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Calum Martin

Milviz’s ATR 72 X-Plane 11 Kickstarter Failed to Reach Pledge Goal

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Update: Milviz has replied to our request for comment.

Osh, from Milviz, has stated that an official post may come some time tomorrow. Osh did confirm that development for X-Plane will continue and they are looking to have a new plane out in the coming month. As for the ATR on Prepar3d, development continues and will continue to watch the community for their feedback.

== Original Article ==

2 months ago, Milviz took to crowd-funding website Kickstarter to source money for the research and development for their ATR 72 on X-Plane 11. The Kickstarter from Milviz was seeking CAD $27,000 to fund the project with today being the final day of the campaign. The target was not reached and Milviz failed to secure funding.

The Kickstarter ended today after securing only 15% of its goal. In total, only CAD $4,111.29 was raised by those that supported the project. 33 people in total backed the project with varying amounts. Those 33 people will not be charged for any pledges made.

The news of the failed Kickstarter started with an announcement from Milviz, where it was only made clear after the campaign started about how people would receive discounts for the product if they pledged. There were also many questions as to why an established developer such as Milviz would rely on crowd-funding to support development. Colin from Milviz left many comments on Facebook talking directly to fans, giving the reasoning behind the Kickstarter. Citing some of the reasons for it being that they had little to no experience on the platform.

Despite the comments regarding X-Plane development for Milviz, X-Plane continues to be very much part of the development pipeline for Milviz. None of the projects has been fully announced yet, but they are likely to be ports of P3D content.

We imagine that as a result of the ‘all or nothing’ nature of the campaign, the ATR 72 will not enter long-term development for X-Plane. The outcome of the Prepar3D version is likely to remain in development. However, without an official statement from Milviz, we can’t confirm. We have, however, reached out to the team and will update the post once we get a response. [Editor’s Note: Milviz did kindly respond to our request with their statement as follows:

We may post something about it tomorrow; probably at the end of the day. In the meantime we continue to develop for XP, and hope to have a new plane out in the coming month. Our ATR for P3D is still in progress, and once released (no date set), it will be interesting to see how it affects opinion.

In related Milviz news, they recently shared previews of the Lear 60XR in Prepar3D.

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Orbx Announces Partnership with Flight Velocity

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Orbx has confirmed that they have partnered with Flight Velocity on a brand new undisclosed project, which will be announced officially at FlightSimExpo this coming June. The project will be officially announced and presented at 16:45 (EST) on June 8th 2019 in the Right Seat seminar room at FlightSimExpo. “We are incredibly excited to be working with Tiger Summers and
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Imaginesim Shares New Trailer for Upcoming Austin V2 on X-Plane

Imaginesim KAUS Austin XP11 Trailer
Developer Imaginesim has shared a brand new trailer for their upcoming update for Austin on X-Plane 11. The product, which was released just a few weeks ago, has undergone some extensive work to bring new features such as SAM jetways, PBR weather textures and also Safedock guidance parking. The update has been in development as Imaginesim continue to refine their
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New Previews of the Just Flight 747 Classic

Justflight 747 Classic P3d (1)
Just Flight has taken to Facebook to share some new previews for their upcoming 747 Classic series. The new previews of the Just Flight 747 Classic are taken from a variety of viewpoints including the central cockpit area and the engineering panel. In addition to the previews, a comprehensive feature list has been added to the product page. We now
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RealTurb North America Released

RealTurb North America Preview
Developer M.A. RealTurb has released the next instalment of their continental coverage for their product. RealTurb North America covers the entire region and will give pilots the chance to enjoy realistic turbulence, wind shifting and wind shear effects using terrain analysis. RealTurb North America looks at environmental elements such as hills, mountains, winds and other weather effects and translates that
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Ultra Weather XP Update 2.5.1 Released

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Ultra Weather XP version 2.5.1 has been released. Following on from the brief preview the other day, the utility developer has released the new update for existing users.

In this update, users will see enhanced colours throughout their simulator as a direct response to community feedback. Other enhancements include the cloud shaddows, auto night haze and also the sunset sky textures for various conditions.

Some other elements have also been fixed or changed such as menu icons, removing the clouds from appearing inside the cockpit and more.

Users who already own version 2.x of Ultra Weather XP, you can download the update free of charge. Full installation instructions are quoted below from the developer:

“Don’t remove anything especially your key just backup your old v2.5 if exist, a folder called “UltraWeatherXP” find it inside (..:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\)……… just in case you want to return to it.
Then select the folder named “UltraWeatherXP” which is inside this package, then Drag it to (..:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\) and replace it with the old files completely.
run X-Plane go to Ultra Weather XP plugin, then click on UWXP Main Set button, then reload all textures. “

It should also be noted that the previously announced Pro version has been cancelled. When trying to find further information, multiple posts in relation to the Pro version and its cancellation have been deleted.

The full changelog for version 2.5.1 of Ultra Weather XP is down below.

2.5.1 Change Log

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FSDreamTeam’s Chicago is “Very Close to Release”

Chicago OHare Fsdreamteam
Developer Simultech has stated that Chicago, which is being published by FSDreamTeam, is "very close to release". To accompany the news, developer Alessandro released a brief video showcasing the current work in progress. In terms of where development is, seasonal textures are just being added. From what we can then gather, testing will then take place before an eventual release. The
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Ultra Weather XP 2.5.1 Pro Announced

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In a post on their closed Facebook group, the developers behind Ultra Weather XP has announced a new 'Pro' version of the weather add-on. According to Abdullah Almuntassir of Ultra Weather XP, they have bypassed the limitations of X-Plane and have made it to no longer have a circle of clouds around you in the simulator. The 'Pro' version of Ultra Weather
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Additional Previews of Orbx TrueEarth US Washington

Orbx Te Washington X Plane 11 (23)
Orbx continues to go preview-crazy with their upcoming TrueEarth US Washington product. As beta testing progresses, the team continue to capture shots of the product in action. The new shots posted over the past few days give us a close up of Seattle, along with the first video of the product in action at night. The three different forum threads from
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Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Greek Islands

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After the successful release of Airport2Sim Amsterdam, Airline2Sim are back with their latest product. In line with A2S Amsterdam, Airport2Sim Greek Islands focuses on the airport, arrival and departure procedures at specific airports. These mini-series offer the same high-quality instructional videos you would come to expect from the team. This time, taking place in some of the most challenging airports
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