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Ben Childs

Cremonasoft Airbus A310: The FSElite Review


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As per our Community Charter, all of our reviews are free from bias, prejudice and favouritism. Don't forget, each reviewer has their own style and thoughts, although they all abide by the Review Guidelines - something I suggest you read.

We really are in the golden age of the classics within the X-Plane community at the moment. We’ve recently had FlyJSim update both their 732 Twinjet and 727 Series, while we have Felis working on a 747 Classic, along with Rotate’s MD-11 looking like it may make a release in 2019. We were also recently graced with the Cremonasoft A310, which was announced drawing much anticipation from the community looking to get into a classic Airbus. Following the release some days later, the criticism started flowing in. In this FSElite review, we’re going to take a closer look at the aircraft and find out if the criticism was justified.

The A310 was the successor to the first ETOPS-compliant aircraft, the A300. Both were designed for medium-to-long range use by Airbus, which was then a joint-venture between a number of European aerospace companies. Following the prototype’s maiden flight in 1982, Airbus sold 255 of the model to a number of commercial and military operators before being discontinued in 2007 and existing freighter orders being replaced with the A330-200F.

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Oz Flight Sim Expo 2019 Dates Announced

Following on from a highly successful 2018 event around 2 weeks ago, the Oz Flight Sim Expo team has announced the dates for the 2019 event, along with the launch of a brand new logo (seen above). The Oz Flight Sim Expo is the only flight simulation event of its kind in Australia, bringing together the, already niche, flight simulation community
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X-Plane 11.30b1 Released

The team at Laminar Research has taken the wraps off X-Plane 11.30 beta 1 for the general public. This is a major update to the simulator that brings a number of large-scale improvements, primarily in order to facilitate the transition to the Vulkan engine at a later date. As it stands, Laminar has identified a small list of bugs that
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Hot Start TBM-900 Updated To v1.0.2

TBM 12
The Hot Start TBM-900 released yesterday to much acclaim, but following the highly anticipated release, some users reported errors with the aircraft that rendered their new $65 investment rather unusable. Not the type of people to make a buck then run, Goran and Saso quickly issued the v1.0.1 patch less than 24 hours later, and subsequently also the v1.0.2 patch.
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Hot Start TBM-900 Released

TBM 18
After an almost year-long development, Hot Start has released their TBM-900 through X-Aviation. The Hot Start name is a collaboration between established X-Plane developers Goran Matovina (most widely known for his Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340) and Saso Kiselkov (known better as Totoritko, responsible for popular X-Plane plugin Better Pushback). With Goran responsible for the highly detailed modelling and textures, Saso has used his incredible
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Hot Start TBM-900 Release Date Announced

Exterior 2206b.jpg.ce6dcdb793c6cb64ea514adcdd909659

Finally, the plane that the entire X-Plane community has been following the development of, the Hot Start TBM-900, is approaching release. Cameron, the founder of X-Aviation – the storefront on which the TBM-900 will be distributed through – made a post on the X-Pilot forums today to announce that the aircraft is due for release this coming Saturday at 00:00 EST (that’s Friday night, or Saturday 0400z, for those unsure).

Hot Start, made up of experienced developers Goran Matovina (most widely known for his Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340) and Saso Kiselkov (known better as Totoritko), first announced the TBM back in March, though the aircraft had been in development for a little longer than that. Since then we’ve seen a number of previews showing Goran’s incredible modelling work, as well as Saso’s masterpiece of an avionics suite, which has left GA simmers drooling to get their hands on the aircraft.

The TBM is packed with immersive, study-level features. Some of the stand-out items include;

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Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South Released For X-Plane

TrueEarth Great Britain South For X Plane 11 Official Trailer
After showing some incredible previews at RAF Cosford last weekend, Orbx has released their first TrueEarth product for X-Plane - Great Britain South. With developer Tony Wroblewski at the helm, Orbx has put together a stunning product that captures the beauty of the English countryside, as well as the cities in between. Great Britain South contains 107,349km2 of aerial imagery that
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CremonaSoft A310 Released

A310 304 Cs 001
Just a few days ago, CremonaSoft announced the impending arrival of their A310 for X-Plane 10 and 11. Today, the product has become available for sale through the X-Plane.org Store. First flown commercially in 1983, the A310 was one of the first airlines from Airbus. The A310-304 is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines and despite being close to
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Summary: Mettar Simulations Presentation At Flight Sim 2018

A380 Article 1
Mettar Simulations has provided updates on a range of their projects during their presentation at Flight Sim 2018 this morning. During the presentation, Matt Davies spoke about projectFLY, POSCON and more. projectFLY The widely-used flight-tracking companion for every style of simmer is about to be updated with a number of new and improved features. The items that Matt touched on
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Orbx ESNQ Kiruna Airport Pack Released

Esnq Kiruna Airport 6
Orbx has released ESNQ Kiruna Airport for FSX and P3D. The product includes more than just the one airport, however, with ESSV Visby and ESSD Dala airports both included in the one product. The three Swedish airports have been developed to the usual, high-quality Orbx standard by developer Marcus Nyberg, featuring high-resolution airport textures and 30/50cm terrain textures. All three airports include advanced
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