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Cockpit Master CS 737X CDU: The FSElite Review


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As simmers, we are always looking to find new ways to make our simulation experience as immersive as possible. Whether that be through great software products or improving our PC hardware to push the simulator to visual limits. Another way many choose to enhance that experience is through the use of hardware that simulates real aircraft parts. We often see yokes, throttles or sticks as the primary bits of kit, but there are also specialist pieces of equipment that simulate very specific parts of hardware. One such piece is the upcoming Cockpit Masters CS 737X CDU. We were sent a pre-release unit ahead of its upcoming release later this year. Let’s dive in.

Checking out the CDU

The product itself is packaged in a secure fashion, with plenty of protective foam and material ensuring that your new purchase is safe from marks and scratches throughout transit. From a presentation standpoint, there is a lot left to be desired since there is no nice branding or design to make it feel worth the money spent on the hardware. That said, if the cost was cut due to having a less fancy box, then it’s perfectly justifiable.

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SimToolKitPro Updated to Version 0.7.X

SimToolKitPro has been updated with the "single largest performance update" to date. The new update has a big focus on performance improvements, along with a new user dashboard and a reworked live map page. The new update from SimToolKit has a brand new map that has been enhanced for speed and efficiency. Furthermore, there are new import options for those looking
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ShortFinal Design Announces San Francisco Definitive

Shortfinal Design San Fransisco Ksfo Xpl (8)
It has been a long while since we last heard from the talented team at ShortFinal Design, but that period of silence is over now. Announced on Facebook, ShortFinal Design has confirmed they're heading back to where it first started and announced San Francisco Definitive. The Facebook post announcing the project was lacking in any specific details, but a more
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KVNY Van Nuys Airport By Orbx Released for MSFS

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Following on from the announcement earlier this month, Orbx has released KVNY Van Nuys Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by Matteo Veneziani, the world's busiest general aviation airport has come to life in the simulator. Located in the Van Nuys neighbourhood in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) is considered one of the busiest general aviation airports in
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Pyreegue Announces Edinburgh Airport for MSFS

Edinburgh Airport Pyreegue Msfs (1)
Developer Pyreegue Dev. Co has announced that they are developing Edinburgh Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The busy Scottish airport sees traffic from all around the world. Including domestic carriers, low-cost airlines and also from further afield. There's a lot of variety in terms of routing available from the airport. The airport's satellite imagery is sourced from 2016, but the new south ramp
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Orbx Releases Iceland Mesh as Freeware for MSFS


Following on from the recent release of the latest World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Orbx has released a new Iceland mesh product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new mesh product has been created with blended DEM data meaning that Iceland now looks even more realistic than it did before.

The product is described as “100% self-contained” and makes no changes to any other mesh in the scenery. Furthermore, Orbx says that there is “virtually no noticeable performance impact” when using the product, making it a no-brainer to download and install. Iceland Mesh is fully compatible with the latest world update and each level of detail mode is consistent meaning there won’t be any blurring when flying around.

You can download Iceland Mesh for free through OrbxDirect right now by simply signing into your Orbx account.

If you’re after additional mesh products, check out Orbx’s New Zealand Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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UK2000 Scenery Releases Isle of Man for P3D

202304607 1572757602929738 3561255259004072743 N
UK2000 Scenery has released Isle of Man for Prepar3D. Isle of Man Airport (EGNS) has regular services to the UK and Ireland from easyJet, Aer Lingus, and Loganair. With a relatively short runway, the number of routes is limited, but there are some interesting options to explore; especially when the weather is bad. Quite often, easyJet will fly to the
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PMDG DC-6 for MSFS Released

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (10)
After a relatively short marketing period, PMDG has released its DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Leveraging the Microsoft Flight Simulator engine to the fullest, the team has brought an in-depth simulation of the vintage airliner to the platform. The Douglas DC-6 is a piston-powered airliner that was first introduced in 1947. Since its introduction, it has seen over 700 built
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Next Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update Will Focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Chongqing China Screenshot By Reinier044
A new development blog post was shared by Microsoft overnight and whilst the post itself was quite short, the development roadmap shared revealed quite a lot about what is coming up next. Perhaps most significantly is the confirmation that World Update VI will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As with previous World Updates, we imagine that Germany, Austria and
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FlightFX Releases Chicago Executive Airport for MSFS

Flightfx Chicago Executive Airport Msfs (13)
After we shared the first details earlier this month, FlightFX has released its first airport on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) is located 18 miles north of Chicago and is the ideal spot for GA and business aircraft to avoid the hustle and bustle of Chicago O'Hare. That said, the airport still sees over 75,000 movements a year and
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