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FlyJSim Updates 727 Series Professional V3

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Despite releasing an excellent aircraft last month, developers FlyJSim has updated their 727 Series Professional 3 with a range of fixes and general improvements for the user. The primary focus area of this update are on mach hold and tape movements, the leading edge flaps not deploying when using the alternate flap and visuals on the aft cargo door. Further to general fixes, the team have added a brand new maintenance system for the tires. If you’re a pilot that likes to land firm, you may need to rethink your style as if you land too hard or heavy, prepare to pop a tire or collapse your gear (and have a meeting with tea no biscuits with your manager).

There’s a nice range of improvements in the free update from the team, so waste time no more and download the update to the plane we enjoyed very much.

You will need to grab the Skunkcrafts updater to download and apply update 3.1809.1125 to your 727 Series Professional V3.

Here’s the full change log courtesy of their Facebook post.

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[UPDATE 0715z 20/09/18] ImagineSim Seeking Support to Develop Frankfurt (EDDF) Scenery

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ImagineSim has now confirmed on their Facebook page that Frankfurt is no longer going ahead due to the lack of co-operation from airport authorities at Frankfurt. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frankfurt seems to be an extremely popular airport within the flight sim community to develop. Aerosoft have already released a popular rendition of the airport, and Flightbeam were keen to create one. Sadly,
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Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack Trailer

Ultimate Airliners DC 9 And Super 80 MegaPack For Prepar3D V4
A few days ago, developer Coolsky, published by Flight1, released the Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack. To celebrate the release of the product, the team have thrown together a video showcasing the aircraft in Prepar3D V4. If you don't know already, the MegaPack includes 2 highly detailed aircraft which features high resolution texturing, failure simulated scenarios, and a
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FSElite Exclusive: ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Previews [Part 2]

Imaginesim Singapore Wsss Beta Fse Exlusive 23
A few weeks ago, we shared with you guys our first set of exclusive images of the upcoming ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS). Since then, development has continued to bring it closer to release. Today, we're pleased to showcase some more images previewing the night lighting implemented. As previous mentioned, Singapore has been specifically designed for P3Dv4, meaning the new product will take
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FSDreamTeam Issue GSX Level 2 Update to Fix Blurry Texture Bug

The release of GSX Level 2 last week has seen the flight sim community take plenty of screenshots of their new in-sim avatars walk along the apron into the virtual buses or down the SODE jetway to be greeted by the new cabin crew. However, the software itself had been reported by a fair few forum users about how their sim become a bit of a blurry mess after installing GSX Level 2. Although originally dismissed by the developer as they couldn’t recreate it, after more proof was submitted by the community, FSDreamTeam were able to investigate the issues more thoroughly.

With this in mind, the team were quick to release a statement and a fix via their FSDT Live Updater tool. In their statement on Facebook, the team said: “We found the cause for blurred textures when using GSX Level 2 with many scenery add-ons installed (especially global vector/landclass), and it was caused by a bug.” They continued by saying that users should use the FSDT Live Updater to install the new fix to ensure it no longer impacts their simulator.

You can buy GSX Level 2 now from their store for $29.00. Don’t forget, you’ll need to already own the original GSX for GSX Level 2 to function. We’ll shortly be publishing a review of GSX Level 2, so stay tuned to FSElite for that. You can watch our first look video above in the mean time.

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FlyDesign Krakow EPKK Back On Sale

New EPKK Krakow Balice Airport 2018 For Prepar3D Official Fly
After the controversy of the original release, FlyDesign has put their version of Krakow back on sale via SimMarket. Krakow is one of the largest airports in Poland, serving a range of routes and airlines, it's a great Eastern European airport for connections. The team have included SODE jetways, high resolution ground textures, dynamic lighting and is compatible with all
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GayaSimulation Announces Brussels for X-Plane

Gayasimulations Brussels Xplane
It's been a long time since we've heard anything from GayaSimulation, but today they've announced they are working on Brussels (EBBR) for X-Plane. Details are incredibly sparse right now, other than the preview image posted above. In the comment section of the Facebook post, GayaSimulation did also say that more details will be coming soon and an official announcement for a
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Jennasoft Preview More for Gatwick

Jennasoft Gatwick Egkk 2
Jennasoft announced a while back that they were busy in development of a brand new London Gatwick Airport (EGKK). The UK's second busiest airport is home to many airlines in the country and is often the base for more of the low-cost and leisure routes to and from the UK. It's been a year since the original images turned up,
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TOGA Projects ENVTEX SP2 Will Integrate With REX SkyForce 3D

Envtex Sp2
ENVTEX has been out for a while now with developer TOGA Projects being quiet on what new development is currently on the table. However today, the team teased a few new features for the upcoming service pack for the product. SP2 for ENVTEX will bring photorealistic cloud coverage, new sky textures, new contrail, contrail, water and weather effects. Furthermore, there
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