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X-Crafts Announce ERJ Family For X-Plane

ERJ Announcement 03.jpg.b6ab69723402a48e83003a029dd4d5c2

X-Crafts has today announced to the community that they’re currently working on the Embraer ERJ family jets as their follow-up to their E-Jets product, released as a version 2 refresh around 18 months ago.

The ERJ Family product line will include all three of the Embraer models under the ERJ umbrella; the E135, E140 and the E145, and there is also the hope from the development team that they’ll be able to expand on this by also including the E145XR model – an eXtra-long Range model designed with a range of 2,000nm.

In the announcement post on, X-Crafts say that they’re confident that the modelling and texturing in this product will be something special, “push these X-Plane add-ons to the next level”. They also expect the systems and avionics to be as detailed, if not more, than their E-Jets product, saying that they’re looking to use a modified Tekton FMS system in order to bring the system depth to that level.

While they are certain about the direction that they’re wanting to take this product, X-Crafts do stress that there is no ETA or release date in sight as of the announcement. For now, we’ve been left with some work-in-progress screenshots to wet our appetites. Check out the screenshots below.

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Ultra Weather XP Updated To v2.4

Uwxp V2.4 Screenshot (14)
Popular X-Plane weather add-on, Ultra Weather XP, has been updated to version 2.4. The plugin has seen a huge overhaul in this update, and it would be safe to say that the changes will create a huge difference in the weather and atmosphere of your X-Plane installation. Additionally, the plugin control panel has been updated with an all-new UI, and more
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AccuMap v2 Enters Open Beta

Last week, FSElite was lucky enough to bring you exclusive previews of AccuMap v2. AccuMap is a modern VATSIM map viewer that originally was released as a desktop application nearly 12 months ago today, however, the application was found to be very heavy on system resources, and earlier this year the development team made the decision to take down the AccuMap server to
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Orbx KVUO Pearson Field Released For X-Plane

Released back in May for FSX & P3D, the oldest continuously operating airport in the Pacific Northwest is Bill Womack's sixth Orbx airport and is now available for simmers on the X-Plane platform. Pearson Field is a popular GA field on the banks of the Columbia River, and Bill has covered 12 square miles surrounding this with photo-real ground textures. Included
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Dreamfoil Creations EMB-110 Bandeirante v3 Released


Dreamfoil Creations has released version 3 of their Embraer 110 Bandeirante, which most notably brings X-Plane 11 compatibility to the Brazilian regional prop.

The complete overhaul of the aircraft brings many new features, along with VR compatibility, new PBR textures inside and out, and an improved flight model for X-Plane 11. Additionally, the 3D model has been reworked, along with the visuals to bring it to life. Users can expect realistic 3D night lights throughout the interior, new exterior object, prop disc effects with a 3D hologram, and fully animated and articulated sun visors.

Not only has Dreamfoil worked on the visuals, but the interactivity with the aircraft will enhance every flight through the use of SmartMenu technology. SmartMenu technology enables clickable external areas that trigger certain events – for example; clicking the fuel inlet will pop up a refuelling menu, while opening the cargo doors will allow the user to change loads and balances. The menu on the nose of the aircraft will allow placement and removal of items such as GPU, chocks, pitot covers, engine covers and tail stand. Furthermore, users can alter aircraft settings on the fly without needing to restart the sim or reload the aircraft.

The sounds within the aircraft have also been improved, with Dreamfoil going so far as to simulate the proper airflow from the aircraft’s air conditioning system. This is on top of the 3D directional sounds throughout the plane, with over 50 individual sounds modelled right down to switches, buttons and circuit breakers, plus interior and exterior engine sound.

Users who are ready to jump into this regional prop for the first time can pick it up from the store for $29.95, while existing users of the X-Plane 10 version can upgrade for only $19.95 (through the use of a coupon code found on your original purchase invoice).

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FSElite Exclusive: AccuMap v2 Preview

For many years now, VATSIM users have relied on either one of two, or a combination of both VATSIM map solutions - VATSpy and Vattastic - to see what's happening in the virtual skies before, during, or after their flights. Then, just over 12 months ago, AccuMap was thrust into the community. The then desktop application was well received for its
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xVision Tweak Tool Released

It's been a huge week for the team behind the new xVision tool for X-Plane 11. The hype surrounding the product picked up some pace when a video showing the capabilities of the tool was posted to YouTube. Since then, Andrew and Yuri (the latter who was responsible for the original PTA for Prepar3D) have been busy testing the tool
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