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Just Flight Previews BAe 146 Professional in P3D and XPL

Just Flight 146 Professional P3d (4)

Just Flight’s upcoming 146 Professional is coming to both Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 and the development team continue to preview the aircraft in action. Over the past day, Just Flight has shared previews for both the Prepar3D and X-Plane versions highlighting a number of liveries that will come included with the aircraft upon release.

For X-Plane 11 users, Just Flight said that development and testing is now in “full-swing” for all of the variants of the 146; this includes the 100/200/300. Right now, the X-Plane 11 team are focusing on the animation and systems coding for the 146-100, which will then pave way for the other models. In the previews below, Just Flight wanted to show you how the latest build looks with the PBR texture work on the external modelling.

As for the Prepar3D version, it’s been said that the modelling, sounds and flight dynamics are ready, whilst the coding is still ongoing for the aircraft systems and custom-coded FMC. Once they have made some more progress on the FMC, Just Flight will share new previews of it in action.

As usual, you can stay up-to-date by visiting the Just Flight Facebook page.

A number of other previews for the aircraft can be found here.

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Total Controls Multi-Function Button Box Announced

Total Controls Multi Function Button Box
A brand-new Multi-Functional Button Box from a company called Total Control is currently in a Kickstarter and hopes to help simmers looking to improve their flight simulation hardware experience. The Multi-Function Button Box will give users access to a range of buttons, handles and knobs to help them overcome the need to rely on a keyboard and mouse - particularly
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Sim-wings Previews Hamburg Professional for P3D

Hamburgh Professional P3d (18)
Developer Sim-wings has shared a large number of previews for its upcoming Hamburg Professional scenery product for Preapr3D v4.5 and v5. The previews shared by the developer highlight various parts of the terminal buildings, ground texturing and also how PBR has been applied. In particular, we can see that weather effects have been added for the ground also parts of
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JustSim Releases Helsinki Airport for P3Dv5

Justsim Helsinki P3d (1)
No less than one day after the original announcement, JustSim has released Helsinki Airport (EFHK) for Prepar3D v5. Helsinki Airport (EFHK) is home to Finnair who operates a huge number of short and long-haul routes to many parts of the world. A number of other airlines also operate to and from the airport including Norwegian Air Shuttle, Iceland Air and
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TropicalSim Releases Antigua V.C. Bird Intl Airport for MSFS

If you fancy taking a trip to the Caribbean this week in Microsoft Flight Simulator, TropicalSim is giving you a chance to stop at Antigua's V.C Bird International Airport (TAPA). The airport on the island country usually sees regular traffic from various neighbouring islands, the UK and North America thanks to operators such as Virgin Atlantic, Caribbean Airlines and United Airlines.
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MK-Studios Previews Helsinki Airport

Mk Studios Helsinki Airport (1)

MK-Studios has followed up in their development of Helsinki with all-new previews of the airport currently in development for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Commenting on Facebook, MK-Studios said that they are taking their time to polish things since they have now got access to airport references and materials. Using this information, they had to redo a number of elements of the product, but are now working towards completing the airport product. They aren’t going to rush it and instead will continue to add details until the airport they feel is ready for release.

These previews are likely in response to JustSim announcing their intention on releasing its own version of the same airport soon.

We spoke to MK-Studios earlier today who confirmed that Helsinki Airport will be made available through OrbxDirect and is also being made for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In addition to the previews for Helsinki Airport (EFHK), MK-Studios also shared a new render of their upcoming Fuerteventura remake.


We will keep you updated on any new developments.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Version

FlightSimulator EJSn5qrNQd
After last week's announcement from Microsoft, Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated to version The new update primarily focuses on the Japan 'World Update', but also adds a range of quality of life improvements to the flight simulator. Starting with the Japan 'World Update', the World Update brings updated digital elevation across the entire region along with high-resolution 3D
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JustSim Announces Helsinki Airport

Justsim Helsinki P3d (10)
Developer JustSim has today announced their next product will be Helsinki Airport for Prepar3D. The announcement was made earlier on Facebook and was accompanied by a large number of screenshots highlighting the product. Helsinki Airport (EFHK) is home to Finnair who operates a huge number of short and long-haul routes to many parts of the world. A number of other
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Honeycomb Aeronautical ‘Charlie’ Rudder Preview

Honeycomb Aeronautical Charlie Peddals
Whilst many are still waiting to order the Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttles, Honeycomb gave a glimpse into what the next product will be. Whilst the 'Charlie' rudder pedals were teased a few months ago, this is our first proper look at the product. The Honeycomb Aeronautical Charlie will be officially revealed in a couple of weeks, but the team wanted to showcase
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SAM AirportVehicles XP Now Available

SAM AirportVehicles X Plane 11 Add On Official Trailer Aerosoft
Developer Stairport Sceneries has released its latest add-on for SAM; AirportVehicles XP. The new product will give you worldwide replacements for default and animated airport vehicles in X-Plane 11. The new models will also be set specific for regions including North America, Europe and Asia. The built-in engine will apply a regional system that varies depending on each airport in 'real-time'
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