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Military Visualizations Previews Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Milviz Aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator (2)

Another developer has come out of the woodwork today and shard the first previews for their upcoming product. Military Visualizations is known for their extensive library of aircraft, including fighter jets, and has today taken the time to share a handful of previews from some of their aircraft range in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Shown off on their Facebook page, we can see the first previews for the T-50 Bobcat, the Boeing 737-200 and the Cessna 310R.

As with other developer previews, no further information is said other than these are very much a work-in-progress from the development team.

View previews from PMDG, Gaya Simulations and also IRIS Flight Simulations on their respected pages.

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FSDreamTeam Previews EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg in MSFS

Continuing on with developer previews for their content in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSDreamTeam has shared new screenshots for its Basel Mulhouse Airport in the new simulator. The new previews are close-ups of various areas of the terminal building and highlight use of PBR materials on various parts of the buildings, interior modelling and varying use of texturing for
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Big Tire Productions Bringing Kitfox to MSFS on Release

Bit Tire Productions Kitfox
X-Plane 11 aircraft developer Big Tire Productions has announced that their Kitfox aircraft will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Even more important to note is that the aircraft will be brought over free of charge for current owners of the aircraft in X-Plane 11. The post on the forums is somewhat limited in information with the developer showcasing on
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IRIS Flight Simulation Software Showcases MSFS Previews

IRIS Flight Simulation Microsoft Flight Simulator Aircraft (1)
It has been confirmed that the developer NDA for their third-party content has been relaxed a little to be able to show still images for their products from within the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer showcased three aircraft which they are bringing to the platform. Those aircraft are the Grob Twin Astir, the Jabiru J-170 and finally the PC-21.
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European and North American City Tours In MSFS

Over the past week or so, we’ve been reading your comments about what cities you would like to see from the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. Over the past few days, we’ve heard your requests and put together a few videos highlighting those cities. Now we know that not all cities are represented and we’re sure that your specific request isn’t in here. That said, we’ll continue to read your comments and do what we can.

We’ll soon be sharing cities from Asia, Africa, South America and beyond!

Stay tuned to FSElite for more in the coming days and weeks as we build up to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on August 18th 2020.

You can read our hands-on impressions here.

Did you know that Orbx is bringing Innsbruck (LOWI) to the new simulator? That along with a range of other airports were confirmed. You can read them in this article.

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Just Flight Shares New Previews of VC10 In XPL

Just Flight Vc10 X Plane 11 (3)
Just Flight is continuing to share previews for its upcoming VC10 for X-Plane 11. The new previews are a mix of internal and external shots of the aircraft in action from within the simulator. The product will include a range of virtual models including the Standard and Super civilian variants, along with the C1K, K3 and K4 military versions, too.
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Gaya Simulations Previews Zell Am See in MSFS

Zell Am See Airport Lowz Microsoft Flight Simulator (3)
When Microsoft briefed the media about the future of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it was confirmed that Gaya Simulations was working on Zell Am See Airport for the simulator. We hadn't learned anything else from Gaya Simulations at that point, but today they have shared some new previews for the airport on Facebook.  The new previews highlight some of the ground
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WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport Trailer

WFSS Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH )
A new trailer for the upcoming release of WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) has been shared by the development team ahead of release. The trailer shared by the team gives us a much better overview of the airport from the team and an idea on some of the features. As previously known, PBR, SODE jetways and detailed texturing
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Gaya Simulations Previews Vienna in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gaya Simulations Vienna Airport Loww
Scenery developer Gaya Simulations appears to be the first scenery developer to showcase previews for their products in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development team felt that Vienna was the best product to showcase off the current development by Gaya Simulations. The previews show off some of the custom ground textures, building work and also the jetways. It's still
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