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Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Released


Following on from the huge Sim Update 5 release earlier this week, Microsoft and Asobo Studio has released a new patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new patch addresses a number of problems that arose following the release of version that was released earlier this week.

The new patch sees a number of changes to the stability and performance of the simulator, including various crash to desktop issues,  minor memory leaks and also crashes relating to the offline AI traffic. Furthermore, some changes to the navigation have been made such as the flightplanner not resetting and also some occasional freezing being fixed. Other minor changes include a fix to the weather having temperature spikes at high altitudes, improved UI elements when using the in-game cursor and the fact that the sim should no longer freeze when you connect/disconnect a peripheral.

The patch is now available for both PC and Xbox Series X|S users. To get it, simply boot up your simulator and start the download and installation process. Remember, you may want to temporarily rename your Community Folder to get ensure compatibility and no issues whilst you update.

You can read all about Sim Update V in our previous post. We’ll have a review for the Xbox Series X|S version of the simulator very soon.

Featured image by SimFlight2020

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Katoomba Airport by MSX Creations Released for MSFS

Msx Creations Ykat Katoomba Msfs (4)
For those of you wanting to experience a small little airport in Australia will be pleased to learn that Katoomba Airport (YKAT) has been released for MSFS. The small little airfield is situated about 50 miles from Sydney airport and is used by emergency services. The airport comes with over 400 hand-placed objects, a number of custom buildings and custom
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Freeware Live Traffic Mod for MSFS

Freeware Live Traffic Mod For MSFS (5)
A new freeware modification tool called Easy airlines+aircraft matching with default live traffic has been released on which aims to make traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator more realistic. The utility does require you to use IVAO Altitude for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but once installed, you will have a huge variety of AI aircraft that represent realistic aircraft types and airlines
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Fall City Airport by Orbx Now Available for MSFS

As part of Orbx's Throwback Thursday collection, Fall City Airport (1WA6) is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by Russ White, this iconic airport near the Snoqualmie Falls nearby is a great starting point for some picturesque flying. There's little information on the product page, but we can see there are numerous airport buildings, custom ground textures and other environmental
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Seafront Simulations Releases Enhanced AI & Vessels: Global Shipping

Vessels Enhanced AI Vessels Global Shipping Launch Trailer
Developer Seafront Simulations has released two new products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Enhanced AI and Vessels: Global Shipping are two new products to enhance the default Microsoft Flight Simulator AI ships and add new routes. Enhanced AI The new Enhanced AI pack will overhaul your default AI ship and leisure boat traffic with better quality models. Whilst this pack does
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Orbx Announces EU Great Britain Central for MSFS

Orbx Eu Britain Central Msfs (7)

Orbx has announced a new series of products for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will bring a vast number of landmarks to a large area. Whilst past products focused on major cities, this new EU Great Britain Central package will cover the centre of Britain with nearly 500 points of interest. In addition, a number of cities and towns will receive an upgraded cityscape adding unique buildings to each one to make them even more realistic.

As mentioned, nearly 500 points of interest will be included with EU Great Britain. The product will include POIs stretching from Liverpool and North Wales up to Newcastle and the Lake District. Throughout this large area, you will find a number of football stadiums, famous castles, bridges, churches and numerous other VFR reference points. Boats, storage tanks and other smaller objects have been placed in accurate positions around the area. A preview of exactly what landmarks you will find during your flight can be seen below.

Along with the new points of interest, Orbx will also upgrade numerous key cities and towns across the same area. The following locations have been enhanced with unique buildings to give them a feel for their real world counterpart:

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Media City, Salford
  • Sheffield
  • Blackpool
  • Newcastle

EU Central for Microsoft Flight Simulator is designed for low-and-slow pilots who love to explore large areas in the simulator. Whilst no release date has been set, a product page is already live on Orbx giving you the chance to view a range of previews.

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New Previews of the Next-Generation of X-Plane

ApplicationFrameHost 2021 07 29 16 30 32
During the Flight Simulation Association livestream with Austin and Martin from Laminar Research, all-new previews and details were shared for the next generation of X-Plane. During the presentation, Austin spoke about new autogen, pricing, version numbering, seasons, clouds and more. Previews During the stream, a series of new screenshots were shared. This was broken down into four sections. Airports Autogen
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Watch What the Future of X-Plane Might Hold

X Plane Past Present And Future
FlightSimExpo and Flight Simulation Association have teamed up with Laminar Research to do a deep-dive seminar on the past, present and future of X-Plane. Both Austin Meyer and Marty Arant will be taking to the stream to discuss the current state of X-Plane and what the future holds. This webinar will be presented LIVE from AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, WI! You
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Working Title Releases Garmin G1000 NXi

Chrome 2021 07 27 11 41 51
We featured Working Title's upcoming Garmin G1000 NXi yesterday and now we're pleased to confirm that the freeware modification is now available to download. The new modification will completely overhaul the default G1000 found in various default aircraft including the Cirrus SR22, Cessna 172 Skyhawk and the Beechcraft G36. After it's installed, you will have access to a suite of
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