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Lionheart Creations Share New Previews of Piper Pacer

Lionheart Creations Piper Pacer Super Pack (9)

Developer Lionheart Creations has shared some brand new previews for their upcoming Piper Pacer aircraft for Prepar3D. The new previews not only give us a fresh look at the aircraft series, but the developer also gave a brief overview of some of the features to expect.

The Piper Pacer Super Pack from Lionheart Creations will include a range of features such as containing both the taildragger and tricycle versions of the aircraft and also the float-plane version. Furthermore, the package will also feature the bush plane with carbon fibre panels, complete with appropriate wear and tear and tires.

Smaller details will be included on each variation of the aircraft. For example, on the bush aircraft, there are turbulence tabs, plenty of bug splatter and faded paint. It’s also been confirmed that there will be three types of windshields: “Ultra Clean, Dirty and Super Grimy Dirty”. Be sure to look at the screenshots and see what other smaller details you can find.

As said, all of the aircraft variations will be included in the Lionheart Creations Piper Pacer Super Pack upon release. No release date, at this time, was given. You can follow the team on Facebook to stay up-to-date.


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Laminar Research Announces Offline Flying for X-Plane Mobile

X Plane Mobile Offline Mode (3)
On Twitter, Laminar Research shared a handful of new images from their upcoming X-Plane for Mobile, along with announcing a new feature. The new feature will enable you to plan any route using a global map before then downloading the associated scenery to your phone. By doing this, you will then be able to fly offline between those two destinations.
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Imaginesim Shares Yet Another Atlanta (KATL) X-Plane Teaser

Imaginesim Xplane Atlanta Katl
Imaginesim continues to push towards releasing Atlanta (KATL) for X-Plane 11. They have shared a brand new preview of the product on Facebook, saying that "Felipe has now completed the compilation of the extra-fine resolution mesh extending out and beyond the runways." This is the second preview in the past few days of the product in development. We'll continue to monitor
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Just Flight Releases PA-38 Tomahawk for X-Plane 11

Just Flight Pa 38 Tomahawk (1)
Just Flight has released their PA-38 Tomahawk for X-Plane 11. Developed in partnership with Thranda Design, the PA-38 is a two-seater, piston-engine aircraft that is suited to aircraft touring and flight training. The aircraft has been developed after having hands-on research with a real-life Tomahawk in the UK. As usual, Just Flight spared no expense on the details and the
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FSDG Releases Rhodes for FSX and P3D

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FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) has released its version of Rhodes Island for both FSX and P3D. This Greek Island has great looking approaches and a variety of seasonal traffic visit each year. FSDG has included complete coverage for the whole island. Using the latest aerial imagery along with custom mesh and autogen to make it as realistic as possible.
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Taburet Releases Vienna XP

Scenery developer Taburet has released Vienna XP for X-Plane 11. The newly released product transforms the area within the simulator with hundreds of additional autogen objects and photorealistic texturing for the added models.

Elements such as cranes, telephone masts, landmarks and more have all been included in this package to make the city feel alive and vibrant. All of the details are as accurate as possible and based on real-world data. Also included is night lighting for those that prefer to the city during the evening.

You can buy Taburet Vienna XP for X-Plane via simMarket for €13.99.

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UK2000 Scenery Releases Inverness Xtreme 2019

Uk2000 Scenery Inverness Xtreme 2019 (19)
UK2000 Scenery has released their all-new Inverness Xtreme 2019. Inverness airport, in the North of Scotland, is surrounded by plenty of natural beauty, which makes for some stunning approaches into the airport. Various airlines from the UK and Europe frequent the airport to destinations such as Amsterdam, Zurich and London Heathrow. Inverness Xtreme 2019 from UK2000 Scenery represents the all-new
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Imaginesim Atlanta (KATL) X-Plane 11 Teaser

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Imaginesim announced that they would be bringing Atlanta to X-Plane 11 back in February. Work has continued on since then and the team wanted to share a small teaser image of some of the progress made. That image is above. The teaser focuses on the "dramatic terrain" at Atlanta, which is evident in the screenshot. The elevation difference between the taxiway
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Flightbeam Introduces Loyalty Program

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Scenery developer Flightbeam has announced that starting today, they will have a brand new loyalty program available for their customers. This loyalty program will turn actions on their site into points which can then be used against in-store purchases. Right now there are three activities in which you can gain points. Product purchases (5 points for every dollar) Creating an
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