements
  5. Saveable Static Cameras
  6. Dynamic listing of static cameras sorted and filtered by distance.
  7. Mouse is now hidden when moving the camera using the middle mouse button
  8. Scroll to zoom option per preset
  9. Transitions can now be tuned per preset, you can even change their easing functions!
  10. Manual control over the Cinematic Mode
  11. Potential fix for Keyboard and Mouse freezes
  12. Reworked In-Sim View Selector with better compatibility 3rd party mouse drivers and support for HiDPI displays
  13. You can now set your own defaults for turbulence, controls and advanced options using the new contextual menu
  14. You can now copy a specific setting to all your presets for the current aircraft using the new contextual menu
  15. You can now directly search for specific controls assignments in the preferences
  16. Possibility to reorder presets by entering the desired index
  17. Option to automatically track the aircraft in Outside & Static views
  18. Reworked turbulence sensibilities
  19. Option to enable Gimbal stabilization
  20. Sticky Mouse Look
  21. Speed and inertia for focal (zoom) adjustments now have dedicated sliders
  22. Option to minimize to taskbar instead of the system tray
  23. The position of the main window is now saved
  24. Slew Mode detection
  25. You can now control default simulator views like Spot-view when using ChasePlane

Orbx Calatina Airport (KAVX): The FSElite Review

As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite.

Orbx Catalina was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community.


When Orbx announced that they would be bringing Catalina Airport and the entirety of Catalina Island, I think I heard the entire aviation community in California jumping in excitement. Why? This is one of the most popular general aviation airports in the state. Maybe it’s thanks to its lush green forestation or its challenging airport due to the high altitude. Whatever the reason may be, Orbx have given Simmers the chance to try out their skills and fly to this beautiful island.

As a standalone product to the Orbx library, it’s a welcome change to not have to rely on other products to get the most from the product. As a result all 22 miles of Santa Catalina are beautifully rendered and full of life, all without any hit on performance. Unsurprising really as it’s a small island in the distance.

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